Ozcars 2014–14 Best New Survivor Jury Players

new jury player

We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 14 best new jury contestants from the last 2 seasons of Blood vs Water and Cagayan! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite player just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For this category, it was a simple case of you voting for who you thought was the best new player to finish on the jury in the last 12 months of Survivor. Only contestants who played for the first time in the last 2 seasons were eligible, and the word ‘best’ was defined by whatever method the voter wanted to define it as. What do you think?

14. Jeremiah Wood (Cagayan) – 12 Votes


Poor old Jeremiah. Such a nice guy who is nowhere near as clueless as people seemed to paint him out to be, and he ends up last on our list. Well he has the sexiest new male prize to celebrate, that’s something right?

13. Caleb Bankston (Blood vs. Water) – 12 Votes


Caleb played a blinding move early in Blood vs Water and really made people sit up and take notice of him. It looked likely that he could go far and spring a few surprises, but that’s all we would really get to see of him. From there it was just a quiet ride to the jury, and that’s reflected in this poll.

12. Jefra Bland (Cagayan) – 20 Votes


Jefra made good allies and was in a decent position until the merge really started to take shape, and after the LJ vote it seemed she wasn’t able to recover in time to do any damage. A blindside from Tony also didn’t help….

11. Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water) – 32 Votes

Katie relied heavily on her mum to get her far and when she left she had to rely on the Hayden alliance to turn things around. It seemed like things finally came her way before a rock draw sealed her fate, and she became only the second person in the history of Survivor to be eliminated by drawing a rock.

10. Morgan McLeod (Cagayan) – 33 Votes


Morgan surprised many with her early gameplay, but it was something that she couldn’t maintain. An early jury boot beckoned for the newly crowned sexiest new female, and she soon found herself sitting and watching TC rather than being apart of it.

9. Sarah Lacina (Cagayan) – 35 Votes


Sarah started strong but faded away quicker than you could realise and became incredibly cocky and arrogant with her gameplay when it appeared things might be coming her way. An epic blindside eliminated her, and Sarah found herself staring at a snuffed torch.

8. Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water) – 77 Votes


Hayden can hold his head up as potentially the best non returning player on Blood vs Water and he fought to the very last moment on the 27th season. Bringing in all his social experience from Big Brother helped, and he very nearly pulled off the crucial blindside to take out the power alliance of Tyson and Gervase when it mattered most.

7. LJ McKanas (Cagayan) – 114 Votes


From the late early stages to the middle section of Cagayan LJ was the clear favourite to take the win. It took a blindside to take him out of the game. Perhaps a surprise not to make the finals, LJ still deservedly finishes high on this list.

6. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) – 123 Votes


Trish is extremely popular amongst the fans as well as (most of) her fellow Cagayan tribe members, so a high spot on this list was always going to happen. Narrowly missed out on a finals spot which sent the Trish fans screaming louder than her jury speech!

5. Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs Water) – Final Voting Percent 10.51%



Vytas proved to be a strong contestant on Blood vs Water and proved once again that the Baskauskas name is one not to be messed with! Never in the hunt for the final Ozcar though in the final round, I’m sure Vytas will be happy to finish in a finals position in this years awards.

4. Tasha Fox (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 15.40%



Have to say I’m a little surprised Tasha didn’t perhaps finish a bit higher than 4th, and surprised that she narrowly made it into the finals in the first place. One of the best players on Cagayan by far, she was strong and strategic at all the right points, but luck was her downfall.

3. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs Water) – Final Voting Percent 16.05%



FINALLY! Cierra makes it into the finals of a category! However unluckily for her she never came within a bulls roar of actually winning. Still a bronze medal is better than nothing right? After three 6th places, I know she’ll take it!

2. Kass McQuillen (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 23.50%



A polarising figure online and around camp, Kass surprised me slightly getting 2nd place in this poll knowing that there are as many negative Kass people online as there are positive. It didn’t surprise me however that she DESERVES to be in this spot, as I feel her game was extremely underrated and the fact that she narrowly missed out on a FTC spot should be taken into account. Already an Ozcar winner though, so add a silver to your gold Kass!

1. Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 34.54%



The second category that Spencer was never in doubt in. Dominated the first round, dominated the second round. There is nothing more really to say. Oh…except CONGRATULATIONS SPENCER!

Get excited everyone, tomorrow we’re bringing you the top 25 best new players from the last twelve months!


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9 Comments on Ozcars 2014–14 Best New Survivor Jury Players

  1. Hayden 8th. Like, SERIOUSLY?!?

    • Bob Blackmenson // June 15, 2014 at 10:29 am // Reply

      Not a surprise what big move did hayden make?

      • Just convince Ciera to go on purple rock, i guess you prefer the overrated nerd Spencer or the goat Kass

      • Hayden did one thing the entire game and everyone suddenly thinks he’s this amazing player.

      • Paul Luttrell // June 15, 2014 at 7:33 pm //

        He also broke from the Tyson alliance as he knew he wouldn’t beat Tyson; a ballsy move that not many players would make. If Tyson had’ve drawn the white rock, Hayden would’ve won the game, so maybe you should watch a little closer, Bob Blackmenson and Joe.

      • Ratchael // June 15, 2014 at 7:43 pm //

        Makng a lot of big moves is very different from being a good player. Hayden played the game almost perfectly, he turned against Tyson just when he needed to, and failed only because of Ciera’s stupidity. When he realized that Ciera wasn’t on board with him, rather than doing nothing like 99% of the players would have done, he subtly tried to manipulate Tyson to blindside her. Finally, when he was next on the chopping block, he managed to change Ciera’s vote when 99% would have failed to do so. Isn’t that impressive?

  2. What about Spencer, LJ, Vytas, Kass, Tasha in that case?

  3. Just looking at this list makes me realise how good the casting was the past 2 seasons. How good are all 14 of these players? The only ones that I cannot say played good games are the 3 brains, Spencer, Kass and Tasha, but I’m sure a lot of you disagree. I’m not sold on Vytas either. Trish should probably have been number 1.

  4. I don’t think Sarah played a great game. She had some poor judgement and made some poor choices in execution, but the one thing I’ve never agreed with is the idea that she was either cocky or arrogant in her boot episode. Maybe I need to rewatch it, but from my memory, the only comments she made that were either cocky or arrogant were to the camera alone in confessionals. From my memory, nobody on either side of the merge thought she was being cocky except for Kass, and I think its safe to say Kass had some pretty poor judgements of character along the way. Sarah was told she was an equal member of both alliances, and she tested their claims by asking for one vote that would be in her best interests. In every episode there is one person who drives the vote one way or another. If she had been an equal member of the alliance, that would not have been an unfair thing to do. Had Spencer or Tasha wanted to take control of the vote based on their opinions, nobody would have thought they were being cocky or arrrogant. Remember that only one person thought Sarah was being unreasonable, and that was Kass. No comments made to the tribe could be perceived as arrogant. I can’t wait to rewatch her episode to see if I missed something, but I don’t think that I did

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