Ozcars 2014–Top 25 Best Survivor Oz Interviews!

Best Interview

We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 best Survivor Oz interviews from the 12 months! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite player just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

Over the last 12 months, we have had over 50 interviews eligible for this category. Episode recaps and guests on other episodes that weren’t an ‘interview’ were not counted, nor were ‘Ozlet introduction interviews’ as well. For this category, it was a simple case of you voting for who you thought had the best Survivor Oz interview in the last 12 months, and the word ‘best’ was defined by whatever method the voter wanted to define it as. What do you think?

25. John Fincher (Samoa) – 18 Votes


Everyone’s favourite rocket scientist gave an exciting interview filled with information on his season and thoughts on various other aspects of Survivor! Just sneaks into the top 25 as well

You can download the interview here

24. Colton Cumbie (Blood vs. Water) – 19 Votes


Whether you love him or hate him, Colton always gives a great interview. In his second interview on this show, he goes over every detail from his time on Blood vs Water and even answers all his critics after his controversial exit. Put your feelings aside for him and have a listen.

You can download the interview here

23. Kat Edorsson (Blood vs. Water) – 32 Votes


Kat was back on Survivor and was then back on Survivor Oz and was alongside Hayden to chat about her second time on the show. Not as long as we would’ve liked, but still a good chat!

You can download the interview here

22. Carter Williams (Philippines) – 23 Votes


Oh Carter! An amazing character and an actually amazing interview! Some of our Ozlets are super keen for this interview to be recognised more, but the voting just made him miss out on the top 25! Oh well.

You can download the interview here

21. Rupert Boneham (Blood vs. Water) – 25 Votes


Rupert is always fun to talk to, and his second interview with us narrowly misses out on the top 25. His frustration on his 4th time was apparent during the chat, and perhaps a 5th time will help him out should he make it back on the show.

You can download the interview here

20. Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water) – 32 Votes


In all honesty I think this interview is worthy of a much higher place on this list as I think it was one entertaining and insightful chat. Katie was robbed of airtime on Blood vs Water and if you haven’t heard it, you need to listen to it now! Then go and find our episode recap with her mum Tina during Blood vs Water to add to your experience!

You can download the interview here

19. NaOnka Mixon (Nicaragua) – 35 Votes


When we finally landed an interview with NaOnka, I smiled because it was always going to be entertaining. And boy was it entertaining. I don’t even want to spoil it for you, just click the link below and have a listen!

You can download the interview here

18. Crystal Cox Walker (Gabon) – 37 Votes


It was a long time coming to get Crystal on the show but we finally made it happen and got a great chat out of her! Everything from her poor time in challenges right through to having her Olympic medal taken off her were covered in a very in-depth chat!

You can download the interview here

17. Jason Siska (Micronesia) – 39 Votes


A memorable interview for the main reason that it gave us our first ever ‘full set’ of interviews, with Jason being the last Micronesia contestant to appear on the show and therefore making us have an interview with every single player to appear on that season! There was also the string of questions from Kathy, which, well, I’ll just let you listen to…

You can download the interview here

16. Tom Westman (Palau & Heroes vs. Villains) – 40 Votes


Getting former winners on the show is always exciting and Tom was a hard man to track down! So to get him on and chat to him was great, for him to give a great insight into his season was even better!

You can download the interview here

15. Phillip Sheppard (Caramoan) – 43 Votes


Phillip is another contestant that you always know is going to bring the entertainment and once again he didn’t fail to deliver. Another interview I’m sure some people ignored given their dislike for him, but again I’ll come out and say it’s worth a listen to if you can put your feelings aside for him!

You can download the interview here

14. Francesca Hogi (Redemption Island & Caramoan) – 44 Votes


Francesca had never appeared on the show before but after her second time she made her first appearance and brought in some great entertaining topics of conversation! So much did we love Francesca we’ve brought her back a couple of times since! Listen to where it all began by clicking below!

You can download the interview here

13. Erik Reichenbach (Caramoan) – 46 Votes


Erik was a popular guest on this show and had appeared also during an episode recap on the Philippines, but his Caramoan interview was another great chat that gave further insight into his season. I’m sure it’s not the last time we will have him on the show as well.

You can download the interview here

12. Tina Wesson (Blood vs. Water) – 47 Votes


A hugely popular player who gave a hugely popular interview a couple of years ago, Tina returned for a 3rd time on Blood vs Water and a 2nd time on Survivor Oz! There was everything from finding out her daughter had sworn to once again making me mad with her Brian Heidik hate. Always a fun time with Tina!

You can download the interview here

11. Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water) – 50 Votes


Not the longest interview but still entertaining, Hayden is a popular contestant and gave a popular interview. Hopefully we can get him back in the future to extend the chat!

You can download the interview here

10. Denise Stapley (Philippines) – 50 Votes


Another winner, another great interview! Denise was made to wait a year to chat to us from the ‘powers that be’ but when that time came to finally chat to us she made sure to give us insight, entertainment and everything else in between! Was due for an episode recap during Cagayan but had to unfortunately pull out, so hopefully we can make it happen for San Juan Del Sur!

You can download the interview here

9. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island & Caramoan) – 81 Votes


Andrea is hugely popular amongst the fans and her cult following helps her into a firm top 10 spot on this list! It was a long wait to get Andrea on the show but it was another case of ‘worth the wait’ for the chat.

You can download the interview here

8. Aras Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water)  – 84 Votes


Aras was one of the very first guests to appear on this show when we first started and to get him back in a longer form made for great listening. I also finally proved that I got his surname right, so that was an epic #winning moment for myself if I can just add that.

You can download the interview here

7. Candice Cody (Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains & Blood vs. Water) – 100 Votes


Candice swoops into the top 10 and nearly lands herself in the finals with an amazing and long interview that was one of the most memorable of the last year! Coming in at just under 2 hours there was lots covered, and there was even time for her to grill me about all the bad things I had said about her in the past. If you like people sticking it to me, you’ll like this chat!

You can download the interview here

6. Earl Cole (Fiji) – 100 Votes


I hate being biased in these polls, but Earl was robbed of not only a finalist spot, but the win as I personally think this was our best interview of the last 12 months and only missed out on the final round via countback after finishing on the same amount of votes as Katie & Candice. the longest interview in our history at just over 2 hours, Earl goes over nearly every aspect of his entire gameplay to really put to bed the opinion of his win being ‘boring’ and also gives some great behind the scenes stories of his time on Survivor. Listen to this interview now and tell me I’m wrong. Because you won’t.

You can download the interview here

5. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa) – Final Voting Percent 14.23%



Another person robbed of a higher position on this list and also drops down significantly after the first round, Kelly gave a great and insightful chat about her time in Africa. A very very long overdue interview that brought a massive smile to my face when it happened given my own personal love for her, it is a great chat and one that needs to be listened to if you haven’t already!

You can download the interview

4. Todd Herzog Extended Interview (China) – Final Voting Percent 18.73%



Getting Todd back on the show to talk more about his win in China was a long time coming, as his first chat I always felt was way too short and covered hardly anything. Given what would follow in his personal life only a few weeks after this interview as well, it seemed poignant to hear him chat about Survivor and the amazing game that he played. Glad to see he is also recovering and doing well! We love you Todd!

You can download the interview

3. Katie Gallagher (Palau) – Final Voting Percent 19.88%



Twice in the last 12 months I said that an interview would win this award, the first time with Corinne’s interview and the second time with Katie’s. So for her to finish in 3rd is a close prediction, but if you are to analyse each of our interviews from the last year and work out which one was the funniest and most entertaining you would hands down go with this one. I have never laughed so hard in any interview across all the shows that I have done in my whole life, and as well as being funny it was quite insightful into her game. If there is one you listen to from the last 12 months over any other, I would say choose this one or Earl’s, because they are both worth it.

You can download the interview

2. Corinne Kaplan (Gabon & Caramoan) – Final Voting Percent 19.99%



It’s actually amazing to think this interview wouldn’t have happened unless it was for our post wishing her a happy birthday. That is a true story! So for everyone who hated our birthday posts in 2013, you need to praise them as without them a Corinne interview wouldn’t have happened! As always Corinne was opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind, and she did that in droves during this chat. It looked as though this Ozcar was hers to win, but she fell just short, but also just beat Katie by a mere 9 votes to the silver medal.

You can download the interview

1. Peter Harkey (Marquesas) – Final Voting Percent 27.17%



Not to take anything away from Peter’s win, but this result surprised the heck out of me. In fact I didn’t even expect Peter to make the finals, let alone win! I thought for sure that he would end up 5th in the final round but he pulls out a shock victory and in the end does so by a significant margin! The interview is one entertaining interview though, as Peter divulges into some very fascinating and unique stories that will have you laughing and wondering what he is talking about all at the same time. Congrats Peter!

You can download the interview

Keep on eye on our website tomorrow as we release the results of the Ozlet of the Year!


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  1. Might want to check your list over again, as I think for #9, you mean Andrea, not Andrew.

  2. I agree Earl got robbed, I knly needed to vote once more to get him in? Damn!

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