Ozcars 2014–Top 25 Survivor Oz Ozlets of the Year!


We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 15 best Survivor Oz Ozlets from the 12 months! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite Ozlet just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For this category, it was a simple case of you voting for who you thought was the best Survivor Oz Ozlet in the last 12 months, and the word ‘best’ was defined by whatever method the voter wanted to define it as. What do you think?

15. Alan Flockhart – 43 Votes


Alan probably would be the quietest Ozlet on the roster at the moment and that’s reflected by his finishing position here. Our only Irish representative, this avid collector I’m sure will push for a higher spot next year!

14. Jimmy Kurniawan – 46 Votes


I love Jimmy, and it’s sad to see him come so low. In the end there has to be Ozlets who finish lower than others however, and given barely 20 votes separated last to 10th, it was extremely close! Looking forward to see his input at the upcoming Hearts of Reality!

13. Clayton Shirley – 46 Votes


Clayton is one of our most frequent online contributors as well as a constant on our episodes, so it’s perhaps a little surprising that he didn’t land higher on this list. Still in a very tight and competitive field he can hold his head up high with a fairly strong performance!

12. Alex Morella – 52 Votes


I’m a bit surprised Alex didn’t get Nadine to vote for him more, because perhaps that would’ve landed him a higher spot. Alex is all around awesome, and I would firmly put him in my top 10 if it was my list. Unfortunately for him it’s not, so better get Nadine’s fingers ready to click in 2015 Morella!

11. Troy Maynard – 63 Votes


Troy needs to make some appearances back on our episodes soon and bring back his famous dodgy internet connection to win back the fans it seems as he narrowly misses out on the top 10 by only 2 votes! What’s more disappointing for Troy is that the 4 other originals all made the finals, so I’m sure Troy will campaign hard next year to change this!

10. Colin Hilding – 65 Votes


Colin is an all around nice guy and one of only 2 Canadian Ozlets we have. The only Canadian Ozlet however who was eligible in this category, Colin lands in the top 10 to narrowly edge out the only ‘original Ozlet’ in Troy not to make the finals. Great showing by Mr.Hilding!

9. Mike Allbright – 80 Votes


Given Mike’s online presence I thought he was a real chance for a finals position, but in the end 9th was the best he could do. Not the most active Ozlets, his status is more ‘honorary’ as his status as a super fan helps bring in some fans for our site! But we’re glad to have him on board and I’m sure he’ll push harder for a higher spot in 2015.

8. Aaron Robertson – 105 Votes


It looked as though we were on for a bit of a shock early on as Aaron was an early run away leader in the first couple of days. However those early votes couldn’t amount to a finals position, and Aaron I’m sure will be satisfied with 8th place.

7. James Pickering – 144 Votes


Solid effort from our only UK based Ozlet, James only missed out on a finals spot by 6 votes! But as is the case for the poms, it’s always so close yet so far and then a good amount of whinging comes afterwards! One saving grace is that James actually isn’t a pom, he is an Aussie with an awesome British accent! That makes him even more awesome! Well done James!

6. Lynda Phoa – 148 Votes


Lynda was in the top 5 for the entire first round and fell out on the last day! OUCH! So close! So very close! One of our most popular Ozlets though, Lynda surely is in with a good shot at glory next year! If I know her like I think I do, she’ll already be campaigning for this now…

=4. Nick Chester – Final Voting Percent 15.56%



Good old Nuck Chister, our only Kiwi Ozlet, scraping into the finals and then holding out a tie with one of our most active Ozlets! That’s choice as bro! I promise not to make any sheep shagging jokes in this passage of writing, otherwise I might baaaaaaaaaaaaan myself from writing these in the future. Moving on…

=4. Jarryd Elliott – Final Voting Percent 15.56%



The 2IC of Survivor Oz came into the final round in 2nd place but could only manage equal fourth when the votes mattered. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! Only kidding, I don’t want you to actually answer that. I want you to vote for Jarryd more next year in the Ozcars to help him at least finish top 3! There! Said it!

3. Ethan Garcia – Final Voting Percent 19.84%



Our original ORIGINAL Ozlet, Ethan making the finals I will say was a little surprising given he hasn’t been active on episodes really for over a year. Still floating around in the Survivor Oz stalls, Ethan will always be a life long member of the team and one who we will always cherish! Come back on episodes Ethan!

2. Noah Groves – Final Voting Percent 22.68%



Poor Noah. A strong 1st round amounted to him falling just at the final hurdle to claim the silver medal! As one of our most active Ozlets on our episodes and website, you know him better than you know some of your family. But that wasn’t enough was it? WAS IT?! Think about it people, you voted against your family! Only kidding, Noah is a person only his family could love! OUCH! Moving on…

1. Lancey Morris – Final Voting Percent 26.37%



Superstar Lancey comes from 4th to 1st to take the inaugural ‘Ozlet of the Year’ title at this years Ozcars! I have to admit I gave her a good shot at winning this award with the departure of Ky and Rileigh and turns out my prediction was right! I just think Chris Burger voted about 100000x to make sure this was the case, but congrats to Lancey all the same!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we bring you the list for the best second boots of all time!


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