Ozcars 2014 Best Seasons–Rankings From 28 to 1!


We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 28 Survivor seasons of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite season just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For the rankings of the seasons, we asked you to select your best season and worst season. Each vote for the best season was added to the seasons overall total. For the worst season, the total percentage of votes was subtracted from the overall score. The overall score also included Ozlet votes (for best and worst) as well as best and worst votes from Survivor contestants who appeared on the show. We have also included the finishing position of the season on last years poll for comparison.

28. Redemption Island – Total Score 125


S-OZ RANK: 28th
POLL RANK: 21st (22% negative)
LAST YEAR: 26th (-2)

Another year, another last place finish for Redemption Island. I think the biggest shock in this poll would be if it didn’t finish last one time. Then I would be calling for a re-vote!

27. South Pacific – Total Score 157


S-OZ RANK: 26th
POLL RANK: 28th (8% negative)
LAST YEAR: 25th (-2)

Still no love for South Pacific. Don’t think that is going to change anytime soon either.

26. Fiji – Total Score 231


S-OZ RANK: 26th
POLL RANK: 26th (9% negative)
LAST YEAR: 24th (-2)

I never get the dislike for Fiji. I think it’s one of the most underrated seasons around. But alas, my vote doesn’t count for much. So 26th it is.

25. One World – Total Score 284


S-OZ RANK: 25th
POLL RANK: 12th (8% negative)
LAST YEAR: 23rd (-2)

See previous comments but multiply them further. One World is an underrated gem. You need to re-watch it right now to see that. Time to get a campaign going to have it at least finish in the top 20 next year.

24. Caramoan – Total Score 298


S-OZ RANK: 24th
POLL RANK: 19th (5% negative)
LAST YEAR: 20th (-4)

Drops 4 spots from last year to 24th. Pretty standard really. Moving on.

23. Thailand – Total Score 325


S-OZ RANK: 22nd
POLL RANK: 23rd (9% negative)
LAST YEAR: 21st (-2)

See comments from Fiji and One World but multiply them by a million. The greatest non returning player season in the history of Survivor in my eyes, it has the single greatest player in it who at least was rewarded in another category this year. Push for Thailand in 2015!

22. Nicaragua – Total Score 325


S-OZ RANK: 23rd
POLL RANK: 24th (4% negative)
LAST YEAR: 22nd (No Change)

I feel as though me saying a season is ‘underrated’ is becoming common here, but I love Nicaragua and think it’s…you guessed it…underrated. A few seasons need to make moves next year, let’s get it happening folks!

21. Samoa – Total Score 348


S-OZ RANK: 21st
POLL RANK: 27th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 18th (-3)

Samoa is generally remembered for Russell and a few other moments, so it seems fitting to fall back a few places this year.

20. Panama – Total Score 389


S-OZ RANK: 20th
POLL RANK: 22nd (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 14th (-6)

The season that I honestly feel is always the ‘middle season’ falls back significantly this year and just sneaks into the top 20. Strange given we had the seasons winner make a second appearance since our last Ozcars.

19. Africa – Total Score 391


S-OZ RANK: 18th
POLL RANK: 25th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 16th (-3)

Not usually considered one of the best seasons, Africa does have an extremely likeable cast with great characters which does deserve some love. Falls back 3 places from last year.

18. Palau – Total Score 398


S-OZ RANK: 19th
POLL RANK: 17th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 11th (-7)

Big drop this year, 7 places in fact. Bit of a surprise to be honest as Palau is usually considered in the favourable category more so than the negative. Questions will be raised by this I’m sure, so bring them on!

17. Marquesas – Total Score 408 Marquesas_Original_Fan_Recreation

S-OZ RANK: 17th
POLL RANK: 16th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 12th (-5)

Another big drop for a season that usually has a few fans, Marquesas produced some big name players and arguably the most well known of all time in Boston Rob. It’s the no nos…

16. Guatemala – Total Score 433


S-OZ RANK: 13th
POLL RANK: 20th (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: 15th (-1)

Great to see Guatemala entrenched in the top 20 and just miss out on the top 15, it’s a season that needs to have one of it’s original players return already! It’s a travesty that it hasn’t had anyone yet!

15. All-Stars – Total Score 442


S-OZ RANK: 15th
POLL RANK: 15th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 10th (-5)

The greatest season of all time only 15th. For shame voters! FOR SHAME!

14. Cook Islands – Total Score 453


S-OZ RANK: 16th
POLL RANK: 10th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 13th (-1)

Drops back a spot this year, Cook Islands always seems to divide people on it being good or bad. I personally say bad, but 14th and in the top half says otherwise.

13. Tocantins – Total Score 454


S-OZ RANK: 14th
POLL RANK: 13th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 17th (+4)

When one of it’s players comes back and wins, clearly it makes it more popular! Perhaps also all those final 2 memories which were returned for Cagayan as well give it a boost, but moving up 4 spots for the 18th season is a win for Tocantins fans!

12. Amazon – Total Score 462


S-OZ RANK: 12th
POLL RANK: 14th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 7th (-4)

A top 10 finisher last year, Amazon drops out to 12th this year. A lot of great characters and to me an underrated winner (there’s that word again), Amazon is a consistent high performer on this list each year!

11. Vanuatu – Total Score 484


S-OZ RANK: 10th
POLL RANK: 18th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 8th (-3)

Another top 10 performer from last year that falls out, Vanuatu is a great season with a winner that needs to come back already! MAKE IT HAPPEN CBS!

10. Gabon – Total Score 487


S-OZ RANK: 11th
POLL RANK: 11th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 19th (+9)

A huge improver from last year, Gabon moves all the way up from near the bottom to the top 10 which will definitely surprise a lot of people. An interesting and unpredictable season, we’re about to see it come out on DVD soon which will give people an opportunity to relive it all over again! Gillian will be happy!

9. Philippines – Total Score 572


S-OZ RANK: 7th
POLL RANK: 9th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 9th (No Change)

A new season last year and finished in the top 10, Philippines once again performs strongly and finishes in the top 10 for a second year in a row! For people who scream ‘recency bias’ whenever a season does well just after it airs, this will probably show you that when a season is good and performs well the first year it can back it up with another strong performance the following year. Philippines falls perfectly into that category.

8. Borneo – Total Score 575


S-OZ RANK: 9th
POLL RANK: 8th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 6th (-2)

Just missed out on the finals last year, the original season drops back to just stay in the top 10 this year. Will always be a high finisher no matter when the vote is held, it’s a classic that will never lose it’s reputation of awesomeness.

7. China – Total Score 663


S-OZ RANK: 3rd
POLL RANK: 7th (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: 5th (-2)

Finished as a finalist the first two years, China drops back to 7th this year. A great season that everyone agrees is a strong performer, worth a rewatch if you haven’t done so in some time.

6. Australian Outback – Total Score 684


S-OZ RANK: 5th
POLL RANK: 5th (3% negative)
LAST YEAR: 4th (-2)

Similar to China, Australian Outback drops out of the finals and just misses out on it’s third consecutive finals spot. For many this was the season that hooked them onto the show that they now love so it’s always a sentimental season that people will be fond of. Not surprising that it would return to the top 5 next year.

5. Pearl Islands – Final Voting Percent 8.95%


S-OZ RANK: 2nd
POLL RANK: 6th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 3rd (-2)

3rd last year, 5th this year, Pearl Islands is always a fan favourite that generally will always finish high. So many great characters and so many great moments, this season I am going to say it will win the Ozcar at some point in our history. You’ve heard it here first.

4. Micronesia – Final Voting Percent 12.46%


S-OZ RANK: 6th
POLL RANK: 4th (8% negative)
LAST YEAR: 2nd (-2)

The perennial runner up, Micronesia drops back to 4th after two years of finishing 2nd. Universally adored by fans, there is little to say about this season that hasn’t already been said. So I won’t say anything more and move on to the next season shall I?

3. Blood vs Water – Final Voting Percent 14.38%


S-OZ RANK: 8th
POLL RANK: 3rd (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of two new seasons for this years Ozcars, Blood vs Water shone to take a well deserved finalist spot. I’m not going to rant on about ‘recency bias’ arguments until I get to Cagayan, but BvW definitely is a fantastic season that deserves it’s placing on this list.

2. Heroes vs Villains – Final Voting Percent 29.39%


S-OZ RANK: 1st
POLL RANK: 1st (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 1st (-1)

Similar to Parvati in the sexiest female of all time category, Heroes vs Villains had never been challenged for it’s title until this year. Will always be considered one of the best, look out for it to take it’s title again in 2015.

1. Cagayan – Final Voting Percent 34.83%


S-OZ RANK: 4th
POLL RANK: 2nd (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: New Entry

Already the subject of controversy for it winning this poll, the cries of ‘recency bias’ have been echoing around the internet since the announcement. While I understand people saying this, I think people are overlooking the fact of what an absolutely outstanding season it was. Do you feel as though had the Ozcars been around after Heroes vs Villains that people would be shouting ‘recency bias’ had that been voted the greatest of all time? Doubtful. I think the key test will be 2015 to see where Cagayan finishes. If it finishes top 5 again (which I think it will) and even if it wins, I look forward to seeing everyone finally realising how great the season was and how ‘recency bias’ has nothing to do with it’s win. Congrats to Cagayan!

Keep on eye on our website tomorrow as we release the results of the next ‘big four’ category; the best player to have never won the game!


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30 Comments on Ozcars 2014 Best Seasons–Rankings From 28 to 1!

  1. I personally think it takes at least five years to know a season’s true legacy.

    That said, I’m sure Cagayan will always be a top five season.

  2. Am I the only one who liked Caramoan..? not an all time great season, but also not one of the worsts..

  3. Ethan Michael Thomas // June 22, 2014 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    Cagayan will always be Top 5, baby!

  4. My top 3 would be cagayan then heroes vs villains then micronesia!! But blood vs water is also decent 2nd placer!! Somehow realistic results!!!

  5. I think people need to watch All Stars again, truly one of the greatest seasons ever, such a shame to see it so low, even Panama i think is underrated.

    • The rewatch made me hate All Stars even more, all the true all stars out pre merge with people who didnt even deserve to come back making top 5.

  6. Idg how anyone can deny the fact that Cagayan’s win was due to recency bias. It was obviously a great season, but it was by no means the best. The pre-merge was obviously amazing, but the post-merge really let’s the season down as it turns into the Tony + Spencer show. It picks up a bit at the F6 when Kass gets a bit more airtime, however.

    • BvW being so high is also due to recency bias. It was an extremely average season, which casuals only fantard over because it came after the abomination that was Caramoan. It has one of the dryest post-merges of all time and Tyson’s win was unbelievably predictable.

    • Same opinion here. I like Cagayan, I like both Tony and Spencer, but I don’t think it’s the best of all time. I also think Spencer is an overrated player, people love him so much because he is an underdog and he’s the only good challenge performer in the horrible brain tribe. But his moves were not really that good, there were options he could take to possibly change the game result, but his game play was pretty passive, just waiting for Tony to come and made a deal with him so that he could survive another day. That does not mean I don’t like him. I do. I just say that both Cagayan and Spencer won so many prizes this year because of recency bias. But I do think that Tony is one of the best winners we ever have, his performance really impressed me.

      • “only good challenge performer in the horrible brain tribe”
        When Tasha was stronger then him and won three in an row, or Kass who finshed a puzzle to win in the f4 after the others had an half hour lead and I’m sure Garret wasn’t weak in challenges.

      • Members of the brain tribe did well in individual challenges, but as a group, they were terrible in tribe challenges. They could not even win the challenge which the brawn tribe tried to lose. I forgot about Tasha, maybe she did decently in tribe challenges as well. Garrett was voted out too soon to know if he’s good. I actually think they would not have become such a horrible tribe if they kept Garrett, but yeah, he deserved to go. Kass? I may forget about Tasha and Garrett but Kass was definitely useless in tribe challenges. As a group, the brain tribe sucked. Maybe it’s just the editing focusing on Spencer but many times I saw him as the only one trying.

  7. Cagayan is recency bias, though its not bad, its not 1. Redmption Island/SoPa arent that bad.

  8. Redemption Island and South Pacific are not the worst seasons. that would be Thailand and either Nicaragua or One World. solid top 5 for the most part. I’d say:
    5. Blood vs. Water
    4. Australian Outback
    3. Micronesia
    2. Heroes vs. Villains
    1. Cagayan

    People say Cagayn is only #1 since it’s recent, I disagree. I loved it. Possibly the best cast ever. Possibly the most blindsides in one season (more blindsides in Cagayan then HvV). Cagayan had a better winner than HvV. Both had fun villains to root for (Tony and Russell) but Cagayan had a better hero to root for (Spencer). Seriously, what hero was there to root for in HvV? Sandra? Colby? Rupert??

  9. how is All Stars so low? I loved that season, definitely top 10 IMO. Samoa and Cook Islands are also pretty underrated, while Gabon and Vanuatu are overrated

  10. Cagayan was one of the best but not the best. Nothing even comes close to HvV if you ask me.

  11. Cagayan had amazing casting, which is why it was so good.

  12. I feel that Cagayan shows a clear shift in editing, where the editors tend to mislead the audience.

    That has lead to more audience blindsides, including Brice, and Kass’ merge switch- did we really get any clue that this was happening from the editors eg a proper interview with kass? Instead, we were focusing all our attention on Sarah.

    Similarly, while Tony played a crazy post merge game, at no point was he considering to switch sides like Rob Cesternino. He was just getting the votes to make his big moves. We would have been able to gauge and predict Tony better, rather than consider him as a trigger-happy totally irrational being.

    So, cagayan is a good season, but it did not have a lot of the inherent drama of other seasons, esp post-merge (eg a black widow brigade, or crazy Russell moves substantiated by his confessionals) and the editing (or lack of relevant confessionals) made it seem much more exciting.

  13. God, cagayan was soooo good. Tony/ Spencer made it worth watching. I cant believe All stars and palau are so low, both wer so memorable.

  14. I’m glad to see that the abomination that was Redemption Island is in last place where it belongs.

  15. Jackson-is-Surviving // September 26, 2014 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    I actually believe that Cagayan had the best cast overall, i love Micronesia more but it’s fans tribe was annoying and they all wanted to play like Ozzy, i also think that the Heroes vs Villains cast left something to be desired as well, i mean seriously, Danielle came back??? and then made it further than Amanda??? But then again the worst thing…BASICALLY EVERYONE MADE IT FURTHER THAN CIRIE! although i still love Heroes vs Villains, i don’t think that Candice did enough to come back, I liked her in BvW1 more, and Randy Bailey…really?

    1. Micronesia
    2. Cagayan
    3. HvV
    4. Phillipines
    5. China

    Cagayan will prove itself to those who say recency biast in the next coming years, i know it will, Spencer is great to, and i am so glad Gabon came up, i loved Gabon, and i think that Panama/Exile Island is underrated, wish it was higher

  16. WTH! WHAT’S WITH PANAMA SO LOW?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. In my opinion, Nicaragua is the most underrated season in survivor history. I love that season! Plus Caramoan should be way higher because of the blindsides and conflict!

  18. Panama is so good, its easily in my top five. I am glad to see Gabon getting in the top ten, though.

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