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Easily one of the most popular contestants of the last few years, Malcolm Freberg entertained and endeared himself to millions of people around the world on his back to back appearances on Philippines and Caramoan. So close on his first try, he wasn’t able to get the same success second time around and couldn’t keep the back to back player streak alive of always making it to the final 4. Outside of Survivor he is about to venture off on an amazing adventure that YOU can be apart of, and also has some interesting opinions of Australia and it’s wildlife as well as talking about a certain other fan favourite who he can’t stand at all.

Malcolm (2)

Malcolm started his Survivor life on the ill fated Matsing tribe on the Philippines which he managed to survive alongside Denise right through to the final 4. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t to get any better, as he narrowly missed a spot at the FTC. On his return a season later on Caramoan he formed new alliances and friends and made it to the merge again, but this time went home 5 spots earlier.

In our chat with Malcolm, he talks about his exciting Wayfaring project, his desire to travel around the States, why he feels Ben would be a good consultant to him on the journey, whether or not Survivor contestants will be making appearances across the journey, what other season he applied for to get on Survivor but didn’t make it, why his aunty lives on Survivor Sucks and was afraid of seeing him on Survivor, why he got so fat after his first season, whether or not he will marry our listeners as well as who is the worst person he had to live with when playing Survivor and just who he would dress up as to a Harry Potter themed dress up party.

To donate to Malcolm’s Kickstarter campaign you can click , to check out the Wayfaring live site where you can help decide where Malcolm goes to next, click

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3 Comments on Malcolm Freberg Interview

  1. “back to back player streak alive of always making it to the final 4” What about James?

  2. Or Bobby Jon? Or do those not count because somebody returning that season made it

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