Ozcars 2014 Best Winners–Rankings From 27 to 1!


We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 27 Survivor winners of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite season just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For the rankings of the winners, we asked you to select your best winner and worst winner. Each vote for the best winner was added to the winners overall total. For the worst winner, the total percentage of votes was subtracted from the overall score. The overall score also included Ozlet votes (for best and worst) as well as the worst votes from Survivor contestants who appeared on the show. We have also included the finishing position of the winner on last years poll for comparison.

27. Amber Brkich/Mariano – Total Score 171


S-OZ RANK: 27th
POLL RANK: 15th (7% negative)
LAST YEAR: 25th (-2)

Another year, another last place for Amber. Did fairly well amongst the poll voters it has to be said, and the Survivor votes improved too. But when it came down to our staff her at Survivor Oz, it helped her sink back to the bottom. Better luck next year Amber!

26. Natalie White – Total Score 191


S-OZ RANK: 25th
POLL RANK: 23rd (12% negative)
LAST YEAR: 24th (-2)

Natalie maintains her second last placing on the poll once again and has the unfortunate distinction of having her Survivor peers vote her as their lowest winner too. She still remains shocked as you can see.

25. Sophie Clarke – Total Score 219


S-OZ RANK: 21st
POLL RANK: 24th (5% negative)
LAST YEAR: 20th (-5)

Sophie drops back from 20th to third last. Ouch! A lot has been said about her win, and we’re still waiting for her to appear on the show to help explain it. Let’s make it happen Sophie!

24. Jud “Fabio” Birza – Total Score 221


S-OZ RANK: 26th
POLL RANK: 9th (10% negative)
LAST YEAR: 23rd (-1)

I love Fabio to bits, and for the first time this list I’m going to use the ‘U’ word and say how UNDERRATED he is. Missed out earlier this year too on our greatest one time player poll, it hasn’t been a good year for Fabio with Survivor Oz. At least he made an appearance on our Christmas Party! That was good enough!

23. Bob Crowley – Total Score 259


S-OZ RANK: 23rd
POLL RANK: 20th (3% negative)
LAST YEAR: 22nd (-1)

The oldest winner in the history of Survivor drops back a place and doesn’t make much ground in his attempt to finish higher. There is always next year Bob!

22. Vecepia Towery/Robinson – Total Score 302


S-OZ RANK: 21st
POLL RANK: 22nd (4% negative)
LAST YEAR: 21st (-2)

Poor Vecepia. Always languishing down the bottom of these lists. I think somebody needs to start a campaign for Vecepia next year. At least make her top 20! Come on guys!

21. James “JT” Thomas – Total Score 316


S-OZ RANK: 22nd
POLL RANK: 12th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 13th (-8)

Considering how well Tocantins did on the season list, it’s somewhat surprising to see JT drop back so significantly. Apparently some people around the Survivor Oz office aren’t big JT fans which helped his fall, but hopefully we can get him on the show and help him improve his place next year!

20. Aras Baskauskas – Total Score 326


S-OZ RANK: 19th
POLL RANK: 26th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 18th (-2)

One of four people on this list to have played in the last year, Aras finishes the lowest out of this quartet of players. Another winner I feel is underrated, Aras came back for Blood vs Water and gave it his all and with circumstances different he would’ve gone a lot deeper into the game. At least his brother didn’t win right? That’s too much Baskauskas millions in that household!

19. John Cochran – Total Score 329


S-OZ RANK: 20th
POLL RANK: 17th (6% negative)
LAST YEAR: 11th (-8)

A big drop for Cochran after nearly cracking the top 10 last year in his first attempt. He crashes back down to earth and just holds on to a top 20 spot. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him outside the top 20 next year.

18. Ethan Zohn – Total Score 349


S-OZ RANK: 18th
POLL RANK: 25th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 14th (-4)

A big drop for Ethan sees him slip close to the outer reaches of the top 20 and very nearly outside of it. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him on our screens, but with his health seemingly improved it would be great to see him out for a third time and have another crack at the million!

17. Danni Boatwright – Total Score 370


S-OZ RANK: 17th
POLL RANK: 19th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 16th (-1)

Danni Boatwright is an amazing winner who never gets the credit she deserves. The fact she deliberately withheld her strategy from everyone (including the producers) in order to quite literally sneak under the radar is an amazing strategy that I’m surprised nobody has since replicated. That can be seen to have her easily be an ‘invisible winner’ which is fair enough on the outside, but divulge closer into her game and you’ll see how amazing she actually is!

16. Earl Cole – Total Score 423


S-OZ RANK: 15th
POLL RANK: 21st (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 15th (-1)

As I said in the seasons list about the season he won, Earl is extremely underrated and in my mind deserves a much higher spot on this list. If you have any doubts about the way he played and what he did, download his interview he did with us. It’ll change your perspective completely.

15. Tina Wesson – Total Score 432


S-OZ RANK: 14th
POLL RANK: 16th (5% negative)
LAST YEAR: 15th (+2)

Off the back of her strong third time performance, Tina leaps into the top 15 and makes a strong improvement from last year. Almost a certainty to win had she made the FTC, Tina still has the passion and desire left inside of her that I could see bring her back potentially for a fourth time.

14. Jenna Morasca – Total Score 441


S-OZ RANK: 12th
POLL RANK: 27th (3% negative)
LAST YEAR: 19th (+5)

I’ve always said Jenna is an extremely underrated winner, and to see her make a vast leap into the top 15 certainly makes me happy. However her results are all over the shop in terms of her voting, with Survivor contestants rating her highly but our poll voters rating her dead last on the poll. Always an interesting winner to debate!

13. Tyson Apostol – Total Score 455


S-OZ RANK: 13th
POLL RANK: 18th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of two new winners in the last 12 months, Tyson jumps into unlucky 13th with his calculated win on Blood vs Water. If you had of said to me a year ago that Tyson Apostol would become a winner of Survivor I would’ve laughed at you, but his turn around on his third effort was a great thing to watch!

12. Tom Westman – Total Score 506


S-OZ RANK: 10th
POLL RANK: 14th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 10th (-2)

Last year he was 10th, this year he is 12th. Tom is very much respected amongst his fellow Survivor contestants but unfortunately that can’t translate into the other polling options to help him get higher.

11. Yul Kwon – Total Score 529


S-OZ RANK: 9th
POLL RANK: 10th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 8th (-3)

Falls out of the top 10, Yul might be pulling the above face in sheer disappointment of that happening to him. Whilst he wasn’t the best TV, his game and win sure has a  lot of fans out there which always sees him do well in this poll. Back to the top 10 in 2015 Yul!

10. Denise Stapley – Total Score 543


S-OZ RANK: 7th
POLL RANK: 13th (1% negative)
LAST YEAR: 12th (+2)

Such an amazing winner, Denise moves up two spots into a rightful top 10 spot. Gave an amazing interview with us over the course of the last 12 months, she is one amazing lady who I for one hope to see back one day soon!

9. Tony Vlachos – Total Score 564


S-OZ RANK: 11th
POLL RANK: 6th (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: New Entry

Tony catapults himself into the top 10 on his first attempt after a great season in which he redefined the way to win Survivor. Make no mistake, his win will affect the way Survivor is played and won in the future, as he seemingly won the game in a manner that so many people thought was impossible before. You go Tony!

8. Rob Mariano – Total Score 568


S-OZ RANK: 16th
POLL RANK: 3rd (6% negative)
LAST YEAR: 9th (+1)

Given his stature in the final poll that you’ll see tomorrow, it’s amazing to think that Rob can’t crack the finals of the best winner category. Is it down to the season he won? The way he did it? It’s a controversial topic given that he is always recognised in our final category. Another topic of debate no doubt for this years poll.

7. Chris Daugherty – Total Score 609


S-OZ RANK: 5th
POLL RANK: 11th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 6th (-1)

Despite the fact that he can’t crack the finals, makes me happy to see that he is constantly respected enough to finish as high as he does each year. We need to see him back already!

6. Richard Hatch – Total Score 698


S-OZ RANK: 3rd
POLL RANK: 8th (5% negative)
LAST YEAR: 4th (-2)

Similar to Sandra, it’s amazing to think that Richard has never won this award. In fact Richard is yet to even win an Ozcar which is a travesty in itself! Misses out on the finals for the first time too in this category, there are many Richard fans right now screaming at the injustice of this poll! Comment away folks!

5. Todd Herzog – Final Voting Percent 7.98%


S-OZ RANK: 6th
POLL RANK: 7th (0% negative)
LAST YEAR: 5th (No Change)

Todd had a strong year in terms of Ozcar finalist positions but couldn’t quite take the victory when it mattered. Consecutive finals finishes in this category though once again goes to show how highly respected and adored he really is.

4. Kim Spradlin – Final Voting Percent 16.64%


S-OZ RANK: 8th
POLL RANK: 5th (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: 3rd (-1)

The inaugural winner of this award back in 2012, Kim drops one spot back from last year but once again polls strongly to finish in the finals. Respected highly amongst her Survivor peers, Kim will always feature highly in this category and wouldn’t surprise me to see her even win this again in the future.

3. Sandra Diaz-Twine – Final Voting Percent 18.66%


S-OZ RANK: 1st
POLL RANK: 1st (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: 2nd (-1)

Amazingly Sandra hasn’t won this category before, and 2014 really looked liked it would be the year. First in every aspect of the poll and then first at the end of the first round, I thought finally Sandra would add to her solitary Ozcar she won back in 2012. But it wasn’t to be, pipped at the post by two people, she for one will not be a happy chappy with this one!

2. Parvati Shallow – Final Voting Percent 27.16%


S-OZ RANK: 4th
POLL RANK: 4th (8% negative)
LAST YEAR: 1st (-1)

The queen is dethroned! It looked as though in the final round she would challenge once again to win another Ozcar to add to her already full cabinet! But she wasn’t able to hold on when it mattered and fell just short!

1. Brian Heidik – Final Voting Percent 29.56%


S-OZ RANK: 2nd
POLL RANK: 13th (2% negative)
LAST YEAR: 7th (+6)

No victory this year made me happier than this one! I was honestly surprised to even see him make the top 5 let alone win it, and you know I have dancing all the way to Thailand and back with this result! I don’t even need to sit here and tell you how deserving this victory is! All I can say is congratulations Brian and hold that Ozcar with pride!

Get excited, tomorrow we reveal the final Ozcars category for 2014! Coming your way tomorrow is the top 25 greatest players of all time!


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16 Comments on Ozcars 2014 Best Winners–Rankings From 27 to 1!

  1. JT being 21 is a travesty. The guy completely dominated Tocantins. Tom and Yul should be alot higher. Todd IMO is overrated–he was helped out a lot by Amanda. In my top 10, I’d replace Todd, Tony, and Denise with JT, Yul, and Tom. Although I like Denise and she would be #11 on my list.

    • STEPHEN dominated Tocantins, had JT failed to win only one of the last immunities he was gone.
      I agree that Todd is overrated.

  2. How is Sandra not number 1? The woman went up against Parvati in a final tribal and beat her!

  3. The only reason Brian won his season is because the other contestants didn’t have the smallest amount of strategic thinking, but yet he beat someone who won twice, including a season with 18 people who actually knew how to play the game…. And yet JT with a perfect game against a stronger cast strategically is 21. Swap JT with Brian and the list is at least a little more acceptable. Just shows you can’t take this too seriously with all the influencing people to vote a certain way. The reason people don’t like Thailand is because it has the ability to induce comas, and it was part of the reason I stopped watching survivor and missed an awesome season in Amazon.

    • Bow down to the lord and master Brian Heidik. He had some incredible competition especially since no one was recruited that season, and he steamrolled his way to the end against brilliant underrated players such as Penny, Jake, Ted, and Helen. So you my friend are very misguided.


      • What about the fake merge, yeah that didn’t help him at all… Cough cough… Ok he’s better then I think which still doesn’t beat JT and Sandra

      • Jay, seriously? The fake merge actually hurt his plans. With Shii-Ann in his ranks Brian would have pagonged Sook Jai that much more easily. You need to watch Thailand again. His adaptability in losing Shii-Ann is an example of his prowess, not how the show was handed to him

      • And I’m guessing you are one of the people that think Sandra was lucky. Only a true survivor fan can see through her facade and the brilliance of her gameplay, and that my friends is why Sandra didn’t win because of the lack of strategic minds and general low IQ of society. ShE IS the QuEEN aND AlWAYS WiLl BE

      • Why do you think I don’t like Sandra? I think she’s just as good, if not better, than Brian. True fans appreciate that there is more than one way to win. I appreciate Sandra’s stealth and obfuscation as much as I appreciate Brian’s under-the-table dealings and domination.

  4. Natalie was a good winner super underrated

  5. WHAT? Fabio not dead last of this ranking and 9th of the poll?!? What a f****g joke!

  6. Damn another year Natalie’s in second to last super underrated was I he only one not to vote for her for worst winner

  7. Tony should be higher, Brian should no way be #1. Parvati shouldn’t even be #2. She’s probably the greatest player ever, but her win in Micronesia wasn’t that amazing. Cirie was the best player in Micronesia. Plus, Parvati’s best season didn’t come until Heroes vs. Villains. I’d give best winners to: 1. Kim 2. Boston Rob 3. Brian 4. Tony 5. Parvati or Hatch

  8. Tyson, Tony, Richard, and Yul played similar games to Kim but did way more against stronger players than her. She doesn’t even deserve top 10. But I wont rant to much because I’m laughing at Albert and Coach in the Sophie picture.

  9. Brian was pretty good… suprised hes #1, especially with Tony on this list. But why is cochran so low 😦

  10. I JUST finished rewatching Amazon and I struggle to find how Jenna deserved to win. She did NOTHING. Oh, except win immunity. She should be in the bottom 3 with Amber and Natalie.

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