Garrett Adelstein Interview


Garrett Adelstein definitely went into the 28th season of Cagayan with a lot to live up to. He had openly admitted to watching hundreds upon hundreds of hours of the show in preparation and felt that this was all he needed going into the game to help him get far. But of course Survivor is never that simple, and as Garrett soon found out it doesn’t matter how much you watch before hand it’s how you play the game when you’re out there. Despite not getting as much screen time as some other second boots in the history of the show, Garrett has a lot to say about his time on Survivor in an entertaining and insightful interview that will make you wish you had seen more of him!


Garrett started on the brains tribe but was immediately targeted by ‘leader’ David in a strategic move that would backfire against him. Garrett sound found an idol and thought he had the numbers in his pocket enough to openly discuss the vote in front of everyone, but that wouldn’t work and Garrett found himself voted out 2nd of the game.

In our chat with Garrett he talks about getting back to normal after the season, not getting asked to do too many interviews and why he enjoys them, listening to Survivor podcasts before and also during his time in Cagayan, why he is used to being on TV and why the cameras didn’t bother him, his strategy pre-game and how that quickly went out the window, working out there were 3 tribes early, which players he eyed off as potential alliance buddies and ones he didn’t, the situation with David and what was really said out there at camp, his thoughts on Kass and how she played the game, playing with fellow super fans, how far he thought he could’ve gone as well as answering the criticism of him and his game, talking up Tony and his mannerisms and just why Jeff loved him so much before the game.

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5 Comments on Garrett Adelstein Interview

  1. Are interviews not in the iTunes feed yet?

  2. Garrett was actually very funny and likeable in this interview. Great job guys!

    • Garrett's Biggest Fan // April 21, 2015 at 4:04 am // Reply

      I really really love Garrett, it’s a shame that he was voted out so quickly and that he never got a chance to show his potential as a player. I wish he considers coming back again as much as he said that he doesn’t see it happening for him. He is indeed very likeable, I really hope he does something again for TV in the near future. Thanks for this wonderful interview!

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