Jim Rice Interview


Jim Rice went into South Pacific with a plan but that plan was thrown out the window within the first few moments, as often is the case in Survivor. As someone who was quick to have an opinion and had some strong strategic thoughts, it was never to be for Jim as his game was derailed by a certain contestant with glasses who ultimately would turn out to be a winner of a future season. For Jim it’s all in the past, but there is still plenty to say about Mr.Cochran as well as just which contestants tried to buy weed off him and why he still dislikes one of his cast members to this day.


Jim formed some early bonds during his time on South Pacific and found himself in a strong alliance as the game approached the merge. However after Cochran flipped, it was all downhill for Jim and he was never able to recover his position in the game and was sent to the jury.

In our chat with Jim, he talks about it being a crazy 3 years since his time on the show, which other reality show he very nearly went on instead of Survivor, why he can’t watch the show anymore since his time on it, expecting returning players, why he isn’t a fan of his season in general, the truth behind his relationship with Cochran early on in the game, why Jeff Probst wrote him a not after the game about some of his comments, the truth behind what happened at camp after the Cochran flip as well as just why he isn’t a fan of Sophie winning despite voting for her to win the game, why he believes Brandon should’ve won the season and just how many times he nearly came back for a second time.

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5 Comments on Jim Rice Interview

  1. “…why he believes Brandon should’ve won the season…” Seriously? Wow.

  2. Katherine Adams // July 2, 2014 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    Enjoyed the interview, as always. Interesting about Brandon potentially winning … would love to know more about THAT concept. Agree or disagree (Hey! I love Sandra!), Jim so obviously loves the show that it’s infectious. He’d be a good choice for recapping…

  3. I have the sense that he is a phenomenal player, bad thing he ended up on the wrong side of the numbers. Everytime there’s a list of future returning player I include him in mine.

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