Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Survivor ‘The Amazing Race’ Teams


Survivor Oz Top 10's are back, and this week Ozlet Jimmy Kurniawan lists his ultimate Survivor dream team duos who would be sure to offer some serious competition and entertainment if they were to compete on CBS's The Amazing Race! Move over Jenna and Ethan and Rob and Amber as there are other Survivor couples who deserve to hang up there buffs and put on their globetrotting shoes instead! Do you agree that these dynamic duo's would make great teams on The Amazing Race? Or disagree and have your own dream teams? Let us know in the comments below.

With South Pacific pair Whitney and Keith about to become the third pairing from Survivor to compete on The Amazing Race, here are 10 more pairings I think would be great to see work together on the CBS rival show!


10. Phillip Sheppard & Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade

Phillip and Coach

The ‘Former Federal Agent’ and ‘The Dragon Slayer’. How good would it be to see these two team up? We saw them tackle the challenges on Survivor, but wouldn’t it be great to see these two on the loose as they travel around the world. Coach Wade will forever be known telling stories of adventure from his previous escapades as a professional kayaker, as well as relying on qualities such as honesty and integrity to progress in Survivor. While Phillip Shepherd is arguably best known for his bizarre behaviour that made his tribemates uncomfortable at times.

The ‘ultimate’ odd couple but they would be so entertaining to watch.  Both of them play a similar style of game in Survivor. They almost singlehandedly brainwashed their whole entire tribe and led one of the strongest alliances in their respective seasons. They also both made it all the way to the Final Tribal Council only to finish as runners-up.
The one thing I love about this duo is the ‘incredible’ nicknames they come up with. Who could ever forget  Phillip Shepherd’s secret organisation, ‘Stealth R Us’ or the ‘Warrior Alliance” that Coach Wade created on Survivor Tocantins?  I wonder who will be next to join this  very exclusive organisation? They could be explosively awesome or cringe worthy to watch on The Amazing Race. Either way, it would be one entertaining ride.

9. Kim Spradlin & Chelsea Meissner

Kim and Chelsea

Kim Spradlin & Chelsea Meissner was part of a strong female tribe which totally annihilated the men in Survivor One World. Kim Spradlin was considered to be the leader of the female alliance. Although one of the quieter contestants of Survivor One World, she played a great social game and was physically dominating in the challenges, having won 4 of the 9 Individual Immunity Challenges. She was voted the Sole Survivor in Survivor One World.

Chelsea Meissner was seen as one of the toughest female players in Survivor One World. She formed an early alliance with several of her fellow female tribemates, most notably, Kim Spradlin. She made it all the way to the Final 3 but came up short and finished up in 3rd place.

Both have remained friends after the airing of their season. The pair made all the strategic decisions in voting out all the men and would be classified as ‘untouchable’. Would they apply the same anti men strategy to the Amazing Race? It would be great to find out!

8. Eliza Orlins & Courtney Yates


Eliza Orlins will be known as over paranoid about being voted out in her first season of Survivor in Survivor Vanuatu. On her second time around on Survivor Micronesia, she was known for her humorous and dramatic reactions and facial expressions during several tribal Councils. She is a tough competitor, especially during mental/puzzle challenges.

Courtney Yates, though small in stature, is very quick-witted. She is entertaining to watch and is somewhat the life of the party. Her sarcastic comments and funny one-liners towards other tribemembers are hilarious. There’s no doubt we would be treated to some snide remarks and intense facials should they ever team on The Amazing Race!

7. Colby Donaldson & Jerri Manthey

colby jerri

Colby Donaldson will probably be known as one of Survivor’s original ‘heroes’. He is well known for his strength, having won 5 of the 8 Individual Immunity Challenges in his original season, Survivor: The Australian Outback. However, on his 3rd appearance in Survivor in Heroes vs Villains, he didn’t live up to expectation and was described as ‘Superman In A Fat Suit’ by a contestant.

Jerri Manthey is best known as the original ‘villainess’ of Survivor. She proved to be a strategic player but was  continuously arguing with her fellow tribemates over the tribe’s shelter and cooking duties. During her two other appearances on Survivor, she flew under the radar and learned to keep her mouth shut, which got her in trouble in previous seasons.

Colby Donaldson and Jerri Manthey are from the ‘old school’ era of Survivor had a somewhat complex an interesting relationship. It almost reminds me of a brother/sister  mixed in with a little love/hate relationship with each other.  Wouldn’t it be great to see these two compete as a ‘team’ again and see the chaos and bickering that would follow?

6. Laura Morett & Ciera Eastin


Laura Morett is without a doubt one of the toughest females to have played Survivor. She emerged as one of the strongest women in her tribe on Survivor: Samoa. During that season she always had disagreements with her fellow tribemate Shambo which eventually led to her blindside. On her second appearance on Survivor: Blood vs Water, she was again blindsided. But she fought her way back in the game by winning an incredible 6 duels on Redemption Island. One of the traits I like about Laura is that she has exceptional puzzle-solving skills and is always calm under pressure.

Ciera Eastin was by far one of the most enjoyable player to watch on Survivor Blood vs Water. She was on the outs of her male dominated tribe in the first few episodes but with a little luck, found herself almost winning the game. Her strategy late in the game was a bit of let down. She was in a great position but flipped on her tribemates at the merge a week too late. What I admired about Ciera is her ‘growth’ in the game. She was able to analyse the situation and made her own decisions throughout the game, especially during the merge. She is by far one of the best females to play the game.

5. Katie Collins & Tina Wesson

tina katie 

Tina Wesson is known for being the winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback as well as being the first ever female winner. She has played Survivor three times and has cemented a reputation as an incredible player. The nickname ‘The Bionic Woman’ would suit her. On her third time playing the game in Survivor: Blood vs Water she competed with and against her daughter and played a tough game. She was strategically strong and also did  extremely well in the challenges.

Her daughter Katie Collins is an extremely likeable and lovely girl. She was seen as a quiet and un-strategic on Survivor: Blood vs Water and at times she was always on the outs of her tribe and didn’t seem to enjoy playing the game. It would be great to see Katie & Tina competing together again as a team as they have such a genuine mother/daughter bond. There is little doubt there would be a good dynamics at play if there were competing together on The Amazing Race  

 4. Kelly Shinn & Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson


Troyzan is known for his competitiveness while on Survivor: One World. He was always feuding with the opposing women’s tribe, labelling them as smug and cocky. He was the last man standing but his luck ran out and was ultimately voted out. What I like about Troyzan was his willingness to win and the fact he never gave up.

Kelly Shinn was given an invisible edit on Survivor: Nicaragua. She was hardly ever seen and we didn’t get to know her all that well despite learning so much about her in her post game interviews on Survivor Oz.  But She is such a fun-loving, bright and bubbly girl.

I am going to give this team the nickname of ‘Tarzan & Jane’…..or should that be ‘Troyzan & Jane’? Would they bring out the best in each other or crash and burn? Either way this would be a very unpredictable duo.

3. Brian Heidik & Russell Hantz

russel brian

Brian Heidik and Russell Hantz…..I never thought I would put those two names in the same sentence. WOW! Both are clearly some of the best players to have played Survivor. Brian Heidik, one of the all-time best and Russell Hantz, one of the best players never to have won.

Brian Heidik is known for his commanding leadership of his tribe in Survivor: Thailand. He was seen as not having any consideration of respect and building any sort of relationship with his tribemates as well as treating the game as a business trip. He was described as the epitome of a ‘Used car Salesman’ and for being ‘cold-hearted and mean’.

Russell Hantz is regarded as one of Survivor’s most famous villains. He was able to find numerous hidden immunity idols without any clues. He ruled the game like an evil monarch and eliminated his fellow competitors as ruthlessly as possible. He made it to the Final Tribal Council on two separate occasions but failed to win due to his unsocial-like behaviour.

I think these two would excel at a game like  The Amazing Race. They would be seen as a huge threat but they can get away without being social or sympathetic to the other ‘racers’. They are very strategic, sneaky and they don’t need to be as sympathetic or sociable to the other contestants. It will be just like another business trip, and likely one where they would come on top.

2. Marty Piombo & Spencer Bledsoe

sepncer, marty

“The Master & The Apprentice”.  Marty Piombo is a natural born leader and a brilliant strategist. He was in full control of his tribe and the game up until the tribe swap. After that, his game plan went out the window and was voted out as the second member of the jury.

Spencer Bledsoe was the ultimate underdog on Survivor: Cagayan. He started off on a tribe which lost the first two Immunity Challenges. His luck didn’t changed when he reached the merge when one of his closest allies turned on him. But with  his fight and determination, as well as a little luck, he made it all the way to the Final Four, where he was ultimately voted out.

With these two, you have a mix of youth and experience. Both of  have great fighting qualities about them as well as being great strategists. They could each probably learn a thing or two from each other if they were to team up on The Amazing Race.

1. Ozzy Lusth & Malcolm Freberg

ozzy, malcolm

It is quite scary how Ozzy Lusth and Malcolm Freberg are somewhat exact carbon copies of each other. Ozzy Lusth, one of the greatest physical threats in Survivor history, will be remembered for his natural survival skills as well as his exceptional ability in the water.

Malcolm Freberg is known for being likeable, excelling at challenges as well as being a great strategic player. He is considered to be one of the most popular players to ever play Survivor. Put these two together and you have one of the most dangerous challenge dominating teams ever, they would be unstoppable.

My only concern, which could be labelled as Ozzy and Malcolm’s ‘Achilles’ heel’, is that they both fell short and ultimately lost the Final Immunity Challenge. Could this just be a matter of nerves? Had they both won the Final Immunity Challenge, they would have have possibly been the Sole Survivor of their respective seasons. If they don’t let nerves get the better of them in challenges during the Amazing Race, it’s easy to predict this duo could be the ultimate force to be reckoned with.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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23 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Survivor ‘The Amazing Race’ Teams

  1. Love the list but I would have replaced Eliza and Courtney with Joel and Chet

  2. Good idea, love it. I made my top 5:

    Candice/John: Doctor’s team like TAR 23, strong and good looking team
    Twila/Fairplay: Funny team. They played together in Fear Factor
    Stephanie/Bobby John: Strong team and i want to see Bobby John being crazy during challenge
    Abi Maria/RC: Dysfunctional team, but it could be funny
    Ami/Natali B: Lesbians team, strong, good looking, and the two of them hate men like Ben Waterworth hates Brenda

  3. Some of those pairings are terrible, particularly your number one pairing of Ozzy and Malcolm. Ego and self-loving anyone? Am I the only one who thinks Malcolm is terribly overrated?

  4. Yes, big yes for Phillip and Coach. I don’t think they’ll go far in TAR but a delusional pair would be sooo entertaining lol.

    Brian Heidik & Russell Hantz is an interesting choice. TAR does not require much strategy so I’m not sure they’ll be as good as they are in Survivor, but I’d love to see them doing silly TAR challenges.

    When I saw Ozzy in Survivor, I thought “well, this guy should definitely compete on TAR, that’s the right show for him, not Survivor”. Though I don’t really understand why people tend to put Ozzy and Malcolm in comparison, these two guys as a team on TAR would probably dominate the season, but it’ll be boring, really, I don’t see them as an entertaining team whatsoever.

  5. I think if these ten teams raced Kim and Chelsea would win with Marty and Spencer right behind in second

  6. The Spencer/Marty team is a stroke of genius. It has to happen. Same goes for the Russell/Brian tandem, and Coach/Phillip. Why Purple Kelly though? I mean, she quit!

    I have to disagree with you saying Ciera is one of the best females to play the game. I thought she was a fairly awful strategist. I mean, she lucked and ducked through the entire pre-merge game; Brad spearheaded the Marissa vote and the John vote, Vytas put the target on Rachael, and Caleb saved her the night Brad left. After that she was just Tyson’s puppet. Then she foolishly abdicated all the power in the game to the Tyson/Gervase/Monica trio by voting off her mother (the only vote she could control besides her own) and by selling out Hayden at final seven. Sure, putting it to rocks was the right decision, but she wouldn’t have NEEDED to put it to rocks if she’s just been willing to work with Caleb/Hayden/Katie the round before.

    Awesome top ten. Keep ’em coming.

  7. Okay there was one pair that was an outcry waiting to happen that you did not cast: The Baskauskas Brothers. How are they not on the list? Also, was I the only one that was like WTF is this choice for Troyzan and Kelly? Like why them together?

    Side note: Tarzan was the last man standing, not Troyzan.

  8. My 10 teams would be: Sandra&Russell, Courtney&Jean-Robert, Shane&Courtney, Crystal&Randy, Chet&Joel, Brandon&Frank, Colby&Jerri, Corinne&Phillip, Margaret&Judd, Coach&Erinn… pure comedy

  9. I don’t know why but Number 4 made me chuckle. Great list!

  10. Kim and Chelsea? Hell no.
    WTF is this random Kelly/Troyzan pair?!?

    I would have put Russell with Fairplay (or Tony) rather than Brian.

    Richard and Sue would be very interesting, as would be the Baskauskas bros, Kat and Hayden, Natalie B and Erik R, J’Tia and Brandon H

  11. This is fantastic!

  12. Anonymous // July 3, 2014 at 5:11 am // Reply

    Very good but a few flaws. My Top 5 (too many to do Top 10!):

    (1. Russell & Tony — This would be EPIC! They are SO similar!!!
    (2. Ozzy & Malcolm — Most powerful TAR team ever!
    (3. Laura & Ciera — Much more powerful of a mother/daughter bond then Katie/Laura IMO. At least it appeared that way on BvW. Also they’re willing to compete with OR against EACH OTHER. Very dynamic. I’d love to see this!
    (4. Kim & Chelsea — One of the tightest Survivor alliances ever IMO needs to be a TAR team!
    (5. Richard & Rudy — They probably wouldn’t go far on TAR but the original Survivor alliance so many years later would be awesome to watch on TAR!

  13. Amanda & Parv!

  14. Zach Chong // July 7, 2014 at 9:11 am // Reply

    Ozzy and Malcolm would win, EVEN against Amanda & Parv

  15. Billy/Candice anyone, anyone?

  16. Cirie and Aras? Todd and Courtney?

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