David Samson Interview


David Samson went into the 28th season of Cagayan with a lot to play for. As the President of the MLB team the Miami Marlins he had a reputation as a leader and a business man but he decide to play with an ‘under the radar’ strategy that ultimately wouldn’t work. With the Brains tribe not doing well, David might not have lasted as long as he wanted but still came out of the game with a memorable experience that he wouldn’t trade for the world. But just what did his teams players think? And why did he think his tribe was so stupid?


David was chosen as the tribes leader straight away and immediately voted for Garrett in a strategic move. However it was all downhill from there as the Brains tribe lost the first challenge and David found himself as the first person voted out of Cagayan.

In our chat with David, he talks about why he is used to talking on Australian radio, his fandom of the show and why he applied for it, why casting questioned if he was serious about going on the show, his under the radar strategy going into the game, how he was chosen as the leader of the tribe, who he would’ve chosen as the weakest had he had to choose first instead of last, why he thought his tribe was stupid as well as whether it was good to see Garrett join the loser lodge next, his birthday being the day of the season premiere and whether or not being in control of the Marlins or Brains is harder.

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