Reynold Toepfer Interview


There was just something about Reynold Toepfer’s game that always saw him at the bottom on Caramoan. As soon as things looked likely to turn in his favour, something was pulled out from under him and he was always on the back foot. However he managed to survive deep, form a memorable alliance and be part of some of the big moments on the 26th season. But how did Australia play a part in him getting on the show? And just why is he not a fan of Sherri?


Reynold was part of the ‘cool kids alliance’ early on that slowly found themselves eliminated meaning Reynold was straight away on the chopping block. However after a twist of fate, a tribe switch and a merge he managed to survive long enough to at least make the jury.

In our chat with Reynold, he talks about how he ended up on the show and how Australia helped him out with it, just what happened with the cool kids alliance and how he thought others were involved, his thoughts on Sherri early on and why she shouldn’t have lasted long, why he thanked Brandon for his meltdown, just what his real plan was with the idol, why the vote was for Phillip over Cochran after THAT tribal council, his thoughts on the Dawn ‘teethgate’ situation as well as just what it was like to live in Australia, whether he thinks he is a villain or not and his wifes thoughts on his cuddling up with Allie early on in the game.

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1 Comment on Reynold Toepfer Interview

  1. Reynold, you were a great player to have on the show! The cards mostly didn’t fall your way. But you really made the best of them
    Glad to hear that you have a blessed family of your own… Bummed to hear that you don’t think you would go back on the show if asked to return, but it makes sense. You’re settling down. And even if the editing made you look at certain way, most Survivor fans definitely don’t think of you as a villain! Keep calm and three-amigo on!

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