Tony Vlachos Interview


Nobody can deny the entertainment factor Tony Vlachos brought to the 28th season of Cagayan. Through his distinctive accent, his over the top playing and his insightful strategy, Tony bucked the trend by showing that a big over the top character can still dominate airtime and walk away a winner of Survivor. In one of our longest interviews in the history of Survivor Oz, Tony goes over his game in detail and brings out a few surprising revelations along the way. It even seemed that outside of the game he still wasn’t done playing, just ask Spencer…


Tony started off on the Brawn tribe and rode a roller coaster of strategy, innovative ideas and pure paranoia to go right to the end of the 28th season. There despite a nervy FTC performance he was able to walk away with enough votes to be declared the soul Survivor and winner of a million dollars.

In our chat with Tony, he talks about  why he finally decided to apply to be on the show and what other season he very nearly made it on, why he enjoyed Survivor but wasn’t a ‘student of the game’, who he tried to work with early on and who went behind his back early on, the building of the ‘spy shack’ and where it was positioned, the lie with Sarah and how it worked into his favour, what happened in the Lindsey/Trish fight and the reason behind Lindsey quitting, why it was his idea to get rid of Cliff despite the edit showing it was Trish who came up with it, his experience working with people coming from being a police officer, why he was never ‘in control’ and always had to lie, why his emotions would take over sometimes as well as his rivalry with Spencer which also continued outside the game, feeling sad when he won and commenting on Ben’s impersonation of him.

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1 Comment on Tony Vlachos Interview

  1. Boy, this guy is just as crazy outside the show as he was in the show. I’ve already listened a 4 and a 3 hour podcast that he gave for other shows, now this one. Where does he get the energy is what amazes me the most. Wish him all the best and that people start to love him.

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