Julia Landauer Interview


When you look at the 26th season of Caramoan and look at the people who got the least amount of screen time, Julia Landauer ranks second to Hope in terms of least amount of confessionals received. What was the reason behind this? Was this because she just wasn’t in the right places for the producers to show her or was it just a case of poor editing that robbed us of some Julia screentime? Well sit back and listen to an extremely entertaining interview and judge for yourself whether or not we were robbed of some very worthy Julia time!


Julia was initially very hard to see on our screens due to her lack of screentime, but she did find herself early on in the majority alliance and in a fairly comfortable position. However after the tribal switch came about she was straight away on the outs, and she was voted out just before the merge.

In our chat with Julia, she talks about the time that has gone past since her season, how she got on the show, why she wasn’t happy for it to be a fans vs favourites twist, whether or not she hid the fact she was  a racing driver, what strategy she had going into the game, why she ‘got used’ to losing, which returning players she was excited and not excited to see, why the reunion made her feel like a ‘pawn’ but how it taught her some good lessons as well as talking about THAT ice cream quote from Cochran and telling us what flavour of ice cream he is and talking about her racing career and her possible desire to enter F1.

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