Spencer Bledsoe Interview


There is no doubting that at the end of the 28th season of Cagayan, Spencer Bledsoe came out as one of, if not THE most popular contestant amongst the fans. Never finding himself in a super strong position but fighting the whole way, he managed to at least make it deep into the game and to the final 4 where he narrowly missed out on a crucial immunity win that would’ve given him a real shot at winning the million dollars. But just where does he think he went wrong? And why does he think he is massively overrated?


Spencer constantly found himself on the outs for pretty  much the entire game, surviving from one moment to the other as he survived the switch and then the merge. A couple of immunity wins would follow and eventually he found himself in the final 4, but it wasn’t enough for him to get to the end and he was voted out just shy of the final tribal council.

In our chat with Spencer, he talks about why being on Survivor Oz closes his full Survivor journey, how close he got to being on Caramoan, which players he looked at working with early in the game before things started, what J’Tia did pre-game to really annoy people, being a fan of the 3 tribe split, why people thought he was going to be a ‘reality version of King Joffrey’, why Sarah deserves more credit as a player than she got, his Marty love, why he didn’t think he could ever beat Tony, having fans out of the game, giving us a great Tony impersonation as well as why he might start bagging out Survivor Oz, the age of people he dates and whether or not he respects any part of Kass and her game.

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3 Comments on Spencer Bledsoe Interview

  1. Love this interview! Love Spencer! I think he is hot and that he should try ladies older than him. Just saying…LOL

  2. Thank you Ben! I have been waiting forever for someone to say how undeserving Sophie is! My least favorite winner of all time.

  3. I’ve listened to Spencer on RHAP and Dom&Collin recently and I still want more. It is great having someone who knows the game so well because he can discuss his season and his gameplay in context with the entire scope of the game and run of the show. I don’t get the burgeoning super-fan backlash. His like-ability may have slightly exceeded his gameplay, but he had so much to overcome due to bad luck and it is clear that this game is in his DNA. In fact, I predict we’ll see a Boston Rob 1.0 to Boston Rob 2.0 level shift in Spencer’s game if he gets to play again. The guy just needs another shot to really show what he can do and I hope the circumstances allow him to turn his current hero status on its head and deliver the villain that we were promised in Cagayan.

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