Trish Hegarty Interview


Trish Hegarty definitely had a roller coaster ride on the 28th season of Cagayan. After initially being voted as the weakest on her tribe, she worked her way into a strong alliance and nearly made it all the way and gained a large and vocal fan base along the way. Inside the game she managed to find herself in some dicey situations and isn’t afraid to talk about them, especially when it comes to a couple of figures she clashed with, one of whom she has no plan on making up with anytime soon.


After initially being voted as the ‘weakest’ on the brawn tribe, Trish soon worked her way into a strong and important alliance with Tony that would take her deep into the game. After avoiding for the most part trouble, she soon found herself blindsided at the final 5 and joined the jury where she would give a strong and passionate jury speech that will be long remembered.

In our chat with Trish, she talks about being stopped for photos and being recognised since the show has finished, why she applied 7 times to be on the show and never gave up, her pre-game strategy and wanting to be the ‘entertainer’, why Tony thinks like a ‘scumbag and liar’, what really happened with Lindsey, her ‘imaginary boyfriend’ in the game, the whole situation of her ‘being a man’, the Cliff situation and whether it was her idea or Tony’s, why she decided to stick with Tony despite him going behind her back, her speech at FTC as well as who would’ve been in her final 3 had she had the choice, why nobody liked Tasha and everything and anything to do with Kass.

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