The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 1 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season!

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We also present to you the screenshot from the Channel 7 website we talk about during the episode featuring some interesting double ups of the teams:


Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


A new season is upon us! An exciting addition of the Amazing Race! Grant is back, and we’ve got the Kiwis on board too! That means…excitement! Drama! And a lot of patriotism that isn’t normally in any Australian’s life! But…sure…go the Aussies!


Just an average drive in Australia (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Grant gathers the teams…and let’s us know we’re racing for a massive 1 million…I mean…Quarter of a million dollars…do you have to say a quarter??? That just continues to emphasise this being inferior…but it’s not!…but that makes it seem inferior!!!

We’re somewhere near Uluru…we’ve met the teams they are…oh wait…no we haven’t…tug of war…let’s do that instead…as a traditionalist (I love the US version, Phil, and all the traditional means of the race!) I’m unsure about this start……I love Phil’s traditional start and it’s my dream to be able to be able to wait for a start like that so…bit of an anticlimax knowing I have to start with a rope…but it’s the Australian version, still brilliant with a few unique twists and something nice to build up a rivalry! Looking at the two sides…early thought…Aussies should win this…two bodybuilders…and several strong fellas versus a team that seemed to lack that same kind of…strength…the Aussies are all confident Tyson can win it on his own, while the Kiwis are looking forward to taking on the Hulk. Grant utters those great words (although Travel safe would be preferred to race safe…) and we are…racing…I mean….tugging…tugging furiously…tugging like there’s no tomorrow and trying to avoid the liquid and…let’s stop there…The Aussies look strong, but John and Murray from NZ hold the fort down well, and turn the momentum against Hulk and friends, with Jesse calling it a “well-oiled All Black scrum”, kiwi cliché rugby reference is in…and they take the win…with Academic Elizabeth taking a nice tumble into the mud, no caring from the Nurses in helping her there! Tyson calls the Kiwis fat….he’s used to winning everything in his own weight class I guess…Daniel and Ryan aren’t that bothered…but I would be! Losing sucks! In Survivor you’d be going to Tribal…but this is The Amazing Race!


The gang (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So Grant kind of awkwardly tells the Kiwis they can start…it was a bit weird really…there just seemed to be this awkward moment where no one was sure if that was the start…but the Kiwis are off…and it’s off to the exotic city of….Christchurch!…wait what???? That’s not exciting at all…in fact…that’s more like a finishing city…with home team advantages in the first leg…and the Kiwis with a head start…hehe…good luck Aussies…Jarrod wonders how the bloody hell they lost…when he looks back at the tape he’ll see well…the Kiwis just tugged at their rope better…Raspberry and Coke probably get a lot of practice at that…Tyson says the Aussies should band together…oh so we are going for a team style race…no point in that mate! You’re fighting at the back with these guys! They’re your enemy! Destroy them with your guns (and only his guns…his confessionals are a bit…awkward…it’s definitely not his natural environment the television). And we’re away! And we get our little introductions! Carla and Hereni are first up! The fitness mums! They’re twirling stuff…and proud and feisty mums…and they plank over each other…and…are look excited to be there. Next we get the happy couple of Emily and Jono…oh…they’re siblings…this is…Tasmania at it’s best…it’s lovey dovey…like…sickly sweet for a married couple…let alone a Brother and Sister…they just make you cringe!! Next up are Raspberry and Coke! Cos he’s Raspberry…and he’s Coke…right. Declaring Muz is your second best mate…while he thinks your his best mate is a creative start……Muz is more invested in this than you John…you won’t keep him around if you treat him second best! They want to win at all costs…good! Jesse and Cat…the foster parents seem quite nice…not made for the race…but really well oriented and seem like they’ll be likable. And then finally we get…Aston and Christie…the…creative friends who…look like they’ll completely suck and more importantly Christie will drive me insane within the first five minutes!


Grant points out Alice Springs to the contestants (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

And after a dramatic ten minutes…off go the Aussies! No complaints about going to New Zealand? There should be! First we meet Elizabeth and Todd…who are academic…but…has she ever seen this show??!! No running? No Map work…but they’ll try hard…she seems lovely but…gotta race hard love!!! I agree with Daniel and Ryan…I’m not taking my mum on the race! Next up are those nurses…I wasn’t sure what to make of them before the race, and didn’t see them as that competitive, but they seem lovely, and would love to see them charming their way around. Next up are team Vanilla, Jarrod and Ashleigh, who are complaining…and are the most cliché couple around…another bloody kiwi reference…and a old fashioned couple…odd…don’t like it that much…and I’m pretty sure at school Jarrod was the kind of guy I would happily avoid…Next we have the BBBs Brainy…Busty…Brunettes…Survivor’s next BBB theme hopefully! (At this point I’d say go listen to our preview podcast…it’s great and clearly we talk about all this stuff!). They’re going to be underestimated…like every model team that has ever been in The Amazing Race…I remember back years for those teams…Dustin and Candice anyone??? In any case…that leads us to Sally and Hulk/Puppy who seems to be dating someone who will actually treat him like a puppy…and sounds like she’s already not that capable of making many decisions…she may in fact the be the lost puppy in this relationship…They’re bodybuilders…so…they’re fit…oh…she’s a vet…that explains a lot! Raspberry and Coke acknowledge they want to beat everyone…not just NZ…good…so someone is actually here to race properly!!!


They just look feisty right? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

We get to the counters…and John and Murray establish the fact they’ll be a strong side…and get on that flight with Kiwis minus Aston and Christie…who seem to be kind of big on the team Kiwi thing until the Nurses showed up. “Wouldn’t it be funny if all the Aussie guys got eliminated over the first five legs” quips Christie…luckily for the Aussies…there is next to no chance of her making it past 5 legs. Small victory for the Aussies as the Feisty Friends join them on the second flight! Small socialising…Christie reveals she’s a life model…and I shudder up my spine…but good for her for being confident…I don’t know how she’d stand still for that…she’d not shut up! Their flirting is….lame beyond belief…good to know Jarrod and Ashleigh also think they suck! We get to Christchurch…Kiwi teams get taxis…and they emphasise how they know NZ stuff…The Cardboard Cathedral is the first location, and they get to the departure cards, Creepy Siblings, Raspberry and Coke and Fitness Mums get the 8:00 departures, while Fosters get the second one. Cue to Christchurch memorial…cue to Emily and Jono’s Christchurch moment…taking time out of the chaos of the first 6 hours (of which 3 hours were on a plane), and we get the touchy moment. It was a terrible thing, but Channel 7 were always going to milk it more (see Nick Chester’s comments on our Preview Show about how much it is seen now in Kiwi Reality TV). Aussies arrive…and fight for taxis, Hulk Puppy explains how they’ve come all the way from Australia…to New Zealand…like it’s a freaking round the world trip…he hasn’t prepared for the climate of…the country next to yours…it’s cold there Hulk Puppy but it’s midnight…it’s not that bad…Jarrod says bloody and shows to be a strong stereotype already…bloody annoying that is! Aston and Christie show their inexperience…check-in luggage…really girls???? REALLY??? HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THIS RACE AND UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT AIRPORT TIME IS??? So people get to the Cathedral…people take tags…but not Sally and Tyson because taking the official looking tags is pointless…I mean…you’ve had ONE CLUE so far…AND YOU STUFFED IT UP!!! Unbelievable…and Sally just says I saw some stuff…oh maybe look at what everyone else was doing…ridiculous…what did they think they were doing there??? I think she’s the brains of the hulk puppies…that’s a concern! Every confessional she’s all bubbly…Hulk Puppy looks pissed though! Aston and Christie can’t understand New Zealanders…and get lost…nice…


New Zealand sure has some fancy cardboard (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

People…a clue…that’s all it was…to drive them to Rangitata Rafts…where they will raft for half a ring! a nice long drive…to NZ’s one accomplishment besides Rugby…the Lord of The Rings…which appears to be a bit of a theme. Note: they only called them Marked Cars…which was nice…instead of the brand new Ford Whatever that I am so used to…very refreshing! Teams travel…next group departs…we listen to brief quips…I’m starting to like Fosters and Rocket Todd…even if the others find her a bullshit artist…Last group goes…Team Vanilla pull over…and are horrified to find out apparently Kiwis don’t want to help him. “It’s almost worth buying a bloody map!” WHAT A FRICKING UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Aston and Christie show they’re absolutely obnoxious pushing BBB out of the way! And bought a map…the last one! Pretty low…which was nice…but dear god Christie is just…ugh! We determined she was to be called frogmouth on the podcast preview…and she’s proven to be very slimy already! Cue lots of driving…while Raspberry and Coke (I’m gonna call them Second Best Mates from now on!) and Fitness Mums go rafting! It looks like good fun…one of the things the race always does is add to all these amazing adventures I want to go on! People worry about missing the ring…which makes me think someone’s going to miss it…at least they read the clue right…See Hulk Puppies??? But…they’re right there! So…surely no one would miss the camera crew that would be based there! They’re going to Rata Peak Station now…task time! Cue driving time…where someone is clearly starting a bit of a convoy here…a bit like everyone behind the slow F1 car you can’t quite get past! So they all get there…and Daniel and Ryan emphasise how quickly they can get their clothes off…nice and quick…no nonsense! They think the others let them go first…not sure about that…


Just an average drive in New Zealand (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Second Best Mates get to the honey pot style letterbox (that could easily have been one of the Tribal Council Voting…pot thing from Survivor! I can’t think of the name of it at this hour…it’s late in Oz! In any case ROADBLOCK TIME! Grant turns up in a tight red polo to tell us that they’re driving tractors, stacking hay bales and tackling sheep for the roadblock! One kiwi leg…and we’ve got Sheep…Lord of The Rings…the Christchurch Earthquake…and Rugby Scrum references…someone’s got to have just said ‘what’s the most cliché things we can do in NZ, it’s an exotic culture no one will know about…and given us the typical NZ holiday!’ Second Best Mates are confident because Muz grew up on a farm! Cue back to Hulk Puppies who…after emphasising their love for Google Maps…find out they’ve gone to the wrong place…So that’s…two clues for…two misunderstandings…sharp ones these Hulk Puppies! Creepy Siblings commentate to themselves in the Tractor…way too creepy and Emily telling us it’s her time to shine just seemed wrong. Others are finding rings…no one’s missed anything yet… Oh wait…here’s Rocket Todd and…oh no they found it.


Grant already shows off his ring in the first episode (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Frogmouth with an obnoxious peeing reference…in the rental wetsuit…classy! And she continues to practice her life modelling by failing to put her paddle in the water! Team Vanilla pass them and the Fosters…and don’t feel very bad about it…nice Jarrod…Bloody Jarrod! Back to the Hay Bales…where Second Best Mates smash it out…Fitness Mums not too far behind! And it’s time for the most cliché event there is…Sheep tackling! And amazingly…to the surprise of Australians…not all Kiwis can just attract a sheep just like that…the sheep play hard to get! Raspberry eventually corners one…I wonder if he works in the club like that…but finds the ring doesn’t fit…single life continues for Raspberry…Back to rafting…where Fosters, Vanilla and Feisties get their clues…and then…BBB trying to go fast…flip the raft…we’ve lost a beauty! The busts aren’t keeping them afloat!!! We come back from ads to see they recovered it…because it would be interesting if they didn’t and still could do cutaways afterwards. Hulk Puppies turn up, and Sally is positive, but Hulk Puppy looks pissed still…smile mate! BBB reference that one little mistake might cost them the game…as they forget the bloody ring they’ve just retrieved…nice typical cutaway there…BLOODY PRODUCTION…back to hay bales where Jono gives his sister too much love…Raspberry tackles another sheep and this time the ring fits! She’s the one mate! She could be your best friend! Fitness mums make it look easy, as we find out the teams are heading west to the PIT STOP…to the Southern Alps…which are…to the West I guess…where Grant is waiting! Emily reveals that she thinks Sheep are stupid but they weren’t…while others arrive to stack hay bales. The race is on between Second Best Mates and Fitness Mums for the first place, while Jono gets excited that his wife…I mean sister…tackles a sheep like a true New Zealander! Back to the hay bale stacking…where Todd, Daniel, ‘Jazza’, Aston and Jesse are all starting up.


An example of New Zealand dating rituals (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cut to the race to the pit stop…they most dramatically undramatic moment in any episode…where Second Best Mates arrive first! Grant gives them a nice prize of flights to LA! Not a package…just flights! But then…the big one…an EXPRESS PASS!!! And then the shock…A SECOND ONE!!! Woah…have we seen that before…oh wait…yeah…in the US…but at least it’s ok. I personally don’t like them as they create too much of this alliance stuff that isn’t necessary in TAR but…producers are intent on it! Fitness mums finish second shortly afterwards…Followed by Creepy Siblings…whose ‘I Love You’ after they are declared team number three was…well…INCREDIBLY CREEPY!


#winning (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back to tractor racing…and Todd is done! But…doesn’t realise it! He’s having too much fun! Should’ve grown up on a farm instead of the Academic Life! And…Rocket Mum stacks it again! Quite hilarious!

We see Sally and Tyson finishing the Rapids…more positiveness from Sally…it was sooo much fun! And then…we see the BBBs get their roadblock clue and…oh the penny drops…or should I say THE RING DROPS!!! Sorry that was terrible…I won’t do that again! BBB don’t have the ring…I mean it’s not like you’ve been on a 20-minute drive where you can make sure you can read the clue again and make sure everything makes sense! Disaster…but amateur!!! You should be so controlling and precise on this! You only have to control yourself and one other person! Double Check! Triple Check all the clue! Never stop reading them!!!! Hulk Puppies finish the rafting and Sally is optimistic…and so is Hulk Puppy! Quick cut to Aston and Jesse finishing the hay bales…and Frogmouth manages to injure herself just standing there…her calf is gone…weak Frog’s legs there…cue annoying scenes…she’s just an annoyance…although the line of ‘transcend the pain…eat a dick’…is absolute gold! I can officially call them the Aston Shuffle now! As it’s Aston with a partner who can only Shuffle! Hooray! Rocket Mum berates Rocket Todd for not having any friends and a brother he didn’t invite…even she thinks she sucks Rocket Todd! But keep going Rocket Mum! I mean…it’s been hard work standing in that grass watching Rocket Todd use a Rocket Tractor! The Nurses meanwhile tackle a sheep and retrieve the precious, while Rocket Todd shows he’d still be perfectly be suited on a farm by grabbing the sheep within 35 seconds…he sure had a blast doing that! The BBBs then on their way back, stop so Tiharna can vomit and then drive…unique combination that reminds me that a sick bag should always be carried when on the race! Back to Jarrod failing…he’s in BLOODY HELL!!! But apparently he thinks he’s doing alright…Over to Fosters, where Jesse has to wrangle a sheep now…while colour blind…looking for a tag…good start for him! Although he does provide the most hilarious chasing of the day! BBBs go back past Hulk Puppies…I would’ve tried to convince them it was the wrong way…I mean they must suck at directions if they’re that far behind…but apparently only I’m devilish enough to think of that…BBB use their great logic to realise they’re last! Back to the sheep…where Frog gets bogged! And Aston really seems to just shuffle to the sheep. Jazza finishes his bloody bales as Aston manages to somehow get a sheep!


Is this water or snow? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cut to Daniel and Ryan checking in…as the first Aussies…and 4th overall…immediately followed by Rocket Todds. Back to the sheep…where Jesse continues to look hilarious…while Jarrod ditches Ashleigh in the bloody mud and wants his bloody clue before helping his bloody wife! He does get the sheep bloody quickly though! Hulk Puppies arrive at the Hay Bales to the excitement of Sally. BBBs get their missing ring…while Team Vanilla (with freakishly electric green backpacks) check in for 6th, Aston Shuffle follow in 7th and Fosters right behind in 8th! It’s down to two now!


#fail (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppy does the roadblock…with Sally really acting like a puppy…she heels and everything! And BBB turn up! We’ve got a race! (well…duh…The Amazing Race) Cue dramatic music and montage of hay and tractors. Hulk Puppy is smashing it…making Sally ‘Fall in love with him all over again’…jeez…I never knew tractors were such a turn on…The brief sequence of watching Hulk Puppy’s unnaturally disproportionate body chase sheep and Sally’s skirting around the mud was one of sheer frustration yet great humour…and Hulk Puppy gets the ring! Leaving just the BBBs to go…although not before Hulk Puppy saves Sally from the…mild mud. Inga is in to tackle sheep…while Hulk Puppies are determined to come last by making more mistakes and forgetting to change boots! Cue small sheep showdown between Inga and sheep …which Inga inevitably wins…and…cue attempt at dramatic race down a one-way path! Hulk Puppies arrive safely…making them ninth, and Grant reassures them they’re safe…with Sally almost breaking down hysterically! Sadly…that left us with the BBBs finishing last…and in an Australian Amazing Race first…the first episode…a team is eliminated! The BBBs are told by Grant they are out! And we’re down to just nine teams! Inga says it’s been fun and great…they’ve…rafted…forgotten a ring…thrown up on the side of the road…and tackled sheep…and experience they’ll never forget…except the ring…which they actually did forget…

So that concludes episode 1!

Ending Thoughts: A really enjoyable start to the season! I’ve found the teams to be a lot more entertaining than first though and the shift to Seven producing it all has been seamless, with a lot of great narratives too! No Detour made me sad as I like how much they can change places…but I thought the leg was very good despite the bias of going to New Zealand with New Zealand teams…I assume it’s so they can finish in Australia but…still seemed odd and unfair. In any case…tough luck BBB but that’s how it goes…

Like: The teams…the challenges…the multiple references to sheep in New Zealand, Grant Bowler, that we go to Cambodia next week!

Dislikes: Bloody Jarrod, Frogmouth Christie, The Tug of War start…and only starting with ten teams! I feel like that was a chance to either get to know the ten with a non-elimination leg or start with 12 and just boot one from the start! Going into the second leg with just 9 teams seems so odd!

In any case…the race must go on! And it will be Amazing (‘ha…sorry!) to follow the journey of these teams on one of the longest races in TAR history!



Very enjoyable start to the season and very glad to see the Aussie version of The Amazing Race back! But boy oh boy you can tell it’s a channel 7 production! Cheesy pop music to begin, the over use of ‘confessionals’ (or whatever they are called in TAR) and almost a comedic glow to so much of the action that I hope it only goes up from here in terms of production!

Epic fail on behalf saying that Inga & Tiharna would be the runners-up this season. Whoops. Still based on previous seasons of the Aussie version the models usually do very well! So oh well. No sides really getting on my nerves so to speak, glad to see John & Murray walk away as the leg winners as they are my pick to win so keep up the good work boys! Bring on next week, although that whole spider challenge is going to give me some epic nightmares.



Vomiting, sheep shit and a player telling her partner to “eat a dick”…yes, this is The Amazing Race: Australian vs. New Zealand alright.

The Kiwi broadcast started off with a weird introduction, clearly showing some of the teams in future legs (in snow etc.)…so thanks TV2, just as well I wasn’t paying too much attention or you would’ve spoiled a large amount of the show for me.

Grant Bowler’s Probst-esque opening speech from cliffs near Ayers Rock was pretty epic. He definitely is a good host for this kind of thing. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the tug of war at the start which seemed a little cheesey and unnecessary. As it only gave the winners (New Zealand – first bragging rights come our way, thanks very much) a ten minute head start it seemed a little pointless but did set up the rivalry quite nicely I guess.

So the Kiwis head off first. I really liked Jesse’s line about it all being a blur – must be very true when the teams have spent who knows how long preparing, doing press etc… it must have been great to actually get the game on at long last. The Aussies were not far behind and everyone managed to find the airport without any problems. As only 4 teams made it on the first flight, it didn’t surprise me at all that Aston and Christie were the Kiwis who missed out. They were actually more fun than I anticipated, but I don’t see them being around much longer.

It was slightly concerning seeing Sally and Tyson needing to eat quite so frequently. This has got be a problem later on, and whether it was linked to their problems reading clues is up for debate.

So we head to Christchurch and unsurprisingly, Jono and Emily and John and Murray are out in front with their local knowledge of the area. They both seem to be strong teams, and “Raspberry and Coke” didn’t annoy me nearly as much as I presumed they would. Production seem to be having fun playing up the creepy brother and sister angle with Jono and Emily. I think this is being overdone a bit, even if Emily does seem rather too happy and bubbly – does an epic meltdown await? I also liked how this leg was set up with staggered start times, but not so far apart that it was a deal breaker on where teams ended up.

Teams headed off white-water rafting in Lord of the Rings Country. This certainly seemed appropriate for Jarrod who appears to have a few Gollum-like tendencies. Not only is he a bit pale looking but also seems to have an obsession with Kiwis and being behind any team. He has to be the villain, as many of us called before the season. Less expected was Elizabeth, who is apparently an epic story teller who convinced a few teams she was an experienced astronaut. She is just so random you have to appreciate her. At the front of the pack, Raspberry and Coke try to keep Carla and Hereni at bay. As I suspected, the Maori Mums are going to be tough competition. They seem to work well with each other, so here’s hoping they can keep it up. Further back, Sally and Tyson’s printed directions from Google Maps send them half an hour in the wrong direction – any frequent user of Google maps will attest to this being a pretty common feature. Luckily for them, Inga and Tiharna left their half-ring in their boat and had to track back. Its easy to criticise, but in the heat of the race, I can see how these mistakes are made.

I had to love the Roadblock, and not just because of the sheep. An Aussie production goes to NZ and makes people chase sheep? When is the Aussie leg where contestants have to chase dingoes who have stolen a local’s baby? I also loved how the farmer’s tractors all looked like they had just been purchased off a lot – not a scrap of mud on them. And how hard are tractors to drive?? I assumed it has a little bit more difficulty but no one had any major issues so it must be easier than I thought. My one criticism of the leg was that I don’t think it was made clear that each player had a coloured band on the inside of their ring, which corresponded with a coloured ribbon on the sheep, so the teams knew which sheep they had to catch. It was made to look like they were randomly chasing them down but they did know which seep was theirs. Well, apart from poor Jesse who is colour blind. I liked this team more than I expected to – they are both pretty funny although Jesse does need a hair tie.

So we end up with a New Zealand top 3. I cant crow about it too much – that tem minute time advantage at the start definitely did help more than I thought it would. The top 3 teams all seem really strong, but Carla and Hereni are my favourites right now. My pre season picks of Daniel and Ryan come in fourth, and as the top Aussie team, so I was stoked about that too. I’m still getting good vibes about these guys who were present without being the stars of the episode. The next 4 teams check in with little fanfare and it’s a race to the end for the last two. I was pleased to see Sally and Tyson avoid elimination as I think they have a lot to offer on the show. Shame we won’t see more of Inga and Tiharna’s “assets” as they said, but mistakes cost you in the race and I don’t think losing them early is going to be a major loss to the show.

So apparently we are off to Cambodia next week, hopefully the show keeps up the pace and interest of this great first episode. The show looks amazingly well produced, we have a great cast and host and production seems to understand about ensuring race dynamics keep teams changing position frequently. Plus, one Aussie team down, four to go



How great is it to have the Amazing Race Australia back? I don’t pretend to have a lot in common with Jarrod from the show but I think it’s safe to say it’s “bloody brilliant”. The premier proved to be a real hit and miss for me, mostly due to channel 7’s broadcasting decisions. Being a real night owl the starting time didn’t overly faze me but I think it’s safe to say it’s a poor timeslot for the show and ratings will suffer as a result.

My major concern was the fact that the 2 hour premier didn’t seem to offer any extra content than a normal 1 hour episode (there was the added bonus of a tug of war but that was at the expense of a detour) and the added time really seemed to upset the pacing of the show. While the hectic nature of the race usually immerses the viewer and gets the blood pumping, this really felt like a 2 hour long slog. That being said I fully expect things to improve next episode with the return to a regular length.

On the positive side I was very happy with the casting choices this season. People who I thought I’d dislike based on the previews turned out to be enjoyable television and keeping with the strong casting of season 1 and 2, there’s a real bunch of quirky characters. In terms of standouts, at this stage it has to be mother and son team Elizabeth and Todd. In my pre-season rankings I said they’d finish in 9th place but I hope we get the pleasure of watching them compete for a whole lot longer than that. We had some solid challenges in the premier and I thought the quest to get half of the ring off of a sheep was a great comical choice. It’s nice to see the show isn’t taking itself too seriously because in my experience the challenges that border on lame are usually the most memorable e.g. the rabbit jumping and rolling cheeses from the American version.

Overall I’m optimistic that this season will prove to be thoroughly entertaining and competitive. I’m glad that the Aussie version broke from tradition and had an elimination in the first leg and I’m particularly happy that we didn’t lose a really charismatic team right off the bat. As long as the real vibrant characters stick around for the long haul I can see this season improving week to week.

Tune in next week for our episode 2 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!



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  2. That Ashleigh is an absolute hottie

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