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Feature Monday is here and today Ozlet Ivan Ornelas takes a look at some of the more common first names in the history of Survivor and analyses and compares the respective performances of the contestants. Was there an ultimate winner in the battle of the Lindsey’s? The Kelly’s? What about the Brandon’s? As always Monday allows you to read on and find out and be entertained as your week gets underway! Click for more!

Rob only mentions it like every other podcast: he’s the Rob that sucks. After 28 seasons and 423 contestants setting foot into the game, we’ve met several contestants with the same or similar names, and for some reason there’s pride at stake to be the best contestant of that name. So without further ado, we will take a look at some of the contestants with the same or similar first names and see how they match up.

Lindsey Richter (Africa) vs. Lindsey Ogle (Cagayan)


Richter was a part of the younger Samburu alliance which consisted of Silas, Kim, and Brandon. Richter was involved in a tiebreaker in Episode 3 but ultimately won the nature quiz against dentist Carl Bilancione, giving their alliance the numbers advantage allowing them to vote off Linda at the next Tribal Council. After Survivor’s first ever tribe swap, Lindsey wasn’t quite as screwed as Silas was since she was still with Brandon and Kim, but was eliminated from the game due to previous votes, becoming the last contestant to be voted off in that fashion ever. Ogle was a much different player who was definitely more physically inclined (being on the Brawn tribe, of course), but unlike Richter, Ogle ended up in the minority after her first Tribal Council. Lindsey eventually went on to quit the game soon after that Tribal Council. Both Lindsey’s were the 6th player out of their respective seasons, but the edge likely goes to Richter. Hard to compare a quitter to someone who was eliminated via tiebreaker (with all due respect to Lindsey Ogle, I’m aware of her reasons for quitting.

Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo) vs. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa) vs. Kelly Czarnecki( Gabon) vs. Kelly Sharbaugh (Samoa) vs. Kelly Bruno (Nicaragua) vs. Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua)


The original Kelly found herself in the first alliance ever created and is also known for winning the last 4 individual immunity challenges and being the rat in Sue’s “snakes and rats” speech. Goldsmith also made it to the merge in Africa but with a 6-4 original tribe advantage, but her time was cut short when Lex suspected she was a “rat” (hmmm, I think we have a theme going on) and he turned on her. Czarnecki would be the first Kelly not to make the merge after being on the outs of the original Kota tribe (especially after Paloma’s vote off), being picked to be on the new Fang since Kenny thought she was hot (I agree, by the way), and ultimately was the 6th voted off due to being the weakest link. Sharbaugh had a quiet run in Survivor Samoa until being blindsided by Russell Hantz’s Hidden Immunity Idol, becoming the 2nd member of the jury. Bruno became the 2nd amputee to compete on Survivor following Chad Crittenden of Vanuatu, and that immediately made her undesirable to sit against at the Final Tribal Council and she was blindsided on Day 15, 6th one out just like Czarnecki. And Shinn (Purple Kelly) got an unfortunately minimal edit in Nicaragua until she was involved in the series’ first double quit (involving herself and NaOnka), but she’s been active online and she’s been involved in Survivor Oz’s Power Rankings. So which out of the Kelly Survivor six pack is the best player? I like Goldsmith but I give this one to Wiglesworth. One of Survivor’s original stars and she had a major role in making the end of the season exciting and nearly putting a wedge in Richard Hatch’s plans. If you are named Kelly and you compete on Survivor, you have a 67% chance of making it to the merge, and if you don’t, you’ll be the 6th one voted out of the game.

Brandon Quinton (Africa) vs. Brandon Bellinger (Guatemala) vs. Brandon Hantz (South Pacific/Caramoan)


Quinton was a part of the aforementioned younger Samburu alliance, where only he and Kim made it to the merge from said alliance. He was the vital swing vote in Kelly’s vote off on Day 24, only to be voted off by everyone except Lex the next Tribal Council. Bellinger was the man who was the least affected by the gruelling 11-mile hike that occurred at the beginning of the season. He was one of the season’s more quiet characters but played a good game up until entering the merge with a numbers disadvantage, where he was voted off soon after. Definitely the most memorable Brandon (recency bias aside, and memorable for perhaps all the wrong reasons), Brandon was a controversial player across his two season stint on Survivor. From initially hiding his relation to Russell Hantz, to constantly condemning Mikayla as a cancer of the Upolu tribe, to giving up immunity and being voted off in doing so, to being subject to criticism by both his father and his uncle, to flipping out against his tribe in Caramoan, leading to a heated confrontation and the second verbal Tribal Council ever on Survivor, it was definitely a whirlwind for sure. Both Quinton and Hantz aren’t known for their sweet personalities, and I think Bellinger played the best game out of the Brandon’s. He wasn’t one of the biggest stars of Guatemala but had he been able to enter the merge with numbers or overcome the numbers advantage, he maybe could’ve been a potential winner. A person named Brandon has a 75% chance of making it to the merge, but a 67% of not getting too far in the merge should you get to the merge.

Kim Powers (Africa) vs. Kim Johnson (Africa) vs. Kim Mullen (Palau) vs. Kim Spradlin (One World)


Powers lasted the longest out of her original alliance in Africa, making it to Day 33 in 6th place. Powers and Johnson became the first two contestants on the same season to have the same first name. Johnson surprised a lot of people by making it as far as she did in Africa, which included winning the last two immunity challenges, forcing the dynamic trio of Lex, Big Tom, and Ethan to turn on one another, before losing 5-2 against Ethan in the jury vote. Mullen was the 4th voted off of the disastrous tribe Ulong in Survivor: Palau, after many of her tribemates, especially James Miller, deemed her to be lazy around camp and not be too strong. She managed to get one Tribal Council further since her “love interest”, Jeff, was injured and asked to be voted off at that instance. Spradlin played the strongest strategic game from a first time player since Russell Hantz, but combine that with her far more charming social skills, she was a force to be reckoned with, and she was able to get rid of the few players potentially good enough to beat her at the earliest available opportunity. A person named Kim has a 75% chance to make it to the final 6 and a 50% chance to get to the end. Spradlin would definitely be the best player out of the Kim’s. Her gameplay in One World didn’t do the audience too many favours to spark life into what is widely considered one of Survivor’s weaker seasons, but that’s because everything that Kim could manage to work in her favour she did so flawlessly.

That’s it for this edition of The Name Game! I hope you enjoyed reading!


Do you agree or disagree with Ivan? What other names would you like to see being compared? Comment below to let us know!

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  1. Where is John and Rob?

  2. Hey! What about the Robs? The James? The Michaels? The Matthews? The Dans? The Ashleys? The Daves? The Jessicas? The Stephanies? The Courtneys? The Erics? The Jeffs? The Katies? The Lauras? The Michelles? The Natalies? The Ryans? The Seans? The Staceys? …
    Gimme more! 😛

    • And to go back to the article, I think you should have included Kel Gleason on the Kellys as well as Kimmi Kapenberg in the Kims.

      • This article would’ve been too long if I included everyone. I plan on doing a few at a time. Kel with the Kelly’s might be a stretch. I guess I could’ve put Kimmi with the Kim’s but oh well. I’m glad you enjoyed this though!

  3. “I like Kelly Goldsmith”
    >didn’t know who she was in his interview

  4. Isn’t Natalie the most successful name?

  5. Do the eriks and the james and the johns

  6. Also do the natalies

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