The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 3 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season!

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


It’s that time of week! Time for The Amazing Race!

Last Time: The teams raced to Cambodia, ate spiders, started conspiring, and Team Rocket Todd blasted off again…

Who’s left and in what order?

#1 – Creepy Siblings (Emily and Jono)

#2 – Second Best Mates (Raspberry and Coke – Muz and John)

#3 – Nurse Boys/Team Jesus (Daniel and Ryan)

#4 – Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy/Tyson and Smiley Sally)

#5 – Fosters (Cat and Jesse)

#6 – Aston Shuffle (Aston and Froggy/Christie)

#7 – Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash)

#8 – Fitness Mums/Purple MILFs (Carla and Hereni)

I’m gradually adding more nicknames as we go…The Nurse Boys are now also Team Jesus, while the Fitness Mums are Purple MILFs for Noah (Listen to the Podcasts for more on that!)

Grant tells us however, that due to winning the pedometer challenge…and gaining the 30 minute advantage…the first team to depart will be Team Jesus, with a handy 8 minute lead on the Creepy Siblings…can I give them a nickname from Game of Thrones or is that too much? I don’t even watch Game of Thrones so am not actually sure who is into all the weird stuff…but I feel calling them that is warranted…if it is…let me/Survivor Oz know!


Grant explains life to you (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

In any case…Team Jesus set off…and we get our first clue of the night!

Proceed to Bangkok…Drive to the Cambodian Border, cross it on foot, and then get on a bus from a travel agency that will take you to Bangkok.

I’ll try to not make too many double meanings with Bangkok…no promises!


It’s a shocking time opening an envelope (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Creepy Siblings set off shortly afterwards, as do Second Best Mates, with Muz very excited about getting to Bangkok…2 lines before double meanings…nicely done Alex…In any case I know John and Murray are listening/reading our stuff so…Hi Second Best Mates! Picked you to win! Still think you will! You better!

Emily and Jono are being pushed to their limits…and acknowledge everyone’s playing the game now. Second Best Mates also want to win…and have to give their second express pass away in this leg…they say it will go to a NZ team…just not sure which one yet…Strategic these Kiwis…although to be fair the remaining three Aussie teams have a ‘Pact’ so…no problems with that there. Daniel and Ryan feel that the NZ want them out…shocker…and want to work with the ‘honest teams’, which are coincidentally the Australian teams…that you’re in a pact with…so obviously the others are against you… (In Survivor you’d be done…5v3…prepare to be Pagonged!)


Oh hai Ling! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies and Fosters depart…with generic Taxi talk of ‘very fast’, before listening to Hulk Puppies talk about respecting competition, but they’re here to win…good. Jesse and Kat start with the spiel on their lives that makes Ben, Noah, Jarrod and Nick nervous that they’re in trouble/will dominate tonight…so let’s see if that rings true…

Aston Shuffle (the most entertaining team) depart along with Team Vanilla (the most annoying team…so far…could easily change!) so I guess that balances out…Aston Shuffle start with Froggy playing us Frog sounds…it just works so perfectly with her! Can we please get a sound of that for the Podcasts Ben??? Do it! Aston Shuffle mention they slag each other, and if it doesn’t work out they’ve always got other friends…brilliant! Team Vanilla are excited to go to a tourist destination…that’s more them…yes…one of those culturally insensitive tourists you see taking advantage of cheap holidays…fucking brilliant…in their bloody element…why not buy a bloody Bintang t-shirt while you’re there (Yes…I know that’s Bali…but it’s Cliché…so work with it!).

And then the Purple MILFs depart to little fanfare, but immediate concerns over money, pricey taxis!


Just to prove they are actually still in the game (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Jesus arrive at the border first, and cross the border, but Creepy Siblings get to the bus terminal first…Team Jesus follow immediately, and they both get on the first bus. Second Best Mates race hard…but are at the wrong terminal…nicely done…at least they’re always entertaining! They just miss the bus!

Creepy Siblings and Team Jesus celebrate this, Jono points out this is the first time Second Best mates are in third…well they technically have been all leg…but…it’s a generic statement.

Summary of Buses

Team Jesus & Creepy Siblings – Scheduled to arrive at 6:30pm

Hulk Puppies & Second Best Mates – Scheduled to arrive at 7pm

Team Vanilla, Fosters, Aston Shuffle & Purple MILFs – Scheduled to arrive at 7:30pm


This is why a Dingo ate her baby (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Smiley Sally is less than thrilled about a 6 hour bus ride…she knows they do come up in this show quite a bit right? Christie and Ashleigh are long lost sisters according to Jarrod as they both talk mindless crap and don’t shut up…really making your wife sound wonderful there Jarrod…and then I think about sending 6 hours on a bus with Froggy watching the next little clip and…yep…that would be painful…where’s my IPod when I need it! (People don’t even use IPods anymore because of IPhones…I really don’t know where my IPod has gone…)


NO DEAL ANDREW..oh…wrong show… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Second Bus then pulls in with some issues…I swear to go the producers go and just randomly break a bus…if I was just judging Buses from The Amazing Race…I’d expect every second one to break down…it’s just too coincidental…Muz would call it ‘Freaky Deaky’. In any case…the bus is broken down…not that we see Hulk Puppies worried…just Second Best Mates…they do know there’s another team on that bus right? John helps out and screws in the tyre…and they’re on their way…we briefly even see Hulk Puppies!


John should perhaps give them a job (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Over to Bangkok! First bus arrives on time…with both teams deciding to leg it from their taxis due to congestion…and pretty much arriving at the next clue at the same time.

Next Clue time!

Fly South to the Town of Krabi…a popular tourist destination…find a massage station for your next clue


Must be an angry place (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

How convenient that they’re all at a Travel Agency to book tickets! So the Creepy Siblings and Team Jesus are on the first flight at 6:40am.

Second Bus arrives 15 minutes late, and the next bus isn’t too far behind, about another 15 back. Cue mad rush to the travel agency…Hulk Puppies and Second Best Mates both book the first flight with no issues…but Team Vanilla’s bloody taxi is bloody lost…so they get out and run…right past it…to the bemusement of the Purple MILFs and the Aston Shuffle…


Are we going cave diving? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

There’s no room on the first flight…so Purple MILFs and Aston Shuffle will be on a 7:30am flight. Team Vanilla realise their mistake and come back…and decide to insult the Aston Shuffle, with Sour Ash saying you know you suck when Aston Shuffle are ahead of you…ouch…at least they read their clues and make good choices…so far…Fosters turn up and are on the Second flight too…


“So you were the one making all that noise last night in bed!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cue next morning! A conversation between Second Best Mates and Creepy Siblings is mildly awkward…but nothing dramatic…the first four teams are off to Krabi!


“You’re just jealous I’m getting some and you’re not!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cue mild controversy…Froggy is cranky! Apparently Aston asked for a very early wake up call…and that has gone downhill…Froggy just says ‘Don’t even ask’ to Team Vanilla…and calling Aston a ‘Selfish Cow’. That’s almost enough for me to call them Cow & Froggy from now on…let’s do that! Cow and Froggy keep fighting…Bloody Jarrod says ‘if we can’t beat that team we don’t deserve to be here’…true that.


Not happy Jan (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

My view…deal with the wake up call…you can sleep on the plane…

Froggy calls Cow an ‘unbenevolent dictator’…wow…that escalated quickly (I need a picture of Ron Burgundy saying that!) But yeah…

Cow isn’t that bothered and just says it’s an adult tantrum…Froggy wants to get the 6 Ps right…they’re different to what I learnt in Marketing…

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance…there we go! Cow really isn’t bothered


Jono creepily perves on Sally & Tyson joining the mile high club (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The first flight arrives…and it’s on! John and Muz push Emily apparently…not a lot in it…but then don’t go to the Taxi counter that Smiley Sally spots…and they’re first away! Followed by Team Jesus and the Siblings.

Cue wonderful beach shots…I need a holiday!

Looking for a massage parlour on a Thai beach is difficult…but they find it…and get their next clue

Get a Thai Massage…there’s a list to pick from…but you don’t know what they say…so you have no clue what or how long it will take!


Cat & Jesse join the mile high club, but Jono doesn’t watch this time (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Clever twist…let’s see what we get! They cross them off too which is clever, although I didn’t notice this til a bit later…

Hulk Puppies are getting a foot massage…Team Jesus are getting a Full Thai Massage…don’t pick the smallest words lads! Of course it’s a trap! At least it’s a massage! Second Best Mates get a ‘Thai’ massage after choosing the shortest one left…Creepy Siblings get a Head and Face Massage…I have no clue what will take the longest…Muz and Jono exchange…pleasantries…and then poke fun at the others…which annoys the teams that don’t want to win…so…everyone else…get over it! I get it’s annoying…but…duh…it’s a freaking race…so personally I like it when teams you know…race! You can enjoy it…but race! And celebrate the fact you’re getting a free massage in Thailand…so…keep entertaining us Second Best Mates! Because otherwise we wouldn’t hear from Hulk Puppies or Team Jesus…as all they do is talk about others doing strategic stuff…


Just two second best mates getting a massage (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Oh…somehow Second Best Mates finish first…not sure how…so small word is the right way to go…

Detour time! A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons, on this detour, teams must choose between

Climb Up – Scale a Rock Face to retrieve race flags

Drill Down – Drill into fresh coconuts and collect juice

They don’t sound that exciting…

Creepy Siblings and Hulk Puppies are in pursuit…yet Team Jesus are still getting rubbed down.

Flight two arrives, and Fosters get the first ticket for a taxi…Team Vanilla sneakily move up the road a bit and take the cab first! No more complaining about other teams being sneaky Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash! You’ve done it now! Aston Shuffle hug it out…and are talking again! While Team Jesus finish their massage and are off to the Detour.


Taxi arrives (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


SEEYA SUCKAS! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


EH BRO THAT’S MY TAXI?! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


WTF?! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


We don’t even know what happened… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Speaking of the Detour…Second Best Mates have chosen to rock climb…and apparently John is afraid of heights…Creepy Siblings have chosen Drill Down…while Hulk Puppies are climbing.

John gets his flag pretty easily…and Smiley Sally seems to make it look easy enough…


Big Cat goes climbing (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the massage parlour…Team Vanilla choose the Bloody head, back and shoulder massage…Bloody hell that might take a while…maybe it’ll give them a chance to calm down…Purple MILFs arrive next and get a foot massage…not too bad at all…Bloody Jarrod is worried about the bloody massage…


Bloody massages (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Detour…Big Cat/Muz is absolutely cooked, he can’t get to the top! And Hulk Puppies are chasing! Dramatic! Not really! But enough for a Channel 7 ad break!

Back from X Factor messages and we see Smiley Sally pass Big Cat…who gets his flag shortly afterwards which means the Second Best Mates are still in the lead!

Next Clue: Take the Walking Path to East Railay Beach and Search for your next clue…Caution…U-Turn ahead


Emily gets to blowing (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Jono loves Emily blowing! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Ahh the dreaded U-Turn is in play! I personally think it’s too much and prefer the Yield…but I mean the U-Turn is alright…a double U-Turn is a bit harsh…but it’s not that today! What will Second Best Mates do??? Shame to see the Ipads are not being used and we’re using the old fashioned photos still. Creepy Siblings are still blowing on nuts…hehe…with huge amounts of liquid pouring out now…hehe…and Emily declares her love once again for Jono…cringe! Especially Jono saying ‘so proud of you babe’…it’s just…so weird and wrong…Team Jesus arrived and were keen to climb!

Second Best Mates arrive at the U-Turn and…yep…they’re gonna do it…to the next closest Aussie side…Hulk Puppies! I can imagine that not going down well! I would not ever take on Hulk Puppy…It’s apparently to release the pressure…which is odd when 3 teams are right behind you and there’s really not that much of a need to do it but…oh well…it’ll create drama…the producers must love them!


“If you have seen these two, please contact your local authorities” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The next clue contains the Roadblock!

Who’s ready to clam up? The Team Member must dive underwater and find a Golden Clam, which contains their next clue

Doesn’t sound too hard…I guess the water makes a difference…

So Muz is doing it for the Second Best mates…


Out come the girls (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back at the Massage…and Fosters arrive to the bloody concern of Team Vanilla…But they’re all pretty good about it…I guess a massage parlour is a good place to make up and talk…although Jesse watching his wife’s bra get undone was a little bit amusing.

At the Detour…Hulk Puppies have completed the rock climbing…with Hulk Puppy being complemented for his beautiful rear…at about the same time as the creepy siblings…

Cow and Froggy arrive at the Massage Parlour and are in for a Thai Massage and Fish Spa! Let’s see how that goes…can Froggy shut up for that long?


LOLCATS (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Jesus smash through the detour…and then…Hulk Puppies see they are U-Turned…they are surprised…and pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why they are U-Turned…Second Best Mates are scared of them…but don’t worry…the Creepy Siblings are promising to avenge them! Game of Thrones style? These guys are definitely going to get a Game of Thrones nickname!

Carla and Hereni finish just before Team Vanilla…who are still tense and annoying…I guess that time didn’t quite work out for them…While Team Jesus are also surprised at the U-Turn decision at the Beach…which is fair…


Murray proves he can fly (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Roadblock, Emily and Muz are in the water…turns out there’s lot of golden clams and only some have clues…at least that makes it harder! I thought it was going to be a walk in the park! Jono and John have a little bit of banter over Murray and Emily…and the U-Turn…and then…it kind of gets a bit personal…and John cracks it and says ‘you’ve just lost the express pass mate’. Jono reacts confused and…that’s fair…they were never going to get it…also…he called his sister cute…for some reason that didn’t seem necessary…could just called her little…but he went with cute…


“Pssst…wanna see something awesome?” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Just keep swimming… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“That cute blonde chick is my sister!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“sure am!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“Bro that’s messed up” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“You’re just jealous” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“True…” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“…no express pass for you then!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


“Lol keep it. I keep her! YAY!” (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla arrive at the detour and change their minds immediately and go to do the Coconuts… Bloody Jarrod does what the ‘bloody good husband’ does…and then condescends his wife…bloody nice mate…bloody nice…Hulk Puppies get to move on…and are still very very happy…especially Smiley Sally!

Back to the massage…and the fish massage is causing as much noise for Cow and Froggy as they squeal away…and Jesse gives us a hilarious rendition of Froggy’s squealing in the confessional! The Fosters get away, with Cow and Froggy right behind!


Jessie gives his opinion on the creepy siblings (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the roadblock, Muz finds a clam with a pearl, with Emily right behind, and it’s going to be a race to the Pit Stop!

Pit Stop: Take a tugboat to Koa Poda…an Archipelago

And it’s on!

Back at the Detour…Bloody Jarrod proves he’s not a bloody handyman…so that traditional marriage stuff didn’t work for him…so they bloody switch tasks! And bloody race straight pass Hereni, is struggling to get up there…cue Bloody Jarrod’s regular response of ‘we should’ve bloody done this one first’…good Detour pickers Team Vanilla…

At the Roadblock Team Jesus get their pearl so quickly that Daniel even gets a chance to do a flip off the boat and get back in…


Running… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back to bitching of Creepy Siblings and Second Best Mates…and then a sprint to the pitstop! Who is first? We’ll find out after ads! After the break…we see…it’s…the Second Best Mates who have got there first! They’re delighted…and are even ready to hear Grant say ‘However’…but they’ve done it all right this leg! And as the winners…they’ve won two return tickets to Europe! Yes…Europe…the city? Country? But brilliant…plus 5 grand spending money…I’d take that…


…winning! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Grant asks them who they’d like to give their express pass to…they say the Purple MILFs…which is partially strategic I guess…Creepy Siblings arrive shortly afterwards to be team number 2, and give us another awkward moment with some coconut juice sharing with strong eye contact…too strong eye contact…Grant doesn’t know what quite to say or react…but…yeah

At the Detour…the Fosters and Cow and Froggy both arrive at the Drill Down Detour…and both can’t quite grasp the concept of how the drill works correctly…with Froggy breaking hers…and then asking the Fosters for advice…the Fosters however…said sorry they can’t as they’re at the back…which is fair…Cat feels bad…Jesse doesn’t…I probably wouldn’t either…

Smiley Sally finds the clam’s pearl at the roadblock…and Team Vanilla smash through the Detour climbing…Bloody Jarrod even gives Sour Ash some Bloody Compliments…that’s more bloody like it mate! And Hereni get’s her flag as well! We cut to Team Jesus and Hulk Puppies finishing in 3rd and 4th respectively…Achievements all round!



Jesse explains how babies are made (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


And recites Shakespeare (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back to a lack of achievements…and Cow and Froggy have left all their drill bits in the coconuts…great…not working well…and have switched to the Rock Climbing…this could be fun…

At the roadblock we get Bloody Jarrod’s bloody approval of Sour Ash’s ‘good looking rig’…we don’t get a great view from the cameras so I’ll just have to trust you on that on Bloody Jarrod…although your decisions recently haven’t left me confident…Purple MILFs join them there shortly afterwards…

At the climbing…it’s time to see the ‘Selfish Cow’ climb…but she changes with Froggy as Froggy isn’t confident…and gives us a rather ungraceful sight of her attempting to climb this rock face…it’s not graceful at all!

Fosters finish at the Coconuts, and are off to the Roadblock! While Sour Ash finds the bloody pearl in the bloody clam…so Team Vanilla are on their way to the bloody pit stop! Cow and Froggy find some moderate success at the Detour…while Carla gets the pearl and the Purple MILFs are on their way to the pit stop! More achievements all round!


Grant slowly recovers from another big night (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Then we see Cat is struggling with the roadblock…mainly the swimming and diving part!

Team Vanilla check in at team number 5 while Purple MILFs follow at 6! And they get the good news as the shirtless second best mates come out to present them with their express pass! Mild excitement!

Cow and Froggy finish their Detour task and have a lot of time to make up for…especially when at the Roadblock…Cat finds a pearl! But when she follows Jesse’s advice and puts it in ‘nature’s pocket’…also known as the bra or bikini top in this case…it slips out…to a very deep part! There’s a chance for Cow and Froggy? Cue ad break!

Back from the ad break and…it’s still a problem! And Cow and Froggy have caught up! Is there time? No…there is not…Cat has done it…and it’s a triumphant moment for the Fosters! Cow acquires her pearl pretty quickly…but it’s ultimately not enough…as Fosters arrive as team number 7…leaving Cow and Froggy to accept their fate as team number 8…and…unfortunately for everyone…especially Noah…Grant delivers the fatal blow! Cow and Froggy are eliminated!


Bugger (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Froggy immediately apologises to Cow, not just for struggling with tasks…but for calling her a selfish Cow…and giving me a nickname for them for this leg of the race…Froggy has said some things she wish she didn’t say…It’s a bit awkward…but it’s still a shame to see them go…


Walking off into a swamp somewhere… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Next time: OH MY GOD THERE’S LION SHOTS…WE’RE GOING TO AFRICA!!!! And rivalry between Creepy Siblings and Second Best Mates…thank god for the Kiwis…or we’d be stuck with the uninteresting Aussie teams…

So this is where we’re at now…

#1 – Second Best Mates – Annoying everyone…possibly playing too hard…but they’re winning…so you can’t say it’s not working…My pick to win and I don’t see why they couldn’t go the whole way!

#2 – Creepy Siblings – Once I find out about Game of Thrones I will give a better nickname…but while they have many cringe-worthy moments…they are damn good at all the challenges!

#3 – Team Jesus – Efficient, effective…still don’t want to win or play dirty…but they’re sticking mid-field…and not making any errors

#4 – Hulk Puppies – Still positive and starting to hit their straps, looking like they’ll cope a bit better with the race now! Responded well from the U-Turn!

#5 – Team Vanilla – Once they put their mind to the right task…they’re very strong! They just take a long time to get there! Still a strong team and they just need to get their decisions right

#6 – Purple MILFs – With an express pass in hand, we could see more from the Mums! It would be nice if that was the case as you’d barely know they’re actually on the race a lot of the time…give them a bit more air time Channel 7!

#7 – Fosters – Not their best leg…but they’ll just be happy to be through it! I think they’re definitely the weakest link left! But you never know…they’re the good guys really, I like them a lot and would love to see them go far! I just don’t know how they’ll go…(If you’re reading this Fosters…also make sure you take Ozlet Nick Chester up on his offer of drinks at the George…or something like that!)

Overall…it was a solid episode….although the loss of Froggy and Cow (mainly Froggy) will devastate Noah and Ben and the Ozlets! It was a leg where it was hard to get from the back to the front…in fact almost impossible…but you always get legs like that…

Detour assessment: Seemed a bit one-sided with the Climbing seeming quite easy for most sides…most! Wasn’t great viewing or overly challenging

Roadblock assessment: No change pretty much happened at it at all…Nice concept…but too easy…and combined with the detour…made it all seem too easy really…

Still enjoying the season…whoever thought of the Australia vs New Zealand concept should be worshipped because…the Aussie teams are boring as hell! So thank god for our friends across the ‘dutch’! Make sure that casting agent does the Aussie teams as well next season!

Ben’s Thoughts


Another decent episode with some good moments and good conflict! Still rooting all the way for John & Murray, loving their conflict with the creepy sisters and hope we see more of it. I think John & Murray were right for using the U-Turn. I can see some negativity to it but this is a race, the goal is to come first and to do that you need to beat all the other teams. You can’t do that by being the nice guys the entire time. So good on them!

Sad to see Froggy and Aston go. They were extremely likeable and great TV. It’s actually kind of strange that I’m not rooting for any of the Aussie teams I will admit, I’m actually on team Kiwi! I never thought I would say that! But I have. Whoops!

Bring on next week, although shame on Channel 7 for their terrible scheduling! Double episodes already? Put it in a decent time slot and maybe it will rate better!

Nick’s Thoughts


Thai massages, collecting coconut juice, and climbing up steep cliffs – this was starting to feel very Survivor-esque that I almost expected Robb with two B’s to jump out of the ocean having been attacked by a stingray. The cracking pace of this show, with continually changing environments is great to watch. Thailand has traditionally been, along with China, India and Russia, a staple location for American versions of the show, but by getting out of Bangkok and onto the beach, this felt less clichéd and more fun.

Instead of going through the show’s highlights in order, I want to assess each team and what their chances are going forward. After 3 episodes and teams gone, we can start to see what might be the ultimate outcomes for the remaining 7. So, from in the best position to the worst…

#1 – Daniel and Ryan. In the leading group of 4, they are viewed as the least threatening and are making neither friends or enemies. I picked them as my favourites at the start of the season, and still like my pick here. Sure, they are Aussies but with the apparent infighting with the Kiwis, I think they are “middle of the road” enough to win. They are just above average at everything, but not too good and they seem to get on really well. They are also having more fun than anyone else (except maybe Sally) and this definitely helps with the stress of the race.

#2 – Emily and Jono. The “he’s not my lover, he’s my brother” team are running a good race, but it’s looking like things may boil over with Raspberry and Coke. They made a good choice at the detour (unless you are super fit like Tyson and Sally, don’t choose a physically draining detour when there is still a road block to come), and get along really really well (calling each other “babe” just shoot them up the creepy-meter), and generally have all the skills to keep doing well.

#3 – Sally and Tyson. They seem to have overcome the early wobbles to be running well now. They again work well as a team and are very positive, which is a huge plus when running the race. Their physicality makes them a huge threat and their U Turn is unlikely to be their last.

#4 – John and Murray. On paper, two 1sts and a 2nd is a great record but they are coming at a massive cost. U turning a team when you are in 1st does nothing but make enemies, and Raspberry and Coke went from untrustworthy to massive A holes in one episode. They are playing way to aggressively, and from time to time on the race you need the help of other teams. You can be sure they wont be getting it. Having said that, I think they will be around and seem to be the villains of the season. A 2nd or 3rd finish in the end seems likely.

#5 – Jarrod and Ashleigh. The team I was sure would be the villains have become the comic relief. Everything annoys Jarrod and I love it. Watching him get a “relaxing” massage and being so stressed out he was as stiff as a board was hilarious. I think the lesson for him is loosen up and enjoy himself – who knows, they might even start being more successful.

#6 Carla and Hereni – Such a promising start seems to have tailed off into mediocrity. The Express Pass may see them get back in the leading pack but they seem to be treading water right now. They made a poor decision at the detour and I think they overestimate their physical strength. I really like this team and hope they rebound.

#7 – Cat and Jesse. I do really like watching these guys and apart from the “our kids will be so proud” comments every other shot, they are pretty refreshing and interesting. They are making good decisions and not really doing wrong, and the physicality of this race may be getting to them. Jesse is especially great with good sound bites so I hope they stick around as they are really entertaining. And Cat, as a non-swimmer I feel your pain. I would’ve failed miserably at that challenge.

And so we bid farewell to our first Kiwi team. I’m pretty happy with what we got from Aston and Christie – some good sound bites and a short but fun ride. The stress of the race seemed to get to them (running the race whilst still asleep is pretty difficult so I don’t quite get what the issue was with the wakeup call) and the other teams were better racers, so there can’t be much disappointment . I think any more of them may have become rather annoying, so this is a win for the audience. But we will always have the memories, and so anyone that doesn’t like them can eat a dick.

So we head to Africa next, where I’m certain we are getting ready for a non-elimination leg. This race is gaining steam so I hope a non elimination leg doesn’t kill the momentum. All 7 teams are bringing something interesting to the race, so I’m confident we are in for a good time in the African sun.

Jarrod’s Thoughts


Three weeks in and now we’re really cooking with gas. While perhaps not as dynamic as last weeks show, the third episode was another exciting leg of the race. The great thing about this leg was that there where no major holdups where the teams all bunched back up. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a leg where teams have worked hard to build up a lead only for it to be nullified by flight times or the opening hours of their destination. Credit to the producers for working hard to separate the teams with the travel times and ensuring the episode wasn’t a bunch sprint.

This week we saw the tension of the race get to some teams while others really worked well together to streak ahead. I was particularly impressed with Sally and Tyson who seem to have learnt from their mistakes in episode 1 and are really running an observant race. They were the first team to spot the taxi ticket counter and find the massage parlour and they’re doing a great job of keeping cool under pressure. On the opposite end of the spectrum we saw Christie and Aston really lose their cool and break the dreaded 6 P rule “proper preparation prevents piss poor performance”. What may prove to be even more significant is just how easily John and Murray were able to frustrate Jono and where this stress will lead to in future episodes.

It was great to see some additional challenges thrown in alongside the detour and roadblock again, with the Thai massages proving to be a really interesting task. You couldn’t have scripted a better outcome than Aston and Christie picking the fish massage and it was great to watch them react to their fishy treat. This week the detours didn’t offer as much entertainment as the previous ones and most teams seemed to breeze through them with ease. I’m probably getting picky but I’d love for Grant to explain the tasks like his American counterpart Phil and actually mention the pros and cons of each challenge. It’s a really minor thing but it makes the choice of detour seem more important and makes you question whether or not the task that appears easier really is. In terms of this weeks roadblock, I’m a big fan of these “finding” tasks but only when they’re on a grand scale. The aquatic nature of the challenge made things more difficult but there didn’t seem to be an excessive amount of clams to choose from. One of the best roadblocks on the American version of the show was when players had to search hundreds of bales of hay, unrolling each to try and find their next clue. I’m hoping we get another “finding” challenge further down the line that proves to be just as difficult and takes the contestants hours to complete.

The episode this week focused on a lot of talk about the respective Australian and New Zealand alliances and I’d hazard a guess that these pacts are going to become more and more crucial as the game goes on, with John and Murray making a point of U-turning the top Aussie team (Sally and Tyson) in this leg. I’ll be interested to see whether or not using the u-turn comes back to bite them at a future stage of the show but if they keep racing as they have been it shouldn’t be a major issue. Luckily for John and Murray, they’ve hopefully won some friends in Carla and Hereni after giving them the express pass and the fitness mums may choose to repay the favour somehow in a future episode. It was gutting to see Aston and Christie leave this week even though it always felt like they were living on borrowed time. It’s been a blow to lose two of the most entertaining teams back to back but hopefully it allows more screen time for other teams to display a bit more personality. As the teams jet off to Africa next week I get the feeling that a non-elimination leg is on the horizon and I just hope a worthy team is saved.

Lynda’s Thoughts


Finally, a kiwi team bites the dust… but why did it have to be the Rebel Wilson of New Zealand?!

Start of the race and John & Murray are yet again stirring up the other teams. It is already tiring seeing them rub everyone up the wrong way, and this includes Murray’s antics at the Thai massage. He was more annoying than Christie yabbering away on the plane in Ashleigh & Jarrod’s faces. And when they arrived in Bangkok they were moving so fast they didn’t even notice you had to buy a ticket for the taxi; know-it-alls, I think not!

Christie’s “adult tantrum” was excessive and I felt sorry Aston had to put up with that. There wasn’t a valid reason to why she got so mad. The race is full of surprises and you have to be ready for anything that is thrown your way, even if that means complete lack of sleep.

On to Krabi Island, the Thai massages were a bit of fun. Depending on which massage was chosen this helped teams that were behind to catch up, though it hardly compared to last week’s challenge of eating fried tarantulas. It was funny seeing Jarrod squirm about how long his massage was compared to others, and did anyone else cringe at Jesse mentioning that HE only ‘lets the girls out’. Gosh… thanks Jesse!

The detour was clever with the ‘climb up’ or ‘drill down’ options. I was hoping for a water challenge, but I’m satisfied that came later! The rock climb was perfect for Team Jesus and Team Hulk, Sally and Tyson. Big fist pump for Sally beating cocky Johnny up the rock wall; her and Tyson absolutely blitzed that one. And poor Johnny was left hanging for a while as he lost all strength in his arms. With the way he’s been acting this episode, sorry dude, no remorse for you. John and Murray’s decision at the U-turn was debateable. They were still ahead by a fair bit and if they are so confident in themselves they shouldn’t have used it at all. Without using the U-turn they would have made it to the pit stop first anyway. Despite their placing this week I still think they are all talk, but we shall see in the coming weeks.

The roadblock was a little boring, but it was good to see them make use of the beautiful water surroundings. One team member had to dive down and find the golden snitch amongst a whole lot of clams. I was most impressed with Cat in this challenge as she was clearly exhausted, but dug deep to reach for that snitch on the sea floor. Onya Cat! And alas it was sad, but not surprising to see Christie and Aston be eliminated. The other teams will have to make up for their hilarity; I’m going to miss them! This series has been interesting so far and it’s great seeing each team getting ample airtime, so kudos to the editors! Hopefully we see teams open up a bit more next episode. The rift between John and Johnno seems to explode next week and we might see our first proper fight on The Amazing Race Australia (vs NZ)!

Tune in next week for our episode 3 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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6 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 3 Recap

  1. I understand that many people who like Survivor also like The Amazing Race, but this is Survivor Oz. I don’t really like the Amaazing Race stuff on this site, maybe another site, The Amazing Race Oz? This is just my opinion, and I understand that others could disagree. Just an idea 🙂

    • We’re only trailing to see how these go, likewise with BBAU starting in a few weeks. If they are successful and there is demand we will be looking at separate sites. In the meantime they are being housed here

  2. Kind of sad to see aston and christie go. Easily the most entertaining pair on this season but I think everyone saw an early elimination coming for them. But for the people who don’t like seeing one amazing race recap a week on this site, I’m pretty sure its easy to just steer clear of those articles and let the people who enjoy them to keep reading them 🙂

  3. haha i saw a bit of the 4th episode and, Ben, you must be so proud of the fact that Jarrod is australian, he reps your country so well :))))

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