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Another week of top 10 goodness as we conclude our 2 part series on the most and least successful tribes in the history of Survivor! Last week host Ben Waterworth brought you the top 10 most successful, now this week Ozlet Julian Groneberg brings you the top 10 least successful in the history of the show! These are the 10 (actually 11 as we have a tie) tribes that just for whatever reason couldn’t find a win when it all mattered. Click below to read on!

Today we bring you the 10 least successful tribes statistically in the history of Survivor. To work out which tribe is the most and least successful we worked out the win percentage of a tribe based on the total challenges they took part in. Only tribes pre-merge were counted, and merge tribes were not included in the list as challenges are individual and not team based from that point. In terms of the percent, a tribe must’ve competed in a minimum of four challenges to be counted overall. That therefore excludes both The Outcast tribe from Pearl Islands and Viveros from Panama who both had a winning percent of 100% but only took part in 1 and 2 challenges respectively. When it comes to a tribe winning immunity but then giving it up (such as on Fiji and One World) we have counted the tribe that WON the challenge as getting the ‘win’ and not the tribe that had the immunity given to them. We have also only included stats from the tribe overall, and the winning stats still count towards the tribe after a switch. There is therefore no separate winning percent for a tribe after a switch. If the challenge was a combined reward/immunity then the tribe got the point for winning an immunity and not a reward. For three or four tribe seasons, each tribe that won immunity/reward was awarded a point for their win. So which 10 brought up the rear? Read below!

LEGEND: WP=Win Percent, TC=Total Challenges, IW=Immunity Wins, RW=Reward Wins

10. Morgan (Pearl Islands) – WP 33.33%


TC: 12, IW: 3, RW: 1

From one of the greatest seasons of all time, Morgan just couldn’t start off right before finally picking their game up to mount a mini comeback. Still, the stats aren’t brilliant when it all adds up and they have the distinction of having the first person to ever quit Survivor. They also had Lil. Yup. Lil. Moving on…

=8. Yaxha (Guatemala) – WP 30.77%


TC: 13, IW: 2, RW: 2

Stephenie wasn’t just being dramatic when she declared that she wanted to be on a winning tribe for once.  Despite being  successful in their first immunity challenge, their losing streak  soon began in the first immunity challenge and continued until the tribe switch. After the switch Yaxha continued their lacklustre performance in challenges, however with Stephenie, Lydia and Rafe making up three of the final four players, Yaxha was well represented at the end, and far from becoming a decimated tribe.

=8. Fang (Gabon) – WP 30.77%


TC: 13, IW: 2, RW: 2

Probst said it best when he pointed out that’s Fang’s performance in the early challenges in Survivor Gabon were some of the biggest blowouts the game had ever seen. Two tribe switches were thrown  into the mix to attempt to even up the ailing Fang tribe, but any momentum was difficult to recover as the Fang tribe would only win 2 immunity challenges which unfortunately meant the end for many of their memorable members.

7. Maraamu (Marquesas) – WP 30.00%


TC: 10, IW: 1, RW: 2

With just one immunity win,  and losing the first 6 consecutive challenges in Survivor Marquesas, Maraamu definitely deserves being in this list of 10 worst performing tribes. If it wasn’t for the tribe switch in Episode 4 it’s easy to see the original Maraamu tribe becoming far more decimated which begs the question if Vecepia would have still been able to buck the trend and become the sole Survivor. For most castaways on poor performing tribes, a tribe switch is a godsend. This early on in the show’s run, it probably wasn’t predicted by the members, but no doubt came as a very welcome surprise.

6. Zhan Hu (China) – WP 27.27%


TC: 11, IW: 2, RW: 1

From their disorganised camp life, to the internal conflicts between members, it was always going to be a tough road for the Zhan Hu tribe. A tribe switch did little to reverse their ailing fortunes and by the merge they were down four members to Fei Long’s seven. Still despite the imbalance in tribe performance, Survivor China still features memorable characters from both tribes lasting deep into the game, as well as a stellar cast all round.

5. Foa Foa (Samoa) – WP 20.00%


TC: 10, IW: 1, RW: 1

Foa Foa’s abysmal performance in challenges meant many of their tribe who had great potential to do well never got to shine and with just 2 wins from a total of 10 challenges played. Fortunately for this underdog tribe, we never saw a complete Pagonging thanks to some tension on the Galu tribe, and arguably some effective moving and shaking from Russel Hantz. Foa Foa may be the only tribe in Survivor history to look so doomed, and then stay strong to cement four of their players in the final 5.

4. Luzon (Cagayan) – WP 20.00%


TC: 5, IW: 1, RW: 0

Three season tribes are typically unkind to one of the three tribes and the aptly named Luzon (read: Lose -on) tribe was THAT tribe in Cagayan, and  never managed to get it together when it came to challenges. Some questionable choices including keeping J’Tia over Garrett did little to strengthen their prospects and even great contributions from Spencer wasn’t enough to make much difference in their challenge stats. One thing is for sure, if the tribes weren’t dissolved into 2, it’s safe to say we would have likely had a very different season where both Spencer and Kass were missing from the final four. The tribe change up was the best thing to ever happen to Luzon.

3. Ulong (Palau) – WP 18.75%


TC: 16, IW: 0, RW: 3

Was James right about Stephenie? She is the only contestant to be on two of the top 10 worst tribes in the history of Survivor. Wow! It’s easy to forget however that Ulong did actually win three challenges, but since Survivor is a numbers game, arguably not the ones that mattered. This made them the first and only tribe we’ve seen to be decimated to one remaining member, and despite their brawn, the Ulong tribe was never a cohesive unit

2. Ravu (Fiji) – WP 6.67%


TC: 15, IW: 0, RW: 1

It’s hardly surprising to see the “have nots” tribe of Ravu on this list as one the least successful tribes. With a game like Survivor where momentum is so powerful, giving one tribe everything and the other nothing created a losing streak that proved to be almost impossible to ever break. It’s almost a miracle that Earl managed to prevail and win the season which shows that despite the hardship that the Ravu tribe endured, sometimes being forced to play the game from day 1 can have benefits.

1. Matsing (Philippines) – WP 0.00%


TC: 4, IW: 0, RW: 0

Russell Swan is the only contestant to be on one of the top 10 most successful tribes in the history of Survivor as well as one of the top 10 least successful which goes to show the amount of luck that goes into the tribe that you are ultimately placed on to how well you will do in Survivor. Matsing are the only tribe in the history of the show to not win (or come second out of three) tribes) a single challenge. Still like the Foa Foa tribe is Samoa and the Luzon tribe in Cagayan, their poor performance in challenges didn’t stop their members going deep into the game, with Denise ultimately overcoming some of the most adversity we have seen in the history of the show to be crowned the Sole Survivor.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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10 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Least Successful Tribes

  1. I’d like to see top 10 survivor season logos!

  2. How about do a top 10 season logos.

  3. Why do you need to go to two decimal points?

  4. How about the top 10 best moments of Micronesia?

  5. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // August 29, 2014 at 1:46 pm // Reply

    James was somewhat right in the sense that Stephenie is not a team player and that she was *part* of the problem (not simply a victim of bad tribes).

  6. You should do top 10 tribe names!

  7. Russell swan isn’t the only one to be on both a top 10 most successful and a top 10 least successful tribe. Boston Rob is on both lists.

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