Recasting Survivor: Panama


Monday is back to begin your week once again and today we bring you another rethink of a twist used in the past and turned it into an All-Stars style season! Ozlet Anthony Rossi runs with former Ozlet Aaron’s idea from February about recasting Cagayan and takes the idea from the 12th season of Panama to separate a returning players season by age and gender into four tribes! What follows is one interesting season with a bunch of interesting returning players! We’re sure you’ll have your own ideas for who should be brought back, so click below and let us know who you feel would be ideal for a season like this!

After reading Aaron’s article on Recasting Survivor: Cagayan it gave me the idea of recasting another season with an interesting twist. Repeatedly fans talk about how interesting this season would be with returning players. Survivor: Panama consisted of four tribes separated by both relative age and gender. Casting was a big issue with this season because there was no clear age distinction for the tribes. In this season the younger tribes will consist of members that are either in their twenties and thirties. The older tribes will consist of members that are fifty and older. The cast is composed of players that I feel should play for a second time. (All ages come from Survivor Wikia)

Younger Men Tribe

Fabio Birza (25)- Nicaragua


The first member of the younger men tribe is Fabio Birza, the youngest male winner. I am huge fan of Fabio and feel that he is an underrated winner and believe he deserves a second chance to prove people wrong. He was able to use his charm and his challenge dominance to get far. I feel that Fabio could return and not have a huge target on his back for being a winner.

Pete Yurkowski (26)- Philippines


Next up is Pete Yurkowski from Survivor: Philippines. He was clearly thinking strategically and overall a decent player. He is also a great villain and good to look at as well.

Rafe Judkins (31)- Guatemala


Rafe Judkins falls into the category of the third place contestant that “deserved to win”. He was such a great strategic player and was pretty decent in the physical aspects to win several individual immunities and deserves a second change to finally get the win.

Mike Chiesl (34)- Redemption Island


Now this may be a surprising choice for a contestant to bring back, but I quite enjoy Mike on Redemption Island. He was a dominant physical player and survived many duels and almost made it back into the game. I definitely think he played the game and deserves a bit more credit.

Younger Women Tribe

Marissa Peterson (22)- Blood Vs. Water


Someone who I feel didn’t really get a chance to prove herself in her season. Marissa showed that she has a lot of spirit and even on her short time on the show she supplied one of the most memorable one-liners (see the top 10). If given another shot, I definitely feel that Marissa would make it far and be even more memorable.

Laura Alexander (24)- Caramoan


One of the highlights of Caramoan. I was crushed when she was voted out so early. She had so much potential and was a great strategic thinker; if only her physical game matched her strategic game.

Erinn Lobdell (31)- Tocantins


“Who is this jackass?” Who could forget that line? Along with Marissa, Erinn left her mark with her comments and confessionals. She was able to adapt herself in order to remain in the game, and I feel that if given another shot, she would prove to everyone that Erinn has a strong strategic game.

Neleh Dennis Nielson (34)- Marquesas


Going back to the fourth season of the Marquesas, we have Neleh Dennis now Nielson. Neleh is one of those contestants that after all this time would drastically change the way they played. She now knows what mistakes she made and can definitely change some peoples’ opinions.

Older Men Tribe

Marty Piombo (52)- Nicaragua


Someone that is on the list of contestants to return, but has not graced our screens for a second time. Marty is a great character with some decent gameplay who definitely needs to return. He was in control of the pre-swap Espada tribe and with a second time around, he could maintain his control throughout the game.

Gary Hogeboom (55)- Guatemala


Now, this may be a shocking choice, but I think Gary was quite an interesting character. The first contestant to find and play a hidden immunity idol should get a second chance and we need to see more original Guatemala contestants come back.

Bob Crowley (63)- Gabon


Bob is the oldest Survivor winner was a decent all around player. He could compete physically with all the younger contestants and won several immunities. I feel that Bob is a good addition for this tribe; because he will be able to help his tribe wins immunities and all the oldies won’t all be eliminated early.

Tarzan Smith (67)- One World


Tarzan is probably one of the greatest characters that we have seen in the longest time. He provided us with so many memorable moments and delivered some excellent quotes and if he was to play again, I couldn’t even image how much more entertaining he would be.

Older Women Tribe

Diane Ogden (55)- Africa


Diane? A first boot? Yes exactly! She unfortunately suffered from the extreme African conditions and she left our screens way too early. After listening to Diane on Survivor Oz, she is incredibly funny and would a great addition to this tribe.

Teresa Cooper (55)- Africa


Even though the first two contestants are from the same season, I believe that Teresa would also be a nice addition to this tribe. She was able to play with the younger contestants in her season and able to last in the endurance challenges.

Helen Glover (59)- Thailand


How has Helen not come back for a second time? It would be interesting to see an old school contestant make a return. If she were to return, hopefully she would make to the loved one visit. Helen was so great and delivered one of the best jury speeches.

Gillian Larson (67)- Gabon


The elephant dung woman herself! Gillian is such a lovely and caring individual that never got her chance to shine on Survivor. It would be great to see Gillian compete again after all the good she has accomplished with Reality Rally.

What do you think of Rossi’s cast list? Who are you happy to see included? Who missed out? Comment below to let us know your list!



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8 Comments on Recasting Survivor: Panama

  1. Jamie Caldwell // September 1, 2014 at 10:19 am // Reply

    Gary Hogeboom wasn’t on Survivor. Gary Hawkins was.

  2. I would probably replace Diane with Deena.

  3. Katherine Adams // September 1, 2014 at 3:36 pm // Reply

    Gary Hogeboom WAS on Survivor Guatemala. Pretty good list; it’d be a blast to see T-Bird again. Her interview here was great!

  4. another idea for recasting.. blood bs water 1. with returneess paired with the ones who came for their loved one visit….
    ex. christina cha and her father….
    taj and her husband

  5. I find it crazy how brenda is the only person from nicauragua to ever return. I found that cast extremely entertaining. Fabio and Marty were my two favorites so im glad to see them get the nod in this article but id also love to see Sash (horribly underrated, shouldve won probably), Chase (so wishy washy so fun), Holly (what an underdog!), Naonka (best villians post Russell, even though she quit which is a shame), Kelly S is great off screen and she got screwed, and also earlier eliminations like Tyrone, Jill, Alina and both Jimmys were highly entertaining. I feel this season is brought down by a mediocre but clearly underrated winner and the stupid medallion of power.

  6. The older men tribe was perfect, but the rest wasn’t as good.
    I would replace Tarzan, though. He was hilarious to watch at first, but eventually he just ended up being annoying.

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