The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 6 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season!

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Here we are again race fans!

Previously: From Channel 7’s double episode, we saw Team Lannister eliminated, followed by Second Best Mates getting to the pit stop first, to find Grant letting them know the leg isn’t over!

So…where do we stand?

#1 – Second Best Mates (Raspberry & Coke/John and Muz)

??? – Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

??? – Nurse Boys/Team Jesus (Nurse Daniel & Nurse Ryan)

??? – Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

??? – Team ANZAC/Fosters (Cat and Jesse)

??? – Purple MILFs (Carla & Hereni)

So we don’t really know who’s next! Let’s see what happens!

We’re in St Petersburg…At the iconic Church of the Saviour of the Spilled Blood!

Second Best Mates get their next clue from Grant and are away immediately! Where are we off to boys?

Travel by Trans-Siberian Express to Kostroma, once there, find the museum of Wooden Architecture and search for your next clue

As a reward for finishing first…John and Muz receive first class tickets, to share with one other team.


A golden ticket without a Wonka bar (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

I find this odd…mainly because it undoes all their hard work to finish the previous leg first…especially if they’re still racing…

Team Vanilla arrive at the Pit Stop as team number #2, and are not thrilled at having to continue racing, especially when they want to indulge in coming second…bloody hell! It appears each clue will make sure that other teams know that Second Best Mates have the train tickets. Sour Ash wanted those first class tickets, Bloody Jarrod doesn’t even bloody care that they won’t get them…I wouldn’t until I knew how far away bloody Siberia and Kosoma is!

Nurse Boys and Hulk Puppies then arrive at the mat together! This is convenient for both my recap and the time needed to show their edits! Grant gives them the clues, and the Nurse Boys think it’s a bit taxing and rough, Smiley Sally seems quite excited though! The Nurse Boys also were really excited about going to Siberia…love the enthusiasm!

Cue humorous scenes of Team Vanilla failing to communicate well with locals in yet another country…maybe it’s you guys! Nurse boys tell us they never would have ever worked with Second Best Mates at the intersection…it’s one thing to say it though…another thing to be put in that situation…we assessed this on our podcast last week quite strenuously, and I think once you’re there…just work with the other team there! You’re jeopardising yourself potentially and losing time…which doesn’t make any sense to me.


Bloody Russians! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Purple MILFs arrive as team number 5! Grant quickly tricks them, and then they’re off to catch a train! Leaving poor Team ANZAC as the last team to arrive…they’re a little bit devastated…not a lot…but a bit…but then Grant springs the surprise news! And they look…a little bit devastated still? But…they’re still in it…although mentally they are spent! They’re hopeful that whoever got the first class tickets will be nice and give them the tickets! I probably would…I think it would be nicer sitting with them! Both the MILFs and Team ANZAC are optimistic they might get the tickets!

Everyone gets on the train! And First Class looks….well…better than the not first class, I’d be quite happy with the bed really knowing I’ve just worked really hard for a leg and can have a 12 hour sleep!

Here comes the big moment…who do Second Best Mates pick…everyone reckons it’ll be the MILFs…but…in a shock move…it’s Team Vanilla that gets the tickets! The Kiwi teams are quite cut…apparently it was all about keeping it between Team Kiwi!

Bloody Jarrod says it’s bloody punishment for being bloody mediocre, and they deserve them for being bloody outstanding at the Intersection. It could annoy the Aussie teams a bit too though…I wonder what will come of this!


Closer each day… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


…Home and Away! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cue very brief talk about the train ride…but then we’re there in Kostroma! And cue typical race for Taxis! And then a great few segments of Taxi Drivers who can’t speak English…always the best fun! Hulk Puppy realises this and asks his taxi driver to wait…pointless…utterly pointless…

It’s tight to the clue, and it’s time for…a nation vs nation challenge!



Don’t you hate it when you just can’t get a cab (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Teams must each get a babushka doll, and find all the pieces from within 5 cabins and hundreds of dolls that match theirs. Once all 3 teams from a nation are done, they can take off.

Sigh…I don’t like rivalry stuff…I’m sure Second Best Mates won’t be thrilled either!


Velcum to bringing sexy bachhh (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

John already scares Cat and Jesse with his intensity…good start!

John then decides he wants the blue one… and Nurse Ryan plucks it from behind him! Just to annoy him…amusing…ballsy strategy!

The Aussies organise a good plan, involving going to the same house as each other…Second Best Mates seem to run to the furthest house, leaving Team ANZAC and the Purple MILFs confused, and without much of a plan!

Cue lots of looking for dolls. The Aussie’s system works well…they all have red hair!

The Kiwis seem to have lost Second Best Mates, so there’s a lot more random searching with a lot more uncertainty…


Kate Bush would be proud (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Aussies start finding pieces! But then Nurse boys realise they weren’t looking inside the little ones! So they have to start over and look in the really little ones! And confusion seemed to reign supreme!

The Aussies found the Second Best Mates working by themselves, and see they’re not actually struggling! They fly through their parts!

Finally, the Kiwis start to work together…and they catch up quite quickly!


Won’t you please look at my bits (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

But the Aussies stay in the lead through the task! And are off to the next clue

Travel by Taxi to the Town Square!

And the Aussies are off! Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team ANZAC can’t believe how Second Best Mates have been winning…they have no method to any of their madness!

Nurse Boys’ taxi just casually drive off road into the town centre, and they get to the Detour clue first!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own Pros and Cons, in this detour teams must choose between

Build: Stack all their firewood in a marked area using traditional methods


Can you buy us a drink first Grant? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Boil: Fill a bathing kettle to a marked line, and use rubbish and wood to heat it up, then bathe in it

The Nurse Boys choose Boil…I’d choose Boil. Hulk Puppies choose Build, while Team Vanilla choose Boil


Just a bit of cat coming along (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Babushka doll, the Kiwis finish! And are off to the town square with time to make up! Kat and Jesse are worried they’ll get beaten in a race by all the other teams…but it’s not over til the fat man sings! I haven’t heard Jesse sing yet…I look forward to it!

Nurse boys arrive at the boil, and are surprised how big the task is! Hulk Puppies think the same thing at the build! Tem Vanilla have Sour Ash building a fire, while the Nurse boys look to be doing both tasks together. Unfortunately Sour Ash had smothered the fire…and were struggling…Bloody Jarrod was bloody unimpressed! Nurse Boys start using their kindling bucket, and cue bloody hilarious Bloody Jarrod scene, where he can’t find a bucket that is…well…right in front of him, then he looks in that bucket for the bucket…you can’t make this shit up!

NZ Teams arrive at the Town Square and are on their way to the detour!


Very nice how much? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Nurse Boys have filled up their bathing tub, and are free to bathe in it! It’s still gathering ice on top it’s that cold! But they bravely get through it! Roadblock time!

Roadblock: Who want to go to the Dogs?

Take a dog sled around a track

Nurse Daniel is keen to do it for the Nurse Boys!


The original ice bucket challenge (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Build, Hulk Puppies are still a long way from finishing! So they switch to build! Mainly because Hulk Puppy wants to use the toilet again…and feel like he’s not wasting time! They are in the middle of the snow and trees…it wouldn’t be that hard surely!

Team Vanilla’s fire runs out when they seek approval…and they’re struggling with their bloody final piece of paper! And we cut to ads about brining Sexy back (It looks awful…just so awful…). Back from the break, and Team Vanilla have well…no issue in the end and are able to jump in the bath! Smiley Sally on the other hand has placed the sticks apparently incorrectly…lucky Hulk Puppy grew up on a farm! Is there anything he can’t do???


Me bloody nipples are cold! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla decide it’s not worth getting the togs out…and just use their underwear…to the bloody disappointment of girls everywhere…and the bloody delight of many guys! Sour Ash has a bloody rocking bod! As Bloody Jarrod has bloody mentioned before! Her tan line is also amusing…and as I have a girlfriend who I love very much…and would still lose to Bloody Jarrod in any fight…I will make no further comments on this. They get and out in a number of seconds, Sour Ash was shrieking…bloody mini bloody Jarrod was bloody shrinking! But they’re through and off to the dog sleds!

The Kiwi sides arrive, and both Second Best Mates and the Purple MILFs look like going for the build side of this roadblock. Johnny gets intense quickly while Muz is just surveying the piles of wood. Cue Kiwis telling us stacking firewood shouldn’t be too hard…But the MILFs have a good system going…Carla has brains to go with her beauty!


My dog is this big (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team ANZAC arrive…and they see both other Kiwi sides are also building…at this point I reckon I’d switch and have a crack at the other one if I think it’s a laborious task where honestly, I don’t think Team ANZAC will make up that much time! But…they are ready to go…Carla makes a quick reference as to how Team ANZAC are the weakest physical NZ team…and we hear heroic music as Jesse and Cat’s beautiful minds go to work…Can they pull out an underdog victory like the ANZACs? (For those who haven’t done Australian WW1 history…the ANZACs didn’t win…they withdrew because they eventually realised they landed at the wrong spot and this didn’t do them much good…but they were goddamn brave while doing it! I think that’s what essentially happened…I’m not as great at history as many people believe).


Got wood? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So Team ANZAC look at the marked area…and realise it’s a different size to the example stack…so using their beautiful minds…they come up with their own strategy…and it looks very effective. Second Best Mates on the other hand are becoming very anal over the details…well…John is! Muz wants to expand it but John wants to stick to the reference. It’s actually a very challenging decision that! It’s cold…and it looks arduous, and you’d had to do it wrong, so I can understand using the example and following it to a Tee, but also I get when you have more room use it…it would be something I think you’d only really understand once you’re actually on the race doing a challenge like this, I’d hate to do it all only to find out I’d done it wrong…sometimes it is about being like that because the fear of doing it wrong is paramount…especially when at the back! In any case…Second Best Mates are having a little bit of a spat about it…with two differing views! Apparently with the cameras and ominous music it’s a bit deal…but the MILFs aren’t worried either.


Pretty sure that would be a good thing to follow into a bath (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Boil, Hulk Puppies are done…and Smiley Sally gets creative to save time, using her headband as a boob-tube, to the delight of Hulk Puppy…his tail would be wagging over that! Hulk Puppy gets his chance to relieve himself! But…his tail’s too cold! No Puppy piddle for Hulk Puppy! But they’re off to the roadblock!

Nurse Boys arrive at the Dog Sleds, so they’ll lead us off on the roadblock! Nurse Daniel is on the dogs and has a very good technique going…but then he tests the break and…uh oh…a bit of a stumble! Enough for a Channel 7 ad break!

Back from the Home and Away ads and…Nurse Daniel survives and in fact barely slows down at all!


Going for the gap … (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Vitaly Petrov goes for it (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Oh shit (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Nailed it! Ladies come at me! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back at the detour, the Second Best Mates are still building strongly, the MILFs are about halfway, and just like that…Team ANZAC have caught up to them with their different style! Carla and Hereni just tell us how important it is to do the ends well when…disaster!!!! Their wood pile has fallen down! Cat and Jesse give a great ‘Oh no…Oh Yis!’ moment! And they’re suddenly out of last place! Slow and steady jumps up a place or two!


Russian forces keep a strong hold on the Woodkraine (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Dogs, and Nurse Daniel closes in on the finish line! And is the best moment for him, as he crosses the line as Team Vanilla arrive, and feels the adrenalin! The Nurse Boys are off to the PIT STOP!!

Pit Stop: Proceed to the Confluence of the Volga and Kostroma Rivers, in the vicinity of Ipatiev Monastery, the last team to arrive may be eliminated

I paused this later on and added the whole thing in…it’s at least specific!

And the Nurse Boys are off!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Bloody Jarrod points out it’s bloody cold for those of you unfamiliar with the bloody Russian weather. Sour Ash is doing the roadblock as bloody Jarrod is bloody scared of the bloody animals! Well…he didn’t take a liking to the Baboons so that’s a fair call…He does complain that she gets all the bloody good ones…I do remember her having to do the one with the monks though…that was a bloody good one…

At the Detour, the Second Best Mates think they have the wood block replicated…but that wasn’t the task! After the examiner rejects it…they have to keep stacking!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Sour Ash gets through the Roadblock without many issues…making Bloody Jarrod bloody jealous! Hulk Puppies arrive as they leave…and after Hulk Puppy finally gets to answer nature’s call…he’s off to the dog sleds! One of the dogs also uses the toilet…are we only going to know Hulk Puppy for toilet humour now?

So it’s an apparent race to the pit stop between Team Vanilla and Nurse Boys! Nurse Boys are comfortably first…with their crazy taxi driver who has been mental…but my god if all taxis on The Amazing Race were like him it’d be good fun, squeezes between two trucks, but then hits an ice patch and SPINS OUT!!! With a truck coming straight at the Nurse Boys! Will they survive? Well you’d think they did given they narrated it but…I guess the powers of TV editing are pretty strong these days…

Back from the break, with the trucks honking, the taxi driver has no issue whatsoever…and the Nurse Boys continue on their way to the pit stop!

At the detour…Team ANZAC are starting to get a ‘but chully’ with Jesse giving us another quality line of ‘far out Brussel sprout’…just fantastic! It looks very even between the three NZ teams though…their wood piles are almost identical!


Winning! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

We cut to Grant at the Pit Stop…looking chilly but composed…I wonder how many layers he has on…and how long he has to just stand out there for waiting for teams…it’s in a particularly cruel spot…right out in the middle of the river! In any case…the Nurse Boys are Team number 1!!! They are delighted…and mildly pleased with the leg prize of a 5-star holiday to Phuket…it sounds pretty awesome…but Grant pulls out more…OH NO…NOT THE SALVAGE PASS!!!!!!!


Wow Grant! Keep this safer next time! It’s all bent! Gosh! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

I personally hate the Salvage pass…it’s a stupid contraption only used on the Australian Amazing Race that allows the first team to save the last team if they want to… or have a 1 hour head start on the next leg…which will probably amount to nothing due to the whole likelihood of flying somewhere else…I think it’s a stupid concept…that is used to create drama that is so unnecessary. If you finish last…cop your punishment…no need to bring out the lamest gimmick in The Amazing Race…It’s as bad as the Medallion of Power in Survivor…that’s how low I rate it! Others might have other opinions (Listen to the podcast!) But I personally hate hate hate hate hate hate it!

Daniel and Ryan are in the boat of enjoying the experience apparently…so on that logic they’ll save the last team…but they say it depends who it is…

Team Vanilla arrive shortly afterwards…and Grant declares them as Team Number two!

At the Roadblock, Hulk Puppy flies through with the dogs…Smiley Sally loves it! And it’s off to the pit stop!

At the Detour…the three Kiwi sides are all neck and neck! Team ANZAC finish stacking their wood…and ask the woodsman…and…it’s good! TEAM ANZAC ARE INTO FOURTH PLACE! What the hick!!!! They’re off to the dogs! The others are horrified that Team ANZAC were so quick! And then they stroll out…it’s so calm it’s awesome!


Piss off bro I found it first! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies arrive at the Pit Stop to the news of being team number three! And it’s all good…but wait!!! It’s Hulk Puppy and Smiley Sally’s 4 year anniversary and…OMG HE’S GONNA DO IT!!! HULK PUPPY GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEZING SNOW!!! AT THE PIT STOP!!! AND PROPOSES!!! Excitement from a regulation pit stop! Smiley Sally is over the moon! And has to take her gloves off for what looks like a very impressive ring! Grant is grinning…and it’s so lovely for them! Never has a third place pit stop been more significant! Good for them!!! You go Mr and Mrs Hulk Puppy!


So like I totally love me girlfriend (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


ZOMFG! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


So like I have me ring (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Would you like wear it for me? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


ZOMFGROFLCOPTERLMAO! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Get it in there (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Like a glove! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


My face is frozen like this… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back at the less romantic log stacking…it’s down to the last few pieces for both sides when…THE MILF’s STACK GOES OVER!!! And not just a little over…like…COMPLETELY over…that…is…devastating! The Second Best Mates are looking good when….OH NO…THEIR STACK GOES TOO!!!!


F@!# (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


F@!# (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Disaster for the Kiwis!!!! There’s so much for both sides to do!

The MILFs want to not give up for their kids…to show them giving up isn’t an option…in a detour…switching tasks is though if your stack has gone twice…

The Second Best Mates have a quick quarrel…John admits maybe he paid a bit too much attention to the reference…but they’re quickly working away.

The new Kiwi team number 1…Team ANZAC are off to the dogs…and Jesse is Puuuuuumped! Hopefully this goes well!

The Detour showdown continues…the Second Best Mates look to be making more progress…but anything can happen!


CLICHE RUSSIAN JOKE! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)


Why the fuck did I come back to this show? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Roadblock…Jesse smashes the dogs sled challenge! Apparently they slowed down quite a bit because he’s a bit heavier…but they got around the course nicely! And the new Kiwi #1 is off to the pit stop!

At the Detour…it’s the MILFs who are finished!!!! They are done and not last and off to the roadblock! Carla is doing the roadblock! The Second Best Mates finish shortly afterwards (I think…you can never really tell in The Amazing Race!). And they’re off to the roadblock too!

Team ANZAC come and check in for fourth with a great slide in by Jesse…It really has been a top leg for them! They have shown the true ANZAC spirit! Jesse even adds in some quick witted puns of ‘Russian here…Russian there…Russian everywhere!’ Grant is amused! The Ice Fisher is not.

So it’s down to two teams…off to the roadblock! Carla takes the reigns for the MILFs, and looks quite comfortable with it all…while the Second Best Mates have John in the saddle! Carla complete it quite quickly…and while suggesting the boys are right on their heels and so close…no evidence of the two there at the same time suggests differently…John comes back from his in true showman style!

So we have a race to the pit stop! Who will get there first

After little drama…it’s the PURPLE MILFs who check in for 5th place! So…they real drama is still to come!


F@!# (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Second Best Mates arrive for 6th place! And are at the hands of the Nurse Boys! What will the boys do???? Grant delivers the bad news to the Second Best Mates…who seem kind of accepting of it…and mildly confused by the idea of a Salvage Pass…and the little showdown arrives…Nurse Boys are called in…I want to know what they’re thinking!!! What will they do??? Surely after all their comments they’ll send the Second Best Mates home but…I really am unsure!

The Nurse Boys give their best preparation spiels…they would’ve worked on that for a long time with the executives…who are probably begging them to keep the Second Best Mates around so they can beat them at the end…


Jesus isn’t saving anyone this time around (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The ads end…we come back to the decision and…THE BOYS ARE NOT GOING TO USE THE SALVAGE PASS…The Second Best Mates are understanding…they probably would’ve done the same thing…and they are the biggest threat…for some reason I didn’t like them not getting saved though…then I remembered why…THE SALVAGE PASS SUCKS!!!! Just call it a non-elimination leg or an elimination one…NO STUPID GIMMICKS!!!

The Second Best Mates give us a final spiel, where their bromance is still strong…they might even be Best Mates now…but we won’t know until after the show!


Fade out to black and queue credits (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Overall…a mammoth leg comes to an end with another strong team being eliminated! Ultimately the boys shot themselves in the foot with errors at both the Team Challenge and the Detour…but they have been the strongest team all season!

Detour Assessment: Challenging! Very Challenging! Well at least the log stacking was…that side seemed harder but also more defining…it would’ve been a good challenge for all teams to have to do! The boil side seemed kind of easy!

Roadblock Assessment: Cute…adorable…but sadly…pointless…A tiny course…no challenge to it…no change…so sadly…that makes it the worst roadblock so far!

Team Challenge Assessment: Weird concept that I don’t like so…I think it’s honestly too much to ask teams to do…and emphasises challenges between the teams too much…What if it had been uneven here? Was there an alternative challenge planned? What if a team got lost getting to it? It seems to me that there are too many flaws…

So it was an enjoyable leg…but I have a sour taste in my mouth for three reasons…one…the Second Best Mates are gone…two…the Nurse Boys seem like more of a jerk term now…and THE FUCKING SALVAGE PASS IS THE MOST PATHETIC INVENTION EVER SEEN ON THE AMAZING RACE…IT IS PURE CHANNEL 7 DRAMA BULLSHIT THAT IS NOT EVER NECESSARY…EVER!!! FUCK YOU CHANNEL 7!!! DON’T GIVE US THAT SHIT!!!

But congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hulk Puppy!

So where to we stand?

#1 Nurse Boys – Strong leg…crazy taxi driver…preferable edit…it’s all set up for them to win…but I don’t really want that to happen…nice guys…just…I don’t want them to win…I blame Channel 7 because the Salvage Pass is stupid

#2 Team Vanilla – Strong leg…two 2nds in a row…it’s all going quite well for them! Again…just don’t want them to win…

#3 Hulk Puppies – Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hulk Puppy! Now they have to actually beat the other Aussie teams in a leg…they always seem to be the third Aussie side so that has to change if they want to win! I wouldn’t mind seeing them win…but…again don’t really want them to win…

#4 Team ANZAC – The ANZAC SPIRIT is alive! Cat and Jesse have a great leg from their point of view and are waving the Kiwi flag high! I don’t think they will win…but I want them to win! How can you not want them to win!!!! #TeamANZAC

#5 Purple MILFs – Well…they survived…but they need to PICK IT UP in the next few legs if they want to be a real shot of winning this! Have struggled in the snow…a change of scenery might help them!

So there you have it…next time we are…off to Portugal! Where it looks like the Kiwis flourish and the Aussies crumble…but we won’t know til next week!

It’s been fun! See you on the Planes!

Ben’s Thoughts


Totally gutted! TOTALLY GUTTED! Once again my curse of never having my favourite win a reality show I’m watching continues! Well, except for Big Brother 2012 but this isn’t Big Brother! This is one thing I don’t like about The Amazing Race and that is how they get a team who is dominating and then bunch everyone up to make things fair. I understand the TV aspect of that, but why can’t we just have a dominant victory from a team? Probably just me on that thought process, but it would be nice to see that! We have also lost this seasons villain pair, and now that makes things slightly bland from now on in. I do have to say that Ashleigh and (bloody) Jarrod are really growing on me. Glad to actually have an Aussie team worth rooting for! But now I’m on the Cat & Jessie bandwagon! Bring on Portugal!

Jarrod’s Thoughts


Episode 6 and we’re continuing on to Siberia. This episode was a whole heap of fun but for as many highlights as it provided, for me it dealt equal amounts of disappointment and frustration. I know it’s a fundamental part of the race that teams bunch up at certain points depending on travel times and opening hours and in any normal leg I’m 100% ok with that. However, I found it incredibly frustrating for the teams to bunch right back up after a to be continued leg. In my eyes the whole point of a to be continued leg is to push the racers to their extreme, allow the people at the front of the pack to extend their lead while the racers at the back really have to push hard and use their second chance to scramble out of the elimination placing. Bunching all the teams back up on the train just minutes into the episode meant there was absolutely no point to the previous leg, with no hindrance to the team that just avoided elimination. In terms of the prize of the first class train tickets, I thought that was an interesting twist to try and spark up tension and John and Murray really owed Ashleigh and Jarrod for working with them during the intersection in the previous leg.

I’m on the fence about the whole New Zealand vs Australia babushka doll challenge. While I think the challenge was interesting, the twist really ensured that one nation would have the top 3 finishers while the other would be in the bottom 3 and it really sucked the suspense out of the episode. I for one think it would have been more interesting to see the teams complete the challenge individually and watch who made a conscious decision to work together to complete it faster. This week we got another quirky detour with the choice between boil or build with the boil challenge providing plenty of highlights. Both tasks seemed to have high levels of difficulty and it was nice to see Cat and Jessie blitz past the two other Kiwi teams. While the roadblock looked like a really enjoyable task it didn’t really test any of the competitors or provide any opportunity for the teams to overtake one another.

The salvage pass is an interesting twist the Aussie version of the show created and it throws up an interesting moral dilemma. As far as I’m concerned, Dan and Ryan made the right decision choosing to take let the NZ boys go because they eliminate the strongest team in the competition and (based on the numbers) ensure that one of the remaining legs is a non-elimination leg. I doubt the hour head start is going to be a major advantage but the team Jesus are starting to become real contenders to win the race. Overall the episode was filled with many great moments and really ended on a high with Tyson’s proposal to Sally and the salvage pass twist but I can’t help but think the episode would have been more exciting had the teams been able to keep their time advantages from the previous leg and relied solely on the challenges as a means to catch up or streak ahead.

Tune in next week for our episode 6 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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