Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Launch Episode


Big Brother Australia is officially underway for 2014 and Ben is back with Ozlet/Brolet Kristan Knarr to go over all the happenings from the 2 night season launch and bring you their insightful and (intelligent?) opinions on the latest season of the reality juggernaut!

With 16 new housemates introduced playing in pairs (apparently a World first), Ben and Kristan go over each of the players, their thoughts on the twists, random rants about a lot of other topics and even forget to talk about one of the main twists in the first two episodes! Whoops! Enjoy all the hilarity below! And remember you can join in the conversation by contacting us or tweeting us your thoughts ahead of next weeks episodes! Enjoy!

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2 Comments on Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Launch Episode

  1. The twist was such a downer just because I thought it would have been something more than what we’ve seen in every other Big Brother. A couples twist? Seen it, been there, done that.

    But the cast seem to more than make up for that. And yeah, BEARD FEVER has finally invaded BBAU, from BBCAN to BBUS. πŸ˜€

  2. And just to add: Big Brother Canada also have an interactive Big Brother. Other than being a mere pre-recorded voice, Canadian BB also talk to them during tasks and challenges. That’s as much interactivity as the Canadians can get. Don Wollman aka American BB couldn’t even do that. πŸ˜€

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