The Listener Question Episode 2014


After much demand we listened to your voices and finally decided to sit down and do an entire episode devoted to answering your questions! From the smart through to the funny through to the obscure to the personal, everything is covered in the most revealing episode of Survivor Oz this year!

Ben is joined by Ozlets โ€ฆ to go through your questions and answer every single one in the most honest way possible. With over 70 questions to go through you know there is a lot to cover, and you should be warned that there are some very personal (and we do mean VERY personal) questions asked and answered. So sit back and enjoy our first ever listener question episode as you get to know Survivor Oz in a way you never thought possible!

You can read the Reddit AMA Ben did

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16 Comments on The Listener Question Episode 2014

  1. A Family Of Profane Mikes // September 13, 2014 at 1:47 pm // Reply

    Mr. Hunt, Litoris, Ock, and Rotch thank you for addressing their questions. Gave me some great laughs.

  2. Rileigh quit!?!?!

  3. great podcast, please more listener question episodes.

  4. yep it was a very good episode, here’s a question for the next amazing race podcast: When we are going to get a bloody Jarrod interview !?

  5. Wow, I’ve listened to a number of episodes in the past that contained interviews with former contestants and really enjoyed them. I did not enjoy all of the crudeness at the beginning of this episode however. Why the sudden lack of family-friendliness in this episode? The addition of crudeness and cursing was definitely not a value-add for me. As I said, normally I love the show. Just the beginning of this one episode was an exception.

    • Sorry you feel that way about this mate. A few things to point out. For the very first time we did warn people at the start of the episode that there would be some content that may offend. Secondly, we have never been a ‘family friendly’ podcast. Not sure if you have maybe listened to older episode when we were airing on radio that perhaps were slightly more ‘censored’ but based on previous episodes we have done, this episode was tame compared to some.

      Also, we mentioned we would answer ANY question given to us, including the clearly sarcastic/humorous ones. Perhaps that’s a question you should be putting to our listeners and the people who ask the questions, not exactly us answering them. Sorry you feel we ‘lost credibility’ with this episode but perhaps look into our show further to what we actually are and produce before making these comments!

      • That’s true that you did have the disclaimer at the beginning. Thanks for that. And definitely, the choice to not be a family friendly publication is one that you’re free to make. I just meant to communicate my disappointment with this choice. I think I was more surprised than anything, as I said, after not being familiar with that sort of banter from the very well-put-together Survivor Oz interviews that I’ve listened to in the past few weeks.

        The interviews seemed much more toned down and therefore likely to reach a broader audience. I assume the wish is often not to offend the person that you’re interviewing and miss out on the facts and information that he/she might bring to the table.

        I’m actually a huge fan of the Survivor television series, which is actually quite family friendly for the most part if you think about it. Perhaps that’s why it reaches such a wide audience here in the United States. It’s actually something that I generally feel comfortable watching with my wife and two young children.

        My guess is that the content of the show likely drives the audience that listens to the show and therefore the questions that they ask. If you regularly employ the crude humor in the other episodes then you’ll naturally gain listeners who enjoy that sort of thing. For those of us who don’t… I guess you might consider us a lost cause and not worthy of your time.

  6. Nice. In this podcast, the serious survivor questions are minimized and meaningless joke questions garner the most attention from the hosts. Raunchy questions take the spotlight. In my opinion, you guys definitely lost some credibility with this approach. I’m sorry to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dear attheshow please stop whining.

  8. Can you do a transcript? Don’t really have the time to listen to 4 1/2 hours.

    • Happy for you to take that one Milz! Knock yourself out! We accept Microsoft Word documents only and must be typed in Wingdings. Cheers!

      • Ben, only wanted to know the question why you are a fuckwit? Please save me the 4 1/2 hours of listening to socially retarded dickheads like yourself and give me a quick answer.

      • Naahhhh. This is half of what makes me a fuckwit. Making people like yourself listen to the audio of an audio show ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh how difficult that must be ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you Milz xx – Ben

  9. Ben, happy to invest a few hours of my time listening to a former survivor. Just can’t justify doing the same listen to you and Noah waffle on just cause you love the sound of our own voice.

    • Not as much as we love hearing from you Milz! You are our favourite commenter! Keep it up! xx

      • I am happy to provide the love Ben. Can’t say I see you the same way. You are a necessary evil so that I can hear my favourite survivors (which I do respect you on being able to bag them).

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