Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Week 1 Recap + Michael Beveridge Interview


Big Brother Australia is in full swing for 2014, and we continue our coverage of the season with Ben and Ozlet/Brolet Alex Morella recapping the events of the last week, as well as being joined by our very first former Big Brother Australia housemate in Michael Beveridge from season 9 to express his thoughts on the season and tell us some great stories from his time in the house in 2012!

While Kristan is away it seems Ben and Alex will play, as they both go over a very interesting week in the Big Brother house. From hissy fits and disagreements through to power exchanges and make outs, we cover it all and even discover a way we can control the public voting system and sway it into the way that Big Brother Oz wants it to be! You can see the result from our little experiment below:


Rorting the system or just clever social media tactics by us?

We also welcome our very first former housemate in Michael Beveridge, who finished 4th on the 2012 season 9, to get his thoughts on the season so far, address the rumours about Jake being 2013 winner Tim’s housemate and covering some other gossip and stories from his time in the house in 2012! Enjoy all the hilarity below! And remember you can join in the conversation by contacting us or tweeting us your thoughts ahead of our next episode which will be happening tomorrow with season 3 winner and the most popular housemate of all time Regina Sorensen! Enjoy!

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