The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 8 & 9 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season! (RECAP HAS BEEN SPLIT INTO TWO SEPARATE EPISODES/SECTIONS. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EPISODE 9 THEN AVOID THE SECOND HALF OF THE EPISODE AND SECOND HALF OF THIS ARTICLE)

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:



The Amazing Race Episode 8 Recap

It’s that time of the week again! And we’re in for a double episode in Australia tonight!

Previously on…The Amazing Race

We went from Russia to Portugal, Team Vanilla failed at counting everything, Aussies went walkabout and got lost…yet the Nurse Boys came out on top again, and Team Vanilla were saved by a non-elimination leg!

So who have we got left?

#1 Nurse Boys (Nurse Daniel & Nurse Ryan)

#2 Purple MILFs (Carla & Hereni)

#3 Team ANZAC (Cat & Jesse)

#4 Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

#5 Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

So the boys lead us off

Proceed to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia! I like it! Should be fun!

Episode 8 (3)

Another reason to show off the jumper (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Basically we get spiels about teams working well together…not a lot of huge moments…and they all take the same flight from Lisbon to Dubrovnik via Frankfurt…excitement!

Episode 8 (7)

Two strangers walk into an alley (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

It’s also Cat’s birthday! Wooo!

It’s on when we get to Dubrovnik!

There’s a race to taxis…and it looks like Cat and Jesse, who were one of the last to get one…grab themselves a crazy taxi driver! Quite possibly more crazy than Boris from Russia! He flies them towards the lead as if he was born, and then…gets out of the taxi at a bus stop…and runs them to the next clue! Jesse says that was the fastest they ran all race! It was terrific to watch!

Episode 8 (8)

Is that pot? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The next clue was then found

Carry a 10km stone up the Fort to a guard, who will then ask you a question which you must answer correctly

As soon as you hear this…I thought it was count stairs…

Episode 8 (17)

Well if the taxi driver says so… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

All teams grab these massively heavy stones and start to search for the way up the watchtower. They all kind of get lost…but eventually they all seem to find it at around the same time! With the exception of Team ANZAC, who are at the back of the pack!

Hulk Puppies power ahead on the stairs, they get to the top and meet the guard who asks the all important question

Episode 8 (22)

Unfortunately your clothes are incorrect (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

How many stairs did you climb to get to me?

Hulk Puppies have no clue, guess 160, are wrong…and are politely told to go down and try again!

The Purple MILFs guess 140…oh so close! But wrong!

Episode 8 (23)

Me bloody rock (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 8 (26)

What were these two doing before the camera started? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys and Team Vanilla seem to be counting them as they go…smart teams! And they get the correct answer first time! 139 steps! Which puts them in the lead! And gets them their next clue!

Episode 8 (30)

A convenient chalkboard (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 8 (32)

Unfortunately your face is a bad smile (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Proceed to the Old Harbour and sign up for 1 of 3 start times for the next morning

I don’t rate just random start times…it’s too rigged for getting Team Vanilla back in the game!

Team ANZAC get up to the guard…and despite some quick witted humour from Jesse “It took as many steps as it did”, they have to go down to the bottom and count again!

All the teams get it…so they’re off to the Old Harbour! Nurse Boys take a shortcut and get their first, followed by Team Vanilla and Hulk Puppies! They all get on the first departure time

Purple MILFs get a time 15 minutes later

Finally, Team ANZAC are a further 15 minutes back

Again….3, 1 and 1, that’s just rigged!

Episode 8 (34)

SALE AT TARGET ZOMG! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

We get to the next morning…and the three Aussie teams get their clues…and are ready to race…there’s not only a route marker though…there’s the one and only FAST FORWARD!

Now…for those that don’t know what a Fast Forward is…it’s a chance to do one different task that allows you to skip all tasks and go directly to the pit stop…it usually involves head shaving or something like that…There is only one on the entire race, and only one team can take it, once it is gone, that’s it!

Fast Forward – Collect marked prayer cards, then undertake a symbolic act of sacrifice!

Episode 8 (43)

Grant and a scarf with vest. Schmexy (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys and Hulk Puppies are both keen to have a crack at it! Nurse Boys run off confidently though…and that makes Hulk Puppies reconsider!

Team Vanilla decide it’s not worth it and go for the route marker instead!

Proceed to the Big Onofrio Fountain and find your next clue, caution! Speedbump ahead

I hope it’s a good Speedbump!

Episode 8 (45)

Snip snip (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla find the speedbumb

Speedbump – Tie Tie knots – Two different styles of necktie must be tied on the other team member, before moving on

…a mild inconvenience at best surely? Sour Ash gets the tie done on Bloody Jarrod, but Bloody Jarrod finds the task bloody difficult! Not really much of a speedbump…did someone say rigged?

Hulk Puppies are first to get to the roadblock

Roadblock – Who’s always looking ahead? Abseil down a big wall

Smiley Sally is up for the Hulk Puppies, it’s a tad higher than it looks apparently

Episode 8 (46)

Bloody speed bump (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Sally looks to struggle with this, her legs just aren’t doing it!

Team Vanilla finish their speedbump with incredibly little difficulty, making it seem…less worthwhile…but they get to the Roadblock as the same time as the Purple MILFs

Team ANZAC get their clue at the harbour and are on their way to the fountain, they’re optimistic for the rest of the leg…even if they’re starting behind everyone else!

Smiley Sally finishes the Roadblock with little difficulty, Hulk Puppies are in the lead!

Episode 8 (52)

Thanks it’s what I’ve always dreamed of! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Proceed to Fort St John, to find their next clue

Cue Daniel and Ryan searching for the Prayer Cards, it looks like in the confessional that Daniel still has hair…they’re trying hard to use those beanies to cover it!

At the roadblock, Sour Ash has a lead over Carla, and Sour Ash is just flying through it despite freaking out!

Team ANZAC get their roadblock, and it’s Cat’s turn! She’s not that excited about Roadblocks, but is reasonably keen for this, her and Jesse are excited!

Nurse Boys run past the place they have to take the cards…it’s a barber! Daniel is now a bit worried!

Episode 8 (63)

Well this was a good idea… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 8 (68)

Hold the hair in my hands… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Sour Ash finishes the roadblock comfortably ahead of Carla, and it looks like the Hulk Puppies are a bit lost! So things are looking up for Team Vanilla!

Time for the climax at the fast forward! The Nurse Boys return the cards and see what they’re in for…a traditional cut! And they are not very comfortable! Cue an ad break! I swear Daniel still has a lot more hair in his confessionals!

Back from the break! And Nurse Ryan is ready to go first! He’s had a couple of head shaves in his time so is less concerned, Daniel, who has been growing his hair for 6 years…is still a little iffy on it! But the hair has started coming off Ryan!

Hulk Puppies are still searching for the next fort…in fact they are on the right path though!

Another Roadblock! Didn’t see that coming!

Who’s a Social Climber, the other team member must now climb up an abseiling wall to receive their next clue

Hulk Puppy should destroy this!

At the barber…Ryan is going bald! Daniel still seems to be fighting with it! I’m still convinced he’s got a full head of hair in his beanie!

Cat is up at the descending roadblock, and she’s a little terrified, and not moving that fast, but Jesse wants her to just come down in one piece!

Hulk Puppy is climbing the wall…but he’s not going that quickly at all

The Purple MILFs are getting a bit lost now! Not sure where they are exactly…hence why they are lost!

Ok…Ryan is done at the Fast Forward…it is Daniel’s turn! He is ready to go!

Cat is done with the Descending! They’re off to the other side harbour

Team Vanilla are up to the roadblock…Bloody Jarrod’s bloody chance to bloody sign…apparently it’s bloody easy! Hulk Puppy is slowing…Jarrod is flying! It’s very tight as they get to the top so….of course…ad break!

Back from the break…and Hulk Puppy just up ahead of Bloody Jarrod…but its bloody tight! And they’re off to the pit stop!

Race to the pit stop – Fort St Lawrence, this massive stone is the pit stop!

So Hulk Puppies are gunning it! Team Vanilla are right behind!

At the Fast Forward…Daniel’s getting the long locks trimmed! Of course it was going to happen to them! But…he get’s it done…and looks pretty good with short hair…although the monk look is a bit much…Nurse boys take their beanies off in the confessional and they look hilariously ridiculous! For a minimal lead potentially! They’re also off to the pit stop!

The Purple MILFs get to the climbing wall…Hereni is not thrilled at all! In fact she’s terrified! Team ANZAC are on their way though so can’t slow down!

The Race for first is on too! The three teams are all closing in on the pit stop! It’s tight! Oh so tight!

Who will get there first????

It’s…Hulk Puppies! They’ve got there first! They’re delighted and not expecting it at all! They were convinced the Nurse Boys would’ve been there!

Episode 8 (77)

I won! I won Tas Keno! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

As the winners of this leg…they’ve won a $10,000 flight voucher to share! Plus platinum velocity frequent flyer card…which is the perfect engagement present according to Hulk Puppy!

Team Vanilla race in shortly afterwards to be team number two! Which is pretty exciting for them! That speedbump though…wasn’t much!

Nurse Boys are still lost looking for the pit stop…they can see it…they just don’t know how to get up to it!

Hereni is just about done at the roadblock…she digs deep! While Cat and Jesse just arrive…to the horror of poor Jesse who must climb up that wall! Hereni finishes the task! And they are off to the pit stop!

Jesse is kitted up ready to go…this leg has not been kind to them! Jesse gives us a great quip of ‘I can’t feel my nads!’, which Cat loves! He then gives us a ridiculous attempt at climbing the wall!

Nurse Boys are still lost! Still lost! They’re really struggling! It’s taking them a long time! They ask for directions and are apparently going the right way now!

Jesse has now found a spurt of energy! He’s powering through the roadblock…well as he says…powering isn’t quite the right word…stumbled is his more accurate depiction! But he makes it! You go Jesse!

Episode 8 (81)

This is why Jessie can’t feel his nads (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

There’s still 3 teams to check in so you never know what could happen here! They all seem lost!

Eventually…the Nurse boys find it! And check in to be team number 3! Which is horrifying! Grant asks them if it was all worth it…Daniel’s response is ‘hell no!’ but Ryan says ‘We’re in it for the adventure’, which is true…that’s what they have said all along!

The Purple MILFs are running hard! Team ANZAC are…walking slowly….but they’re both on their way to the pit stop!

We cut to Grant and….it’s…the Purple MILFs! With Carla riding Hereni to the pit stop! They are team number 4 and are safe for the leg!

Cat and Jesse come to the pit stop in last place…working incredibly hard to make it the whole way there! Unfortunately they are eliminated from the race! They’re so proud of themselves though…and so are all of Australia and New Zealand! Jesse is disappointed they have nothing to bring home for their kids from the great time they’ve had, but it’s been a wonderful experience for them! Cat’s so proud of Jesse…they’ve gone through everything…been so light-hearted and positive through the whole experience! It’s a real shame to see them go!

Episode 8 (83)

*sniff* queue the waterworks (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So what do I think of this leg…..TEAM ANZAC GOT FUCKING SCREWED!!!!

Seriously!!! What kind of leg was that????? So much physical shit! How the fuck were teams like Cat and Jesse, or Aston and Christie, or Elizabeth and Todd expected to fucking pull that leg off! I understand physical challenges are part of the race….but a whole episode of fucking lifting and upper body shit was just ridiculous…it was a leg made for Hulk Puppies, Team Vanilla, Nurse Boys and so on…it was…well…ridiculous how much physical stuff was needed!

Episode 8 (1)

So long…farewell (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So there we go…we have 4 teams left

#1 Hulk Puppies – Finally got a first! Had a lot of good strengths, and were favoured by such a physically demanding leg!

#2 Team Vanilla – Bloody Hell! That was a bloody easy Speedbump! They did everything that was needed…but it was pretty well sorted for them to do well…just saying!

#3 Nurse Boys – The monk boys! Now have ridiculous haircuts that might make them a bit more exciting…but they struggled with that task a bit! Need to lift!

#4 Purple MILFs – They keep surviving! We don’t see them much on our screens, but they keep scraping through…will need to improve…but impressive to see they are the final NZ representatives going!

Let’s keep racing!


The following episode at time of publication has not aired in New Zealand! To avoid spoilers do not read beyond this point!

It’s the penultimate leg now! It’s on!

Who’s left?

#1 Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

#2 Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

#3 Nurse Boys (Nurse Daniel & Nurse Ryan)

#4 Purple MILFs (Carla & Hereni)

Hulk Puppies are off first!

Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and find a local polo ranch

Argentina! Nice!

Episode 9 (4)

The hills are alive (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies are aiming to be more selfish now, more secretive, and go head to head with other teams! They’re ready to annoy everyone!

Team Vanilla are off shortly afterwards, and are ready to also play ball against the Nurse Boys!

Nurse Boys take off (with new…fixed haircuts!) and say the same thing…they’re ready to play hard to win!

Episode 9 (5)

That horse has something on it.. (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Apparently the Purple MILFs are barely a threat and Cat and Jesse were just here for fun according to the Aussies…bit disrespectful from all 3 I think the way they mean it…TEAM NZ ALL THE WAY!

The Purple MILFs are off last, and are excited! They’re representing basically every minority! They’re kiwis, all-female, parents, and the oldest…so it’s a tough one for them!

Team Vanilla announce another country they know nothing about…Nurse Boys make a bit of fun about Bloody Jarrod not having a southern cross tattoo…yet!

Episode 9 (12)

Well that’s an interesting caption (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So it’s on at the airport!

Hulk Puppies are able to get into the business centre with the bribery of a Mars Bar, and use computers to look up flights! This annoys Team Vanilla…or bloody annoys them I should say! They all get in there…but clearly people are no longer sharing stuff now!

Everyone is starting to get a bit more angry now…Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash are not thrilled for the Nurse Boys just taking whatever they want.

Episode 9 (14)

A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

In any case…everyone’s on the same flight…so…a little pointless!

Episode 9 (22)

Pretend we don’t see them (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (25)

Bloody wankers (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (27)

It’s in South America Sally! LOOK! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The leg is off though! They’re all trying different things!

Team Vanilla and Purple MILFs go for the taxis, Hulk Puppies and Nurse Boys go for the money exchange!

Hulk Puppies and Nurse boys are a good 5-10 minutes behind by the time they manage to get out of the airport!

Team Vanilla hit more taxi problems though! Their cab is lost! And guess what…Purple MILFs cab is lost too!

Episode 9 (30)

Argentinian taxi drivers are amazing (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (32)

Jarrod is happy (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (40)

Ladies and gentleman, George the taxi driver (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

That means the Nurse Boys and Hulk Puppies get there first!

Roadblock time!

Who wants to Horse around?

Team member must first quickly race a horse and cart really, and then dress and prepare a horse for polo

Episode 9 (41)

Ride ‘em cowboys! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Smiley Sally is doing this for the Hulk Puppies, Nurse Daniel is up for the Nurse Boys. Smiley Sally has done quite a lot of horse stuff…Daniel has not

Team Vanilla are lost and in trouble here…a lot of trouble! But they’ve found their way there! And they’re still in front of the Purple MILFs! Sour Ash is up for Team Vanilla, Carla for the Purple MILFs.

So we’re all saddling!

Bloody Jarrod starts being a bloody pest to Nurse Daniel! It’s all going a bit wrong for Sour Ash though! She’s twisting things up! Carla sees this as her opportunity to pass!

Episode 9 (43)

Take the bloody clue! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Smiley Sally is all smiles as she flies through the task, including the tail which she forgot at first, and celebrates wildly, to the disappointment of Ash and Jarrod.

Episode 9 (46)

Do you like my hat? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Elateneo Bookstore – A dramatic bookstore

Nurse Daniel is slightly embarrassed to have to re-bandage some areas…but they complete it comfortably for second, about 5-10 minutes behind Hulk Puppies.

Sour Ash is annoyed that Daniel is done…and doesn’t see Carla as a threat…Bad idea to say that! Carla then takes some tape that Sour Ash was going to use! Which annoys Bloody Jarrod slightly, and then Carla finishes ahead of Sour Ash! Well played Kiwis! Sour Ash tries to see if hers was right…but Sour Ash’s bridal is on the wrong way! She’s freaking out a bit! And eventually she finishes!

Episode 9 (48)

George gets ready to take the boys back to his house (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys’ cab takes a bit of a detour…in fact he’s heading to his house!!!! Not Buenos Aires! Ridiculous! Purple MILFs also are using their same cabbie who got them lost…and he still sucks!

Hulk Puppies get to the book shop, and find their next clue…it’s a detour!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons, in this Detour teams must choose between

Tango: Teams must learn an Argentine Tango routine

Tribute: Teams must find the Boca Juniors stadium and speak to a footballer about Diego Maradona, then go to Eva Peron’s grave and find their next clue

I know Argentine Tango! It’s difficult but very nice when you get it right!

Episode 9 (56)

Bet your local Dymocks doesn’t look like this (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (73)

Phwoar! Sexy Grant! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (76)

The creepiest Soccer player you will ever meet (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Dancing vs Maradona…that is so hard! I love them both!

Hulk Puppies are doing Tribute!

Team Vanilla do tango…do they remember Jarrod’s last dancing effort???

Nurse Boys…still lost and stuffed, also applicable to the Purple MILFs

Nurse Boys get there 3rd – Mixed ideas about what to do…Ryan wants Tribute, but Daniel wants to dance…however Ryan wins, and they decide to do tribute

Purple MILFs arrive…they ask Nurse Boys for help…but they can’t give anything…they find the clue…choose tango…AND THEN THEY DON’T TAKE THE BOOK THAT’S THERE! SO THEY GO AND SEARCH THROUGH THE ENTIRE LIBRARY!

Episode 9 (83)

The number one book in the history of Argentina (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (94)

Yes, he is still creepy (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys are still stuck in traffic and Nurse Daniel is less than thrilled with their decision.

Hulk Puppies arrive at the Stadium…find the footballer….and they are asked in Spanish what hospital Maradona was born in…the locals help out and they find out…but then…instead of going back to the footballer…they head to the hospital!! Oh dear!!! This could be bad!!!

Purple MILFs finally realise their mistake and get their book…oh dear!!!

Team Vanilla arrive at Tango…decide on the instructors with the best English, and realise how hard this could be! I learnt this dance in a group lesson in about an hour…it could be done quite quickly though in a private so I think they can do it! It looks similar!

Episode 9 (100)

Bloody chequered tiles (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (107)

Bloody annoying tweets on my bloody shirt (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies realise they’re going to the wrong place! Head back to the Stadium!

Nurse Boys speak to footballer! They understand what they have to do…kind of!

Team Vanilla have a crack at the Tango! No Good, not good enough and no passion!

Eventually Hulk Puppies and Nurse Boys figure out what they’re doing…but they know they’re supposed to be working against each other…and they’re using locals…in fact it’s a race between locals to find the name in the book…

Episode 9 (112)

Creepy soccer guy teaches Sally geography (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla are getting close! In fact Bloody Jarrod looks a lot better! Sour Ash struggled a bit! Female steps to Argentine Tango are much harder! I can vouch for this!

Purple MILFs arrive at the Tango studio…which is a lift to Team Vanilla…who then are a bit more composed

Cue exciting racing of people reading a name in a book…Hulk Puppies come out on top and are given a photo of a former President…so they’re off to the cemetery where he rests (still part of the detour).

Nurse Boys find it…but the footballer says no…they look again and find it….but then on the way to the next clue…their taxi breaks down!!!

Episode 9 (121)

George just gets a little better (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Tango…Team Vanilla give it a crack…and they get it! It reminds me of how hard but enjoyable Argentine Tango is!

They’re off to the pit stop! The Tigre Rowing Club! And they then must row themselves to the pit stop!

Last team to check in…may (but they definitely will be!) eliminated!

Team Vanilla are off!

Episode 9 (127)

What do you think? Does it look like Messi? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies arrive at cemetery looking for the grave, they found that quite quickly, and are off to the pit stop!

Purple MILFs look good as they perform the Tango! In fact they do a fantastic job!

Nurse Boys arrive at cemetery, get the clue…all 4 are on their way to the pit stop!

Team Vanilla arrive at the Club first! Rowing time!

Episode 9 (133)

Row the bloody boat Ash! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies aren’t too far behind!

They both get through the river….it’s Team Vanilla that have finally won a leg!

Episode 9 (136)

Look at how sexy I am. Celebrate my sexiness dammit! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 9 (139)

ZOMG! GRANT IS SEXY! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

As the winners of this leg of the race…they win a 5 star trip to Bali…of course the Bogans get the Bali trip! They’ll actually fit in there!

Hulk Puppies check in second! They’ll be racing for the money as well!

Purple MILFs arrive at the Rowing Club! They don’t really grasp the rowing though!

The Nurse Boys are still last and lost! They eventually arrive at the boats and start rowing!

Episode 9 (145)

Romantic cruise on the Yarra, I mean clean river (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)



What a disaster for the Purple MILFs! Just terrible!

That leaves the Purple MILFs as the last team to arrive, and they are eliminated from the race! That means there will be no Kiwis in the finale! What a disappointment! And yes…I mean that!

Episode 9 (150)

Ah shit bro! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Leg Assessment: An error riddled leg that provided incredible excitement! All teams seemed to stumble a lot, and ultimately the Purple MILFs paid the price! The leg had crazy taxis that had no clue what they were doing…and a lot of great communication issues…so I enjoyed the leg all up! You’d think by now teams were more aware of what they had to do at times, but they are just not…clicking a lot of the time!

Detour Assessment: Quality Detour! Two very different options, that provided challenges for all teams! Even though looking through a book wasn’t exciting…it seemed exciting so props to the producers for that!

Roadblock Assessment: Not as exciting, but it was challenging and gave the Purple MILFs a good chance to catch up, and that’s what a good roadblock does!

So we’re down to our final 3! All Aussies (Booooo! I’m such a bad patriotic Aussie but…I liked the NZ teams way more!)

#1 Team Vanilla – Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash are firing when it matters! They could well win this! They just minimised their mistakes, which is what you need to do!

#2 Hulk Puppies – Still don’t seem to get that much love, and don’t seem to be that good a lot of the time…but they’re still there…and they made several mistakes, but nothing that was so bad it would cost them the race!

#3 Nurse Boys – Wowee! They got away with that one! The fan favourites (It seems to be that way…us at TAR Oz are surprised to say the least!) managed to scrape through, but two pretty awful legs in a row will not sit well with them! On their day…clearly the best team…and the best under pressure…they’ll have to deliver!

The finale is next Thursday! I look forward to it! Go the Kiwis…oh wait…now I’m sad!

Ben’s Thoughts


Another double dose and now we’re only one week away from the finale! It’s gone by so quickly! And how quickly things have become the Ash and Jarrod show! They are bloody awesome! Surprise surprise though we have an Aussie final 3. Funny to think that given that the first 2 teams to be eliminated were Aussies, we haven’t had an Aussie team eliminated since! Incredible! I’m rooting for an Ash and Jarrod win, as the other teams are just very meh. We have the Jesus boys who have been getting a winners edit since about episode 2, and then Sally and Tyson who probably won’t even realise they have won or think they are in Europe or something. Go Ash and Jarrod! Let’s bloody do this!

Jarrod’s Thoughts


The penultimate week of The Amazing Race Australia and things are still feeling a little flat after the elimination of John and Murray a couple of weeks back. Dubrovnik proved to be a great location as it was tricky for the teams to navigate the narrow winding streets and could have provided plenty of opportunities for teams to overtake one another. Unfortunately, all the tension was sapped out of the episode by the decision to split the teams up into different groups at the start of the second day. While I personally didn’t mind the teams having different starting times (as it meant the teams that performed well during the first stage of the leg could maintain their lead), it would have been much more interesting if the grouping was one team leaving first, two teams leaving in the second bunch and two teams leaving in the third bunch. On such a physically demanding leg there wasn’t much chance of the teams that left last catching up to the teams at the front. In terms of the other aspects of the episode, it was great to finally see a fast forward (although I think they tend to work better when there are more teams left) but it was a shame to see a detour sacrificed for two roadblocks because the double roadblock is usually a feature saved for the dramatic final leg.

Onto Buenos Aires and after a touch up between the legs, Dan and Ryan’s shaved head look probably suited them more than their original hairstyles. The 9th leg of the race saw a lot of repeat offences from the remaining teams. Sally and Tyson got lost once again with Tyson having to take an unscheduled toilet stop right on cue, Ashleigh and Jarrod continued to bicker at the roadblocks and detours and just like the first leg in Russia Carla and Hereni failed to find the full clue at their destination. It was great to see some of the alliances crumble in this episode as we get closer of the finish line and I think it’s safe to say that any chance of teams working together is kaput. Overall it was a fairly stock standard leg that definitely could have benefited from some better editing at the end. Carla and Hereni are lost on the river trying to find the Pit Stop, then Dan and Ryan show up and begin rowing. Right there we should have cut straight to the mat instead of the shot of Dan and Ryan running back on land that was shown.

Ultimately this was a tough week losing both Kiwi teams, not only because they were two really likable pairs but also because it kind of dampens the Australia vs New Zealand gimmick going into the final leg. It’s a shame we didn’t see a u-turn in either of these two legs as that means there was only one the entire race. Any of the tree teams left could win this game as they’ve all proved they have what it takes to win a leg. Dan and Ryan have to be favourites going into the finale but they have had two fairly average legs back to back while Tyson and Sally and Ashleigh and Jarrod seem to be hitting their stride at exactly the right time. My main hope for the final episode is that we see a lot of jostling between the rankings of the teams, there aren’t too many bunch up points (there very likely will be considering they’re travelling to the USA and then to Australia) and the final memory challenge proves to be unique and the most challenging task of the race so far. Bring on the final leg!

Tune in next week for our final episode recap as we recap the 10th episode finale! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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1 Comment on The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 8 & 9 Recap

  1. Love these recaps, guys! Team Jesus are my favourite to win, mainly because Daniel looks like the love child of a Daniel Johns and Martin Henderson. Though if Sally and Tyson win, I imagine their reactions would be hilarious, they’re both so sweet!

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