Gervase Peterson Blood vs Water Interview


When we first spoke to Gervase back in 2012, it seemed highly unlikely that we would ever see him return for a second time to play Survivor. Amazingly enough though that call came, and he was on our screens once again on Blood vs Water fighting for his shot at a million dollars. While his second time around might’ve ruffled (or ‘russled’) a few feathers and turned some fans off him, he still found himself being able to leave the game proud of his achievements and feel accomplished in the way he played. But what was the deal with his swimming ability? And just what exactly happened way back in Borneo with the whole ‘cows & women’ situation?

gervase-peterson-survivor-blood-vs-water (1)

Gervase formed tight bonds early with Aras, Tina, Tyson and Monica and it was relationship with Tyson and Monica that would prove key to him making it far in the game. He lasted all the way to the final tribal council where he was unable to secure any votes for him to win and finished the game in third place.

In our chat with Gervase, he talks about how the reception was back home this time compared to his first season, how he became a ‘student of the game’ in the 13 years since he played last, why Marissa wasn’t his first choice to play with during the season, addressing the rumours of there being pre-game alliances, why he was wary of Tyson when the game started and why he told Marissa to get rid of him should they be on a tribe together, his social ability as a player and why he needs more love for it, why he didn’t care about moves and things he did whilst playing as well as his disappointment not getting any votes at the end, his thoughts on Colton and Monica as well as finally telling the truth about what happened back in Borneo with the ‘cows & women’ situation.

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1 Comment on Gervase Peterson Blood vs Water Interview

  1. Interesting how Gervase constantly contradicts himself, sometimes in the same sentence.

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