Pete Yurkowski Interview


Pete Yurkowski went into the 25th season of Philippines with many people believing he was nothing more than the ‘frat boy’ who was recruited and didn’t know what he was doing. He was soon able to prove people wrong and played one hell of a game until his time eventually ran out. Wanting nothing more to win and not really caring about the TV side of things, Pete left the game without any resentment but still has some very strong opinions on those he played with. He also left becoming a lot closer to one of his former tribe mates, something that is finally spoken about on air.


Pete started off strongly on Tandang, forming early alliances and assuming a power position on the tribe. Post-merge things also seemingly were going his way until slowly he saw his alliance being voted out and he was eventually sent to the jury.

In our chat with Pete, he talks about his Australian slang he uses in day to day life, why it pisses him off that people think he was recruited and didn’t apply, which players he was wary of pre-game and which contestants were ‘whispering strategy’ on the ride in, why he hates Baseball and didn’t care for Jeff Kent, his Skupin reference pre-game which he believes made the producers put Skupin on his tribe, what the biggest mistake he made out there was and why it cost him the game, the truth behind RC and Abi, why the camera crew got pissed at him as well as hanging out with Carter and his Keanu Reeves love, why Ponderosa is like ‘prison with beer’ as well as finally letting the listeners know just what is happening between him and Abi.

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