The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 10 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season!

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also wrap everything up as they go over the finale episode!

You can also download Ben’s interview he did with host (and the greatest human being on the planet) Grant Bowler back in 2010 for his breakfast radio show The Brink via the link below:

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


The Amazing Race Finale Recap

It’s here! The final leg of the 2014 Amazing Race Australia! It’s flown by so quickly! We’re down to the final three teams! It’s going to be a belter!

So where do we stand?

#1 Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

#2 Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

#3 Nurse Boys (Nurse Daniel & Nurse Ryan)

We start with Grant telling us about the fact we’ve been a long way! And the traditional recap! All well and good…no need to tell you about that!

So…we are in Buenos Aires, ready to embark on the final leg!

Team Vanilla are leading us off!

Episode 10 (1)

Bloody lead us off guys! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Fly to Hollywood California – Teams must search the airport at LAX for their marked cars

Hollywood! Woo!

Episode 10 (3)

I love LA! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Team Vanilla are excited to be going to a country where everyone is a knucklehead like them that they can understand…fair enough after these countries!

Hulk Puppies depart, and are excited to see the race is just still going as they’re loving it!

Nurse Boys leave, they want to race as they have all race…apparently they’ve helped others too much

Everyone speaks about not helping others….so someone will help others…

All teams are on the same flight to LA

Episode 10 (8)

Just in case you got lost along the way (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

They get to drive Mustangs! That’s pretty awesome!

Make your way to Hollywood Boulevard, and have your photo taken with three film characters who were portrayed by AUSTRALIAN actors

Episode 10 (13)

Welcome back to 1999 (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

So they all head off! And nearly straight away…the Nurse Boys manage to get themselves lost…again! Ahh dear!

Hulk Puppies are toying with Bloody Jarrod by just passing him to annoy him, they know how he gets…it’s usually very entertaining!

Bloody Jarrod sees Bloody Hooters…bloody great!

Episode 10 (20)

Bloody Hooters! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Team Vanilla and Hulk Puppies arrive at Hollywood Boulevard! Let the movie buffs shine!

Hulk is the first one that Team Vanilla finds, they argue about if an Australian has played him…I was at the Australian Premiere with Eric Bana…I’m pretty sure he’s Australian!

Hulk Puppies get a photo with them, and point out they’ve been called Team Hulk…I have also gone with that the whole race!

Hulk Puppies find Wolverine! As does Team Vanilla! 2 shots done!

Episode 10 (26)

Ding ding ding! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nurse Boys arrive, and find the Hulk for a photo!

Hulk Puppies find Thor…and not only impolitely ask him who he is (come on Smiley Sally! It’s Thor!!!) and then decide he’s not Australian…WRONG! Chris Hemsworth is Aussie! Uneducated movie buffs! I am too…I still haven’t seen Lord of the Rings…but at least I know Australian actors!

In any case, Team Vanilla know who Thor is and take a photo! They now need to find the photo lab

Hulk Puppies decide to get a photo with Thor because he’s cute and it can’t hurt…Hulk Puppy says he’ll snap him in half…maybe he can replace Hulk in the Avengers…

Episode 10 (29)

You’re not the one that I want (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Team Vanilla get to the photo lab, and all 3 are correct, they’re lucky for Sour Ash’s trashy magazine habits according to Bloody Jarrod!

I knew that…you just watch movies…and I don’t even watch many movies…

Next clue!

Drive to Pinks Restaurant, and Finish one of Pink’s famous hot dogs

Hot Dogs! Woo!

Hulk Puppies, on the way to the studio, have to stop so Hulk Puppy can pee…behind a dumpster in an LA alley…classy!

Nurse Boys find Thor, Hulk and Sandy from Grease to get them all three photos!

Hulk Puppies get theirs confirmed, and move on to the next clue! They bribe the guys in Ray’s photos to tell any other teams the long way around…sneaky!

Turns out Nurse Boys are wrong…they find out Olivia Newton John was born in the UK…bugger…so they go and get a photo with Crocodile Dundee instead!

Episode 10 (32)

Super easy right? (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Team Vanilla arrive at Pinks, and Bloody Jarrod is sooking about the bloody cheese, mustard and onions on his hot dog! He’s bloody annoyed then when Hulk Puppies turn up and just chow through theirs! Come on Bloody Jarrod! It’s for $250k! And it’s a hot dog! That’s right up your alley! Just eat the damn thing! It’s not cultural eating…it’s a bloody hot dog!

Nurse Boys gets back and fix their photos…they are correct this time! And are off to Pinks!

At Pinks…Hulk Puppies smash though theirs and have taken the lead…because Bloody Jarrod is slow eating a hot dog!

Time to go home!

Episode 10 (35)

Nice hats guys (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Teams must fly to Melbourne, Australia, and then proceed to Moorabbin airport!

Melbourne! Team Vanilla will be thrilled when we find out! If Bloody Jarrod can ever finish that bloody hot dog! As Nurse Daniel puts it…what a pussy!

Episode 10 (42)

Best I’ve bloody had! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nurse Boys arrive and fly through it…in fact are done before Bloody Jarrod!

Episode 10 (44)

Get a life dickhead! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

They both read the last clue…as expected…Team Vanilla are a bit more excited! Surely it’s set up for them to win now? Not that many teams seem to have that much luck in their home state in the past! I know I’d get lost a lot still in Melbourne!

So everyone’s all on the flight…rendering the leg pointless! Beside a great marketing tool to say we visited every continent

In any case…everyone gets flight upgrades thanks to Virgin Australia and they’re all in business class! Woohoo! It looks bloody nice!

Episode 10 (51)

Yes, that’s Melbourne! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

We get a little side contest really…name all the places where Virgin flies…and then you win return flights to LA! Oooooh mild drama!

After all the guessing…Nurse Boys have won the trip!

Side contest over! Time to race again!

All teams are in taxis! And on their way to Moorabbin!

Hulk Puppy points out there are so many good moments it’s hard to think of the best….Smiley Sally says getting engaged was a big deal…yep!

Episode 10 (56)

Quick pit stop first (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nurse Boys seem to take a different route to Moorabbin…we’re not sure if that’s better or not…I’d say taking the Monash seemed like a lengthy way to get there…

Who gets there first? It’s the Nurse Boys!

Travel by Helicopter to the Otway Ranges – Search this canopy walkway for your next clue

That at least evens the field up…no one really knows that area that well…including me…

Episode 10 (62)

Are we in Tasmania?(Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nice helicopter rides now…

It’s on again!

Hulk Puppy is going to the toilet again….seriously Hulk Puppy! Hold it in!

Nurse Boys get to the clue first…we’re flying some more!

Episode 10 (65)

The fun continues… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Return to your helicopter and fly to the 12 apostles on Victoria’s coast, once here, teams must scour the coastline to find 3 pieces of a puzzle – From the air, search the area around Port Campbell for their next clue

Bloody Jarrod tells the locals to misdirect Hulk Puppies, also…to walk and just enjoy the view! Hulk Puppies go the wrong way!

So we’re now with the teams looking for clues in the helicopters…cue hilarious moment with the binoculars and Bloody Jarrod

So everyone is searching now…but they don’t know what for…

Nurse Boys find it first…it says Loch…and the boys are down on the ground…

Episode 10 (59)

In case you were wondering.. (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Hulk Puppies find it too…Bloody Jarrod is still struggling though

Nurse Boys get their next clue!

Proceed to Port Campbell Beach – Search sandcastles for part of a clue…then paddleboard to retrieve the second part of the clue

Team Vanilla are still struggling to get the clue from the air! Bloody Jarrod can’t read it! So…just let Sour Ash do it!

Nurse Boys get to the Sandcastles and start tearing them apart! Hulk Puppies have just got to the fisherman and got their next clue

Episode 10 (74)

Just keep digging (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nurse Boys get their next clue…get their shirts off…and are off on their paddleboards!

Hulk Puppies get to the sandcastles…Hulk Puppies gives a polite tackle…and the thing pretty much shoots straight out!

Nurse Boys get their last clue, a piece of driftwood that says Gorge, but now they have to paddle back…and here comes Hulk Puppies!

Team Vanilla arrive at the sandcastles and lay into them!

Nurse Boys get back to land, see the lifeguard, and show their three parts…and get their next clue

Your three things spell out your next location…Loch Ard Gorge, the next clue is on the majestic cliffs

Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash have decimated their castle…more than the other two teams, but just can’t find that pendant!

Episode 10 (77)

Yes we can puppy (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Nurse Boys are off to get a taxi and take off to the gorge…just as Hulk Puppies get in from the water! It’s only about a minute’s difference between the two

Team Vanilla are getting flustered and can’t find their pendant…and are quickly falling out of it! Home City syndrome strikes again!

Nurse Boys take another wrong turn! Oh dear! And the Hulk Puppies get to the gorge first!

It’s that time of the season…final roadblock times!

Who’s got an eye for detail? The team member must put in order items that belonged to the greeters at the pit stop in order to receive their final clue

It’s come down to this! A basic task that any good team would’ve taken note of…but they probably didn’t…except Nurse Boys probably…so…prove me wrong Smiley Sally!

Episode 10 (85)

It’s a coconut! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Smiley Sally gets a few straight away…

Nurse Boys arrive….and after a quick consultation about who wants to do a memory challenge…it comes down to Nurse Ryan…apparently he’s been waiting for his time to shine!

Cue watching of reflective moments through the season…surely people know to pretty much take not of everything…although it’s so hard at the time!

Team Vanilla are done at the paddling and are on their way to the gorge!

Ryan looks to be making good progress, as does Smiley Sally

Smiley tries…and gets 6/9

Team Vanilla arrives…Bloody Jarrod is doing it for them…don’t know why…and even Sour Ash has no clue…

Episode 10 (90)

Bloody last! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Bloody Jarrod has a bloody quick guess…4/9

Sally is at 7/9, Ryan is close…

They both go to the judge…we go to the ad break…this is going to be it….

In fact…after the break…both are at 8/9!

Both are thinking hard….Ryan sees his mistake…makes a change…and they’re right! The Nurse Boys are on their way on foot to the finish!

Finish Line: Mutton Bird Island Lookout at the end of the Great Ocean Road is the finish line for The Amazing Race! The first team to get here wins!

Episode 10 (91)

Grant shows off his pecs (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

The Nurse Boys are off!

Smiley Sally is right shortly afterwards, she’s not smiley….but they’re excited the pit stop is still coming

Cue running to the finish! I wonder why they haven’t ditched their bags…they don’t really need them now…

We cut to Grant and the eliminated teams at the finish…who will it be…it’s the boys!!!!! THE NURSE BOYS ARE THE WINNERS!!!!!!

Grant gives them the news in angry fashion….THEY ARE TEAM NUMBER 1!!!!

Episode 10 (100)

Grant is waiting… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (102)

Teams are cheering… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (106)

The boys are running… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (108)

And catching… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (114)

Grant warms up… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (120)

The boys wait… (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (140)

YOU’RE TEAM NUMBER ONE!!!!!! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (153)

WINNING! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Simply put by the Nurse Boys…we won…

Apparently they’re the nice guys who won…I still don’t know how ‘nice’ they were…but they were the best team for the majority of the race

Grant yells loudly again for the arrival of Hulk Puppies…Smiley Sally was so proud and happy to be there at the finish with her Hulk Puppy! They’ve been so positive through the whole race…it’s hard to imagine they were so close to elimination in week 1! But they had an insane time!

Episode 10 (160)

YOU’RE TEAM NUMBER TWO!!!! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (165)

Nearly Winning! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

They also get a bonus prize! 1 Million frequent flyer points from Virgin Australia…enough to take them around the world 3 times! That’s not a bad runners up prize at all! You go Virgin Australia!!!

So we’re just waiting for Bloody Jarrod now!

He’s done! And Team Vanilla can go to the finish! Bloody Last as Bloody Jarrod puts it…and as he puts it…we did better than the bloody kiwis…go out in style Bloody Jarrod!

Grant still yells at them that they’re team number 3!

Episode 10 (170)

YOU’RE TEAM NUMBER THREE!!!! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Episode 10 (171)

Bloody not winning! (Photo courtesy Channel 7)

Team Vanilla are thankful for the experience and are grateful to still be together…and they’ve loved to be a part of it all

Grant lets them know about their bonus prize! Another Million Frequent flyer points!

And just like that…we get a quick reflection on this being like the craziest Contiki tour ever! The friends made…and just like that…the Nurse Boys close us out…

And that….ladies and gentlemen…is the season!

It’s been an enjoyable season and this final leg was certainly a challenge for the teams! But still the challenges weren’t that amazing…we were waiting for an epic finale and we…kind of got one…but it could’ve been bigger…

Detour assessment: none…it’s the final leg

Roadblock assessment: well…they needed a challenge like this…it was dramatic…not that exciting…but dramatic!

Overall leg: it was an ok final leg…the Hollywood part seemed kind of pointless…and the stuff in the Helicopters was alright…it just seemed Team Vanilla imploding…ahh well!

Thanks for a great season…I didn’t really want the ‘nice guys’ who weren’t really the nice guys winning…but they were ultimately the best team!

It’s been fun recapping these though J check out our final podcast tonight! It’s been fun…let’s hope we can do it all again next year!

Ben’s Thoughts


Wow, it’s over with. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Seems like we just started doing this but now the season is over and we can reflect on all the good times we had! My memories are of Grant and the jumper and yelling in orgasm face at the end. That’s all you need to remember right? Because YOU ARE TEAM NUMBER ONE!

On the episode and the result, well I’m not happy that Team Jesus won. Sure they probably played the best overall game (John & Murray were robbed though) so you can’t argue with that, but every right minded individual should’ve been hoping for a bloody Jarrod and Ash win! Argh! So disappointed! I blame binoculars and sand castles. Not even going to mention the hot dog. But seriously, this was their episode, they were the stars. It was such a shame we didn’t see them walk away with the money. They still did win A MILLION………Velocity points. So that’s a lot of blood travelling for them. Probably just fly to Adelaide or Canberra or something a lot. They speak English there right?

The big question now is will we ever see another season of The Amazing Race Australia? I hope so. Surely they can at least get New Zealand to make it and invite Aussies on like they did with this version from Channel 7. Hopefully the big wigs at Channel 7 (who I’m sure read and listen to everything we say) will stop making shit like Bringing Sexy Back and House Rules and bring back this show for another season! And Grant. We need more Grant.

Thanks everyone for reading and listening! Stay tuned for interviews in the coming weeks!

Jarrod’s Thoughts


Well the race has come to a close, with a finale filled with strengths, weaknesses and many laughs along the way. First off, it’s only fair to say congratulations to Dan and Ryan on their win. While they may not have been the favourites here at Survivor Oz, you can’t deny they ran a very strong race and probably deserved to finish first out of the remaining three teams. It’s interesting to note that all three teams came incredibly close to being eliminated along the way. Tyson and Sally finished second last in the first leg, Dan and Ryan finished second last in the Namibian leg and a non-elimination leg in Portugal saved Ashleigh and Jarrod.

For me the one thing the finale was really missing was an adrenaline filled challenge. This season we didn’t get a challenge that really pushed the contestants to their limits, no bungee jump, no sky dive, nothing where we really had the teams questioning if they’d complete the challenge or not. I also would have liked to see a detour thrown in the final leg because it’s interesting watching the teams weigh up the pros and cons of the tasks under pressure. Detours also allow for the teams to branch out and the different tasks and locations can really skew who will get to the next destination first.

In terms of the highlights of the finale, it was great to see some chopping and changing of the lead throughout the leg. Every team was in the lead at some stage and despite the American section being made redundant by the flights to Australia, the hotdog eating challenge almost made the short time in Hollywood worth it. I for one was a big fan of the final challenge. I’ve definitely seen better final memory challenges in the US version of the show but I’ve also seen much worse and it was good to have an original challenge that tested the contestants’ recollection of the pit stop greeters. The last season of the Amazing Race Australia had a really weak final challenge, so props to the Channel 7 production crew for blowing that task out of the water.

Overall I think we witnessed a great season of the show, which I for one enjoyed more than the recent US versions. The one thing that really plagued this season was Channel 7’s scheduling which is a shame because the Australian public has proved they get behind the show when it’s in a decent timeslot. While this season’s ratings make a fourth season seem unlikely, we can only hope that sometime in the future the Amazing Race Australia will return to our screens.

That wraps up our episode coverage of TAR Australia vs New Zealand! We will be aiming to interview the couples now the season is over as well as doing a recap episode potentially in the future! Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage of the new US season of The Amazing Race as well! Thanks for reading/listening throughout the season, and remember that YOU’RE TEAM NUMBER ONE!




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4 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 10 Recap

  1. What a useless toddler was Jarrod this whole leg. I hope Ashley gave him a good spanking when they got home :))

  2. What about when Sally asked Tyson what his favourite part of the race was. He couldn’t pick any one thing. Sally, with a long pause, “When we got engaged was my favourite”.

  3. I call total BS on the Monash beating the Nepean Hwy to Moorabbin airport from Tullamarine airport. I have lived near Moorabbin Airport my whole life and that would never really happen. The Monash SUCKS.

  4. I know I’m a little late to the party but these recaps (and captions) have been very entertaining. So so funny. Great job guys. Here’s hoping to another season please.

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