Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Week 3 Recap + Laura Clare Interview


Another week of Big Brother Australia is behind us and for the first time we get Ben, Alex and Kristan all together to chat about their thoughts (or lack of) on the past week of this season, as well as bring in a very special guest with season 7 intruder and one of only two Tasmanian people to play Big Brother Australia, Laura Clare!

With the week behind us, Ben, Alex and Kristan go over the events and give their two cents worth. From failing to remember things that happened (both Ben & Kristan for this) right through to once again ‘rigging’ the radar on the Big Brother website, there is a wide variety of action to keep you entertained ahead of the first eviction for the week happening tonight!

We also chat to season 7 intruder Laura Clare, a girl who Ben just happened to go to school with back in the day, about her time on the show, why it wasn’t exactly what it lived up to be as well as her experiences on Hobart radio, the Tassie reaction to her being on the show and what amazing things she has been up to since her time on Big Brother! You can check out Laura on Facebook and what she is up to with her music career here

You can check out the article Ben mentioned during the episode on where former housemates are now since their time on the show . It does contain spoilers on past winners, so avoid if you haven’t seen all the seasons and don’t want to be spoiled!

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