Podcast Special Episode–Bringing Sexy Back Oz


Today we bring the episode none of us wanted to record. An episode nobody was keen for. An episode that we were ‘forced’ to do. After bagging out the Australian TV show Bringing Sexy Back throughout our coverage of The Amazing Race Australia we put the challenge out there that if we reached 50 ratings on iTunes, we would record an episode dedicated to the show we love to hate on. And due to us reaching the magical 50 mark, it’s time to bring you a whole hour of us talking about possibly the worst TV show ever created. You have been warned…

Ben and Noah sat down throughout an entire episode of Bringing Sexy Back (episode 6 for those playing at home) and talked through the journey of Paula, a former model who had found herself at a bind and over 100kg wanting to ‘bring sexy back’ in her life. Will Paula find herself thin again? Will she be able to make her husband happy again by getting rid of the flab? And will she perhaps find love in the personal trainer that seemingly was around a lot more than the husband all episode. With all these burning questions that you’re dying to know (and more), click the download link below to hear the only ever podcast created on Bringing Sexy Back in the history of the world (and hopefully the last).

Check out Paula in the final shot below from her Wet ‘N’ Wild billboard! Did we spoil it for you? Oops! In all seriousness great job Paula on your transformation, but get this crap off the air already Channel 7!


(Photo Courtesy of Channel 7)

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2 Comments on Podcast Special Episode–Bringing Sexy Back Oz

  1. come on guys, keep this just survivor based.

  2. So Waterworth, you are a Big Brother fan, yet you put shit on Bringing sexy back. Mmmmmm. Maybe you should go on BSB?

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