Why The Redemption Island Twist Should Return On A Three-Tribe Season


The power of Monday is here and that means the power of a feature to make you all kinds of happy! Ozlet Bridget Velturo gets the hard sell of trying to make the Redemption Island twist sound good, and makes the claim that on a season with three tribes the controversial idea might just work! Think that is pushing it? Then click below to read on to have your mind potentially changed!


– The three tribes compete in the immunity challenge and only one tribe wins immunity

– The two losing tribes both go to tribal council and vote off one player respectively

– The next day, the two contestants voted off compete against each other in a Redemption Island duel. The winner immediately returns to the game and to their original tribe

– Redemption Island would stop at the merge, seeing as it really only works with 3 competing tribes


The Immunity Challenges will be more suspenseful- One complaint with the 3-tribe format is the lame concept of having to simply not come in last in immunity challenges. This causes the competitions to be pretty lackluster while waiting for the other two teams to finish. With this Redemption Island twist in a 3-tribe season, “just coming in last” is not good enough and winning is crucial, making the challenges more exciting.


We get another 3-tribe season- I, for one, love when Survivor splits into 3 tribes and think it makes for a more interesting merge, changing the generic strategies we’ve seen time and time again in 2-tribe seasons. Also, with the Redemption Island twist and players coming back into the game constantly, perhaps we will finally see what a 3-tribe merge looks like, instead of the tribe absorption that occurred in All-Stars, Philippines and Cagayan before the merge.

We will see completely new strategies- Since this twist is completely new, we will get to see a lot of new strategies and the potential for some interesting game play. Will tribes vote off their weakest player, sacrificing a number and making them expendable at Redemption Island? In this case, if the tribe-mate DOES return to the game, they may not be happy or willing to work with the tribe. Will tribes vote off their strongest player in the hopes of him or her returning and maintain their numbers? Then the tribe risks the possibility of the losing their best player. It could get interesting.

The Redemption Island duels will be more suspenseful- Another complaint about Redemption Island is that when they do 3- or 4-person duels, again, it is not very suspenseful. With a chance to get back in the game every time and only 1 winner and 1 loser, Redemption Island duels will be more suspenseful. Also, there will likely be more engagement and cheering from the fellow players still in the game and watching, whose own fate is 100% invested in every duel.


No Redemption Island after the merge- I am not a fan of Redemption Island after the merge, as I think it’s unfair that they enter the game as late as the final 5 when they haven’t really done anything strategically. Also, alliances are usually so tight at this point; we see the Redemption-Island-returnee leaving soon after they get back in the game. With this twist, Redemption Island ends at the merge, making each vote out post-merge more exciting.

It’s fairer for the physical threats- Time after time physical threats are voted off Survivor just because they are strong, and I hate to see the inherit disadvantage they have in the game. This gives physical threats a fairer chance, offering them the chance to compete for their right to stay in the game.


It isn’t classical Survivor- Yes, it’s a very different format, but so is the Redemption Island twist in general. And Exile Island. And Blood vs. Water. And the Hidden Immunity Idol. Survivor keeps changing and there are going to be twists included one way or another. It’s not classically-Survivor, but it’s still outwit, outplay and outlast.

What do you think of Bridget’s idea? Do you feel as though the RI twist could work with three tribes? Comment below to let us know!



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13 Comments on Why The Redemption Island Twist Should Return On A Three-Tribe Season

  1. Sounds fun! The only problem is that there would be too many TCs. Having two TCs per episode doesn’t give much time to feature camp life and stuff

  2. …I think its stupid to have the redemption island winner return to the tribe that just voted them out. Doesnt give them much of a chance to change their game play, they were voted out by those people, whats to stop them doing that again.

    • In the french version of the show, when a contestant is medevaced (and up to 2010, when a contestant quit), the last voted-off player goes back into the game. And believe me, some have managed to replace themselves very well in their tribe.
      Also remember Burton in the Pearl Islands. I know he came back at the merge, not before the merge like what is proposed in this article, but still he played an impressive game after he wame back, and worked very well with the player who orchestrated his first blindside.

  3. I feel like this would result in the same person continuously being bored to go compete at redemption island on a tribe this making the vote a lot less suspenseful.

  4. This could be great, but I’d like to give more power to the returnee in allowing them to choose which tribe they’d return to. Do they pick the stronger winning team? Do they trust the bonds they’ve already built? Or, do they learn from the person they beat in the duel and use these insights to go to the other losing tribe? This would work best in a season of 90 minute episodes

  5. they should have a season like Philippines with 3 tribes and three returnees but have them be players that have been screwed over by a twist like Jonathan and Wanda from Palau and Aaron from china or Katie with the purple rocks.

  6. I feel the best way to have redemption island return is to have exactly this, but to instead of just having the person return to their original tribe when they re-enter, why not have them draw for a random buff out of a hat to determine which tribe they go back on. Continue this format when they go to 2 tribes as well, but end it once the 2 tribes merge.

  7. Meh, I’d sitll prefer a reversion to old school Survivor. Two tribes of 8, no exile island, no idols, no redemption, just a pure season.

  8. This is freaking genius. I’d watch in a heartbeat. Get her on the survivor planning committee now! ASAP!

  9. Michael moore // November 1, 2014 at 12:15 pm // Reply

    i thought of something for this they make the re-entry point when they dissolve into 2 tribes and the second at the merge

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