Nadiya Anderson Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 2 Preview

Exist interview - Nadiya

We are thrilled today to bring you our very first exit interview with a Survivor contestant, as we chat to the first booted contestant from Survivor San Juan Del Sur Nadiya Anderson! We also bring you our very first ‘episode preview’, as Noah Groves sits down and takes a look at what you can expect from tomorrow’s second episode of the 29th season! Click below for more!

After her blindside in the first episode of San Juan Del Sur, Nadiya Anderson sat down with Ben to talk about why it sucks to talk to him, how the plan for her and Natalie to keep their involvement on The Amazing Race backfired as well as taking part in the very first edition of Survivor Oz ‘Word Ozociation’ and talking up why Sri Lanka is better at cricket than Australia!

Each week with our exit interviews we will also bring you a preview of the upcoming episode, as your favourite Ozlet Noah Groves sits down and gives his thoughts on what you can expect from the show tomorrow!


What a great premiere to kick off the season last week! And now it is time to introduce a new feature as I preview what is to come in the next episode airing tomorrow. These previews will use the ‘next time on Survivor,’ commercials, Survivor Live extended preview, deleted scenes and events that happened in the previous episode to look forward and see what is in store for us. Please note that only details learnt in the previously stated list will be discussed, if you consider things like what the challenge will be or who is competing in the dual and hints at people’s actions as a spoiler then you should avoid this feature. In saying that, absolutely no boot spoilers will be stated if somehow CBS slips up but the next voted out will be speculated on.


So what do we have in store for Survivor: San Juan Del Sur episode 2, ‘Method to this Madness’?

For the first time in Survivor history (why wasn’t that labelled as a Survivor first in commercials CBS!) the “next time on Survivor” segment was ditched for the brand new “coming up on this season of Survivor” where we were given hints at what is to come in the following episodes. It is hard to tell whether the bulk of what is seen in the preview is next episode or will be in subsequent weeks. Arguably the most prominent and noteworthy part of this preview was the reveal that someone will quit the game. This voice over is juxtaposed with a shot of Wes crying and Keith exclaiming “I am glad he is gone.” I am inclined to think that this is just trickery and that neither Wes nor Keith will quit the game. If I had to harbour a guess as to who the quitter will be, I would bet my money on Jaclyn, Kelley or Julie based purely on past trends and their edits in the first episode. Other teases in the preview included Julie stating that she is “feeling really deceived by John,” is she referring to her partner in the game John Rocker or her tribe member Jon Misch? Later In the segment there is a clip of Rocker aggressively acknowledging someone saying “if you were a man I would knock your teeth out,” is it possible he is referring to Julie and that there will be some strain in their relationship? What other woman could have done something to provoke John as much as this? We are also prone to Keith who states he has done the worst thing you could do in Survivor…now that will be interesting to see! Check back here at a later date, some possibly next week, others even further, to read the answers and clarity towards these questions.

One portion of the end of episode preview which is definitely a part of tomorrow’s episode is the immunity challenge. The second immunity of the season is the fan favourite ‘bag wrestling’ duelling challenge, which not so coincidently appeared in the original Blood vs Water. The challenge is perfect for a Blood vs Water season as it literally pits two loved ones together. Confirmation that this challenge would be in episode 2 first came in the preview at the end of the Survivor Live web show hosted by Jeff Schroeder. The clip that was shown saw John Rocker taking on Jon Misch in one of the biggest battles this challenge has ever seen. If I had to make a prediction I would say that Hunahpu will win the challenge as they seem to have overall psychical strength but I wouldn’t be shocked if Coyopa took the win, it should be a close challenge! Other dual pairings that were seen in the promotional pictures and preview are Drew and Alec, Josh and Reed, Kelley and Jaclyn, Wes and Jeremy, Val and Natalie and Julie seems to be the person sitting out.


In regards to the hero arena dual, from the limited shots we have seen from the web promo and promotional pictures, it appears the challenge will involve launching or rolling balls into holes. Expect Jeff Probst innuendos to run wild in this challenge! We haven’t seen any hints or images to suggest who the couple will be that compete for reward and exile but I think it is safe to say it won’t be Jeremy, Val or Natalie.

Finally, we have a web commercial that hints at what can be expected at camp in the episode. I don’t know what is up with firefighter Keith, but his tribe Hunahpu have lost their flint and as “fire is life” in Survivor, this will obviously be an issue. The old school survival elements of the show, such as making fire with glasses and the building of the shelters from the premier seem to be continuing on into week two. This could become one of the strengths of the season if we can get a healthy mix of characters, strategy and survival. Tune in to see if Hunahpu can overcome their lost flint situation!


Episode 2 ‘Method to this Madness’ will air Wednesday night 8pm EST on CBS in the United States and Thursday at 9:30 PM AEST on channel Go! in Australia.


Episode 2 Preview
Nadiya post vote out video
Episode 1 Secret Scene 1
Episode 1 Secret Scene 2
Episode 1 Secret Scene 3

Our thanks must go out to CBS and Channel 9 for arranging these exit interviews for us. Be sure to check back in next week as we bring you the next eliminated contestant on the show as well as previewing the next episode and showing off more secret scenes and episode previews! Remember if you have a question for the contestant eliminated get it into us and we may choose it as the question to put to them during next weeks interview!Bring on the next episode!




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1 Comment on Nadiya Anderson Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 2 Preview

  1. Just listened to Nadiya — hilarious! I, too, would like to see why the twins were considered so “annoying” on that show. Love this new feature (especially since my #1 pick was voted off last night — grr); I needed to laugh. Hope she returns — what a hoot!

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