The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 25 Episode 1 Recap


A very special treat for you today as we we continue with our spin-off The Amazing Race Oz by bringing you coverage of the 25th season of the US version of The Amazing Race! Added to this new twist on the spin-off, we introduce you to special host Noah Groves who is joined by a merry gang of ‘ARzlets’ to give their thoughts on the first episode of the silver anniversary season which once again sees couples take part in an epic race around the world! We also bring back our Amazing Race written re-capper extraordinaire in Alex Morella to give you a full written analysis of the first episode! Click to read and hear more!

Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


The Amazing Race Australia finished on Thursday…which is coincidentally when the Amazing Race US has started! There’s a new season afoot! And we at Survivor Oz are keen to cover what goes on with our friends in the USA!

So here we go…The Amazing Race…Season 25…Episode 1!

We’re in Manhattan for the start, at the same fountain the phenomenon started at all those seasons ago! Seeing those original teams brings back so many happy memories! Phil hasn’t changed much either!

This time, the producers decided to get anyone willing to come down for the start…and in the middle of the night…teams arrive in New York Taxis to start this adventure around the world!


He hasn’t changed that much!

The 11 teams are:

Adam and Bethany – Newlywed surfers from Kawaii, Bethany lost her arm to a massive shark when she was 13 years old, but she’s still a pro surfer! And of course with that comes great success stories!


No obstacle is too much for these two!

Amy and Maya – Food Scientists from Madison, Wisconsin! Lolly and candy workers! They’re here to show scientists aren’t boring! They seem lovely…not sure how well they will do!


We gonna wreck your teeth!

Dennis and Isabelle – Accountant and Model – He did it! The Nerd got the Model! In any case, Dennis is from Cambodia, Isabel is from Vietnam, apparently that’s a big deal! But…they’re here to prove them wrong!


Your Mother doesn’t approve….tell her to suck it!

Brooke and Robbie – Dating Pro Wrestlers! Oh boy, this could be fun! There’s a bit of TNA Slammiversary I saw there! I loved Lori and Bolo all those years ago, and would be keen to see these two do well as well!


Yes….Pro Wrestlers….we’re wrestlers….

Here we go Survivor Fans! – Keith and Whitney – Engaged from Nashville! It’s exciting to see two people who I really liked on Survivor on the race…and they’re not the biggest names from it which is nice as well! No winners or big names like Ethan and Jenna or Boston Rob and Amber!


Like I’d pick a non-survivor photo…also…after 20 days on an island…Keith looks a lot better!

Kym and Alli – Competitive Cyclists from New York City – The Adrenaline Junkies! But they’re cyclists….As a driver…I don’t like Cyclists


These people get in the way of your morning commute…

Lisa and Michelle – Sisters and Top Real Estate Agents from Miami, Florida – So they’re bloody successful! They look incredibly hot! But as always…there’s always something behind those good looking ones…12 pounds of make up…oh boy…


Oh….Hi there! Nice…..boat!

Michael and Scott – Firefighters from Boston, Here’s our Boston Bombing heroes! Firefighters are a regular in reality shows, and these two will be strong!


Low camera angles make them seem more awesome…they’re pretty awesome anyway…

Tim and TeeJay – College Sweethearts from Pasadena, California…They met first day of college…aww! Gay relationship thing is still trying to be explained to TJ’s family…what an easy way to point it out…on national tv!


Team Guido 24 seasons later?

Shelley and Nici – Mother and Daughter Flight Attendants – They’re only 17 years apart, and yes…they do look like sisters! They have flight experience, and look to have a strong relationship…although Flight Attendances didn’t do that well last time they were on the race…


The Mum’s on the left right?

Misti and Jim – Dentists from North Carolina – They feel like their lives have prepared them perfectly for this race! And they say they’re going to win…and Jim scares me already!


That face…I could not imagine having this man give me knockout gas….

But we’re in Times Square…and ready to go!


Shiny things! And a McDonalds!!!

A historic moment in Amazing Race History, as the Amazing Race celebrates 25 seasons, a silver anniversary!

Phil acknowledges the fans and some ex racers who have turned out! It’s pretty good for people to be out there at 3am! Clever marketing!

Phil drops the most powerful tool ever seen on the Amazing Race…(no…not Jonathan from all those seasons ago), in fact…it’s the save! The save? Oh god really? In any case…whoever wins the first leg of the race…can use this at any point until the end of the ninth leg…and if they are last…they will be able to continue racing!

It’s new…it’s brave…it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll work…it’s on the most outlandish thing…but like some Survivor things…it goes against all principles of the race…

Any any case…here we go….



Not quite yet….

And they’re off! Up the stairs and to their bags!


How many camera men can you spot?

Begin the race where the first ever Amazing Race ended!

Ahh another wonderful flashback! So they awkwardly all run to Frank from season 1…who is here to watch and tells them it was the Globe at Flushing Meadow Park

It’s all a bit weird and awkward honestly…love the idea…it’s just awkward execution!


Frank’s moment in the sun again! But people are supposed to be racing…

But we’re away to the taxis! Another weird thing…I’m so used to teams driving themselves at the start!

In any case…they’re away…and the first thing we get….HASHTAG NAMES FOR THE TEAMS!!!

Why bother making Nicknames when they give you shit ones to go with

So who do we have in that?

Dennis & Isabelle #TheDatingCouple – Oh dear!

Lisa & Michalle #MiamiRealtors – Lame

Adam & Bethany #SoulSurfers – I actually like that one…

Amy & Maya #SweetScientists – Not bad…

Brooke & Robbie #TheWrestlers – Eh…what you’d expect

Shelley & Nici #MomDaughter – Lame


Nothing beats lame hashtags!

In any case…those teams seem to be in the lead! We get our quote to summarise the season

Season 25…go big or go home!

And we get a full start! LEARN FROM THIS SURVIVOR! We love it!

Everyone really wants the ‘Save My Ass Pass’, nice Cyclists! For the record, their hashtag is #TheCyclists…LAME!

In any case…SoulSurfers get there first!

Fly to St.Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Exotic location!

There are only seats for 5 teams in the first flight! There’s a 40 minute jump if you can make the first flight

How did the Soul Surfers get so quick! Are they checking in at the right spot?


We’re in a race right? So we just stand here and await further instructions!

Well they don’t seem to have, because Tim and Teejay (Hashtag TBC) get there and sign up first!

The Dating Couple (I’m not sticking with that long term!) rushing though, and Sou Surfers find the spot! The Cyclists also add to the first flight

It’s on between Keith and Whitney (#TeamNashville – Lame?) and Misti and Jim (#TheDentists – even lamer!) are racing for the last spot! It goes to the Dentists!

Keith and Whitney are first on the second flight, as are the rest of the teams we don’t really know who they are though, my research says the Mother Daughter, Scientists, Wrestlers, Firefighters and Real Estate Sisters

We find out Tim and Tejay’s hashtag is #CollegeSweethearts…naaw…but a little lame…

And everyone is ready to head out on the first flight…and Dennis already comes out with some better names…Team Surfrider is cool…and Team Pearly Whites is brilliant! I’m going with that, as well as T&T, that’s so much better! Can The Amazing Race hire Dennis to do their job next season!

Those are really white teeth though!


Whiter than Casper’s bottom…

The final team hashtag for the Firefighrers is #TheFirefighters….so fucking original…

Once teams land, they should go to Vendor’s Plaza and sign up for a charter flight

We arrive…and we’re racing! Looks like Pearly Whites are in the lead…they’re taxi driver declaring she’s always the winner!…but got a bit lost once they arrived…meaning that Surfriders/SoulSurfers and T&T are the teams to get on flight 1 of the charter flights.

The Cyclists end up on the second flight with Pearly Whites, and the Dating Couple (Dennis and Isabelle for those who can’t keep up with their woeful hashtag), will be on flight 3 by themselves.

So the first flight is off! It looks insane! It’s going on our bucket list!


That view…

Pearly Whites are worried about not being on that first flight, cyclists give us a quick bunny ears before feeling below the weather…but it’s a common courtesy to not throw up on other teams…classy but brilliant!

The second flight arrives in St Thomas…cue a made scramble!

Dating Couple are off on charter 3



Everyone else arrives at the board to sign up, with Team Survivor (Whitney and Keith for you rookies), and the Mother/Daughter getting on charter 4, with Lolly Queens (the food scientists) signing up on the 5th flight

Then it gets intense! The Firefighters are signing up, when one of the Miami Realtors steals the pen out of the hands of the Firefighters and signs their name instead! Taking the last spot on the 5th flight! That’s ballsy! Wow….they’re from Miami Bitch! And they’re here to win…doesn’t take a genius to work this nickname out…the Miami Bitches!


That first thing says Lisa right?

That leaves the Firefighters and the Wrestlers to be on Charter flight 6th…the firefighters especially are not happy with this…I wouldn’t be either! Those Miami Bitches!

The Firies say they can’t be gentlemen anymore…It’s on!


Cameraman spotted! It’s always exciting seeing the poor buggers who run with them!

In any case…back at the friendly front…the first teams arrive….and I am left speechless with the greatest moment ever!

T&T get off the plane…yell out hi Phil! Which I assumed was a joke…but no…THERE’S PHIL…AND HE’S NARRATING WHILE THEY’RE RACING BEHIND HIM…IT’S JUST SO BRILLIANT!!!


Fucking unreal!!!!

Go to a nearby rock formation and ‘look before you leap’, then…leap…down into the water, and retrieve a clue from inside a bottle

I’m still getting over Phil just standing there…I don’t know how the teams held it together! That was fucking brilliant!

At the rocks, T&T and SoulSurfers are both in the water….and while T&T are first climbing over…it’s Bethany who steals the show! Flying up the nets and conquering it all with one arm! I’d struggle with 3 or 4…but she’s just killing it!

The 2nd seaplane lands…they’re off to the rock…Jim from the Pearly Whites gives us another intimidating threat about how good he is, and that the other teams will be chasing them to the finish line…he scares me…so I believe him!

T&T are first to jump in…it looks kind of intimidating…especially with the water looking rather ominous! But the sweethearts are in…followed by the Soul Surfers…


Cowabunga dude!!!

T&T show that the next clue is a pirate style clue…

Proceed to Blackbeard’s revenge

T&T arrive on the Ship and must now not rock the boat…as we get some theatrics from the pirates…it turns out teams must pull themselves using a rope in a small boat to shore, again…not too difficult…and T&T complete along with the SoulSurfers with ease…they’re onto our first Roadblock of the season!


He’s single ladies!

A Roadblock is a task for one member in each team, this roadblock involves team members getting a traditional liquid compass, and a map to a specific set of coordinates, where they must dig for buried treasure

I’ll be honest…this looks exciting! It could be pretty basic…I’m hoping it’s not and we see a lot of frustration!


If only the teams got this….

Tim is up for T&T, while Adam is doing it for the SoulSurfers.

Immediately Tim does the wrong thing and digs right at the ship’s wheel…while Adam reads and follows his directions a bit more clearly…

At the Rocks…the Cyclists are enjoying the view, the Pearly Whites are right behind…they jump in and grab their clues…Misti seems nice and excitable

As the 5th charter flight takes off…the Miami Bitches say ‘So long suckers’ to the remaining two teams….the nerve! Wow…Those Miami Bitches are here to play!

The Wrestlers don’t want to be eliminated first…as cliché as any line used in pro wrestling these days…

The Cyclists and Pearly Whites arrive at the roadblock…and immediately the Cyclist’s representative (I dunno which one it is at the moment) goes to the wrong place to start digging…to a bell instead of an anchor…sigh…this is what costs teams so dearly!

Jim is in for the Pearly Whites…apparently he’s good at everything if you haven’t heard him say so already…

He even manages to correct other teams as his compass has a watch…saving Adam from realising he was doing it backwards…and hopefully telling us everyone is going to get this wrong!


Yes sir….I will obey!

At the rocks, the Daters…that’s awful…I’ll come up with a good nickname in time! Jump in, and Dennis wanted to throw up…but there was nothing to throw up…which disgusted Isabelle…brilliant!

Charter 6 departs…and I already love the Firies! They’re calling the ‘unstoppable juggernaut of plane 6 is on it’s way’…How can you not love that!!!!

At the roadblock…everyone still can’t read a compass…they go to Jim for help…he helps them…then goes and finds his treasure with little difficulty! It’s the final clue…the first pit stop is upon us!

Teams must make their way directly to the Pit Stop…Fort Christian

Apparently it’s a robust fortress…it needs a paint job…


We should tell Scott Cam and the Block!

But Team Pearly Whites are on their way!

Team Survivor is at the rocks jumping off…Whitney wasn’t thrilled…but she got through it…and she peed…a lot….classy! But you know…I love you anyway Whitney!

We’re seeing all the other teams so far are struggling with the digging and the compass work…It looks like Dennis, Keith, and Shelley are digging for their teams.

It also turns out the Cyclist who was at the wrong spot (she now has a name…Alli.) has found the anchor and is now at least at the right starting point

The Wrestlers tell us they want to wrestle people…nice!

But now we’re at the all important pitstop, where team Pearly Whites are coming in!

They find Phil…who declares Team Pearly Whites to be Team Number 1! Which means they are given the most powerful prize ever…the save! Jim is very confident with how good this is! He’s a bit….inJimidating….I’m sorry…I couldn’t resist!


The excitement is paramount!

At the roadblock…everyone sucks…that’s the general consensus…

The Lolly Queens and Miami Bitches are on the case, the Wrestlers and Firefighters are close behind…but the Wrestlers have sunk! Their boat is flipped! Oh dear! They think it’s the end…it really isn’t though…

Robbie from the Wrestlers gets help from Shelley from the Flight Attendants to work out the compass…they seem to have figured it out…I think…

Then an awkward moment where Kym from the Cyclists is very…very keen for Adam from SoulSurfers to take his shirt off….way too keen….creepy!

Lisa from the Miami Bitches then proves she has the intelligence of one of Red Foo’s Miami Bitches…not only asking other teams for help…but figuring out the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East…The Lolly Queens and Adam look on in disbelief…but she doesn’t seem to realise her problem…

We get another breakthrough! Tim from T&T has found his! Excitement! And they’re off to the pit stop!


Winning! Get him on The Big Adventure! (Coming soon on Channel 7!)

Keith is struggling…I don’t like seeing that!

But someone who isn’t struggling is Robbie from the Wrestlers…he’s used Shelley’s advice and has found the chest! What a comeback by the Wrestlers!

And they’re gradually finding it! The Cyclists and Soul Surfers are both out of there!

At the Pit Stop…Tim and TeJay check in to be Team Number 2!

The Lolly Queens have found it and are out of there! So have the Flight Attendants and Dennis from The Dating Show…I mean Dating Couple…stupid hashtags…

That leaves just 3…Team Survivor…Miami Bitches…and the Firies…


A sign of conceding?

A few more teams check in at the pit stop…the Cyclists…Kym and Alli are team number 3…while the Wrestlers check in as team number 4!

Soul Surfers follow in at team number 5…

Back at the Roadblock…the final 3 teams are really…really struggling!

The Lolly Queens check in as team number 6!

It’s getting dark now…and Keith is losing his temper at Whitney….don’t destroy your wonderful Survivor image please kids! I loved you on that so don’t disappoint me!


He looked happier on Survivor….

The Dating Couple are in excitedly in at 7, followed by a just as excited Flight Attendants as team number 8!

The final 3 teams are still struggling….I assume a penalty will be taken by someone soon…

It’s been 3 hours and 42 minutes….I’m assuming since Team Survivor started as they were first there…but I mean…that’s a long time!

Then the producers are just being cruel to us…each team is so close to their treasure! That’s just mean! They just don’t know it!


The humanity!!!

Team Survivor are going to take the penalty! And they decide to do what happened a few seasons ago…where three teams all decided to take a penalty in the first leg and race it to the line…well…it looks like it’s going to happen again!

They all agree to take the penalty!


We all suck equally!

Fun fact…last time this happened…a team of Firefighters got eliminated…

So we have a sprint on the line!

Team Survivor get a cab quickly…and we get another confrontation between the Firies and the Miami Bitches…this time the Firies come out on top…pushing the Bitches out of their cab!

The Bitches apparanltly feel victimised…shame you already did this to others…


Karma’s a bitch

Cue the drama…how close is it!!??? Who will get there first!??

They’re all sprinting…and the Fireman are there…as are Team Survivor! They both scrape in and get to the mat first…I think Team Survivor in 9th and the Firies in 10th…leaving the Miami Bitches coming in last place!


Dig all day….lose all night…we’re the Miami Bitches!

They have been eliminated from the race!

They say they came here with a friendly attitude…to which I declare bullshit! And maybe they should’ve been more ruthless…to be fair…they tried…but were beaten by a decision to take the penalty! They say they’re not used to losing….well…they just did!

Next Time: looks like we’re off to England! And it looks like we’ve already got our bottom 2! But we’ll worry about that next week!

So that was an intense leg! Where are we after all that???

#1 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim) – Incredibly impressive at the roadblock, and with a save…will be incredibly formidable! Jim scares me…but my god they’re good!

#2 T&T (Tim & TeJay) – I thought this pair would struggle…but they’ve been very strong in this first leg! Work together well and get through challenges strongly

#3 The Cyclists (Kym & Allie) – On the whole…they were consistent…we’ll see more of them in weeks to come

#4 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie) – From a bad start…a very good finish! Robbie was exceptional at the roadblock and this should give them a lot of confidence

#5 SoulSurvers (Adam & Bethany) The Feel Good team are already pretty awesome! They get out of the gates quickly! So look for them to stick around for a long time!

#6 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya) I think I could warm to these girls! They’re more like my kind of people…logical and smart and fun-loving! I hope they do well J

#7 The Dating Couple (Dennis & Isabelle) My picks to win started alright…but Dennis struggled at the Roadblock and next week’s scenes makes me worried I’ve already cursed them!

#8 Flight Attendants (Shelley & Naci) Not really noticed that much…but they seemed to do things well…especially when they helped out Robbie in the Roadblock

#9 Team Survivor (Keith & Whitney) Not a strong start guys! As Jeff Probst would say you need to dig deep! Or you need to pick it up!!! In any case…do better!

#10 The Firies (Michael & Scott) Well they survived…and from being on the last plane….that would’ve been enough for them!

Leg Assessment: An enjoyable start to the season…a couple of awkward moments like the start…which I don’t think built up enough significance of the first finishing line…it seemed a bit half-assed…especially the first clue part…but I liked the start! And there were a few chances to take over…the Roadblock obviously being the bif one

Detour Assessment: Wasn’t one…First leg…normal

Roadblock Assessment: loved it! Challenging as ever! Caused drama…tantrums…and the smart could emerge!

A fun start to the season…compiled with the best moment ever from Phil Keoghan…one take…just casually introducing the next clue as teams are racing behind him…Fucking Outstanding! He must’ve known we at Survivor Oz talk a lot about Grant Bowler being a wonderful host…well he just took himself right back to the top with that!


Given there was no preview episode for this season on The Amazing Race Oz, the Ozlets/ARzlets have compiled their pre-season picks on the boot list for the entire season. We will be tracking and giving points for the person closest!

Alex’s Predictions

1. Dennis and Isabelle

2. Misti and Jim

3. Michael and Scott

4. Brooke and Robbie

5. Adam and Bethany

6. Lisa and Michelle

7. Keith and Whitney

8. Kym and Alli

9. Tim and TeJay

10. Shelley and Nici

11. Amy and Maya

Rossi’s Predictions


1. Tim and TeJay (Sweethearts)

2. Brooke and Robbie (Wrestlers)

3. Maya and Amy (Scientists)

4. Keith and Whitney (Survivor Duo)

5. Adam and Bethany (Soul Surfers)

6. Kim and Ali (Cyclists)

7. Misti and Jim (Dentists)

8. Lisa and Michelle (Relators)

9. Shelley and Nici (Mum and Daughter)

10. Dennis and Isabelle (Dating Couple)

11. Michael and Scott (Firefighters)

Jarrod’s Predictions


1st: Kym and Alli

2nd: Brooke and Robbie

3rd: Lisa and Michelle

4th: Dennis and Isabelle

5th: Keith and Whitney

6th: Shelly and Nici

7th: Michael and Scott

8th: Misti and Jim

9th: Adam and Bethany

10th: Amy and Maya

11th: Tim and TeJay

Noah’s Predictions


1.Kym and Alli

2.Michael and Scott

3.Keith and Whitney

4.Brooke and Robbie

5.Misti and Jim

6.Dennis and Isabelle

7.Amy and Maya

8.Adam and Bethany

9.Lisa and Michelle

10.Tim and TeJay

11.Shelly and Nici

Joppe’s Predictions


1.Misti and Jim

2. Shelley and Nici

3. Amy and Maya

4. Adam and Bethany

5. Kym and Alli

6. Tim and TeJay

7. Dennis and Isabelle

8. Brooke and Robbie

9. Michael and Scott

10. Keith and Whitney

Colin’s Predictions


11- Lisa & Michelle

Of every team on this season this is the one that I have absolutely zero faith in. They have first eliminated written all over them. Every time I hear a team say that they’ll be under estimated due to their good looks I desperately want them to fail and fall flat on their pretty faces.

10 – Keith & Whitney

Kill me now. If there was ever a reality show cross-over that I had no interest in seeing again it would have to be Keith and Whitney. Their performances on Survivor were hardly worth bragging about and their personalities are just as unimpressive. Not to mention they don’t even seem to be interested in being on the race. As seems to be common with other reality cross-over teams I predict they go early.

9 – Tim & TeJay

Tim’s experience as a fight attendance could help them throughout the race, but other than that I don’t see anything particularly impressive about them, other than their big personalities. They should be amusing to watch, but I’m not holding my breath that they’ll get anywhere near the finals

8 – Michael & Scott

So they’re firefighters from Boston and self proclaimed JUGGERNAUTS! That’s about all they give off in their intro video. They talk about wanting to win, but I’m not getting a winners vibe from them. They almost seem too indifferent to the Race. It could just be a bad first impressions, though. If they really do want to win I could see them going a little further.

7 – Dennis & Isabelle

Normally I would predict a team like this to go all the way to the finals. What’s throwing me off is how well prepared they seem to think they are, and how overly analytical they are being pre-game. More likely than not I see them other thinking things and getting eliminated somewhere around the middle

6 – Maya & Amy

The scientists definitely will have the upper hand with the mental part of the game. There’s no way they could be where they are professionally and not be good at the little details that trip so many other teams up. They’ll be very focused on each task. They do admit to overthinking being their weakness, which unfortunately is a major weakness in The Amazing Race. Their real obstacle will be getting past the far more physical teams out there.

5 – Adam & Bethany

Bethany Hamilton may be one of the biggest celebrities to ever compete on a reality show, and is without a doubt the biggest to compete on The Amazing Race. Unlike most celebrity racers, I don’t see them becoming the target of the other teams. They seem like the nicest team of the season by a wide margin, which will probably also be their downfall. If any team this season will feel too guilty to use a U-Turn it’s Adam and Bethany.

4 – Shelley & Nici

With experience as flight attendants and the military they should have loads of skills to help them along the way. Between the two of them they probably understand a lot more about different cultures than the other teams. Mother/Daughter teams don’t usually fair well in the Race, but I think Shelley and Nici could end up as the exception.

3 – Brooke & Robbie

Being pro-wrestlers they obviously are physical enough to handle the race, and considering they’re employed by a fairly high profile American wrestling company, they’ll have the personalities to be star characters. Even though they admit to having faults that would hold them back in the Race, I don’t see them ever stressing.

2 – Misti & Jim

They seem like a team custom made to go all the way to the finals. If I had to guess how they’ll fair along the way, I’d figure them to be the team that dominates nearly every leg. I’m also predicting they’ll be the villains of this season, but without a doubt a blast to watch.The only reason I see them coming in second as opposed to first is they seem more likely to crack under pressure at the last minute.

1 – Kym & Alli

Based on pre game interviews/bios, there is no question that Kym and Alli are my favourites to win. They seem super competitive, extremely aware of what strategies do and don’t work in the race, and they may be hands down the most physically impressive all female team in Amazing Race history.If I turn out to be wrong and they flop, I’d still bet on them being huge characters for this season.

Tune in next week for our episode 2 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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