Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 2 Recap Featuring Candice & John Cody!


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Candice & John Cody from Blood vs Water, Heroes vs Villains, and Cook Islands!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Nine pairs of loved ones were split apart from one another to form two tribes: Hunahpu and Coyopa. Exile Island is back in play and each voting cycle one pair of loved ones will duel for tribal rewards against their loved one at Hero Arena. The winner reaps the rewards for their tribe while the loser is sent to Exile Island, where they must wait until the next challenge. The winner also gets to designate a companion from their own tribe to accompany their loved one to Exile Island. Upon arrival, there are two urns: one with a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol back at camp, and one with a blank slip of parchment. Each castaway must pick an urn. Jeremy volunteered to take part in the first reward duel, where he faced off against Val, his wife. Jeremy won the challenge and received flint for his tribe. He selected Keith to accompany Val to Exile Island.

At Coyopa, Wes called out John Rocker for being who he is. At Hunahpu, Drew rubbed his tribemates the wrong way with his youthful arrogance. At Exile Island, Val picked the urn with the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, and she elected not to share it with Keith. Val and Keith returned to their tribes for the first Immunity Challenge, where Hunahpu defeated Coyopa in the puzzle phase of a huge challenge. Anticipating Tribal Council, the women of Hunahpu made an agreement to stick together. They decided, due to Baylor’s suggestion, that Dale should be the one to be voted out. The men also had an alliance, but they held the numbers advantage. They decided to vote for Nadiya, due to her participation on The Amazing Race. A secret alliance between Baylor and Josh kept the vote up in the air, and left Josh feeling as if he was placed in the middle. At Tribal Council Josh voted for Baylor, while Baylor voted for Nadiya. Nadiya went hope. The women’s alliance was broken, leaving Val and Jaclyn alone.



After Tribal Council, Josh immediately pulls Baylor aside to explain his actions. He reveals to her that he was the one who voted for her, and that he did it in order to cover up the alliance that they have together. He tells her that, with this cover, their alliance is now stronger than it ever was. In a confessional, Baylor reveals that, while she thinks it was a smart move, she was uncomfortable that Josh didn’t tell her in advance.

Untitled 2

Josh explains his vote to Baylor. (Image Credit: CBS)



We skip forward to Day 5 at camp Hunahpu, where Reed is showing off his flexibility, Jon is doing squats with a log, and Drew is doing push-ups off the shelter. In a confessional Jeremy reveals that Jon and Drew are like cartoon characters, who are “so happy it’s like not real”. He says that for him it’s good because the girls can’t stand them. Natalie talks to the girls about how ridiculous Jon was for doing squats with the log, indicating that it was in no way impressive. Julie then realizes that the flint is missing. Jon was the last one to use it, having started the fire. The whole tribe begins looking for it. In a confessional, Jon explains that when you’re wrong you need to admit it emphatically. That way the other people know that you know that you’re wrong and that you feel bad about it. He tells his tribe mates that he feels like J’Tia.

Untitled 3

Jon “loosens up” for an upcoming challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)


The two tribes assemble at Hero Arena, giving Natalie the first chance to see that her sister has been voted out. Jeff asks her if this is the first time she has been truly apart form her sister. She says that it is and begins to cry, saying that she hasn’t cried in ten years. For the challenge, one member from each tribe must balance a ball on a disc attached to a pole as they manoeuvre through a series of obstacles. If they drop their ball at any point, they have to return to the start. After they get to the end of the obstacles, they must then roll three balls into three holes on a slanted table. First one to do so wins fishing gear for their tribe. Reed and Rocker step up to do “rock, paper, scissors” in order to determine which tribe gets to select a contestant for the challenge. Rocker wins with paper against Reed’s rock, and Rocker elects himself to take part in the challenge. Julie comes down and they hug before the challenge begins.

Untitled 4

Natalie reacts to seeing her sister has been voted out. (Image Credit: CBS)

They both begin with a good start, balancing their balls on the disc, but Rocker quickly faces difficulty. Two of the main obstacles in the course involve ducking under a pole, which is very hard for Rocker to do without his ball rolling off. We see Rocker drop his ball at these obstacles four times, while Julie takes it slow and steady. Julie is makes it to the second stage and begins rolling her balls, while Rocker continues to struggle with the obstacles. She quickly sinks all three and wins the challenge. Rocker is clearly unhappy with his performance in the challenge. Julie says that she is surprised to be able to beat her boyfriend, considering how good he is at so many things. Rocker says that he is embarrassed, not because he was beaten by his girlfriend, but because he was beaten by a girl. We see a number of people laugh on the Coyopa tribe. Julie selects Jeremy to go with Rocker to Exile Island, apologizing to him for having to make the decision. They depart.

Untitled 5

John Rocker struggles to keep his ball balanced. (Image Credit: CBS)

Before the two tribes depart, Reed makes a proposition to Jeff on behalf of his tribe. Explaining that they lost their flint, he asks if they can take the fishing gear that they just won, but trade their beans for a new flint. Jeff is not impressed by negotiation skills, explaining that they are the ones in need. He calls them out for using their victory as leverage in the negotiation, and suggests that they should have made the offer before the challenge started. He tells them that not only does he not accept their deal, but that they’ll have to trade the fishing gear that they just won if they want the flint. When they begin to hesitate, Jeff tells them, now that he knows they lost their flint, the negotiation will get harsher and harsher as time goes on should they refuse the new deal. Hunahpu cave and accept his terms, leaving the fishing gear behind.

Untitled 6

Jeff gives Hunahpu a verbal lashing after they attempt to negotiate with him. (Image Credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the Hunahpu tribe finds their new flint waiting for them. The tribe’s women and Reed give support to Natalie, who further expresses her emotions concerning her twin’s departure. Missy seems to be particularly touched.

Untitled 7

The Hunahpu tribe consoles Natalie back at camp. (Image Credit: CBS)


The Coyopa tribe spend the afternoon in the shade of the shelter, where Alec recounts seeing Rocker play baseball on television. This sparks Dale’s memory of Rocker, and he explains to everyone the controversy surrounding Rocker’s bigoted comments in the past. Val and Josh listen silently and intently. In a confessional, Josh explains that Rocker’s reputation could be of benefit to him, and that, if no one likes Rocker, he plans to make use of him.

Untitled 8

Dale remembers and recounts the controversy surrounding John Rocker. (Image Credit: CBS)


On Exile Island, Jeremy confesses that Exile Island is not a happy place. The icing on top is that he’s stuck there with John Rocker. He remembers Rocker well, including the charged comments that he made about other races and nationalities. The two of them come across the urns, and Jeremy selects the urn with the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. He decides to share to clue with Rocker, and they make an agreement to look out for each other’s loved one. Jeremy says that he doesn’t like Rocker but he will do whatever he can to try to help Val stay safe. He warns in his confessional, however, that if Val gets voted out, Julie will be next to go.

Untitled 9

John Rocker and Jeremy read the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol at Exile Island. (Image Credit: CBS)



Before the challenge, Jeremy and Rocker return from Exile Island and re-join their tribes. For the Immunity Challenge, castaways will face off in one-on-one match-ups, in which they must knock their opponent off a floating platform with a padded bag. The winner of each match-up gets a point for their tribe, and the first tribe to get five points wins tribal Immunity. Hunahpu gets to sit out one person form the challenge, and they choose Julie. In the first round, Kelley, for Hunahpu, takes on Jaclyn, for Coyopa. Jaclyn comes out strong right away and dominates Kelley, who, despite some good resistance, is knocked into the water. For the second round, Alec, for Coyopa, takes on his big brother Drew. Drew initially slips, and Alec takes the opportunity to be aggressive. Drew fights defensively while he gathers himself, but then comes after Alec even more aggressively, shoving him into the drink.

Untitled 10

Jaclyn defeats Kelley in the first round of the Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

For the third round, Jeremy, for Hunahpu, takes on Wes. They both come out strong but Wes gets the upper hand and pushes Jeremy into the ocean. Val wastes no time in vehemently celebrating her husband’s defeat. In round four, Val, for Coyopa, takes on Natalie. Val takes control of the match early, pushing Natalie to the ground and shoving her towards the edge. After some time, Natalie recovers and is able to flip the tables on Val, bringing Val to the ground. With a last shove, Natalie is able to roll Val off the platform and into the water. Jeremy does not celebrate his wife’s failure as she did his. As Natalie returns to the tribe’s platform, she says that Jeremy has a “tough-ass wife”. Jeremy gives a small smile. The tribes are tied 2-2. For the fifth round, Jon, for Hunahpu, takes on the much larger Rocker. The two men collide into each other with a smash, making Jaclyn nervous. The two men, square off fairly evenly until Rocker slips onto his back. He never can get back on his feet, and Jon pushes Rocker off the platform. Julie is shocked, but not as shocked as Jeff. The Hunahpu tribe roars with celebration. Rocker’s nose is covered with blood when he returns to the Coyopa platform.

Untitled 11

Jon and John smash into one another during the second Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

In round six, Baylor, for Coyopa, faces off against her mom, Missy. As they start the match, the two women collide, and Baylor is immediately injured. The collision caused her to split her lip, and she begins crying profusely. Missy tries to apologize to and comfort her daughter, but Baylor doesn’t allow it, insisting that she’s fine and ready to go. Drained of will, Missy hardly puts up any fight and goes into the water almost immediately. Baylor celebrates. The tribes are tied 3-3. In round seven, Reed, for Hunahpu, faces off against his boyfriend, Josh. We see Drew cheer for Josh. After a comical pause, Jon turns to Drew and says “…It’s Reed that’s on our team.” As they face off, Reed pins Josh to the ground. Josh manages to get up and spin around him, but Reed then pushes Josh to arm’s length and off the platform. Alec declares round eight the “clash of the old guys” as Dale, for Coyopa, faces off against Keith. Keith scrambles on the platform to try and get a edge on Dale, but Dale dominates him, laying one hit into Keith after another. Keith tries to recover but can never escape Dale’s constant bag hits. Dale manages to get Keith to back up towards the edge and gives his a good shove into the water. The tribes are tied 4-4. Dale lets out a celebratory grunt. Kelley informs her tribe that her “dad is insane”.

Untitled 12

Baylor cries after her lip is split open in the second Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

For the final round, Kelley, for Hunahpu, rematches against Jaclyn. Dale’s demeanor reveals his anxiety, which Jeff asks him about. Dale explains that today is Kelley’s birthday, but that he has to root for Jaclyn so that Coyopa doesn’t have to go to Tribal Council again. Kelley reassures her father that she is okay. As the match begins, Jaclyn dominates Kelley once again, quickly knocking her to the ground. As the goes to shove Kelley on the ground, Kelley manages to leap to her feet and turn the tables on Jaclyn, forcing Jaclyn to the ground. Kelley gets low and begins shoving Jaclyn, and she successfully pushes her into the water. Hunahpu wins their fourth challenge in a row.

Untitled 13

Kelley wins the final round of the Immunity Challenge, pushing Jaclyn into the ocean. (Image Credit: CBS)


The Coyopa tribe returns to camp with their spirits low. Rocker unceremoniously tosses the tribe flag to the ground upon their return. In a confessional, Dale explains that the challenge was extremely tough to watch and that it was a disheartening loss. He reveals, however, that he could not be prouder of anyone than he is of Kelley for clinching the victory. Dale approaches Jaclyn, “Well, Jaclyn”. She laughingly replies, “I currently hate her. It’s just in the moment, I’m sure I’ll get over it.” Rocker approaches Val, saying that it was a pleasure for him to spend time with Jeremy. She asks him about the idol clue. He explains that Jeremy got the clue and shared it with him. Jaclyn is standing with Val silently for this whole exchange. Val then asks Rocker if they found an idol on Exile Island, too. He says that they looked but didn’t find anything. Val then tells him that she found idols both on Exile Island and at camp. She says that she is using them for her and Jaclyn. In a confessional, Val explains “I am just lying. I have no choice. I have to play big or I’m going home.”

Untitled 14

Val tells John Rocker that she has two Hidden Immunity Idols. (Image Credit: CBS)

Rocker takes his conversation with Val as an indication that he needs to begin looking for idols. He quickly utilizes the symbols on the top of the well lid to walk seven paces north, as he believes to be indicated by the clues “dig” “north” “seven” “well”. After scratching away the top layer of dirt with a stick, he quickly manages to find an idol. He celebrates and explains to us in a confessional that he plans to use it to ensure that he makes it to the merge, since right before the merge is usually where professional athletes get voted out.

Untitled 15

Rocker finds the first Hidden Immunity Idol of San Juan Del Sur. (Image Credit: CBS)

In the water, Rocker tells Josh and Wes that Val claimed to have two idols that she was playing for herself and Jaclyn. He developed the plan that they split the votes, three votes for Val and three votes for Baylor. This way they can draw out one of Val’s idols and send Baylor, who is not an asset to Rocker’s men alliance, home in the process. Josh says that they’ll have to make sure none of the women know that votes are coming at Baylor. Rocker explains what is going to happen to Val, telling her that he is going to look out for her just like he promised Jeremy. He tells her that as long as she plays an idol on herself, Baylor will go home and she’ll be safe. Val reveals in a confessional, that she might have found her way out. She’ll just have herself and Jaclyn throw two more votes at Baylor, giving Baylor the majority of the votes and keeping Val safe. This way she doesn’t need an idol, since she doesn’t actually have any. In a confessional, Josh reveals that he noticed Rocker and Val walk off together. He says that they’ve never walked off together before and that he’s sure something is up.

Untitled 16

Rocker warns Val that she needs to use one of her Hidden Immunity Idols. (Image Credit: CBS)


Jeff begins by asking Dale about being 0 for 4 in the challenges. Dale suggests that pride may be getting in people’s way. Jeff asks Alec about the strategy involved with picking people for match ups. Alec agrees that pride does play a big part and that he wanted very much to compete against his brother, even though it may not have been the best match up. Rocker says that at some point its going to gel and click and that they’ll come out on top. Jeff points that time is an issue working against them and asks Josh to comment. Josh says that it’s like a Broadway show that isn’t being received well that is re-worked for a brand new opening.

Untitled 17

The Coyopa Tribe convenes for their second Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff then asks Val how you make the tribe stronger. She says that it’s hard when you have people trying to play both sides. Jeff asks Val who is playing both sides. She says Baylor. Baylor explains that Val has had it out for her since she first got to the island. Val had tried to get the women together for the last vote, but Baylor had decided to side with the men. Jaclyn and Val then both verbally attack her, saying that she had promised to side with the women and that it was Baylor’s idea to vote for Dale. Val is clearly very angry and riled up. Jeff notes the tension in the tribe and asks Wes how they can perform at their best when tension is so high. Wes quickly points out that Val claims to have two idols, which Baylor and Dale also claim to have heard. Jeff asks Wes what the impact of her saying that is. Wes says that it means that they have to put votes on her to draw the idols out. Jeff asks Val if she’d be surprised to receive votes. She says no. He asks the same to Baylor. She says that, after everything she’s heard, no, but that it would be a shame for people to start flipping over “crazy talk”.

Untitled 18

Jaclyn lashes out at Baylor for flipping against the women. (Image Credit: CBS)

The tribe votes. Baylor votes for Val without comment but indicates her disgust. Rocker votes for Baylor. He says that that she’s “as sweet as can be”, but that he has a nice spot in a five guy alliance. Wes votes for Val, saying they want to see the idol. Val votes for Baylor without comment. Jeff retrieves the votes and says indicates that now is the time for someone to play a Hidden Immunity Idol. Val does nothing. Rocker is shocked. Four votes are cast for Baylor, and four votes are cast for Val. Jeff informs the tribe that they’ll have to re-vote. Everyone except for Baylor and Val will vote, and everyone must vote for either Baylor or Val. They do so. Rocker votes for Val, saying that he told her to play her idol and what would happen if she didn’t. He says that he’s upset because now he’ll look like a liar to her husband. Jeff retrieves the votes. All the votes except for Jaclyn’s go to Val. Jeff snuffs her torch and she departs. Jeff tells them that something is going to have to change or the Coyopa tribe is going to be destroyed one by one.

Untitled 19

Val Collins is the second person voted out of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. (Image Credit: CBS)


Jeremy knows who John Rocker is, and there is no love lost between them. He informs his tribe of Rocker’s past, including his bigoted comments. When confronted at a challenge, Rocker begins to lose his temper, much to his girlfriend Julie’s dismay.

Untitled 1

Jeremy tells his tribe about John Rocker’s past. (Image Credit: CBS)









Another interesting episode in what is shaping up to be a pretty good season!

Thought it was extremely interesting to see Josh pull Baylor aside and tell her that he voted for her. Actually no, not interesting, stupid. Why would you do that? In my opinion you never apologise in Survivor, let alone for something that she would’ve had no idea about unless you tell her! Let Nadiya get the blame, how would she know that she didn’t vote for her? Strange move. Strange. But Josh is still in a good position despite the fact his tribe just can’t win. How does that put him in a good position? Well for the most part tribes who lose early usually have people go far in the game. And at the moment, he looks the most likely to do so.

The Rocker v Julie battle was great, only to see Julie barely be able to contain the smile on her face after beating her boyfriend. Clearly Rocker hates losing, and he was never going to handle that well. A brief little sexist comment later and it became the ‘oh I know who John Rocker is’ show. This was great, especially with the Jeremy situation on Exile given the tone of some of his comments in the past. Jeremy is ever the pro, and handled it well. If he can handle situations like that in the same way in the future, he is in the box seat right now to win.

Always great to see a dual challenge, and especially great to see the rivalry come out between the players. I did feel the urge to comfort Baylor after that. And Missy. Poor girls. Anyways, I digress. Great TV. Great indeed!

I will say that I think I set a new record for wrong tip to win. Val goes home 2nd, and given she was my pre-game tip to win it once again shows that I have no hope ever in picking who will win this game. So once again let me point out to anyone who goes back and plays this game: HOPE I DON’T ROOT FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE! It really was a no win situation from my personal stand point anyway. Had Baylor gone I would’ve cried and shot a puppy. So yeah, luckily that puppy will be ok now.

Next week we see Rocker lose his shit. I say bring it on now to show me some Rocker agro!



Another interesting episode, although I feel like I still know nothing about some of the survivors.

It was touching to see Natalie so sad about the departure of Nadiya, but that’s how the game works… I’m sure it’ll get worse as we go on!

The challenges between loved ones are mildly interesting, although when you are also doing the great challenge of sumo bags then it might be a little overkill, but then again… The competitors chose who they fought!

I thought Kelley was done for it in that challenge so well played by Hunahpu to pull out the win! It looked harder for some couples to support… They have seen this show before right?

As far as I’m concerned… Val stuffed it up, she should’ve just told Rocker she had no idol and it would’ve changed how they played, and she probably would still be there…

I don’t know what Josh is doing… But stop messing with poor Baylor! She’s just a beautiful little girl! I still feel like he’ll win or at least play a big part in this game though.. Bring on the Rocker and Jeremy showdown next week!



This season hasn’t exactly come out of the gate very strong in terms of game play. What episode two did have going for it was a wackload of funny moments. The funniest of course being Drew and his “Let’s go Josh” to his tribe mate of 5 days, Reed. I honestly re-watched that moment 5 times before I could go on with the challenge. The editing of Drew as a character has me expecting a spectacular fall in the coming weeks. The same can be said for Rocker, who continues to baffle me with every move he makes in the game. Even when something goes right for him in terms of strategy I can’t get over this feeling like I’m watching a train wreck ready to happen. I’m actually starting to think that the lack of confessionals is due to some early exits by these hilariously bad players. The show may just be milking Rocker for all he’s worth before an early exit. The preview for next week really seems Rocker heavy. I do like Rocker as a character but if he doesn’t go soon he runs the risk of being over exposed. Maybe once Rocker’s failed attempt at redemption for his reputation is over we can start to see what is really going on with the game. On one final note, Reed and his tribe have taught us how NOT to negotiate with Jeff. When others have gone over a week without fire and water, you don’t go in and offer beans on day 4 to replace a lost flint. Next time Jon loses it I hope he has to common sense to offer up Missy for a fair trade



Another rocker of an episode (John Rocker that is.) Some bizarre decisions by some of the castaways in this episode though. From Josh telling Baylor about his decision to vote for her, to Val claiming she had two idols (and Rocker believing her) and even Jon admitting guilt about the flint. There were definitely some interesting admissions and somehow less than stellar gameplay.

Firstly can I say, I was NOT a fan of Val. She never did anything special to be so highly rated, and I think coupled with the fact that everyone rated her so highly, and the fact that she played her cards like a bitter Betty, she lost a lot of appeal in my eyes. She always seemed on the defensive, and let’s be honest, she was the next logical choice to go in the tribe.

I really do see the Coyopa tribe falling further apart unless there is a tribe switch. It just seems that there is no leader which they desperately need. I can’t see anyone stepping up either. Dale seems too meek and non confrontational, and Rocker is trying to keep a low profile at the moment. Wes doesn’t seem to have enough authority either, so it’s going to have to stay in a state of organised chaos for Coyopa for a while I predict.

New favourite character would have to be Julie. Love her sass and the way she held her own in both of the challenges. Also enjoyed her public embarrassment for her boyfriend. Speaking of challenges, the sumo duelling one is always a winner – especially effective for blood versus water seasons where loved ones feel they have something to prove.

A fairly decent follow up episode, but I’m already not really digging the Exile Island scenes, and annoyed by the fact that Rocker got the first idol. I’m feel like that he will make it deep into the season now, which I’m sure CBS are thrilled about for the controversy factor alone.

Bring on the next week for Rocker’s little spat. I’m rooting for Natalie and Julie, also something about Jon and Alec I like. Alec’s older brother not so much!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 2nd recap features Blood vs Water contestant John Cody and his wife Candice Cody also from Blood vs Water as well as Cook Islands & Heroes vs Villains! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Dale (Candice) Reed (John)
DARK HORSE: Natalie (Candice) Julie (John)
NEXT TO GO: Baylor (Candice) Baylor (John)
COUPLE MOST LIKELY TO TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER: Rocker/Julie (Candice) Rocker/Julie (John) 
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Kelley (Candice) Jeremy (John)

Join us next week as we are joined by Laura & Rupert Boneham from Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains & Blood vs Water to help us recap the third episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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