Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Week 4 Recap + Tim Dormer Interview


A new week is upon which means there is a lot of action from the Big Brother house to catch up on! Ben and Alex sit down and go over the events from the last 5 days and welcome a huge guest in reigning Big Brother champion and one of the greatest and most strategic players to ever play the game Tim Dormer!

With so much drama and an intruder to discuss, it’s all down to Ben and Alex to bring your their thoughts on everything that has happened since our last episode! From parties through to nominations, another upcoming double eviction to THAT incident between Cat and Lawson, it’s all about the drama on another episode of Big Brother Oz! We even manage to once again ‘manipulate’ the ‘radar’  in making Priya climb the rankings despite the obvious talk being around ‘Clawson’. Check out our results below:


We are sneaky mo fos apparently

We also bring in another special guest in the reigning Big Brother champion Tim Dormer, who discusses his take on the house and his first hand experience with this years cast given he got to live with them for  a day 2 weeks ago. He also brings us up to speed on the situation with Jake being his housemate, why he doesn’t think he would be good in a house with 2012 winner Ben Norris and giving us his top and bottom 3 people currently in the house! Remember to follow Tim on social media via his Twitter page here and his Facebook page here

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2 Comments on Big Brother Oz – Season 11 Week 4 Recap + Tim Dormer Interview

  1. cirieandrudy // October 7, 2014 at 7:01 am // Reply

    this is survivor oz not big brother oz

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