The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 25 Episode 2 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Episode 2 time!

Previously on The Amazing Race….We celebrated 25 years, Team Pearly Whites won in the Virgin Islands and got the ‘save’, while Team Survivor, The Firefighters and the Miami Bitches faced off in a sprint finish…with the bitches biting the dust!

So who’s left….a hell of a lot of teams!

#1 Team Pearly Whies (Misti & Jim)

#2 T&T (Tim & TeJay)

#3 The Cyclists (Kym & Allie)

#4 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#5 SoulSurfers (Adam & Bethany)

#6 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#7 The Dating Couple (Dennis & Isabelle)

#8 Flight Attendants (Shelley & Naci)

#9 Team Survivor (Keith & Whitney)

#10 The Firies (Michael & Scott)

So we’re ready to go!

In the Virgin Islands, in the capital city…Fort Christian!

So Team Pearly Whites are setting us off first!


They had this…he’s pretty please with himself!

Fly to London, England, once they arrive, find their clue at Tower Bridge

To the Motherland! Woo! I can live with that!

There are only two flights that can be taken, with 6 teams on the first flight…

Team Pearly Whites brag about having the save, and they get to the airport nice and early, so they’re just waiting at the airport.


It’s where all the cool kids hang out!

T&T are off next, they give us a nice spiel about being little but packing a punch, and then share a cab with the Cyclists who leave at around the same time.

The Wrestlers are off and are excited to be fourth…for now! They want a wrestling ring in their backyard…..AWESOME!!!

SoulSurfers are off, and tell us they are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship…and then give us a great line of ‘I remember there were lots of pretty flowers in England’…I think it’s at least true!

The Lolly Queens arrive to be the 6th team and on the first flight!

Bethany tells us that she lost a shoe on the last leg of the race, so Amy from the Lolly Queens luckily has the same sized shoes, so they are happy to give some to Bethany! It’s all lovely early on! Yay!


Smells like…shoe

Cue montage of teams getting on a flight….it’s not that exciting…

The other teams (see teams 7-10) all meet up (I’m assuming that Team Survivor and The Firies took a penalty…but there’s no proof of that…)

The Flight Attendants are here to beat at least one more team…they give us a really long spiel which sounds concerning…


We only have to beat one of you!

The Firies say we ain’t seen nothing yet….looking forward to it!

The First Flight arrives in London…and we see some great London Cabs! I love London Cabs!

The Lolly Queens ask their driver to go fast…but no speeding tickets! Brilliant! But needs more urgency!

The teams are looking for a ‘Pearly King and Queen’, which is what I assume Team Pearly Whites were…but apparently not…as we get some lavishly dressed folk handing out the next clue…with T&T narrowly in the lead, Team Pearly Whites are right behind them!


The Real Team Pearly Whites!

It’s time for the first Detour of the season!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pro’s and con’s, in this detour, teams must choose between

About Face: Teams must perform a traditional changing of the guard! There are many intricate steps!


Pancake Race; Teams must take part in a 500 year old tradition of the Pancake Race, they must make a perfect pancake, then run around a course, flipping their flapjack constantly, and completing the course in under 1 minute and 15 seconds.


Fun vs an iconic thing! That’s good…I don’t think I could resist dressing up like a royal guard! It’s just one of those things you want to be able to do!

Both leading sides choose to do About Face

SoulSurfers are doing Pancake Race, The Cyclists are going to do About Face.

The 2nd flight touches down and the remaining sides are sprinting out of the airport!

Wrestlers and Lolly Queens are also doing About Face…They couldn’t resist either!

Team Pearly Whites are there first, and look like our demonstration couple!

There are only 5 guards…so I guess only 5 teams can do it at a time?

T&T arrive, as do the Cyclists, while the Soul Surfers get to the Pancakes

We get a brief Montage of teams learning steps…

Now…SoulSurfers…have made suitable pancakes….here we go!

The Soul Surfers are off quickly! They look like they’re flying through it! In fact….they destroy it! What guns!


And Now I really want Pancakes!

Travel by Train to the city of Oxford, search the water’s edge by Magdalen Bridge for your next clue!

The SoulSurfers did that so quickly!

Team Pearly Whites go for it…but it’s not in time…and turn the wrong way…and they get a serve from the guards! How brilliant! I love this! The Cyclists struggle as well


Try and impress this guy…

All of the second flight arrive at Tower Bridge, I swear they use the wrong numbers for the teams too…

Team Pearly Whites have another go…and get it right this time! Jim gives a ‘call of battle so everyone knows they’re getting left behind’

The Cyclists get their clue! And then give the instructor a kiss! What nerve!


I guess whenever you can get it…

Brooke from the Wrestlers is strugglers!

The Flight Attendants arrive at the clue…and brag about their military training…then fluff their lines a bit…

Team Survivor, The Firies, and the Dating Couple (ugh…lamest name!) all arrive at the Pancakes!

SoulSurfers are on the first train to Oxford…they’re destroying it!

Team Survivor have a crack at the pancake flipping…they make quality pancakes…and they look like they’re doing alright…but they’re too slow! And now I want pancakes! Keith tells Whitney to run faster…it’s a bit tense!


This guy had swag!


This guy did not!

The Cyclists and Team Pearly Whites are on the train to Oxford now…while the Firies’ pancakes is called dreadful by the delightful Pancake judge!

At the Guard’s run…the teams are struggling a bit…especially the Flight Attendants…although they say they’re improving…and then keep telling us they’re the biggest fans ever!

At the Pancakes…Dennis and Isabelle tell us the same thing…and they practiced Archery, joined Crossfit gyms, studied strategy…basically went nuts…which also means this leg will probably go horribly wrong for them! They try the pancake run…and fall short…Keith is mean about it…Whitney tells him not to be…Keith responds with ‘I can be mean, you’re the nice one’. Well…at least he admits to being the mean one!

T&T pass the Guard’s task on their second attempt…as do the Lolly Queens…leaving just the Wrestlers and the Flight Attendants at the task!

The Flight Attendants have a crack at it…and are successful…and roar with delight…leaving the Wrestlers as the final team there!


It’s on backwards dude…

Team Survivor Race through the Pancake task again…and this time get it perfectly!

The Firies have a go but lose their pancake almost instantly.



I don’t know how he does it!

SoulSurfers look almost shocked as they race right past him to their boat…where they get their next clue!

Drop Back and Punt…Teams must pilot a ‘punt’ around a river course, to receive their next clue

I guess they’re kind of like the Venice gondolas…but significantly less nice!

So…SoulSurfers take off first!

We finally get a pancake face off! Two teams having a crack together! The Firies get through it…as do the Dating Couple…but what’s this??? The Firies didn’t flip their pancake enough…so must do it again! But Dennis and Isabelle are fine!


The most important race ever…besides the Amazing Race…is on!

At the Guards…just the Wrestlers remain…they fail again…but are at least told they are kind of close…

Another train departs, with the Dating Couple, Flight Attendants, Lolly Queens and Team Survivor on board, leaving just the Wrestlers and the Firies in London!

The Wrestlers are still failing at the guards task! The Firies have another crack at the Pancakes….they need to flip it more…but they flip it too aggressively and lose it…


Don’t flip out man!

Cue a montage between the two final teams…who can get out of their task first! The Firies complete the Pancake Flipping! While the Wrestlers get their clue at a very similar time!

At the Punts, SoulSurfers are done…Again…quick and smooth! They receive their next clue!

Proceed to Christ Church College…and Tip your bowler to find your next clue

The Cyclists, Team Team Pearly Whites and T&T are all racing around…and TeJay drops his flag in the water…Tim gives the great line of ‘TeJay…you’re only job is to wave the flag and stand still!’ It looks like at least two teams are doing it the wrong way…with Jim on the front of his punt, and the same with the Cyclists…

Team Pearly Whites need to go again…they are told off for doing it backwards…then go back past the Cyclists…who they tell that they need to go again…but won’t tell them why…that cheeky Jim! The Cyclists realise what they are doing wrong…and declare Punting a nightmare…most gamblers agree…not NFL Punters though…their job is easy…


Get Punting!

The Wrestlers and Firies get on the last train to Oxford…so it’s bye bye to London!

So we have a lot of teams at the Punting…and Team Pearly Whites are right near some of the teams starting out and…oops…in goes Whitney! Jim gives a sarcastic apology in their confessional…I think I would’ve just laughed…


Nailed it!


They look sorry…

At Christ Church College…the man with the Bowler hat gives a bowler hat and an umbrella as a clue to the first placed SoulSurfers…and we get the surprise that within the Umbrella is a clue where teams can go and search for an EXPRESS PASS! A vital item that can really help if a team is struggling!


Bowler hats…making men more attractive since….a long time ago!

Find the express pass at a pub called ‘The Bear’, you must search the Bar for it

The SoulSurfers decide to go for it…and put pressure on a local to use their phone very quickly to find where they’re going…SO MUCH PRESSURE!!!


Waving to the camera…plus a bonus camera phone!

At the Punting…Team Pearly Whites are done, as are the Cyclists!

The final two teams are just arriving at the Punting challenge…before Whitney provides more humour!

After claiming Keith is doing great as she’s only fallen in once…she stacks it again…comedic timing to perfection!


Nailed it again!

It seems like several teams suck at the punting…and the Firies are starting to pass some teams…like the Dating Couple and T&T


Figure this mess out…

At ‘The Bear’, The SoulSurfers turn up, ask for an express pass…and get it! Just like that….I’m sorry…that was way too fucking easy for an Express pass….make it challenging at least!


So….that’s it???

So now they’re off to the Pit Stop…Churchill’s Birthplace…which is Blenheim Palace!

The Last team to check in here…may be eliminated!

So the SoulSurfers are off…

Team Pearly Whites receive their Bowler hat and Umbrella, and know that any smart team would’ve taken the Express Pass…so are off to the Pit Stop!

The Cyclists can’t figure out what the clue is and tip their bowler hat several times…but they eventually figure it out! Off to the Pit Stop you go Ladettes!

Team Survivor are in 4th after the Punting…well played! Whitney asks if she was the only one to fall in…cue the Editor’s favourite thing ever…people falling off Punts into Water!

First Isabelle goes in…then Nici…then Shelley…then the Lolly Queens stack it…but they’re all good…





Lots of stacking!!!!

Nici then declares she has to pee…so bends down on the boat…and goes…right next to some teenage boys…who laugh their heads off…her Mum is well…disgusted…it’s a little bit gross!


You don’t see that every day!

At the Pit Stop…The SoulSurfers are in! They are greeted by umm…Winston Churchill…and they are…Team Number 1!


Still looks so young!

Phil’s bonus news is that they’ve won a trip to Sweden! I love bonus trips!


DaFuq is this Gnome doing here?

At the Punt, T&T are out of there…as are the Firies…leaving 4 teams still going…

Lolly Queens get out of there in 7th…I Love the Lolly Queens!

At the Pit Stop…Team Pearly Whites check in at number 2…to no fanfare…in fact…Jim describes Second as being ‘the first loser’…oh my Jim…this really is going to go on all season isn’t it?

The Cyclists check in third shortly afterwards…

The Wrestlers pass the Dating Couple…and are into 8th place and out of the Punting!

Cue montages of Dennis and Isabelle and the Flight Attendants failing at Punting… …and both teams are starting to get a bit emotional now…especially the Flight Attendants…They don’t know what to do!!!



We get back from the break…and they’re done! The Flight Attendants that is…the Dating Couple finish too…that wasn’t too disastrous…although they are well behind!

Team Survivor check in as Team Number 4! T&T as Team Number 5, they get Phil asking questions instead of telling them their places…that’s new…just casual small talk at the Pit Stop….

At the back of the pack…the last two teams are struggling…Shelley is slowing down…and can’t keep up with Naci, while Isabelle is struggling too!

The Firies check in for 6th place…while the Wrestlers outspring the Lolly Queens for 7th and 8th…and get a bit of inspiration from Winston Churchill!


Firies in Bowler hats!

Both teams are still a little emotional…Isabelle says no matter what happens she loves Dennis…I’d hope so! But it’s sweet!

The Flight Attendants get to Christ Church College first…but I think they’re going to the wrong place…a museum…not quite what they should be looking for!

The Dating Couple arrive shortly afterwards, as the Flight Attendants find out where they have been going! They race to cabs! With the Flight Attendants getting one first!

The Dating Couple get one too…but it might be too late!

Both teams are overly emotional! They both are sad…the Flight Attendants are well…too emotional for my liking…Isabelle is too…but it’s not the same…


Keep running!

We cut to Phil….and the team that is there is…The Flight Attendants!

Booooooo! They’re annoying! And I picked Dennis and Isabelle to win…the curse strikes! They celebrate over-emphatically…and are happy to not be eliminated over something stupid like not being able to punt a boat….but someone is…real class there!


Nothing like finishing 9th

And here are our unlucky final team…Dennis and Isabelle…they have been eliminated from the race!


I’m Sorry for cursing you guys!

They’re devastated that they’re out of the race…especially after having prepared so much! But sadly…that’s how it is! They imagine a parallel universe where they win The Amazing Race…I guess that could possibly exist….

But not in this Universe….they lost…

So who did survive the leg?

#1 SoulSurfers – They were on Fire!!! Everything they did just worked…and if they keep that up…they’ll be very hard to beat!

#2 Team Pearly Whites – One minor slip up at the Detour…and one at the Punts…and they demand perfection so will be disappointed…but they’re still very strong

#3 The Cyclists – No sweat…little problems…little fanfare….but nicely done!

#4 Team Survivor – Moments of humour…but a strong leg performance! Keith needs to be a bit nicer!

#5 T&T – Not that crash hot in challenges…but it was enough…more than enough!

#6 The Firies – From the back…they were very very impressive at the Punting to race past some teams!

#7 The Wrestlers – Woeful at the Detour…but they scraped by…and finished quite well…

#8 Lolly Queens – I love the Lolly Queens! I don’t think they’ll be around for that long…but I think they’re just happy and fun!

#9 Flight Attendants – Ugh…annoying…erratic…and so overly emotional it’s sickening…but well played for getting out of it…I guess….

Leg Assessment: Another kind of…average leg…No Roadblock? I get the Punting was hard…but you surely had to have a roadblock too…in any case…at least the Punting was a little bit entertaining…the search for the Express Pass was futile as well…but I like England…and Phil still showed swagger!

Detour Assessment: Challenging…and still allowed teams to catch up, while doing some iconic tasks…the big plus of the episode were these! Easy enough…but the people helping with each task made them that much more enjoyable!

Looking forward to next week as always! Bring on more racing!

Tune in next week for our episode 3 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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