Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 3 Recap Featuring Rupert & Laura Boneham!


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Rupert & Laura Boneham from Blood vs Water, Heroes vs Villains, All-Stars, and Pearl Islands!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Nine pairs of loved ones were put in opposite tribes for the second season of Blood vs Water. Julie wins the challenge at Hero Arena against her boyfriend John Rocker. She picks Jeremy to go to Exile Island with him. Jeremy selects the urn with the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, but he shares the clue with Rocker. They make an agreement to look out for each other’s loved ones. At the Immunity Challenge, Coyopa continued their losing streak. Rocker used the clue from Exile Island to find a Hidden Immunity Idol and intended to make good on his promise to protect Jeremy’s wife Val. Their plan, however, depended on Val using one of two idols she claimed to have found to protect herself. She didn’t have any idols however and was not safe. She was voted out at Tribal Council, leaving Rocker in a poor position. In addition to failing to uphold his promise to Jeremy, his behaviour while trying to protect Val arose Josh’s suspicions. 16 are left.



As the Coyopa tribe returns from Tribal Council, Baylor confesses that she does not think she’s safe. She knows she can’t rely on Josh anymore for protection. She doesn’t trust anyone but is also still open to playing with anyone. Dale says that he knew Val was lying. Josh tells Rocker that he switched his vote. Rocker says that it was smart. Josh says, in a confessional, that he did that because of Rocker’s behaviour with Val. He plans to stick with the men’s alliance, but he doesn’t trust Rocker anymore. Jaclyn and Baylor will be the next to go.


Josh and John Rocker discuss their alliance after Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)



The tribe worries about the possibility of bad weather and the state of their shelter. They start working to make a better roof. Drew is gaining a reputation for taking naps. He was apparently eager about the fixing the shelter but didn’t actually end up helping a lot. Keith makes it clear in his confessional that he is not impressed by Drew. As Drew snores, the tribe laughs and looks on. Natalie picks a fight with him after he complains about them waking him up with their noise while working. In a confessional, Natalie says that Drew is a waste of space. We see Jeremy tell her that Drew’s behaviour is good for their game and that Drew’s not going to win a million dollars. In a confessional, Jeremy suspects that Drew isn’t cut out for the game and jokes that Drew will just give up and give Jeremy the money.


Drew sleeps in the shelter while the rest of his tribe works. (Image Credit: CBS)


Jeff welcomes the two tribes into Hero Arena. Jeremy seems distraught to see his wife gone, but says that “it’s whatever”. He calls out the Coyopa tribe for being a men’s club and taking out the strong women. Rocker apologizes to Jeremy, revealing their agreement. He says that he couldn’t swing the vote to save her. In a confessional, Josh expresses the shock that the other men on the tribe felt at hearing this.


Jeremy sees that his wife has been voted out of the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

For the challenge, one person from each tribe will race across a wobbly beam while transporting long square pieces with essentially a long metal spatula. First one to get all the pieces across the beam and stacked on the opposite wins reward. For the reward the winning tribe can select either a comfort package (tarp, hammock, mattress, pillows, blanket) or the fishing gear that Hunahpu gave up the previous Reward Challenge. Julie and Jaclyn compete in “rock-paper-scissors”, and Jaclyn wins with rock. Wes volunteers to compete for his tribe, saying that his dad won’t do well in the challenge.


Jeff reveals the reward options associated with the challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Both Keith and Wes place their first piece at the same time. Keith places the second before Wes, taking a modest lead. The two of them begin moving quicker. They place their third pieces at about the same time, but Keith is still a little bit ahead of his son. Keith then almost falls off the beam but makes a good recovery. Wes is able to take the lead , however. Wes almost loses his piece as the wind blows but he recovers. Keith isn’t so lucky loses the piece. He has to go back to the start of the beam. Wes places his last piece, and Coyopa wins their first challenge.


Wes places his first piece in the Hero Arena reward challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Keith is emotional, saying he is proud to see his son perform so well. Jeff asks them if they usually have this kind of emotional exchange. Wes says they don’t, revealing the only such time was when Keith’s great-grandfather (Wes’ grandfather) passed away. Wes starts crying. Keith comforts his son, saying they’re good. They hug. Jeff asks Wes who he wants to go with his dad to Exile Island. He picks Josh, saying that he clicked with Josh and that he hopes his Dad will click with Josh as well. They depart for Exile Island. Jeff asks Coyopa which reward they want. They choose the fishing gear without hesitation. Jeff says maybe the tide has turned. As the Coyopa tribe passes Hunahpu, Rocker tells Jeremy that he did everything he could to save Val. In a confessional, Jeremy reveals that he doesn’t buy it. If Rocker had done everything he could, Val wouldn’t have been voted out. Jeremy is now going to be targeting Rocker.


Wes and Keith hug after facing off in the Hero Arena reward challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)


The tribe returns, depressed from their first loss. Jeremy reassures them. Julie goes off by herself, upset by the negativity that was expressed towards her boyfriend at the challenge. Jeremy reiterates that John betrayed him. Jeremy says that the tribe doesn’t know who Rocker is, but that Jeremy knows. He proceeds to reveals Rocker’s past, telling them about everything Rocker said in the past. Jeremy mentions that he was trying to give Julie the benefit of the doubt. Natalie is clearly disgusted by Rocker and, by proxy, Julie. The tribe comes to the consensus that they want to vote Julie off. Julie confesses that the game is more difficult than she expected because of the position that her boyfriend has put her in.


Jeremy tells his tribe everything he knows about John Rocker. (Image Credit: CBS)


Josh is not excited about Exile Island. He expects to be sleeping on the rocks. Keith asks them if they’re going to share information, but Josh doesn’t give a straight answer. They each pick and urn and Keith gets the one with the information. Josh says that Rocker might already have the idol. The two of them collect snails and cook them up. Josh confesses that they actually get along really well. They’re not a likely pairing but they do well. Keith confesses that they are as far apart as can be. He says that Josh “seems like a good ol’ boy, but he’s not HIS good ol boy”. Keith is adamant in his confessional that they are going to keep their distance, and that they aren’t going to spoon. He doesn’t meet many people like Josh in Louisiana.


Josh and Keith select their urns on Exile Island. (Image Credit: CBS)


That night at Coyopa, the tribe celebrates their first victory. Rocker caught some fish for the tribe, which they appreciated greatly. As the tribe settles down, Baylor tells Wes and Alec to remember that this is a game. She says that they need to be thinking about their options. Baylor tells them that they should team up with Jaclyn to vote out John Rocker. Baylor says she can’t tell if they are actually thinking, sometimes. The guys reassure her that they are. Alec confesses, however, that he plans to stick with the guys. Wes and Alec agree not to worry about it and to focus on the challenge.


Baylor tries to convince Alec and Wes to make a move against Rocker. (Image Credit: CBS)

 DAY 8


Before the challenge Jeff calls back Keith and Josh, who reunite with their tribe. For the challenge, pairs are tied together and race through an obstacle crawl. They retrieve and a ball and then return through the obstacle crawl. They then must shoot the ball into a basket, scoring a point. First tribe to get three points wins immunity. Each tribe sits out one person. Keith and Dale sit out.


The third immunity challenge and second obstacle crawl of the season. (Image Credit: CBS)

First up, Jon and Natalie, for Hunahpu, take on Josh and Baylor, for Coyopa. Josh and Baylor take an early lead, but Jon and Natalie move quickly, as well. Jon gets the lead on the return trip and takes the first shot. He misses. So does Baylor. Jon takes his second shot and scores. Wes and Alec take on Missy and Julie. Alec smashes into Julie. Jeremy teases Rocker, mentioning the collision. Wes scores for Coyopa. Next, Rocker and Jaclyn take on Reed and Drew. The Hunahpu tribe, led by Natalie, starts talking about Rocker being a bad sport. Rocker scores for Coyopa, putting them in the lead by one point. Jeremy and Kelley take on Baylor and Josh. Josh is quick again, dragging Baylor through the course. Baylor takes the shot and misses again. Rocker teases Jeremy as he shoots. Jeremy scores. The tribes are tied, 2-2. For the final match up, Alec and Wes take on Jon and Natalie. Wes knocks over Natalie while they are under the net. Both Jon and Wes shoot simultaneously and both miss. They scramble for their balls. Jon lines up the shot and scores, giving Hunahpu their third Immunity in a row.


Jon sinks the winning shot for Hunahpu. (Image Credit: CBS)

Natalie yells at Coyopa that they should “change it up”. She calls Rocker out the bigoted comments he made in the past, and she suggests that the Coyopa tribe should vote Rocker out. Jeff asks Julie why they’re picking on Rocker. Julie says they don’t know him personally. They only know about the article in his past. Natalie continues to berate Rocker, who mocks her. Rocker says that if Natalie were a man, he would knock out her teeth. Despite this, Dale says that Rocker is a part of their tribe and that they’ve got his back. Alec says he’s ready to get back to camp. Rocker says he’s ready to fight. In a confessional, Josh says that he is worried about Rocker losing his temper. He says that his behaviour is not helpful for the tribe.


Natalie implores the Coyopa tribe to change things up and vote out Rocker. (Image Credit: CBS)


Baylor thinks she’s in trouble. She’s gotten votes each time, and she expects to get votes again. She still thinks that they need to vote out Rocker. In a confessional, Rocker reveals that he is upset about Natalie calling him a homophobe. He points out that his best friend on the tribe is a gay man. He thinks he has a decent strategy that will work. He’s targeting Dale to keep the target off his own back. He tells Baylor and Jaclyn that Dale is not an asset to the tribe. Baylor tells him that she agrees with him, but confesses that she and Jaclyn still want to vote out Rocker instead. Rocker confesses that Dale is not actually the target. He going to vote out Baylor. Josh tells Rocker that he agrees with Rocker’s plan, but tells us that he is concerned about Rocker’s idol and position. Rocker has been saying too much and has too much power. Josh says that, if he doesn’t have to use Rocker, he doesn’t want to. Rocker stands for too many bad things.


Rocker tells Baylor and Jaclyn that he plans to vote for Dale. (Image Credit: CBS)

Josh tells Wes that he had a good time with his dad on Exile Island. Josh tells Wes that he wants them to team up with Baylor and Alec to vote out Rocker. Baylor comes up while they are talking, and Josh tells her that they are voting out Rocker. Baylor is concerned that she is being played but is also hopeful. Wes asks Alec about the vote, revealing both Josh’s plan to vote out Rocker and Rocker’s plan to vote out Baylor. Alec is skeptical at Josh’s plan and is not sure that they should get rid of Rocker yet. He thinks that Rocker is too much of an asset. Rocker says that he’s going to take his idol to Tribal Council just in case he needs it. Josh confesses that it’s going to be a huge decision tonight. Voting out Rocker would be a huge move, but Rocker is wild card. Baylor is his original ally and if Rocker doesn’t go, she will. He has no idea what the right decision is to make.


Baylor joins Josh and Wes in the water for strategy talk. (Image Credit: CBS)


Jeff asks Rocker about the fallout from the conversation between him and Jeremy at the reward challenge. Rocker explains that he did what he could but that Val bluffed too much. She got herself voted out. Wes says that he doesn’t feel good that Rocker was protecting Val, but he’s just happy it wasn’t him who got voted out. Jeff asks Alec about the backlash the tribe experienced concerning Rocker’s legacy. Alec points out that Natalie was quick to attack John, but they can’t vote her out of the tribe to dispel the dissention. Jeff points out the perception Hunahpu has of Rocker as Coyopa’s leader. Rocker says that he’s not responsible for the actions of the majority. Jaclyn points out that there’s been some shifting in the tribe. Wes says that his alliance has a game plan and that they are going to stick to it. Josh says that he is not concerned, but that people are hearing all sorts of different stories that don’t line up. Many people don’t have their stories straight. Baylor says that the tribe needs to get this dark cloud off of them. Jeff asks if she expects to get votes tonight. She says that she expects a woman to go home. Jaclyn says she doesn’t, but confesses it could ultimately go either way. She implores the tribe to “vote one of the guys out and stop picking on me and Baylor”. They vote.


Alec notes that Coyopa can’t vote out Natalie. (Image Credit: CBS)

Rocker votes for Baylor, saying that he’s voted for her three times in a row. Baylor votes for Rocker, simply saying, “you are negative”. Jeff collects the votes, and asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Rocker does nothing. Jeff reveals the votes. Baylor. John. Baylor. John. John. John. Four is enough, and Rocker is voted out. Baylor quietly says, “Thank God”. Jeff snuffs out Rocker’s torch, and Rocker says, “Well played”. He departs murmuring, “I had the damn idol right in my pocket, too.” Jeff says that maybe this is just the change-up that the tribe needed.


John Rocker’s torch is snuffed. (Image Credit: CBS)


Drew wants to take over Hunahpu, but his biggest enemy is himself. He says he’s a badass. Jeremy says he’s a moron. At Hero Arena, Drew tells Jeff that no one else on his tribe had the courage to bring something up to Jeff…


Drew makes a proposal to Jeff at Hero Arena. (Image Credit: CBS)









What an intense episode!

Seemed to have some down right angry play and some good fights there which definitely will be shown again throughout the season. It’s always fun to see a good verbal fight on the show, especially across two tribes at a challenge. We were afraid we would lose some of the drama without Redemption Island this season but it seems to still happen when family members are involved as well as when you have heated and loud talking personalities such as John Rocker and Natalie. It’s almost a shame to see that little dynamic ended already with the departure of Rocker, but there still is the potential to have some heated moments with some of the people left.

On to Rocker, but it’s so sad to see him go so early. I know he is dividing the fans and I also realise he wasn’t the best player to ever play the game, but entertainment wise he brought something to this season which will now be seriously missing. Not saying this is a bad season, it’ll just make things a little more ‘slower’ in terms of pace and entertainment amongst the big personalities. Or, on the positive side, it could also make other characters emerge from the shadows and give us something we haven’t seen yet. We’re seeing a very unbalanced season in terms of edits and screen time, as once again there were several people this episode that we didn’t hear a word from. Reed? Kelley? Jaclyn? Where were they? There no doubt were others I’m not thinking of, but maybe now the spread will be a bit better. So it’s a double edged sword.

Other things to note, Coop losing again (despite winning the reward challenge) surely sets up a switch happening in a week or two. I hope they don’t, but this is modern Survivor so you know they will. Loved the dynamic between Keith and Wes when they had that challenge, that was really sweet. And Jeremy handled the Rocker situation well. Is there anyone right now who can except for him? Josh maybe? A floater like Alec? Who knows. But it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Oh, and did I forget to mention my girl Baylor is still alive? Just a hip hip hooray for that!

Bring on next week! In the words of Drew(lander): Bada Bim Bada Boom!



The Coyopa tribe took a massive weight off their shoulders by blindsiding John Rocker at Tribal Council, after yet another loss at the Immunity Challenge. He was seen as being the alpha male of the tribe and was considered to be the ‘poisonous negativity’ within the tribe. It was such a welcome relief as he was seen as one of the focal points during the first two episodes. He may be seen as physically strong but he’s a terrible strategist. He actually blabbed to anyone and everyone about his deal with Jeremy while he was sent to Exile Island with Val in the previous episode. It showed that he can’t be trusted and that made it all the more clearer, as he told Josh about the Hidden Immunity Idol. As for his comments after the Immunity Challenge, they were awful and was uncalled for. It didn’t help while Natalie egged him on as she does love to stir the pot a little. But to say that if she were a guy, he would knock his teeth out. Are you kidding me? That was uncalled for on his part. The Hunahpu tribe is in a little bit of a downward spiral at this point in the game. With losing the Immunity Challenge, that ties them with the Morgan tribe of Survivor Pearl Islands and the Foa Foa tribe of Survivor Samoa, to have lost the first 3 Immunity Challenges. If they lose another Immunity Challenge they will join the Maraamu tribe of Survivor Marquesas, the Ulong tribe of Survivor Palau, the Ravu tribe of Survivor Fiji, the Matsing tribe of Survivor Philippines and the Tadhana tribe of Blood vs Water 1, to have lost the first 4 Immunity Challenges.



Gotta say I loved this episode!

Lot of character development in this episode compared to the last one, which I think is so important in the early episodes. Although there is mostly focus on four people so far I think there are many more intruding characters after this third episode. The four most well-established characters this season is Josh, Keith, Jeremy and Baylor in terms of screen-time and confessionals and I thought it would be interesting to compare these four to who had most screen-time by the third episode of Cagayan (of people still in the game). Josh is on top with 16 confessionals! That is pretty impressive this early in the season. He has been the key figure in the decision making at every tribal council so far. His personality is quite complex and we have heard a lot about his strategy and tactics. However, there has not been a lot of personal stuff yet, but if he goes far, which I think he will, there is still time to develop that. Cagayan’s number one confessionalist at episode 3 was none other than winner Tony with 15 confessionals. The biggest difference between Josh and Tony at this point is that Tony had never gone to TC yet, and therefore didn’t really “need” as many confessionals as he received.

Keith is second with 11 confessionals. I love Keith so so much, wow, never thought I would, but this guy is amazing! He is hilarious! He has been given a mix of personal development and it seems like they are building up a storyline with him and the immunity Idol which hopefully will be interesting. On Cagayan Sarah had the second most with 10. A lot of her confessionals, most of them actually, were tied with Tony and their CopsRUs story. Sarah as we remember went out in the infamous first merge TC in a glorious blindside. Jeremy has the third most with 11. Jeremy has been the main strategic force over at the blue tribe and is seemingly is in control of the main alliance Jeremy’s Angels (Missy, Natalie and Kelley) and possibly Keith. Tasha and Morgan had 9 confessionals in the third episode last season.

Baylor is the one woman who has been given a substantial edit so far this season with 9 confessionals. She has been getting votes at every tribal council, but has survived so far and is now seemingly in the main alliance over at the orange tribe. Her counterpart last season is actually Cliff, also with 9 confessionals! After a tribe switch Cliff became the victim of a blindside which cut his time in the game short. If this actually means anything remains to be seen, although I would be surprised if any of the top 4 will go before the merge much like their Cagayan counterparts. Will Baylor be blindsided after a switch? Well to be honest I don’t think they will do a switch this season since that will mess up the duels. Although if orange keeps on loosing they might have to do something about that..

On a a side-note, Jaclyn has so far only had 1 confessional, pretty awful for someone who has been to TC every episode. The person with the least confessionals last season was quitter Lindsey. If we look back at the last time they were in Nicaragua we had Purple Kelly who also quit and received almost no confessionals during her journey. Since we more or less know that someone quits from the episode 1 “super teaser” I would guess Jaclyn is the one. The only other quitter option for me at this point is her boyfriend Jon who was given the confessional about his ill dad in the first episode which reminded many of Jenna M in ASS.

Overall great episode, I hope orange wins next week so we can see more of the blue tribe. Please oh please let Julie not be the first one out of blue!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 3rd recap features Blood vs Water contestant Laura Boneham and her husband Rupert Boneham also from Blood vs Water as well as Pearl Islands, All-Stars, & Heroes vs Villains! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Josh (Laura) Alec (Rupert)
DARK HORSE: Baylor (Laura) Baylor (Rupert)
NEXT TO GO: Natalie (Laura) Jaclyn (Rupert)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Missy (Laura) Josh (Rupert)

Join us next week as we are joined by One World winner Kim Spradlin & Troyzan Robertson also from One World to help us recap the fourth episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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