Recasting Survivor: Heroes vs Villains


Monday is back again and today we bring you another in our popular series on ‘recasting’ a season as Bridget Velturo gives you her version of the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains! Fresh from former Ozlet Aaron’s idea in February about recasting Cagayan,  Ozlet Rossi’s idea about recasting Panama and then Ozlet Noah’s idea about recasting Cook Islands, it’s time to give you 10 new heroes and 10 new villains in a different take on one of the greatest seasons of all time! As always we’re sure you’ll have your own ideas for who should be brought back, so click below and let us know who you feel would be ideal for a season like this!

Although Heroes vs. Villains was a GREAT season of Survivor, it wouldn’t be Survivor Oz if we didn’t ask “what if?” and in this case the question is: “what if Heroes vs Villains had a different cast? Who else from the first 19 seasons of Survivor would have qualified as a Hero and a Villain respectively? Here’s people who I feel definitely could have been on one of the two tribes and people who absolutely deserve another attempt to become the sole survivor.


Hunter Ellis (Marquesas)


Hunter is definitely deserving of a second time around and why not have that second time around be on HvV? He tried to motivate an extremely unmotivated tribe and he definitely constitutes as a hero, especially after Rob Mariano and Sean Rector blindsided him so early on all the way back in Season 4.

Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)


Poor Andrew. He was the sole motivator and driving force behind the terrible Drake tribe and then gets eliminated right before the jury by a vengeful Lil. His long rant bashing Johnny Fairplay in Pearl Islands alone constitutes him as a hero.

Terry Deitz (Panama)


Maybe the most obvious choice for a hero, Terri came so close in Survivor: Exile Island, winning all but 2 immunity challenges and he’s known as one of the biggest underdogs in Survivor history.

Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)


Rafe just seems like a nice guy all around and his regrets about heartlessly Pagong-ing the Yaxha tribe in Guatemala absolutely qualifies him for a spot on the Heroes tribe.

Matty Whitmore (Gabon)


Another guy on this list who met terrible luck in his season, Matty fought through to the merge while stuck on the sinking Fang tribe. Then he managed to manoeuvre himself all the way to the Final Four. Unfortunately, he lost it all in a fire-making challenge and competing in HvV would have given him a chance to redeem himself.

Gretchen Cordy (Borneo)


Gretchen was the first ever victim of a post-merge alliance and that alone definitely qualifies her for the hero squad. She led her tribe and truly embraced the Survivor experience. Also it would be interesting to see if she’d pull a Gervase and be willing to get her hands dirtier.

Elisabeth Filarski (Australian Outback)


Elisabeth Filarski was probably the most popular girl in the history of Survivor through the first 5 seasons (it’s hard to compete with Heidi and Jenna, who got naked on national TV for PB and chocolate). Even though the probability of her Survivor is basically zero percent, she would have been a shoo in to the Heroes tribe.

Helen Glover (Thailand)


You couldn’t help but feel for Helen after being used and blindsided by the great Brian Heidik. She’s a strong, independent woman and she’s deserving of a second time around. Also, it would be great to see her dramatic facial expressions on my television again.

Amy O’Hara (Guatemala)


Amy was a champ in Guatemala. Not only was she suffering in one of the worst climates in Survivor history, she suffered on a losing tribe and with a busted ankle. There’s nothing more heroic than when Amy hurt her ankle and immediately rallied and continued to compete. If that doesn’t get you a ticket onto the hero tribe, I don’t know what is.

Michelle Yi (Fiji)


This may be a controversial pick and many of you may be saying “Michelle who?” but she may be the MOST deserving of a second attempt to become the sole survivor. She was eliminated as the result of, subjectively, the stupidest twist in Survivor history, only meant to prolong the rivalry between Earl and Yau-Man’s alliance and the Four Horsemen’s alliance. She was caught in the middle and ended up eliminated, but she went out with a smile on her face and for that reason I think she deserves a second shot, rounding out the Heroes tribe.


John Carroll (Marquesas)



Back in 2002, there was no bigger villain than John Carroll. From his cocky statements to his evil-post-vote-off stares, he is one of the first people that comes to mind when I think of Survivor villains.

Shane Powers (Panama)


Shane actually was almost on the Villains tribe for season 20 but he was replaced at the last minute by Russell Hantz. I, for one, however, would love to see Shane and his antics back on my screen any day of the week.

Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)


As the many seasons have progressed, people may have forgotten about Robb but he was a polarizing, entertaining character and I would have loved to see him return in any season of Survivor. If choking a 46 year old man doesn’t get you on the Villains tribe, I don’t know what does.

Alex Angarita (Fiji)


Not only does Alex fit the Villains criteria (people were pretty upset about him sneaking through Yau-Man’s bag looking for the immunity idol), but he’s also one of those players I am interesting in seeing play again. He had good strategic and social skills in Fiji, but unfortunately he couldn’t stop the one-man-wrecking ball known as Dreamz.

Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)


If you ask anyone from Guatemala (especially Margaret), they would probably agree with the appointment of Judd to the Villains tribe. I would love to see Judd return and go back to his hilariously- villainous ways such as constantly talking over people or telling the worst lie ever about the location of the hidden immunity idol.

Lindsey Ricther (Africa)


Like Robb, many people seem to have forgotten how difficult Lindsey was with her tribe all the way back in season 3. She was at the centre of the old-young conflict and constantly abused her power once her alliance had the numbers. The actual Heroes vs. Villains had “half-Villains” like Danielle and Sandra on the Villains tribe, but Linsdey definitely surpasses most of those female-villains in my opinion.

Corinne Kaplan (Gabon)


Anyone who yells at a girl about her dead dad is a shoo-in for the Villains tribe. Corinne and her snippy and brutal honesty continually kept me laughing while watching Gabon and she definitely would have fit right in on the Villains side.

Courtney Marit (Panama)


Posers tend to villains. And according to the tribe, that’s what Courtney was. Also, I want Courtney on the Villains tribe just so I can continue to watch her and Shane fight for days on end; truly one of the best sources of entertainment.

Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)


Natalie really deserves more credit. She pulled off the ultimate villain move: convincing Erik to give up his immunity necklace, furthering the Black Widow Brigade. Oh yeah, and she also talked about flossing her teeth with a cut-off jugular… and that’s about as villainous as it gets.

Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)



Although I think Twila was vilified by her tribe mates more than necessary (I mean, Sandra swore on her kids and joked about it only 2 seasons prior), she has the “Villain” title and thus would perfectly round out the Villains tribe.


Heroes: Colleen Haskell (Borneo), Yul Kwon (Cook Islands), Peih-Gee Law (China), Tracy Hughes-Wolfe (Micronesia)

Villains: Richard Hatch (Borneo), Brandon Quinton (Africa) Brian Heidik (Thailand), Rob Cesternino (Amazon), Jaime Dugan (China)

Either: Coby Archa (Palau)

What do you think of Bridget’s cast list? Who are you happy to see included? Who missed out? Comment below to let us know your list!



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27 Comments on Recasting Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

  1. Fairplay list isn’t complete without

  2. Haha… Shane and Courtney on the same tribe again!

  3. I love the amy ohara pick! She was the epitome of a hero

  4. I’ve done a lot of thinking on this one (when you’re a box office attendant, you get a lot of time to think). Totally agree that Savage, Terry, and Amy should be Heroes, and I agree with nearly all of your Villains tribe. I think it’s even more interesting to imagine how to tweak the real HvV cast with these picks. I probably would have replaced Danielle, Candice, Sugar, and –dare I say it– Sandra with some of these if I was casting the original HvV solely based on how heroic or villainous I thought they were in their original seasons. The twenty Survivors we ended up seeing were, I think, mostly deserving of their titles as Heroes and Villains, but many of these picks you made are just as, if not more, deserving of the spots on the show. Overall a great list, and a tough one to make, given that the original cast was already returning players.

  5. Heroes VS. Villains 2 shouldn’t include anyone who played on season 20 and before. Just players between 21 and the present.

    . Jane (Nicaragua)
    . Morgan (Cagayan)
    . Ashley (Redemption Island)
    . RC (Phillipines
    . Jefra (Cagayan)
    . Fabio (Nicaragua)
    . Eddie (Caramoan)
    . LJ (Cagayan)
    . Matt (Redemption Island)
    . Spencer (Cagayan)

    . Abi-Maria (Philiipines)
    . Kass (Cagayan)
    . Sarah (Cagayan)
    . Cierra (Blood VS. Water)
    . Sophie (South Pacific)
    . Tony (Cagayan)
    . Pete (Phillipines)
    . Vytas (Blood VS. Water)
    . Albert (South Pacific)
    . Jim (South Pacific)

  6. Ian from Palau, Taj from tocantines would love to see themvplay again, on the heroes tribe

  7. This is Care Bears vs Psychotics, not Heroes vs Villains!

  8. Love the old school survivor!

  9. Andrew Savage was on the Morgan tribe, not Drake.

  10. I want Rob C. Stephen Fisbach and Vyats to come back

  11. How about 20 clones of Sandra?! quacking “anyone but me” all over Samoa. that’s some clusterf***!

  12. Please tell me: WHY did you use only pre-Heroes vs Villains players, when you didn’t use only pre-Panama or pre-Cook Islands players in the articles in which you recast these seasons?!?

  13. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // October 17, 2014 at 6:41 am // Reply

    Natalie White would have been a great pick for a hero.

  14. Villains
    Natalie Bolton
    Jenna Lewis

    Big Tom
    Kelly Wigglesworth

  15. You should do a Casting: Old School vs New School

  16. Courtney Merit’s not a Villain. She’s an Anti-Hero

  17. No Chelsea Meissner?

  18. Surprised there would be no Yau-Man,, Earl, Ozzy or Aras on the Heroes side. It would be interesting to see it nowadays, with players from seasons 21-present.

  19. Tbird?

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