The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 25 Episode 3 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Back to our heroic Americans! It’s episode 3!

Previously: We raced through jolly England, teams sucked at punting…Soulsurfers got handed an express pass (essentially)…and my picks to win…the Dating Couple…were sent packing!

So now that I have lost my winners…everyone else should be relieved! I can’t get it wrong again!

So we are in Oxford, England, known as the city of dreaming fires…apparently.

We’re starting at Blenheim Palace, with Winston!

A quick reminder of the order!

#1 Soulsurfers (Adam & Bethany)

#2 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#3 The Cyclists (Kym & Ally)

#4 Team Survivor (Whitney & Keith)

#5 T&T (Tim & TeJay)

#6 The Firies (Michael & Scott)

#7 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#8 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#9 Flight Attendants (Shelley & Nici)

Travel by land and sea to the Shetland Islands, Scotland

Take a train to Aberdeen, Scotland, pick up a Ford Focus, and drive onto the Ferry that will take them to the Shetland Islands, once there, they must drive to the Royal Lifeboat Institution and find a puffin to get their next clue

They’ve shown us Shetland Ponies and a person in a Puffin suit…and we’re under 3 minutes in…this should be a good leg! Even with all the Ford references we’ll be bombarded with!


A real life Puffin!

On that note…I drive a Ford Focus…it is wonderful…I adore having it…who needs random teams driving them when I, the greatest TAR recapper on this site…have one…I’ll take my millions in endorsements now…

So the Soulsurfers are off!

Team Pearly Whites follow off, with disappointed Jim telling us he doesn’t like leaving from 2nd…it’s a bit early for that talk mate! In any case…it shall be interesting to see how this demanding perfection goes throughout the race! He points out they can’t go home as the have the save…bugger…

The Soulsurfers convince Team Pearly Whites to walk to save money and help Jim keep his dashing figure…they agree and walk together…to find the first train is at 6:30am, around another 5 hours away…so everyone looks like they’ll be on it!

Cyclists, Team Survivor and T&T, depart…no one cares

The Firies depart…and in a simply innocuous fall, Scott’s ankle is buggered!



The Cyclists then call everyone else boring…and after finding out there’s only a 6am train…go and find a pub for a few hours…brilliant! That is what you should be doing with your spare time! It’s a shame no one seems to be there to buy them drinks…but I don’t want to run them over as much anymore…maybe just their bikes…


The boring crew


The Fun crew

So we get to morning…and…we all ride the train together! With travel Scottish tunes, and a chance to get to know some teams (who will probably be relevant later in this leg!) It looks like it’s the Lolly Queens who we’ll hear from, they seem lovely! I want them to do well…that’s never a good sign!


Standard shots of great countryside!

Once in Aberdeen…teams race off the train! Except Scott…who can barely walk…he says it’s barely a flesh wound! Double points for Monty Python references!

At the cars…teams…drive…and complain about driving on the left…


What cars are they driving??? FORDS!!!

Then they all get on the ferry with no issues…those seats look extra comfy!


Vikings away!

Scott shows everyone his ankle…the technical term for the problem…it’s fucked…and it’s like…leg 3!


Merely a flesh wound!

We get to the Shetland Islands! Looks like Scott’s ankle is still an issue, but he says Michael is like his brother and is able to help him out in these situations!

Cue shots of the beauty of the Shetland Islands…

Looks like the Firies and the Lolly Queens are out in front when they drive off the boat…nicely done! They find the Puffin first and get their next clue!

Drive to Scalloway Castle, search for your clue

Teams are all nice to eat other at the moment…so a few teams point out where the Puffin is…although Jim seems to push it almost when he gets there…violence against Puffins…Australia says no!

The Firies complain about slow drivers…

Team Survivor tell us it’s their 3 year anniversary…3 years ago they were falling in love in Samoa on Survivor…and Whitney was engaged to someone else wasn’t she? Survivor…it seems like more morally acceptable Big Brother sometimes (for those who don’t get that…Aussie Big Brother has had a few cheating scandals with contestants and hook ups in the past 2 seasons…it’s…odd how people kind of accept it).

In any case, Team Survivor are there first…and are haunted to find a Skeleton when they turn a corner to look for their next clue…nice touch!


This guy finished last in the last season!

They go down a staircase…to a really scary looking dude that made me jump! And his dog…who just seems to be standing there…really wanting some love! They get the clue though!


Yeah…I’m not going to your birthday party…

It’s Detour Time!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons, in this Detour, teams must choose between

Pony Up: Teams must cut 50 blocks of Peat…then, working with a Shetland Pony, they must deliver 2 sets of dried Peat to a farmhouse


Light My Fire: Teams must build a Viking torch, and when it’s ready to be lit…they’ll get their next clue!


Pony Up and Light My Fire sound like they could be the name of Whitney and Keith’s sex tapes…especially in her Nashville accent! But…I digress…we’re here for racing!

The Firies are 2nd, the SoulSurfers 3rd, Lolly Queens 4th, Wrestlers 5th, and Pearly Whites 6th

T&T are horribly lost though! In fact…they’re on the wrong side of Shetland…I guess it’s not too far to be lost though!

So…despite being 6th…Pearly Whites are at the Detour first…they’re doing the Peat one…

Jim says from watching the race…the physical tasks are normally much easier…we shall see if that is true!

Team Survivor have picked up their torch supplies from their local DIY store…and follow instructions on where to go…looks like others are following that too!

T&T get to the Castle and are apparently last…it’s really hard to tell where everyone is when you don’t even see the Cyclists turn up at the castle…just saying!

The Lolly Queens, the Flight Attendants, and the SoulSurfers are also doing the Peat challenge…Bethany gives us the most insight…”woo…this challenge looks doable”…not easy…just doable…


Look at them being doable!!!

The Flight Attendants struggle at first…Bethany finds a way to help Adam with just one arm and makes it work! You go girl! It’s incredibly doable!

Misti and Jim are powering ahead! Apparently Jim is good at everything….Weightlifting, body building, martial arts, boxing…everything…

The Lolly Queens are struggling a bit more! They can’t get their traditional tool to take Peat out of the wall correctly! Uh oh!

When a team says…I can’t do it…it usually ends badly…not in this case though…the Lolly Queens seem to have conquered it

The Wrestlers accidentally find the DIY store…I dunno where the Peat field was around that…so they choose to do that…

The Torch activity, being done by Team Survivor, The Cyclists, The Firies, the Wrestlers, and T&T, looks a tad boring and uninteresting…but at least our Survivor team are making torches to replace their snuffed ones…while the Firies just love fire!


Random Viking interlude

Team Survivor said it had to be perfect…and theirs wasn’t…simple hints from Whitney and Keith…do it right!

The Pearly Whites get their 50 peats done…and pick up their Shetland to go up a simple hill…that is not simple at all…that’s a fair hike! A tough job for even the strongest athlete like Jim! Lots of rough terrain…they get to the top…and have to do it again!

At the torches…everyone is kind of…not really making progress…the Firies are having a bit of fun (we usually put Fires out…you know how…Water!), while the Wrestlers and Team Survivor are becoming a bit more frustrated! But the Survivors get through stage 1, as do the Cyclists, and T & T, and the Firies…so…everyone but the Wrestlers!

At the Peats, the Flight Attendants have done their 50, as have the Soul Surfers, so they’re on their first climb, while Pearly Whites start their second climb.

It’s all going smooth for the Pearly Whites…their pony was great the first time…but…this time…it kicks out! It is not happy! Even Jim can’t handle it! It’s…got a little ‘sassy’ as Misti puts it!


Pony says no!

I love the little cut to roaring Vikings! Little relevance…but quality Vikings!


This guy was also a highlight

The Second Step is apparently harder….but the Cyclists get thorough it!

Team Survivor follow them through that step!

T&T call it just like wrapping a present…a really ugly one….They get a no…but then they nail a nail in and they get a yes!

They hope the ponies are aggressive…cut to great scenes of angry Shetland Ponies!!!! They’re all so moody!

Team Pearly Whites get to the top though, and that’s their second run…they’re done with the Ponies and in 1st place!

Proceed to Berry Farm

Jim reasserts that they are beasts…and no one should ever pass them!

The Flight Attendants follow in 2nd place, but they are done as well!

The Wrestlers get past part 1 of the torch! They still aren’t happy

In part 3, which looks to putting cement on the torch…Team Survivor are not putting enough on…while the Cyclists dominate it and are out of there! They have to go to the dock…where I assume we’ll see our Vikings for their next clue!

At the Peat…the Soulsurfers are now done! That keeps them in 3rd!

The Lolly Queens call their pony Cupcake…and she was…well…wonderful and sweet for them! So it goes to show…be nice to your horse…and they might treat you nicely back! They’re in 4th

So…all teams doing the Peat was quicker…good call Jim!

At the Torches, T&T and Team Survivor are out of there, while the wrestlers can’t figure out how to bend a nail, DIY Firies tell the camera…it’s generally a mistake of hitting the nail wrong…which is what I thought it would be too!

The Firies finish too, and are off to the dock, leaving just the Wrestlers at the shed…where they can’t bend a nail…until right after the break…where they just get it straight away!

The Wrestlers have time…but they need someone to get lost!

Conveniently…the Cyclists and Team Survivor are lost with their torches…oops!

T&T find it though…with the glory of many Vikings! And they get their next clue! They’re back into 5th!


Signal to the other teams where to go using smoke!

Team Pearly Whites ask for instructions on where to go…only to find it’s several hundred metres ahead of them…and get to Berry Farm first. I thought we were in for more live action Phil narrating…but alas…no!

Teams must now coral a flock of sheep down a course and into a pen to receive their next clue

This could be lots of fun!

These Sheep are glorious!


Sheep jumping…good value

They must be run through gates…and it’s quite amusing to watch! Team Pearly Whites are struggling!

At the Torches…The Firies set fire to something…and are off! Followed by the Cyclists and Team Survivor…leaving the Wrestlers well and truly last!

The Wrestlers however are now out of the shed and off to see the Vikings!

Team Pearly Whites are getting better at the task…and have 5 in the pen after going through all the gates…just 3 to go!

The Flight Attendants arrive…ready to have some fun with the sheep! In fact they call it easy and fun…and immediately struggle!

Struggle will be the word for this task I think! The SoulSurfers are also on the case!

The Pearly Whites get their final sheep into the cage, and get the final clue…they must go to the place where this…thing…was found (it’s some kind of treasure)


Teams must now go to the pit stop for this leg of the race, St Ninian’s Isle, the last team to check in…may be eliminated.


Thank you Phil for the clarification!

Team Pearly Whites are being called Team Domination by Jim now! Don’t get ahead of yourself mate!

The Wrestlers throw their torch in the fire…so they’re off to sheep herding! Where we see SoulSurfers and the Flight Attendants still being outrun by sheep! The Lolly Queens are just pulling up!

Team Pearly Whites pull up to the pit stop…and Jim gives us a couple more quips about winning (Look honey, not another car in sight, and ‘first feels so good’)…to be fair…he won life by getting that stunner of a wife so he’s pretty good at winning…

They are greeted by…a puffin…well…a person in a puffin suit…who just kind of makes a random noise…it’s fantastic! Phil points out Team Pearly Whites’ smile…and the fact they are team number 1!


What does the Puffin say?

As the winners…they have won a trip for 2 to Dubai…a 5 night stay and a lot of great shit! Jim doesn’t want to stop there…they want the record of the most leg wins!


That gnome gets around!

The Puffin dances too…they’re choosing brilliant pit stop greeters this season!

At tbe sheep…people are turning up now! The Cyclists, T&T, and Survivor are all turning up

Amazingly, the next team to get it done are the Lolly Queens…who seem to do it in such a composed fashion! What Queens!!! It’s that sweet side!

We see a lot of teams being quite composed now! The Cyclists nearly get it…and then the Soulsurfers…who have been failing for half an hour…just kind of stand there and walk slowly up the side…and all the sheep just…walk in…it was amazing to watch…I watched it twice to make sure!


Even the sheep felt pity for our Americans!

The Lolly Queens ask some people where their thing might’ve been found…they say Scalloway Castle…and they look like they’re heading there….uh oh!!!!

Team Survivor get the task smashed out too…using a bit of sheep whispering (and nice manners) from Whitney! They finish just as the Firies, the 2nd last team, show up to the task

The Flight Attendants get it done then…it’s all about composure!

T&T get close…but don’t!

The Wrestlers arrive…and are incredibly gung ho about it…and get frustrated when that doesn’t work!

The Cyclists…significantly more composed…get through it!

At the pit stop…the Soulsurfers check in to be team number two, with a weird montage of Phil and them talking over the top…they want to go swimming…the Puffin tells them it’s a bit chilly for that!


Not Puffin Fresh!

The Firies are really having some trouble with the sheep! The Wrestlers are being gung-ho…but it works! They’re out of there in 7th!

The Lolly Queens are lost at a Church….oh no…oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no! They don’t seem to bothered! Yet!!!!

Team Survivor Check in 3rd, Phil provides a small counselling session about how they talk to each other…Whitney don’t care…neither does Keith…the Puffin looks on…reflecting on his decision to stand with Phil.

T&T get their sheep through the gates…but can’t get them into the pen! They make some sort of ‘barrier’ with parts of their clothes…it’s a ridiculous idea…and ultimately ends in the sheep just running under it…


How not to do it!

The Firies are still at the first part of the sheep task, and Scott’s ankle gives way again! He thinks it might be easier to just take the four hours! I respectfully disagree…the Shetland Islands ain’t that big my friend…no one will be four hours behind!

They try again…being more…composed…and sure enough…they get the sheep through the next part…they’re now equal with T&T, who are imploding!

They say it’s impossible…I say did you see the other 7 teams do it!

We then get one of the most composed moments from the Firies…as they calmly escort the sheep into their pen…and are out of there in 8th place! A magnificent effort by the Firies!

The Flight Attendants arrive as team number 4…followed by the Lolly Queens…I don’t think we saw the moment they realised they were wrong…but they’ll take fifth given they got well lost and the producers seemed to forget about that…


They were lost at one point…

The Firies ask in a bar for help…they are told by locals that they think Weisdale made it…and Weisdale is 29 miles away…don’t go there boys…that’s wrong! Horribly Horribly wrong!

At the Sheep…T&T are able to get their sheep to finally go into the pen…they say they know their last…but you never know in this race!

At the pit stop…for the second leg in a row…the Wrestlers outsprint another team, this time the Cyclists…to finish in 6th, with the Cyclists coming in 7th respectively

The Firies get to Weisdale…and ask the Shetland Jewellery place…that lady tells them the correct information…and they realise they are well and truly in the wrong place! As they say…bad directions are worse than no directions!


It’s….not where you are…

T&T are disheartened…but pull over at the museum and find where they have to go (the correct place) so both teams are now on their way to the pit stop!

It’s going to be tight! Who is it who gets there first! It’s T&T!!! They’ve survived…they look terrified as Phil tells them he doesn’t know what they did…but somehow they’re team number 8!


Happy face!

So sadly for the Firies…they are the last team to arrive, and that they have been eliminated from the race!

There you go…bad directions…the biggest killer on the race! They take it well…the lesson is to go to the museum instead of the bar next time for help!


Ahh well


Could you keep a straight face while being told you’re eliminated with a Puffin right there?

So there we have it! We’re down to 8!

#1 Team Pearly Whites – What needs to be said? They are flat out dominating…and are pretty much brilliant at everything…try and stop them…

#2 Soulsurfers – The other standout team so far, everything they do they just do well!

#3 Team Survivor – They bicker a tiny bit…but I mean they’re starting to hit their straps and are looking stronger every leg

#4 Flight Attendants – Nice comeback from the Flight Attendants, never really in trouble, but they are back at the right end of the field

#5 Lolly Queens – They were solid on the tasks…they just asked the wrong people for directions…I guess it could’ve been much better….but in other places…it could’ve been a lot worse!

#6 The Wrestlers – Another day that starts out bad, but they just get it done…well played Wrestlers!

#7 The Cyclists – Besides partying at a bar, we didn’t see them a lot…but they got through so…no fault there!

#8 T&T – Well…terrible from their standards…and looked like imploding at the Sheep herding…but with a bit of luck they’re still there…will need to pick it up though!

Leg Assessment: I enjoyed this leg more than the other two, it was challenging in all aspects, the scenery was terrific, there were a few interesting challenges…and a puffin in two different places…what more could you ask for!

Detour Assessment: They looked ‘challengingish’….well some teams made it look easy…but working with Shetlands and Vikings were a nice little touch!

On to next week then! The Danes await!

Tune in next week for our episode 4 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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