Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 4 Recap Featuring Kim Spradlin & Troyzan Robertson


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Kim Spradlin & Troyzan Robertson from One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Everything has been going Keith’s way, so far. He found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, and he gained an ally in Jeremy after “protecting” his wife, Val, on Exile Island. The Hunahpu tribe is struggling, however. Jon lost the tribe’s flint, and Drew is exceptionally lazy. Despite these things, the Hunahpu tribe is on an Immunity run and win their third Immunity Challenge in a row. At the same time, John Rocker’s controversial past became common knowledge on both tribes, and the Hunahpu tribe, led by Natalie and Jeremy, implored the Coyopa tribe to change things up and get rid of Rocker. The Coyopa tribe continued to fall apart at Tribal Council, where the men’s alliance crumbled. Alec, Wes, Josh, Baylor, and Jaclyn teamed up and voted Rocker out of the game, leaving Dale all alone.



The tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council and discuss the decision to get rid of Rocker. Baylor celebrates in her confessional, but also acknowledges the strength contributions that Rocker made to the tribe in challenges. She notes, however, that positivity is more important than strength, so it is ultimately a good thing that Rocker is gone. She also acknowledges that Dale is now on the outs. We see the tribe sitting around the fire, and Alec addresses the issue with Dale. He says that they would have told him, but they weren’t sure what he would have done. Dale replies that there isn’t much that he could have done. In a confessional, Dale recognizes that he let his social game split a bit and that he may be in trouble.


Dale talks to the Coyopa tribe about the decision to vote out Rocker. (Image credit: CBS)



The next morning, while sitting by the fire, Natalie discovers the flint that Jon has originally lost. The tribe has mixed emotions about finding it, given that they had to give up their fishing gear reward previously in order to get a new flint. The tribe discusses the possibility that they would be able to barter their unused flint to Jeff for some of the fishing gear that they lost. The consensus of the tribe is that they shouldn’t try to do it, but Drew pushes the issue. In a confessional, Kelley mocks Drew, saying that he is not as great as he thinks he is. Drew says that a good leader makes the decisions that no one else wants to. Drew says he’s going to “balls up” and say “work with me, Jeff!”. Without him, these people would be nothing.


“Without me, these people would be nothing.” (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff welcomes the two tribes to Hero Arena, and Julie is shocked to see that Rocker was the one voted out. The Hunahpu tribe applauds for Coyopa’s decision. Julie says that she’s not surprised and that she knew she would have to separate herself from Rocker in the game and stick with her tribemates if he continued to have vitriolic outbursts. Drew then addresses Jeff, and Jeff laughs as he immediately notices that Drew is holding the flint. He rest of his tribe look very uncomfortable and Kelley says, “I’m not part of this.” Drew tells Jeff that no one else on his tribe has the courage to “bring this up to you.” Jeff says “This is fantastic.” Kelley says, “Is he doing this?” Drew continues, telling Jeff that the flint is unused and asking if they would be able to trade it for the fishing gear, or part of the fishing gear. Jeff leads Drew on, re-iterating the trade that Drew suggested. He says that is sounds reasonable. Jon begins laughing, saying that he feels like Jeff is taunting them. Jeff laughs and says, “I am taunting you! Put the flint back, you made the trade!” Both tribes laugh. Drew says it was worth a shot.


Drew attempts to negotiate with Jeff. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff then introduces the challenge. Both contestants will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags of balls. Once they have all three bags, they must untie them and take out the balls inside. They must then use a catapult to launch the balls into five baskets, including four larger perimeter baskets and one small center basket. First person to get a ball in all give baskets, wins reward for their tribe and sends their loved one to Exile Island. The reward options this time are all the comfort items, which the Coyopa tribe did not choose at the last Hero Arena challenge, or a campfire feast, including sausage, popcorn, and s’mores. Missy and Wes are chosen to be the rock-paper-scissors representatives for their tribes, and Missy wins, choosing paper over Wes’ rock. Hunahpu chooses Jon to face off against his girlfriend, Jaclyn. The challenge is brief. Jon takes the lead, getting all of his bags hooked very quickly. He starts working on the catapult, while Jaclyn catches up. He quickly nails all four of his perimeter baskets while Jaclyn finishes retrieving her bags. Jon struggles, however, at getting his ball in the last basket. Jaclyn is able to catch up with him during this time, filling all four of her perimeter baskets as well. Just as she ties things up, however, Jon finally nails his center basket and wins the challenge. Jeff asks Jon how he feels about sending his girlfriend to Exile Island. He says that it’s hard to send her but he knows she’s tough. Jaclyn says that if Jon was really worried about her it would discredit her. She’ll be fine. She is worried about the possibility of the rain, since she’s heard that there’s no shelter at Exile Island (and Jeff takes a moment to confirm this fact), but she can handle it. Drew volunteers to go with Jaclyn to Exile Island, with Jon saying that he was going to pick Drew anyway. He says that he trusts Drew. They depart. The Hunahpu tribe chooses the comfort items as their reward, indicating that long-term rewards are more important. Jon notes that they need to pick a reward they can share with Drew. Kelley rolls her eyes. The tribes depart.


The fourth Hero Arena challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Hunahpu camp, Jon tells his tribe that it was so much easier to send Jaclyn to Exile Island than he was expecting. They all remark that she is tough and that she’ll be fine. They also joke that with Drew with her, Jon has nothing to worry about. In a confessional, Jon explains that he is worried that Jaclyn might be the one doing most of the work while they are on Exile Island. The tribe also remarks that they are amazed that Coyopa actually voted Rocker out of the game. They ask Julie if she’s okay with it. She says that she is, explaining, once again, that she is happy that she can play her own game without being a bystander linked to John Rocker’s vitriolic behavior. In a confessional, she explains that it is hurtful to see people so openly hostile towards the love of her life. She says that she knew she would probably have to play the game without him, given that people often make pre-judgments about Rocker, but that being alone without him is a desperate feeling.


Julie explains her feelings about Rocker leaving the game to her tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


On Exile Island, Drew and Jaclyn come upon the two urns. They each make their selection, and Drew is the one who retrieves the clue. He does not make any attempt to hide the clue from Jaclyn and allows her to peer over his shoulder at it while he reads it. In a confessional, Drew explains that he is glad to be on Exile Island for two reasons: the clue and Jaclyn. He tells us that he is very much a ladies man, and we see Jaclyn bring up the fact that Alec has told stories indicating the same, saying that Drew gets women even when he doesn’t want to. Drew says it’s a curse. In his confessional, he explains that he’s not using his lady’s man angle too much, however, due to the fact that Jon is such a good friend of his. His real goal is the strategize and manipulate minds. Jaclyn explains, in a confessional, that she’s not too worried about Drew. She is just hoping that she can collaborate with him. Drew tells her, “We can’t let you guys lose again. I’m gonna throw the game. The next game, I’ll throw it. There are snakes on our team that have to go.” He explains in his confessional that the girls on his tribe are untrustworthy.


Drew and Jaclyn look at the clue on Exile Island. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Hunahpu camp, Keith spends some time looking for the Idol at the well. He is unable to find it and assumes that it has already been found. While Jeremy is in the ocean, he takes the opportunity to approach Reed, Missy, and Natalie. He tells them that he has a clue to the idol, but that the idol wasn’t there. He says that Jeremy must have the idol since he is the only other person to get a clue for their camp. Reed wastes no time in approaching Jeremy and quickly tells him about what Keith said. Jeremy is completely shocked by Keith’s betrayal, given that Keith is supposed to be a part of Jeremy’s alliance. He tells Jon and Reed to keep an eye on Keith, because Keith is the one with the clue. Keith is the one looking for the idol. He quickly sets the work and seems to turn the whole tribe against Keith. Meanwhile, Keith continues looking for the idol, feeling that he may not have been looking in the right place. Using a stick to scrape the ground, he soon finds the idol seven steps north of the well. In a confessional, Keith explains that the idol “Just kinda jumped out at me. Kinda scared me.” He doesn’t plan to tell anyone that he has the idol. He just hopes that everyone thinks Jeremy has it.


Jeremy explains his frustration with Keith. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 10


The next morning at camp Coyopa, Alec and Baylor find tree mail. They begin bickering almost immediately. Baylor asks if she can read it and takes it from Alec. Alec tells her not to snatch it from him. She says she didn’t. He continue to harp on it and Baylor tells him that he is being a woman. Alec snatches it back, and says “That doesn’t happen to me.” He walks off. In a confessional, Baylor explains that Alec is like a little brother even though he is older than her. She says that he is always bossing her around, but that she is not his slave. Alec quickly reads the tree mail to his tribe. Josh asks him to read it again so that they can focus on the individual words. Alec looks disgruntled and hands over the note. In a confessional, Alec says that Baylor does a lot of things that get on his nerves, and that he is not going to let her get away with it. He has the impression that things are just given to her in life, like they are for his brother Drew. Due to the fact that she’s not Drew, however, he is going to call her on her behaviour. We then see him call her out on not doing a good enough job in cleaning the pot, and he forces her to go try again. He tells her that he is not trying to be a “___” but that it was the way he was raised. His dad didn’t let him get away with anything, and he’s not going to let her get away with it either. Baylor sarcastically responds, “Thanks, bro.” In a confessional, he further explains that hard work is the reason you are successful and that if they work hard “maybe David can beat Goliath”.


Alec tells Baylor that he’s not going to let her get away with doing something half-assed. (Image credit: CBS)


Prior to the challenge, Drew and Jaclyn are reunited with their tribes. For the challenge, each tribe selects six people to compete. One by one, contestants from each tribe will swim from a starting platform to a floating wooden ramp. They must run up and the ramp and leap back into the water, where they then must swim to one of four buoys. Attached to the buoys are floating rings, which they must untie and swim back to the starting platform. Once the tribes collect all the rings, they must throw them, one ring at a time, onto what resembles a thick wooden coat hanger, floating on its own small platform. First tribe to toss all the rings successfully onto the hooks, wins tribal immunity. Hunahpu selects Jeremy, Kelley, and Jon to sit out of the challenge. First up are Missy and Baylor for their respective tribes. Baylor takes the lead on Missy, completing her run before her mother and putting Coyopa in an early lead. Jaclyn and Reed are the next two, and Reed is able to close the gap and put Hunahpu in a slight lead. Natalie and Alec take the next run, and Alec makes up a ton of time for Coyopa. Wes is next for Coyopa and takes on his father. Keith is very quick in the water and almost ties things back up once again. Dale begins tossing the rings for Coyopa, and Drew takes the reins on Hunahpu. While Dale and Josh each connect rings to the post, Drew throws a number of shots that are way-off, indicating to us that he is attempting to throw the challenge. Jeff notes that Drew is single-handily losing the challenge for his tribe. He makes one successful toss before the Coyopa tribe is able to finish the challenge and win their first tribal Immunity. The ecstatic Coyopa tribe celebrates their success. Josh is particularly overjoyed. The two tribes depart. In a confessional, Drew confirms that he threw the challenge. “If I don’t want to win, we’re not going to win, and that’s what makes me the kingpin of my tribe.”


The fourth Immunity Challenge of San Juan Del Sur. (Image Credit: CBS)


The Hunahpu tribe returns to camp after their loss. Natalie points out that Drew was a “hot mess” at the challenge. In a confessional, Drew’s choice of words, once again, are, “I kind of decided on Exile that if I had an opportunity to throw this game, I would, and I did”…”Basically I’m a badass: A manipulator of this game.” We then see Jon discussing strategy with Reed, Missy, and Keith. He says that pretty soon the individuals are going to outnumber the couples and that they all need to be thinking about that. He thinks that they should get rid of Julie because it is an easy vote and it achieves voting out someone who doesn’t have a loved one. Reed adds that Julie is worthless in challenges. Drew joins the conversation, and Jon begins to explain the line of thinking that they were going down. Drew quickly cuts him off, saying that they don’t need to get rid of Julie. Jon is flabbergasted and implores Drew to simply listen to him. Drew doesn’t and reveals his plan to vote off Kelley, insisting that she is the mastermind. Drew explains that she’s observant, quiet, and has seen every episode of the show. He has no doubt that she’s going to start trying to get the strong men voted out.


Jon looks to Missy, Reed, and Keith incredulously when Drew refuses to listen. (Image credit: CBS)

We then see Drew in the middle of a big discussion with Jeremy, Natalie, Reed and Jon. Jeremy explains to him that they cannot trust Keith because of the target that he tried to place on Jeremy. Jeremy says that they work together as a tribe and systematically get rid of anyone who is trying to throw shade around on their supposed allies. They need to be watching each other’s backs. Drew says that Keith is one vote and that he doesn’t matter. He insists that Jeremy is overlooking the mastermind: Kelley. Drew says that Kelley is the leader of the women and that that’s dangerous. Natalie points out that the women have less numbers so Kelley’s not a threat. In a confessional, Jeremy says that Kelley is not doing anything. He tells Drew that Drew is making it clear that he doesn’t have Jeremy’s back. Drew tells Jeremy that he’s being too emotional. Jeremy turns to Jon and says, “See what I’m saying? Yo, get your boy. Get your boy, man. Get your boy, dawg.”


Drew and Jeremy argue over voting strategies and loyalty. (Image credit: CBS)

After there conversation, we see Natalie filling in Missy on the conversation that she just missed. They point out how dumb Drew is for telling Natalie, a women, that he is worried about the women teaming up against the guys. They re-iterate that it’s impossible because they don’t have the numbers. Despite this, they start planning how they can vote out Drew and Jon. They discuss which one of them is going to be the bigger immunity threat and they agree that it’s Drew. In a confessional, Natalie says that they have to make a move now while “the guys are all over the place”. Meanwhile, Drew implores Reed and Jon to “think about it, guys!”, saying once again that Kelley is the smartest person for them to vote out. While he give this talk, however, Kelley is standing right behind him and can hear the whole conversation. Neither Reed or Jon seem to be aware of this fact either as no one acts  like anything is out of the ordinary. She hears Drew say that the women will have no choice but to come to the men once Kelley is gone. Otherwise, the women are going to ruin their game. “Count on it!” In her confessional, Kelley says that Drew feels like he has to be the kingpin with the final decision, but that people are getting tired of it really quickly.


Kelley is shocked to hear Drew leading the charge against her while she stands mere feet behind him. (Image credit: CBS)

Natalie approaches Jeremy, saying that Missy on board with a plan to get rid of Drew. They decide they can tell Jon that Drew was leading him down the wrong path. Jeremy confesses that getting rid of Drew would be a big move that makes him nervous. While Drew sits with Jeremy and Jon, he tells Missy that they are voting out Kelley and that she can either be on board with it “or not”. Jeremy points out that Kelley is right by them in the shelter. Drew says that he doesn’t care and that he’s just telling the truth. He explains to Missy that “we don’t even trust you guys to really vote…” Jon cuts him off, saying that he’s being a jackass. Drew re-iterates that he doesn’t care. In a confessional, Jeremy says that maybe they should get rid of Drew. He’s digging his own grave, but Jeremy’s still not sure that it’s the right time. The problem is: the men of the tribe are all over the place. The Hunahpu tribe departs for Tribal Council.


Jeremy points out Kelley’s physical proximity to their conversation about her. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff welcomes the tribe to Tribal Council, instructing them to pick a torch and dip it in the fire. Fire represents your life. When fire’s gone, so are you. Jeff begins the session by asking Julie about relationships. Who’s been clicking. She says that Drew and Jon seem to be really close. “They run around like they’re five-year olds. It’s cute.” He then asks Missy who doesn’t get along. She responds that the tribe has a lot of chiefs and not many Indians. Half the tribe are selfish people. Drew says that everyone’s been playing nice until they lost the challenge today. “Now we actually have to play this game!” Jeff asks Drew about getting defeated by Dale, who might be old enough to be his grandfather, at the ring toss portion of the challenge. The edit shows us Jeremy, Missy, Natalie, and Kelley smirking and rolling their eyes. Drew deflects, saying that they could have had better swimmers and retrievers, too. He did the best he could.


The Hunahpu tribe take part in their first Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff then asks Jon what it was like at camp directly after the challenge. Jon says that everyone immediately started scrambling, and that emotions were high. Jeremy begins to explain and says, “I’m gonna just say it.” He tells Jeff everything concerning Keith and the idol. He explains that Keith tried to put a target on Jeremy’s back by saying that Jeremy has the idol, and that this was a betrayal from someone who was supposed to be in his alliance. Keith says that he didn’t come to Jeremy because he was worried that Jeremy would then talk to other people, who would then want to target Keith. Jeremy explains that they could have kept it between themselves. Keith says, “Jeremy, come on now. It doesn’t happen like that in this game.” Jeremy disagrees. Keith says that if he tells Jeremy that he has an idol, that Jeremy will want to put Keith’s name down. Jeremy says not if they are in an alliance. “That’s what an alliance is, Keith!” He explains that they could have had an alliance of two and a sub-alliance with everyone else. “Sub-alliance… okay…” Keith says, “That a new one on me.” Jeremy responds, “It’s not a new one in Survivor!” Kelley laughs. Keith says that he didn’t consider it to be a betrayal. Natalie calls him out, saying that he was clearly trying to target Jeremy. Keith looks very uncomfortable.


Jeremy explains the situation with Keith. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff asks Drew what the strategy should be for voting tonight. He says that people have had their own opinions and that he’s heard Keith’s name and Julie’s name going around. Julie is shocked to hear this. Drew says that they need to keep the team strong and get rid of bad energy. Jeff asks Kelley if she agrees. She takes a moment, and then says that she does but that the tribe may not all agree on who is the bad seed. Natalie says that the vote will be critical. She brings up the fact that Drew was worried about the women taking out the men. Jeff asks how that is even possible since they don’t have the numbers. The rest of the women chime in that it’s not. Natalie says that everyone seemed to be on the same page but now everyone is scatterbrained. A few stray votes could change everything. Jon says that there are so many different strategies going around that its impossible to get a good grasp on any of them. “I honestly am so confused what name I’m supposed to be writing down right now.” Natalie adds, “Oh, Jeff, we’re a hot mess.” Jeff replies, “And it’s about to get a whole lot messier because it is time to vote. Drew you’re up.” We see no votes, and hear no voting confessionals. Jeff retrieves the votes and explains that now is the time to use a Hidden Immunity Idol. Keith does nothing. The votes are revealed: Julie. Kelley. Drew. Keith. Julie. Drew. Drew. Drew. That’s four. That’s enough. Drew looks uneasy as he realizes that he’s the one voted out. He stands up and says, “Good job, guys.” Jon says, “Good play, girls.” Julie smiles. Jeff snuffs out Drew’s torch and he departs. Jeff says that for a first tribal council there was a lot of information revealed. “Was it a brilliant tribal or absolute chaos? Only time will tell.”


Drew is the first person voted out of the Hunahpu tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


That night at the Hunahpu camp, Jon tells his tribe that he would have been behind voting out Drew. Jeff’s voiceover says that it is “Jon vs Hunahpu”. We hear a clip of Jon (most likely recounting something Drew said) saying, “You’re either with me or against me, and, if you’re not, then you don’t know what the [expletive removed] is going on.” In his voiceover, Jeff says that it won’t be for long, however. At Hero Arena, we see the tribes sitting in their seats. Jeff says, “Drop your buffs!”. It seems we have a tribe swap on our hands.


Jon confronts his tribe after Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)









Do we have a new worst Survivor player ever?

Drew. Drewlander. Drewchebag. The nicknames have been out there a lot, and my goodness did he crash and burn. For sure the edit was not kind on him, but when you’re saying the stuff he was saying and doing the stuff he was doing, was there really any other way to show him? I can’t excuse anything that happened with him in this season, and if we ever did a ‘top 10 worst players’ he would be on that list for sure, Wow. Just wow.

We finally see Hunahpu lose an immunity which also means we see more than 5 minutes of their tribe dynamic which was fascinating to watch. As much as I love Jeremy and still think he is the best placed person to win, a few cracks emerged from his game by his display at TC. Keith clearly not in a good position like it initially appeared, although he does have an idol now which will throw a spanner in the works. Also I think we finally saw the emergence of Kelley as a power player this episode. Some screentime from her as well as some decent moments I feel has shown her in a way that can setup her up strong for the rest of the game.

Tribal swap next week. Well it was sort of obvious it was about to happen given the numbers left in the game, but it’s still sad to see it. Sort of wish they would just hold out on doing it still, but guess they have to give it a go. Going to throw the game wide open and I’m sure we’ll see some fireworks next week.

As always…BRING IT ON!



Finally putting in my two cents on this season… so I might be a little long-winded. What a bizarrely fun fourth episode! I must admit that I have not been a fan of this season, so far. Going into the season, I thought I was really going to like the Coyopa tribe and dislike the Hunahpu tribe. It couldn’t be further from the truth. For all their strategic inadequacies, I found Hunahpu to be a much more enjoyable tribe to watch than Coyopa. Coyopa may be one of the most ridiculous tribes from a social aspect to ever play the game. We got Nadiya with her uncouth statements to Josh in the first episode. We got Val and her island full of idols. We got Rocker with his self-reported strategy to fly under-the-radar(!) as John Wetland. Then we’re left with Wes, who merely seems to exist; Dale, who doesn’t seem to have much of a social game at all and is pretty non-dynamic to watch; Jaclyn, who keeps having overly blunt and emotional Tribal Council performances; Josh, who, as the supposed-strategic mastermind of the tribe, has voted for his supposed number-one ally at 2/3 Tribal Councils; Baylor, who really doesn’t seem to be ingratiating herself with anyone other than Josh; and Alec, who clearly doesn’t care about a social game at all, while he bosses around the likes of Baylor. They’re a stupid, young tribe, and I don’t want to see them anymore.

Hunahpu doesn’t exactly have their game together, either, and maybe I only enjoyed this episode more because we haven’t seen much of them so far, but I find their inadequacies much more entertaining to watch. If you’re gonna have a mess, have it like Hunahpu did. Have people voting all over the place. Have people revealing everything at Tribal Council. We’ve seen countless seasons of people dealing with these issues quietly and efficiently. While Coyopa obviously isn’t the most together tribe strategically, the majority of them did seem to have a cohesive plan at every Tribal Council. They weren’t just blindly stabbing in the dark like some people on Hunahpu seemed to be. Thus, on Coyopa, we got controlled, cohesive votes without much real strategy talk for why they were making the moves that they were (because that’s the only way to keep Tribal Council surprising with a tribe like Coyopa.) On Hunahpu, people weren’t cohesive, but we knew what most of the tribe was thinking. We know what Drew’s plans were. We know what Jeremy’s plans are. We know what Jon wanted. We know what Natalie wanted. We know what everyone on the tribe was thinking, except for Reed, who we at least know feels more aligned with Jeremy than Keith. On Coyopa, we’ve seen three Tribal Councils, and I’m not convinced that any of them actually have a plan. Josh seems to based on what we’ve seen, but I can in no way articulate what it actually is. Do Baylor and Alec have strategies? Do Jaclyn and Wes even have their own thoughts? I have no idea what that tribe is thinking (or not thinking).

I’m definitely looking forward to the swap next week and seeing what that means for the Hero Arena, though I wouldn’t have minded a few more weeks with Hunahpu. Will the loved ones actually get mixed up or will only one person from each loved one pair draw a random coloured buff (placing the other person on the opposite tribe of whatever color their loved one picked) so that they can continue to face off against each other at the arena? Last side note: Anyone notice the similarities here between what’s happened so far in San Juan Del Sur and Pearl Islands? Blue tribe (Drake/Hunahpu) consistently dominates orange tribe (Morgan/Coyopa). Someone on blue tribe (Burton/Drew) wants to throw the challenge, giving the orange tribe their first win. Orange tribe celebrates saying that it was their day. Chaos ensues at the blue tribe, and the person who wanted to throw the challenge to begin with ends up being the person who gets voted out. Just thought that was a fun parallel. Can you imagine if we got the Outcast twist back? I shutter to think about it. It does make me wonder what they’re doing with the schedule this season, however. The last two episodes were both only two days long, with individuals being voted out on days 8 and 10, rather than 9 and 12. Given these schedule changes, along with the fact that we apparently have a quitter, no Redemption Island, and only 18 players, does that mean we’re in for another Final 2? Can’t wait to find out.



For the most part of Survivor San Juan Del Sur, we have seen the Coyopa tribe struggle during the Immunity Challenges. There wasn’t any focus on the ‘power struggle’ within the Hunahphu tribe up until now. But, wow, what a crazy tribe they are!

First of all, Drew is completely and utterly crazy! At the Reward Challenge, he had the guts to negotiate with Jeff Probst into trading the old flint for some fishing gear. Personally, I would be too embarrassed to even do such a thing. But as they say, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’. I was glad that Jeff Probst didn’t give in to his demands, as in the game of Survivor, you have to earn your reward instead of getting it for ‘free’.

Then to make matters worse, he decides, while being on Exile Island with Jaclyn, that he was going to throw the Immunity Challenge. What he didn’t realise is that Jeremy & Keith were clashing with each other back at camp. Keith told the entire tribe accusing Jeremy that had found the Hidden Immunity Idol. That was terrible gameplay by Keith as he wasn’t a target on the Hunaphu tribe. It pays to keep your mouth shut at the best of times. (What’s with the Hidden Immunity Idols this season? It doesn’t seem to be ‘hidden’. It seems that if you scratch around the surface of the soil/dirt, you will find it easily.)

But back to Drew’s plan to throw the Immunity Challenge. Just about every fan of Survivor knows that if you try to throw a challenge, it will come back and bite you in the backside and that’s what happened to poor, old Drew. Maybe forget the poor, old bit……That was the worst performance at a challenge I have ever seen. He was absolutely demolished by Dale, the oldest person on the Coyopa tribe.

Back at camp, Drew starts being cocky and arrogant and starts to run his mouth. He has no shame in admitting that he was going to vote for Kelley, and she was within earshot of Drew. He wants to get rid of Kelley, who he thinks is the mastermind of the game and believes she is a threat. Really? I would have been upset if Kelley was voted out….phew?! But I was over the moon when Drew got blindsided. Thank goodness for that!

In his exit interview, Drew believed that he was voted out due to being a physical and social threat in the game. Well, if he had kept his mouth shut and just continued in contributing to Hunahpu’s winning streak streak, he could have lasted a lot longer. It was a bad mistake on his part.

I am not looking forward to next week’s episode as it looks like there’s going to be a tribe switch. I wish they would just go back to the ‘old-school’ Survivor without any tribe switches.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 4th recap features One World contestants Kim Spradlin & Troyzan Robertson! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Reed/Josh (Kim) Josh/Missy (Troy)
DARK HORSE: Kelley (Kim) Alec (Troy)
NEXT TO GO: Dale (Kim) Dale (Troy)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Reed/Josh (Kim) Keith (Troy)

Join us next week as we are joined by Vanuatu & Micronesia contestants Eliza Orlins & Ami Cusack to help us recap the fifth episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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2 Comments on Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 4 Recap Featuring Kim Spradlin & Troyzan Robertson

  1. 21st century and still Indians are considered as labourers or workers as per missy’s quote… Wow!!! Just Wow

  2. Funny they think Dale is going home next. He’s my dark horse. I’m getting Bob crowley vibes from him. He has an unusual edit and knows the game. I don’t know I feel like he’s good enough to get to the merge. I think once he gets there he’s guaranteed top 5.

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