The Name Game Of Survivor–Part 2


Feature Monday is here again and it’s time to bring you part two of the popular ‘name game’ series we first brought you back in August from Ozlet Ivan Ornelas. Here Ivan once again decode and analyses some of the most common names in Survivor and checks out which ones have been the most successful and which ones have struggled across the years! Did some of your favourite named contestants miss out last time? Click below to see if they made the cut in round 2!

Tom Buchanan(Africa/All-Stars) vs. Tom Westman(Palau/Heroes vs Villains)


Well if your name is Tom, your name is prone to produce some memorable Survivor contestants.

The one from Africa, affectionately known as “Big Tom”, probably gave Jeff Probst the big southern accent test that allowed Jeff to more effectively communicate with future contestants such as Jane Bright and Ralph Kiser. He was a bit of comic relief but he was also a decent player and found himself in the powerful trio of himself, Ethan, and Lex, but they weren’t powerful enough to prevent Kim from breaking them up and Tom would be the first of those 3 to go, and then in All Stars, Tom was the only member of that season’s final 7 who appeared in his/her original season’s finale (as a remaining contestant, not jury member) and was probably more angry at Rob than anyone else aside from Lex.

Tom from Palau was a central figure in one of, if not the, most dominant tribe in Survivor history. He wasn’t the youngest contestant that season but the fireman from New York didn’t care and he was quite a force to be reckoned with, winning so many tribal and individual challenges that there were only 3 opportunities to vote him out in the entire season. Despite being depicted as a hero (and eventually being labeled a hero in Heroes vs. Villains), he lead his alliance with an iron fist kinda mafia like, doing whatever he could in his willpower to keep his allies from turning on him. His performance in Palau made him a target in Heroes vs. Villains. That along with ending up on the wrong side of the numbers and an early losing streak prevented Tom from getting very far.

If you’re named Tom and you go on Survivor, not only do you have a 75% chance of making it to the merge but also making it to the merge with numbers and making it to the final 5. The best Tom would have to be Tom Westman simply because of his showing in Survivor Palau which is better than Big Tom did in either of his seasons.

Rob Mariano(Marquesas/All-Stars/Heroes vs Villains/Redemption Island) vs. Rob DeCanio(Marquesas), Robb Zbacnik(Thailand) vs. Rob Cesternino(Amazon/All-Stars)


Boston Rob. One of the most famous players in Survivor history. Painted as a strategic genius every time he plays and can definitely be cutthroat, which we all know about from Survivor: All Stars. Despite being a good player it wasn’t until his 4th time playing Survivor he got his win. Despite at that point being well known in the Survivor world and having a huge target on his back, Rob found the perfect allies that would unquestionably remain loyal to him and there was no other fitting winner to that season aside from Boston Rob.

The General was a part of the Rotu Four alliance that seemed set to dominate Survivor: Marquesas until they got way too comfortable and the game got turned on its head. The General managed to last longer than the rest of his allies, and there was a chance he could’ve lasted a bit longer if someone was willing to make a move to split up either Sean/Vecepia or Neleh/Paschal, but he was finally voted out in Day 33.

Rob (sorry, two b’s, Robb is) the only member of this group who never made it to the merge. He’s best known for his confrontation with Clay Jordan (John Rocker: Chokehold!) and his rivalry with Shii Ann. He voted for Shii Ann every time he attended Tribal Council until he was voted out in 11th place.

And of course there’s Rob Cesternino. Probably the originator of the Survivor super fan arch type in the Survivor series. He played a very smart game in the Amazon and was quite entertaining with his confessionals and comments. Unfortunately Matthew (the crazy knife guy as Rob likely remembers him) decided to take Jenna to the end instead of Rob. And his 2nd season didn’t go nearly as well, getting voted out at the first Tribal Council he attended. He was probably the biggest target from his tribe in fairness, though.

If you’re named Rob, you have a 62.5% chance of making it to the merge and a 37.5% chance of making it to the finale, plus a 25% chance of making it to the end. The best Rob for me is Rob Mariano. I know I’m going to sound like a bandwagon but objectively I think Rob has done more to make himself look like a decent player than Cesternino, but it was a tight decision for me between these two Robs. I definitely wish Rob could compete in an upcoming season.

Erin Collins (Thailand) vs. Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins) vs. Aaron Reisberger (China)


I don’t really remember too many notable things about Erin Collins, just that she was on the tribe that would eventually get pagonged after surviving 4 votes she was expected to due to being in the majority.

Aaron wasn’t the most interesting player ever either. Aaron was in a somewhat good position in pre-swap Fei Long being the 3rd wheel to power duo Todd Herzog and Amanda Kimmel, and maybe at some point being their intended final 3. However the swap came and 2 strong players from each tribe were asked to switch tribes and unfortunately that inevitably meant Aaron and James. I felt bad that Aaron was voted out that way but on the other hand Survivor would be a lot less funny if James was voted out that night instead.

Erinn is definitely the most interesting player and intriguingly had the roughest start out of the 3 of them. Erinn was automatically put on her heels as of Day 6 when Candace was voted out when she was hoping it would’ve been Sierra. Erinn was probably doomed if Jerry wasn’t sick but she held on and waited for her moment to strike. That moment came in the merge where she sided with the Jalapao 3 and let the other Timbiras self-destruct and Erinn made it just a day short of Final Tribal Council. This was probably the best case scenario for her since it would be hard for her to beat any of the Jalapao 3 in a final vote, but she did her best with the cards she was given.

If you’re named Erin/Aaron/etc. You have a 67% chance of making it to the merge and a 33% chance of getting to the final immunity challenge. The MVP of the Erin/Aaron clan would be Erinn Lobdell. Yes Aaron did have a bit of bad luck and Erinn did have a stroke of good luck which had a hand in determining their seasons, but I can’t judge them on what could’ve happened, only on what did happen. And based on what did happen, Erinn is definitely on top of this group.

Brian Heidik (Thailand) vs. Brian Corridan (Guatemala)


Brian Corridan wasted no time in Survivor Guatemala. He was eager to play a strong strategic game and he got straight to work by voting out Morgan (although it’s not likely he had to do much convincing since she was viewed as lazy). Brian was awarded for his Yaxha pride with a tough hand at the swap, but he managed to convince Danni and Gary to vote out Blake. Being the physically weakest player left though Brian couldn’t do anything else and was voted out at the next Tribal Council.

Brian Heidik, despite all the negative attitudes that surround him, played a fantastic game in Survivor Thailand. He had everyone where he wanted them, especially once the post merge game became all former Chuay Gahn. His alliances with Ted, Helen, and Clay allowed him to navigate his way to Final Tribal Council. Despite betraying his allies aside from Clay, he still got their votes and ultimately won the game. It did help that the hatred towards Clay was a bit stronger than the hatred towards Brian, but still.

If you’re named Brian and you play on Survivor, it’s a toss up 50/50. You could either go home right before the merge or if you do, it might mean you’ll be the Sole Survivor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you look forward to more Survivor name comparisons.

Do you agree or disagree with Ivan? What other names would you like to see being compared? Comment below to let us know!



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5 Comments on The Name Game Of Survivor–Part 2

  1. WTF?!? Why is Aaron with the Erin’s? Having Brianna with the Brian’s or Bob/Bobby/Bobby Jon/Jean Robert with the Rob’s would have been understandable, but Aaron with the Erin’s?!?

    • Aaron and Erin is pronounced the same way so I grouped them together. I guess I could’ve included Brianna but I didn’t for whatever reason. Bob/Bobby/Bobby Jon could be their own entry in a future edition. Ultimately it was a decision I made and it worked out how it worked out. Sorry/not sorry it bothered you 🙂

  2. Matthew didn’t take Jenna over Rob. Jenna won final immunity and voted Rob out.

  3. Gabriel Snuffles // June 11, 2015 at 8:46 am // Reply

    Erin from Thailand didn’t make the merge, she just lived on the same beach as chuay gahn due to the fake merge.

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