Big Brother Oz – Season 11 7th Eviction + Week 7 Pre-Noms with Ben Norris


It’s that day of the week where all the Big Brother Australia action has to be recapped, as Ben & Kristan sit down (and hopefully don’t kill each other) to decode all the happenings in the Big Brother house as well as discussing the big eviction overnight of Sandra! Oh, and of course we have to bring in our weekly expert in 2012 winner Ben Norris to help us chat about everything too! Click below for all the fun!

After Ben & Kristan nearly came to blows on Monday, it’s time to see if they have calmed down to go over everything that has happened since their chat. The big eviction of Sandra is on the cards, as well as the big decisions being made with Aisha and Travis and of course everything Clawson! The claws still do come out as both your favourite hosts try their hardest to keep civil with each other! The perfect mediator? 2012 winner Ben Norris of course! Ben comes in singing (literally) and talks about his interaction with Sandra, gives us his thoughts on whether or not Aisha & Travis will self evict and also comments on some more interesting rivalry happening with himself and Tim Dormer and compares a current housemate to a piece of drift wood! Who is it? You’ll have to listen to find out!


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