Jeremiah Wood Interview


While you may not have seen much of Jeremiah on the 28th season of Cagayan, there is no denying that the guy is one of the nicest players to ever play the game. Starting off on a tribe that he was trying to avoid and going right through to one move he felt could’ve changed the entire season, there was heaps to his game that the viewers ultimately didn’t get to see and that he is dying to talk about. There is also the small factor of having his name forgotten and just what it takes to make Jeremiah Wood an angry man.


Jeremiah started out on the Beauty tribe where he formed an early bond and alliance with LJ. Post switch he found himself working a lot closer with the former brains, and ultimately this would be his main alliance until he found himself voted out to join the jury.

In our chat with Jeremiah, he talks about why the new season of San Juan Del Sur will feel weird to watch, applying for the show and why people think he is a recruit, being on the Beauty tribe and why that was the worst possible tribe to be on, what one move that he could’ve made on the day he was eliminated that could’ve changed the entire season, being the reason why LJ was voted out and the work he put into making that happen, why Kass ruined the season for most people, enjoying the company of Morgan and the other ladies on the Beauty tribe as well as informing Ben that male models don’t have it entirely easy when it comes to the ladies, talking about ‘southern swearing’ and monkeys as well as saying why his Ozcar win earlier this year has made him more famous!

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