The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 25 Episode 4 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


It’s that time of the week! Amazing Race Time! I’ve been behind this week with uni work so I’m looking forward to just relaxing and seeing some quality racing!

Previously on The Amazing Race: We raced to the Shetland Islands, and saw Ponies…Sheep…and Puffins! The Firies went to the wrong side of the Island…and they were sent back to Boston!

So who do we have left?

#1 – Team Pearly Whites (Misti and Jim)

#2 – Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#3 – Team Survivor (Keith & Whitney)

#4 – Flight Attendants (Shelley & Nici)

#5 – Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#6 – The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#7 – The Cyclists (Kym & Alli)

#8 – T&T (Tim & Tejay)

We get a full start again! Woo! Just saying Survivor…..

So we’re at St Ninian’s Isle!

We actually see a bit of interacting when the teams wake up…that’s interesting! I love the Lolly Queens here as well!

Team Pearly Whites are in the lead by just over an hour, so we shall see if they can keep that!

Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, you’ll find your next clue on top of a Ford C-Max

Well…a 13 hour Ferry ride makes it seem like everyone will be tight and together again…

Team Pearly Whites find out the Ferry doesn’t leave til the evening (“of course it doesn’t”), so they go into town to use the internet, as Shetland doesn’t have a travel agency…

Other teams remark on how nice it was to sleep on the beach…

The Pearly Whites book a flight to arrive at 4:00pm, while Team Survivor and Soul Surfers decide there isn’t enough time to find a travel agency…they’ll book it when they get to Aberdeen!

All the other teams arrive to little fanfare and notes, the main discussion is over how everyone will get airline tickets…with the Ferry docking at 7am, the travel agency opening at 9am, so most seem to be backing a scramble to the agency…while the Wrestlers are planning to go straight to the airport. This is more of The Amazing Race I like! People having to go all out just to get flight tickets!

Ok…we’re in Aberdeen…and we’re racing….slowly…given they’re going one car at a time…

The Cyclists go to the Airport, as do the Wrestlers and T&T! The Cyclists find a flight that is planning to get in at 2:00pm! While T&T are on a 5:15pm arrival, and the Wrestlers book one for 5:10pm (they give a bit of mild humour!).


Give them the…Luggage Carrier! Still doesn’t beat the old fashioned chair!

The Travel agency opens and a lot looks to be happening!


It’s less fun here….

The flight attendants book a flight for 5:20pm, while the remaining teams of Lolly Queens, Team Survivor and Soul Surfers are booked on the 5:10pm flight…so the flight attendants just got a later one….umm…..intelligence?????

In any case…what’s with 3 flights arriving within 10 minutes of each other! That’s almost unheard of!

We have 5 different flights all up then….brilliant!

Team Pearly Whites hear they’re 2nd…they are not willing to give up on the win!

T&T’s flight was delayed by 20 minutes, putting them in a scheduled arrival of 5:35pm, while the flight attendants got it even worse, being delayed for a 6:35pm arrival time…now they might regret it!

We cut to the beautiful city of Denmark! And the sight of some beautiful Ford C-Max motor vehicles!


Dem Fords….

We then get the even more glorious sight of Phil narrating live again! As the Cyclists arrive, and get their next clue….there is no better sight in all of racing!


Hey Phil…we’re trying to race here! Can someone please go and hug him or something when he does this!!!

Team must drive to Malmo, Sweden, using a Ford C-Max. Those who drive efficiently can receive their next clue…while those that don’t must answer a local Swedish Geography question

Oh my…we’re not plugging for too much are we?

The Cyclists giving us some good feedback….they love that it’s environmentally friendly…not that it’s probably in their instructions.

In any case…they arrive at Sweden…as in Malmo, and are told they used well under the fuel requirements, get a bit more sneaky advertising in…and then they get their next clue!


Parking Space : Repurpose a Parking Spot, and turn it into a Parklet, before the 30 minute time limit is up


Wedding Cake: Complete a Danish Wedding Cake, and balance it on a bike called a bullet, then deliver it to a restaurant, before returning to the Bakery.


This is all done back in Denmark…pointless driving into Sweden!

At the airport…Team Pearly Whites arrive, and are along the long long long bridge!

The Cyclists arrive at the bakery and start to work on their cake

Team Pearly Whites haven’t driving efficiently, and as a consequence, must answer a bonus question, which is the name of the capital cities of the four Scandinavian Countries. They go to find someone for help. (The answers are Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen…I’m a geography nerd..last week on an online quiz I named all 196 countries in the world…boom!)

The flight carrying the majority of teams arrives (The Wrestlers, Lolly Queens, Soul Surfers, Team Survivor), and they all talk about driving efficiently…if I knew that was the bonus question I’d just fly down that highway!

T&T arrive afterwards and are on their way to Sweden…

Team Pearly Whites find a local Swede with a phone to look it up…seriously…how do the Scandinavians not know it??? They’re all neighbours…it should be common knowledge!!!!

In any case…they move on to the Detour

The Cyclists complete their cake and load it onto their bullet…they ask cyclists for directions…none of them stop to help….bloody Cyclists…no one likes cyclists…and now the Cyclists know why! They mention that they’ve cycled a messenger bike and it was very hard…immediately the top of the cake drops off…brilliant! In fact…they suck at it!


Cyclists clogging the sidewalk…nothing new!

Robbie from the Wrestlers doesn’t realise Sweden is a different country…I died a little on the inside…

A few teams all arrive in Malmo, with Team Survivor being rewarded for driving efficiently, and the Wrestlers, Soul Surfers and Lolly Queens being punished with a 2 minute inconvenience to get their next clue.

At the airport….The flight attendants come in…can’t find the cars…and Nici gets quite angry at this…Shelley (the Mum) would like an apology when they eventually find the car…Nici says she was right…that’s not an apology!

The Cyclists get to the restaurant…and fix their cake…and take it inside…only to find they can’t find the delivery receipt…oh…dear…this could be a problem! They have to have it!

They cross the street back to their bike…and there it is! On the ground…now that was lucky!!!! In Windy Cities you’d never find that again!


That cameraman was on the ball…or did a retake with the paper…it now has a casting agent…

They get the receipt confirmed, and return to the bakery to get their next clue (and a few free baked goods!)


Free shit! Always good!

Proceed to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant to find their next clue

Food legs…winning!

Team Pearly Whites have arrived at the Parking Space Detour…and get straight to work transforming this…parking space! I can’t imagine this catching on in Melbourne…we don’t have enough spaces for us to give some of them up!

The Wrestlers, Team Survivor, and the Soul Surfers all arrive at the Cake challenge…they’re all worried about the bikes!

The Lolly Queens arrive at the Parking space challenge…where Pearly Whites are getting a move on and seeming like they’re doing a good job!

T&T arrive in Malmo to find that they haven’t driven efficiently…but they do know the Capital Cities off the top of their head…new favourite team just because you can do that!


You have to take Geography before the race!!!

The Flight attendants arrive…and they have driven efficiently so they don’t need to do the other part…they’re off to parking space!

The Cyclists arrive at Ida Davidsen’s restaurant…where they are greeted by their next clue…a roadblock!

Who has a good eye for faces?

The team member must take an order of sandwiches from 2 customers, then memories the ingredients, and relay that information to the chef, when the order is perfect…they will be given their next clue


The closest Phil will ever get to inviting me out to lunch….

It looks like Kym is doing it for the Cyclists…she says she got fired from being a waitress…always a good sign!

She immediately seems to have some trouble remembering the order numbers straight away! At least get the numbers get right!!!!!!

Then she sees the board of sandwiches…so ominous!


Do you really want that sandwich…

Team Survivor start transporting their cake…Keith can’t steer…Whitney balances the cake on her lap while she sits down and the Wrestlers look on…it’s…a challenge to get them going in the right direction! They nearly get run over…and then lose the top of the cake!

The Soul Surfers try…and they lose the cake…Bethany thinks this might be a bit hard for her and proposes switching detours…while the Wrestlers kind of sit there very tentatively and let some bikers pass by…

At the Roadblock…Kym…basically gets nothing out…back to the sandwich board!

The Survivors have decided the cakes are too hard…and decide the other choice can’t be that hard…cut to a very appropriate scene of Team Pearly Whites just about finishing their Parklet…but they’re wrong! They put 7 petals instead of 8…seriously??? How anal! But…it’s wrong…their time is up…and they have to start again!


Ok it wasn’t anal…they just didn’t look close enough!

At the roadblock…Kym….is correct! She has her customer’s orders…delivers them…and gets their next clue…to take them to the pit stop!

Proceed to the VM Houses…the last team to check in here…may be eliminated


So it’s…houses…o..k

So it’s…modern infrastructure….that’s efficient…that seems to work with the whole Ford efficiency theme of the leg!

The Wrestler’s are gradually getting there on their bikes…Brooke is screaming…I’m sure Robbie has heard that one before!

At the Parklets…Soul Surfers and Team Survivor have switched and turned up…and Keith is excited to see Team Pearly Whites still there!

The Wrestlers get to the restaurant…the Maître D…accepts the cake…checks it…signs the receipt…and the Wrestlers are on their way back! Robbie wants to eat it! He’s strictly told not to!

At the Parklets…Team Pearly Whites are still wrong…while the Lolly Queens get the King of Hipsters to judge theirs…They are correct! Well…the hipster says it seems about right! They’re off to the restaurant!


That swag….

The Soul Surfers try…they are wrong…gnarly!!!

Team Survivor get theirs up…and…the Hipster King is now enjoying the suspense…he gives them the thumbs up! It’s all going wrong for Team Pearly Whites though! They are still wrong…and the editors have the nerve to show Jim saying only 36 hours earlier that they want to be the most dominant team ever…they are in a world of pain now though! They need to turn the flowerpot around!

But no! They decide to change detours! They have the save so they’re more than willing to just switch and get it done! Team Pearly Whites are not so clean now! Soul Surfers are motivated by this…and Bethany notices what Jim and Misti didn’t see!

We cut to the pit stop! And it’s the Cyclists who have arrived as Team Number 1!


Winners are grinners!

There are some bonus prizes too! Each of the Girls has won a Brand new Ford C-Max! It’s fuel efficient and whatever else the sponsors want Phil to say! Maybe now the Cyclists will get off the road and I can have a nicer drive to work!

A long way back…well…just 2nd place…but it seems a long way behind…the Lolly Queens and the Wrestlers are at the Roadblock…it’s Maya and Robbie who are doing the tasks for their teams respectively.

Robbie points out as Wrestlers…they get hit in the head a lot and their memory isn’t great…hopefully that’s not a sign!

T&T arrive at the Parklets…and after trying to make conversation with Adam…Bethany tells them to keep moving and focus on the task at hand! Good focus! But Bethany is starting to freak out!

The Flight Attendants arrive at the Parklets too, and feel a bit more motivated now! It’s getting tight at the back! While Team Pearly Whites start at the Cake challenge…and Jim points out how easy that would’ve been if they’d just done that first!

Team Survivor arrive at the Roadblock…and Whitney is doing it…she also points out her memory sucks…good at picking challenges that tell people to recognise and remember things these teams…

Robbie gives a great spiel to Ida Davidsen about the sandwiches…but is ultimately wrong! Maya turns up…and before suggesting anything…she goes back to look at the menu again!


Not impressed…

Team Pearly Whites decorate their cake and are off to deliver…Jim thinks it’s incredibly easy…then he meets the bike…it’s a bit harder than you think mate! They’ve left a flag behind! Uh oh!

At the Roadblock…Maya tries again…and she’s correct! She flips out with excitement…and then the mean ladies play a trick on her and make her second guess the orders! But she gets a chance to be excited again and get her clue!


Planking went out of fashion a while ago…

Robbie uses his charismatic Wrestler style…it is very much like one of those segments where the Wrestlers address the crowd…and it helps him remember the sandwiches! He is out of there! Although he called himself a phenomenal waitress!

Whitney gets it shortly afterwards…not a lot of footage…but Keith is very…very proud of her!

At the Parklets…Adam has a brain blast! And notices the pot plant has only 7 petals and not 8…and as a result…they can get their clue! T&T notice this as well…and are able to also complete the task! The Flight Attendants are the only ones there now!

At the Restaurant…Team Pearly Whites deliver their cake…but the Maître D can’t accept it! They’ve lost a flag! It’s all going wrong for the dominant team!

We get a very brief view of the pit stop as the Wrestlers arrive to be team number 2!

I don’t want to bash the Lolly Queens too much…but every leg they finish a task…and someone else beats them to the Pit Stop between them finishing the last task!

At the Parklets…Nici is starting to lose her patience with her Mum…It’s getting tenser between them

Team Survivor Check in as team number 3, Phil doesn’t even have to tell them…they just use the graphics…at least make Phil do his job! Also…where are the Lolly Queens!

Team Pearly Whites have accepted they are last…and that they must use their save…but they plough through the Detour and get their clue!

T&T and the Soul Surfers arrive at the Roadblock…it’s Tejay (who is a server…so pressure’s on!) and Adam who are doing this one!

The Flight Attendants get their Parklet completed…while the Lolly Queens (finally!) arrive at the Pit Stop to be team number 4…again…Phil doesn’t even need to announce it!

Team Pearly Whites arrive at the Roadblock to the surprise of some other teams! While inside…Tejay smashes out the Roadblock and T&T are outta there!

Jim builds up how good Misti is…that’s always a bad sign


This makes you feel reassured right?

Adam tries…and is wrong…Misti tries…and is wrong…she stands there awkwardly and says…ok…it’s a tad funny!

The flight attendants arrive…and Nici is in there to try and save it for her and her mum!

Shelley is having a good time outside…Jim is not!

Adam then gets it correct…it was gnarly!!! They’re off to the pit stop

Misti gets it wrong again though…but she’s reassured by Jim standing by the door to support her…


Right into your soul…

T&T arrive as team number 5…and the dog jumps up on Phil…who says he thinks it’s mating season…T&T are surely excited by that! The dog seems to take a liking to Phil!


That happy dog! And an even happier Phil!

Nici is up at the roadblock…and she gets it! And they are off! The excitement is palpable! But Misti is still struggling!

It doesn’t seem to be going better for the others though! The Soul Surfers are lost…and the Flight Attendants took a wrong turn! Shelley tells Nici they can’t afford this…and Nici gets very unhappy! They swap and Nici is driving now!

Misti re-reads her clue at the Roadblock (again…surely everyone has learnt to keep doing this!!!!) and realises she wasn’t quoting the sandwich number! What a simple error! But she’s through it now! And Team Pearly Whites are on their way!

The Flight attendants keep driving…and Nici tells Shelley she should be helping…only for Shelley to mention she saw a man standing at the last corner…as you can imagine…this doesn’t please Nici! Who gets even more angry! Shelley says she wasn’t the one driving…and that she wouldn’t say anything at that point while Nici is in that kind of mood…as you can imagine again…this still doesn’t go down well!

They do find Phil though…Nici is well and truly pissed though! Phil asks what’s been going on…and Nici goes all angry on Shelley…who says Nici wanted to be in charge so she let her…and that was an important lesson…Now Nici flies off the handle! She says she can’t do this…she won’t listen to Phil…she gets angrier…Shelley calmly says once she loses the attitude they’ll be fine…I dunno…that glare…that was really something!


Nici freaks out….


The poor dog watches on…


That stare nearly beats Jim’s

The Soul Surfers find their way to the pit stop…and are told they are team number 7…well…that they are still in the race…Phil is so over telling the teams what number they are…that Hipster King got the better of him!

Team Pearly Whites arrive…in last place…and give Phil the save…even the dog is asleep it’s that late…but…TWIST…Phil gives them the save back…IT’S A NON-ELIMINATION LEG!


Saved by the Save

Unbelievable…Misti is ecstatic…Jim is stunned…and suddenly completely down on confidence…they had their teeth kicked in…and just like that…that’s the episode…


Actually…saved by Phil…have it for next week!

Leg Summary: Wow…that was all amazing…definitely the best leg of the race this season! It was challenging…it had different plane flights…difficult tasks…and first class drama!

Detour Summary: Two challenging tasks that showed the innovation in Copenhagen…gotta love it!

Roadblock Summary: Seemed easy…wasn’t that difficult but some teams just didn’t follow instructions! When you do that…simples!

So we’ve still got everyone…who is that exactly?

#1 – The Cyclists – Got the best flight…and did everything well…all you need to do really! Enjoy the cars ladies!

#2 – The Wrestlers – They always seem to be in trouble…and then they do really well! I think they can genuinely win this!

#3 – Team Survivor – I thought they’d crumble…but they’ve been very good in the past few legs and are emerging as a threat…more of a threat than they were on Survivor…where they weren’t much of a threat…

#4 – Lolly Queens – My Queens! They dominate challenges and think so logically…then manage to somehow lose two spots on the way to the Pit Stop…you can’t do that Ladies! But you are doing very very well! Keep doing that!

#5 – T&T – From a bad flight choice…they were then very good…they got the capital cities quickly…smashed out the Parklet…and got the roadblock on the first go…a great leg…they just got a dud flight!

#6 – Flight Attendants – Well then…They were good…they were bad…and they were ugly! Started poorly with silly flight choices…then did several challenges fantastically…then lost it with each other and are barely speaking…this could be a fun next leg!

#7 – Soul Surfers – They crumbled under pressure (not as much as Team Pearly Whites), but they survived…and they still have the express pass! I think they’ll need it soon!

#8 – Team Pearly Whites – Oh boy…this was a leg to forget…everything went wrong…from lazy flight choices to terrible performances at the Detour and Roadblock…and then they get the reprieve…how lucky can you be!!!!

Tune in next week for our episode 5 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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  1. Glad you could get the recap of ep4 up before the season ends.

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