Brice Johnston Interview


Despite the fact that he only lasted three episodes, Brice Johnston still went down as one of the most memorable contestants from the 28th season of Cagayan. From his purple clothing right through to his now famous ‘dot dot hmmm’ catchphrase, there was definitely a lot more to Brice that we were robbed from seeing due to his early exit. And in an entertaining interview, he goes over some hidden moments we never got to see on our screens as well as making men around the world happy by talking about Morgan and her ‘pillows’.


Brice started off as a popular member of the Beauty tribe and his social ability looked like it would carry him far in the game. However when the Beauty tribe eventually lost he found himself the first target, and he was sent home well before the merge.

In our chat with Brice, he talks about being ‘old news’ in the Survivor world now that his season is over, the relationship between Morgan & Colton and how it affected him, why he thought he would be playing against returning players, knowing that he was on the right tribe when he knew the twist, his many ‘Bricisms’ that we didn’t get to see, why Alexis became a target the night he went out, why he felt he would’ve made final four if he had of survived the vote as well as cuddling up with Morgan and her ‘pillows’, his music and fragrance career as well as giving us a pretty decent Jeff Probst impersonation!

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