Kelley Wentworth Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 6 Preview

Exist interview - Kelley

We’re back for another exit interview today as we chat to the fifth contestant eliminated from Survivor San Juan Del Sur Kelley Wentworth! We also bring you a full episode preview of episode 6, as Noah Groves sits down and takes a look at what you can expect from tomorrow’s episode of the 29th season! Click below for more!

After her elimination from the fifth episode, Kelley Wentworth sat down with Ben to talk about her shock exit and how she knew that it was going to be her getting voted out that night and being surprised it was portrayed as a blindside, her relationship with Drew and why she feels he targeted her, the game that Jeremy is playing and whether or not he is in as much control as it seems and talking about her fan base in the Survivor community and just what it was like playing the game after all these years as a fan of the show!

Each week with our exit interviews we will also bring you a preview of the upcoming episode, as your favourite Ozlet Noah Groves sits down and gives his thoughts on what you can expect from the show tomorrow!


It is now time to bring back a new feature as I preview what is to come in the next episode airing tomorrow. These previews will use the ‘next time on Survivor,’ commercials, Survivor Live extended preview, deleted scenes and events that happened in the previous episode to look forward and see what is in store for us. Please note that only details learnt in the previously stated list will be discussed, if you consider things like what the challenge will be or who is competing in the dual and hints at people’s actions as a spoiler then you should avoid this feature. In saying that, absolutely no boot spoilers will be stated if somehow CBS slips up but the next voted out will be speculated on.

So what do we have in store for Survivor: San Juan Del Sur episode 6, ‘Make Some Magic Happen’?


Let’s start this week with the “next time on Survivor” segment from the end of episode 5. Once again after last week’s tribal, Dale found himself on the bottom of the tribe directly falling to the bottom of the ladder after the previous tribal he participated in. Surely that says something about his game right? Anyway as myself and many others predicted, the random scene of Dale picking up the necklace off the well in episode one is coming back into play. As a last ditch effort Dale is trying to persuade Jon that this is in fact the real idol and it seems he just may believe him if the Survivor Live promo is anything to go by. Both Dale and Keith are receiving large edits so I find it hard to believe either will be going next week but it would be natural to assume Keith would be the next on the chopping block. Perhaps Keith will play his idol, Dale won’t receive votes and one of the pairs will go home. I have been open about not being a Dale fan but it is nice to see players not going out with a whimper and trying hard to stay in the game. The fundamental flaw in Dale’s plan however is that if his idol was real then it can easily be flushed out and Dale could still go home. All it takes if for one pair and Keith to vote for Dale and one pair and Dale to vote for Keith causing a tie and if Dale doesn’t play the idol then he goes home. Perhaps a better move would be to pull the fake idol out at tribal and catch the alliance off guard.


One of the strengths of this season is the return of frequent survival elements and with that, ongoing plotlines across numerous episodes. Last episode we saw the Hunahpu tribe plead to Jeff for more rice and as seen in the “next time on Survivor” segment, Jeff is making a rare trip to camp claiming that the rice will come at a price. This was great to stretch it out over two episodes and leave a cliff hanger of sorts for the fans. But what could be the punishment or price to pay for receiving a new bag of rice? In Australia the tribe had to give up their luxury items but it doesn’t seem as if they exist this season. More than likely the tribe has to give up one of their rewards that they have won over the season. It would be brilliant if the tribe had to decide to either go to tribal and get a new bag of rice or stay hungry and avoid voting someone out. Clearly they wouldn’t sacrifice a whole challenge for that but it certainly would be dramatic.


The duals are back again this week after their absence due to the tribe swap last episode. It hasn’t been revealed how the competitors will be chosen for the dual but given this week’s head to head will be against Baylor and Reed, it does seem to have a sense of randomness. Perhaps the winner of the paper/scissors/rock nominates a person to compete and then that person selects who they want to dual. I was fine with Exile Island coming back but they really should have brought back full reward challenges with the winners picking who from the losing tribe goes to Exile and then that person choosing who from the winners will join them. The duals won’t have any drama or purpose if the loved ones aren’t playing against each other and at this point Wes and Keith are the only ones who could possibly do that. The challenge involves the competitors being blindfolded and collecting pieces to solve a puzzle…sound original huh? The immunity challenge looks slightly unique in that the tribes most carry a giant cube which they must then, you guessed it, collect bags with most likely puzzle pieces placed inside.

As for the ‘super preview’ at the beginning of season 1, we haven’t ticked many clips off in a number of weeks. The quitter is still looming but I would feel pretty confident in saying that it won’t happen in the next episode as it probably would have been advertised. There is no obvious person to predict the quitter with my two theories being Jon, based on his confessionals about his Dad or Reed based on his lack of edit. But I don’t really see either of those two going via a quit. My guess is it may be a medi-quit in the style of Dana from the Philippines. The clip of Jon exclaiming “somebody has the idol and we are going to burn it” could likely come from tomorrow’s episode in reference to Dale’s fake idol and Keith’s real idol.


Episode 5 ‘Make Some Magic Happen’ will air Wednesday night 8pm EST on CBS in the United States and Thursday at 9:30 PM AEDST on channel Go! in Australia.


Episode 6 Preview

Kelley The Day After

Kelley’s Last Words & Votes

Episode 5 Secret Scene 1

Episode 5 Secret Scene 2

Our thanks must go out to CBS and Channel 9 for arranging these exit interviews for us. Be sure to check back in next week as we bring you the next eliminated contestant on the show as well as previewing the next episode and showing off more secret scenes and episode previews! Remember if you have a question for the contestant eliminated get it into us and we may choose it as the question to put to them during next weeks interview! Bring on the next episode!




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