Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Two Timers Who Should Return Again


A very happy Wednesday to y'all Survivor Oz readers. Today our most 'famous' Ozlet of All, Noah Groves, answers the very pressing questions of which two timers should be graced with the opportunity to compete for the third time! Some may argue that no player should be able to play three times, but let's be honest, if we had to see some of the following play again in as well as being given seasons with all new players - we wouldn't refuse. So with that said, read on to find out who we feel could have third chapter and a lot more to prove on their third chance to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast!

10. Andrea Boehlke – Redemption Island & Caramoan


I was one of those who thought that Andrea should never have returned for a second time but when she did, I was proven completely wrong. On her second time around Andrea was an all-round strong player and an entertaining character to watch. She is one of those two timers who doesn’t feel like her story arc or game is over and could offer more on a third time. If Andrea returned it wouldn’t feel like over exposure and she definitely could make it to the end. A smart, funny and good looking player who still has more to show.

9. Yau-Man Chan – Fiji & Micronesia


It is hard to find a Survivor fan that isn’t also a fan of Yau-Man. He was arguably the favourite and biggest character on his original of season, returning in Micronesia to be voted out third. Even during his short lived time in Micronesia he still made an entertaining impact. Yau-Man could be underestimated should he return and strategize his way through the game. He would probably have better luck on a full all-stars season and has a good repour with other survivors outside the game. A Yau-Man return would be a welcome return and an ‘actual’ attempt at playing the game like in Fiji.

8. Eliza Orlins – Vanuatu & Micronesia


Joining Yau-Man is fellow Micronesia “favourite” Eliza! Last seen trying to play a fucking stick as an idol, Eliza got a raw deal in the season. We weren’t privy to seeing the Vanuatu Eliza we love during Micronesia. Eliza is a strong female character who is strategic and entertaining but perhaps most impressively, is a Survivor super fan. She knows the game, she loves the game and she interacts with fans, huge brownie points towards her. Eliza has more to prove in Survivor and would guarantee the fans with a strong player for us to watch and cheer for.

7. Tom Buchanan – Africa & All-Stars


Going old school now with Big Tom from Africa. In both seasons Big Tom was in, he was a huge character and made it deep in the game, suggesting an underestimated player as well. After All Stars it would seem like there wouldn’t be much of a point for Tom to return and that his story arc was all but over. Given ten years and the recent return of some older season players, a Big Tom return would be fascinating and excited. Would Tom be able to integrate into the new school Survivor way of playing and be able to continue his hot streak of finishing places? No matter what the answer is, it he would definitely be an entertaining addition to the cast and create more classic Survivor moments. A return would be even better in a Blood vs Water season with Big Tom’s son Bucky Bo who appeared as a loved one in All Stars.

6. Kathy Vavrick O’Brien – Marquesas & All-Stars

KathyVavrick obrien

Another All Stars contestant, Kathy looked at one point as if she would make it to the finals before the Boston reign of terror in the eighth season. Kathy is a huge and loveable character who had such a compelling story, going from the outcast in Marquesas (‘Marquesah’ as Kathy calls it!) to the final three, returning as an all-star who was eventual cut loose and tricked by her Marquesas tribe mate. Kathy is either a contestant who would adapt quickly and integrate herself into the game or someone who would be an early boot stuck on the game of the past. So many fans would be rooting for Kathy’s success in her third try and be delighted to see a massively popular early character return.

5. James “JT” Thomas – Tocantins & Heroes vs Villains

James Thomas Tocantins

JT is one of those players who changed dramatically between his first and second seasons. In Tocantins he was the loyal, extremely well liked hero before turning into a scheming, flipping and daring player in Heroes vs Villains. He made an extremely gutsy and risky move by handing an idol over to Russell Hantz which ultimately backfired and had him take the first jury spot. I am not the biggest JT fan but it would be fascinating after two completely different games to see how JT would do. Would he manage to mimic his Tocantins game or would he flip flop around playing a perhaps more villainous game like Heroes vs Villains? One of the few winners who have played twice that I feel has something more to give or prove from a return.

4. Corinne Kaplan – Gabon & Caramoan

Corinne Kaplan

Corinne is certainly one of those players who if she played again it wouldn’t feel like overexposure. Both times she played she didn’t make it overly far in the game but still managed to stay memorable and provide hundreds of laughs. Corinne is a bitch and she owns it, whether it is an act or not, she is a brilliant villain. Not only this but she isn’t a terrible player. On both occasions she has managed to work her way into alliances and played a (believe it or not) strong social game. Corinne has so much more to show and this blend of character and player and her mid-tier finishing spots makes her a great candidate for a third time playing.

3. Jonny Fairplay – Pearl Islands & Micronesia

Johnny Fairplay

Here’s the entry that everyone will be up in arms about, telling me I am stupid and that I am wrong about this. Yes Jonny Fairplay may have quit, let’s face it no matter what you say it wasn’t a quit as the tribe could have potentially voted for someone else, but he is still one of Survivors biggest characters. The fact that Fairplay played such a big role in his one episode shows that he is a fantastic character who provides great television. On top of this he has an understanding of the game and is still a frequent commentator on new seasons via twitter. When Fairplay first placed he was Survivor enemy number 1, the most notorious and despised villain to play. It would be fascinating to see in a post Russell Hantz world whether or not Fairplay could shy away from his past and if players would put less emphasis on his dead grandma lie. It’s time to bring Jonny Fairplay back to see if he can recreate his historic and glorious Pearl Islands game.

2. Lex Van Den Berghe – Africa & All-Stars

Lex Van Den Berghe

Lex was a popular character and player during Africa with many claiming he should have been the winner. His return in All Stars saw him as one of the key strategists with a clear game plan towards winning. That was until he made the huge blunder of voting out Jerri Manthey from his alliance and keeping an enemy in Amber. Leading to be betrayed by Boston Rob and becoming the first All Star jury member. Lex knows how to play the game and is well liked in game and by the fans watching at home. He is such an intriguing character who feels like his story arc has yet to be completed, could he learn from his past mistakes and come back to win on a third time. Lex is ten years older now and has stayed somewhat out of the Survivor limelight that without the ‘star quality’ of the first eight seasons he could perform much better. Lex’s legacy needs a third chapter!

1. Richard Hatch – Borneo & All-Stars

RIchard Hatch

Richard Hatch is perhaps one of the most well-known and notorious contestants in Survivor history. The original winner was known for his villainous acts, nakedness around camp and for essentially creating rules and guidelines to how Survivor has played. In All Stars he suffered from the past winner syndrome and his reputation from Borneo. Hatch has been considered or asked back for multiple seasons in the past but couldn’t due to his imprisonment sentence for supposed tax evasion. So many fans would love to see Hatch return to see if he can live up to his reputation as one of the greatest players in Survivor history and if he could adapt to modern day ways of playing the game. Either way Richard Hatch is such a polarising and interesting character who is in some regards the face of Survivor. If Boston Rob and Rupert can play the game four times each then Hatch needs to play for a third. Why some of this may seem like wishful thinking it does feel inevitable that Richard will finally return to play the game once more.

Honourable Mentions:

Those who could potentially be good on a third time playing.

Jenna Lewis – Borneo & All-Stars

Shi Ann Huang – Thailand & All-Stars

Rob Cesternino – Amazon & All-Stars

Sandra Diaz Twine – Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains

Randy Bailey – Gabon & Heroes vs Villains

Dishonourable Mentions:

Those who shouldn’t return to play for a third time.

Michael Skupin – Australian Outback & Philippines

Sugar Kiper – Gabon & Heroes vs Villains

Brenda Lowe – Nicaragua & Caramoan

Brandon Hantz – South Pacific & Caramoan

Colton Cumbie – One World & Blood vs Water

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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52 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Two Timers Who Should Return Again

  1. WTF?!? Rob Cesternino only in honourable mentions?!? He should have made it to the top 2 with Hatch!!!

    My own top 10:

    1. Richard Hatch
    2. Rob Cesternino
    3. Yau-Man Chan
    4. Phillip Sheppard
    5. Jonny Fairplay
    6. Sandra Diaz-Twine
    7. Randy Bailey
    8. Ami Cusack
    9. JT Thomas
    10. Courtney Yates

    • sarcastabtch // November 3, 2014 at 8:43 am // Reply

      *hate* Phillip! I like Sandra, but they’d never let her get past first tribal. I don’t think Rob would make it dar either because his reputation follows him too much in the community (same of Stephen Fishbach, though I’d love to see him).

  2. No jt or Corrine good otherwise

  3. Francesqua. DUH

  4. Great list! I love the inclusions of Eliza Orlins especially. I would love to see Courtney return because she is hilarious!!!

  5. This was a great list Noah!

    My personal list would be:

    1. Rob Cesternino
    2. Corinne Kaplan
    3. Richard Hatch
    4. Eliza Orlins
    5. Ami Cusack
    6. Yau-Man Chan
    7. Randy Bailey
    8. Kathy Vavrick-O’Brian
    9. Jenna Morasca
    10. Jonny Fairplay

  6. No Ami? No Jenna M? Why?

    Also, what is the point of having a dishonorable mentions list? That kinda just seems mean spirited

    • There is nothing mean spirited about it at all it is just the five players who I think for some reasons or another shouldn’t return ala Skupin has basically done everything he can do and has finished his story arc, Brandon Hantz and Colton for obvious reasons and Brenda decided to come back as “humble” rather than fiesty like her first time and ruined what I did like about her. Not saying they shouldn’t have come back a second time but just personally not who I think should return.

  7. Laura M. could also be a reasonable addition to this list

  8. Brenda is most likely returning, and Courtney should return to.

  9. For me it would go,
    1. Courtney (shes my hero)
    2. Rob
    3. Lex
    4. Ethan (probably wishful thinking)
    5. Eliza
    6. Big Tom
    8. Fairplay (i just dont think theyd do it so hes towards the bottom)
    9. JT
    10. It doesnt matter to me, any one out of Corinne, Brenda, Shii Anne and Hatch

    • I’d like to see return:
      Francesca (come onnnnn)
      Monica Culpepper
      Danielle Di Lorenzo

      If Philip Shepperd ever comes back Ill be so pissed.

  10. In no order:

    Rob Cesternino
    Malcolm Freberg
    Eliza Orlins
    Ami Cusack
    Courtney Yates
    Richard Hatch
    Johnny Fairplay
    Yau-Man Chan
    Shii Devil
    Kathy Vavrick O’Brien

  11. Seriously, where’s Malcolm???

  12. I dont want elize running around annoying people again. Rather watch mike skupin or sugar kiper outplay everyone again.

    Suck it bitches

  13. Rob Cesternino, Courtney Yates, Jenna Morasca, Shii Ann, Fairplay, Eliza, Kathy, Lex… are all awesome potential third time players

  14. I find it annoying to put Sugar in the dishonorable mentions list. People do not give her near enough credit considering she ran her original season from start to finish. She most definitely deserves redemption from Heroes vs. Villains where she was not in the right state of mind and edited to be crazier than she probably was. I think she needs a third season to finish her story right and show the massive amount of haters that they are completely wrong. #RobbedGoddess #BobSucked

  15. I don’t care who they bring back as long as they don’t pit them against new players. I can’t believe this author left Rob Cesternino off his list. Didn’t Jeff Probst say he was the smartest player never to win the game? I would also definitely bring back Sandra just to see if she can go tor the Survivor hat-trick. That would be amazing.

  16. I’m glad that Shii-Ann at least made honorable mentions, but I really think she should be in top ten! But thank you for Kathy!!

  17. I think Shii-Ann should have made top ten! I just love her! Also a huge thumbs up to Kathy!

  18. “On her second time around Andrea was an all-round strong player”, who? Cochran, Brandon, Erik, Francesca? Eddie, Sherrie, Reynold?

    • Cochran played a good game and Malcolm was out there too. Brenda was good as well. I’ll admit fans vs favorites seasons are kinda cheap cuz returnees have such a huge advantage, which is why I think Cochran and Parvati’s wins are so overrated. But andrea played a good game she just started to get too cocky at the end.

  19. I would change Andrea for Ami or Courtney Yates and J.T for Rob Cesternino or Randy but is a good list,anyone in this list would be an amazind third timer but we probably are going to see Rupert return for the sixth time instead of somebody like Kathy or Tom returning, a real shame,

    • I mean Big Tom, but normal Tom would also be cool, or even better give more people their deserving second chance.

  20. Where is rudy? and Alicia

  21. Top 10 in no order:

    Rob C.
    Shii Ann
    Courtney Y.
    Monica C.
    Yau Man

  22. 1. Rob Cesternino
    2. Shii Ann Huang
    3. Andrea Boelhke
    4. Corinne Kaplan
    5. Brenda Lowe
    6. Richard Hatch
    7. Jenna Morasca
    8. Eliza Orlins
    9. Ami Cusack
    10. Courtney Yates

  23. Tom Hartnell // October 30, 2014 at 4:24 am // Reply

    I’d get rid of the Dishonorable mentions portion, its not good for this list, and what you should do is create a top 10 of 2 time players you wouldn’t like to see return and list the reasons why… especially because many of the people on your dishonorable list are friends of this site… its really not good for survivoroz to have that there, but sometimes ignorance is bliss

    • I didn’t realise that that section would create such a (minor) stir that it has. It was merely meant as a harmless look at who I would put at the bottom, perhaps rather than a top 10 it should have been a ranking from bottom to top in order of who I would want to return. Or perhaps I should have included explanations as to why I put the people there. I am a Mike Skupin fan but just feel he has fulfilled all he can in 2 times, it has nothing to do with not liking him. Colton is much the same. Brandon is on there because lets face it he shouldn’t be back and I was a fan of Sugar in Gabon but always felt like she should have been a one timer. Hope that clears it up a bit!

  24. What a disgusting, filthy list. The author should commit blogacide. Brenda dishonorable? Seriously diaf right now

  25. Hunter Scheinkopf // October 30, 2014 at 10:06 am // Reply

    my top ten and why

    1 rob cesternino a amazing and funny player who has such a wealth of knowledge on the game
    2 hatch hes the original
    3 Sandra would love to see her go three for three
    4 fairplay if they make an acception for one quitter to return I hope it’s him he’s funny and evil and should play again
    5 Eliza keeps tabs on the game and new season and I really think in a new season she’s dangerous
    6 Malcolm people are either team Malcolm or not I am on team Malcolm he’s a triple threat and if he returns he would do amazing or be an early boot
    7 Ethan a good winner with a good heart he’s been through life’s toughest obstacles he was also the best winner on all stars and could do well again
    8 Courtney she’s hilarious and witty I wouldn’t mind her again
    9 Danielle always seems to find herself on a chaotic tribe and picks the righty alliances I would like her to return
    10 bobby Jon it is hilarious when he goes crazy in challenges he is so intense also I feel he could do well in a new season he just got unlucky and fell on the wrong tribe and wrong side of the numbers in Palau and Guatemala

  26. Why do people like Andrea so much? She’s a piss-poor player and really bland and pointless.

  27. This comment may be highly unpopular, but I couldn’t stand Lex or Kathy and don’t feel they deserved a spot on this list.

    Although I do acknowledge and respect Lex’s strategic prowess, his hypocrisy in All Stars made him exponentially less likable in my eyes. He saw nothing wrong with the numerous blindsides he orchestrated. He even had the audacity to tell Ethan (One of his closest in Africa), “Business is business.” But when Boston Rob betrayed him, THEN it was about trust and friendship and loyalty. Lex’s “It’s more than just a game” spiel at the FTC in All Stars was absolutely nauseating.

    And I don’t understand the love for Kathy at all. What did I miss about Marqsas & All Stars? Everything I’ve read about Kathy suggests she’s a beloved and adored fan favorite. But I’ve NEVER gotten that impression from her. Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought of her as a bland and boring character. A very genuine and good natured person, but not entertaining.

    • Agree with your take on Lex 100%.

      I’m indifferent to Cathy. I would like to see Sean play again from Marquises.

  28. 1. Rob Cesternino- still in my opinion greatest player to not win
    2. Richard Hatch- Strategic, Entertaining, and the first to win bring him back!
    3.Fairplay- Like Rob and RIch he’s smart and entertaining. In my opinion the greatest villain.
    4. Sandra- She won twice, but I want to see her play until she loses.
    5. Ethan- I feel like in All stars people got to see the strategic mind Ethan had that got him to win in Africa. A very underrated player who could bring a lot.
    6.Malcolm- They are bringing back. Heck he was offered to play for a third straight game, but he declined. Once big characters like Tony enter the picture he can fade into the background and win.
    7.Lex- The first great player to fall short of the final 2. He deserves another chance.
    8. Jenna Morasca- The only winner to quit. I felt bad when she quit in all stars because it was a legit reason to leave. Still I wonder how the season would have changed if she had stayed. I would like to see her play again.
    9. Andrea- Hands down the most improved player between seasons. (That’s right Cochran I said it!) If she improves again we could see a future Kim Spradlin.
    10. Erik the ice cream scooper – I really feel bad for this guy. he makes the dumbest move in survivor history and doesn’t get credit. I think people really undervalue how great Erik made seasons. Maybe not by strategy, but in entertainment. He deserved to be in the final 3 with Cochran and Dawn. It was the one time where I heavily questioned the med evacuation. If you watch videos Erik was fine the next morning. Give Erik one last shot.

    • Oh yea honorable mention to Russell hantz as he claims his first two games only count as one because he wasn’t voted out and he played back to back.

  29. I’d hace liked to see Jenna M in the list of third timers who need to be brought back. Her quit in All Stars shouldn’t really count against her as it was due to factors beyond her control rather than the usual “couldn’t handle the physical elements or was on the wrong side of the numbers.” I think she could do well a third time as it’s pretty clear that she has changed and is not the same spoiled 21 year old girl she was when she won Amazon.

  30. Uh… I know for a fact that J.T. wasn’t the first jury member in HvV, it was Coach. xD

  31. I wonder how Ami Cusack would do.

  32. Silver Strange // November 6, 2014 at 3:41 am // Reply

    Hey, why is Mike Skupin on the dishonorable list?

  33. Could never bring myself to watch another edition with Jenna Lewis.

    Mike S. and Brenda L. I would like to see again.

    Dawn Meehan should be in dishonourable mention.

    • Totally agree with this! I’d love to see Michael Skupin or Brenda Lowe again. Both were great players in both their seasons. And I definitely don’t ever want to see Dawn play again. I’m sure she is a very nice person, but if I see Dawn Meehan cry on my TV screen again… “I’ll cut her throat” (Would be SO stoked to Lex play again too!).

  34. Brenda and Courtney Yates should be on here!

  35. Eliza Orlins, Andrea Boehlke, JT Thomas, Brenda Lowe, Danielle DiLorenzo, Malcolm Freberg, Courtney Yates, Corinne Kaplan, Tom Buchanan, Shii Ann Huang, Yau Man Chan, Jenna Morasca, Rob Cesternino, Dawn Meehan, Tom Westman and Bobby Jon Drinkard are all locks for a third round. we will just have to wait for their eventual return.

  36. Katherine Adams // January 4, 2015 at 5:10 pm // Reply

    Geesh! How’d I miss this article? Pretty decent list — especially Kathy, Yau-Man, + Andrea. I’d put Shii-Ann in the top 10, as well as Twila and Bobby Jon. Well done, Noah!

  37. My top 10

    1.Fairplay I consider his game in peral Islant as the best player not to win, I am afraid though if he came back it would just be for attention
    2. Hatch I think everyone want to see how he wuld adjust to a new school style
    3. Tom Westman I feel he kinda got screwed in HvV I would like to see him again
    4. Danielle I feel some people hate on her but got very far in both her game and would llike to see if she can do it again
    5. Erik Reinbach- Similar to danielle he got very far twice, and had a chance to win both games like to see if he can get it back together
    6. Lex- I agree with you he’d be a great come back
    7. Sandra- I dont like Sandra at all but I would like her try and go for 3 peat
    8. Francisca- Call me crazy but I think she can not be a first round boot third time around, I actually think she des have the potential to go far
    9. Jenna M I always like seeing winner came back, and she had to leave allstars so given another chance would be great
    10 Cochran Very strong stratgic player and hilarious

    I left up Kathy and BIg TOm since they were older the last time and that was like 10 years ago

  38. This list is all messed up. How the heck are Erik R, Cochran, Rob C, and Sandra only in honorable mentions or not even that? And don’t get me started on Brenda who should in no way be in Dishonorable!

    Here are my mom and I’s top 10:

    1st) Erik — He needs to come back and finish what he could’ve done twice if he hadn’t pulled a dumb move and an injury.

    2nd) Cochran — Decent player and totally awesome to watch.

    3rd) Rob C — Best player to never have won, baby!

    4th) Brenda — Awesome player screwed by the *** that is Dawn

    5th) Sandra — Lets make it a three-peat!

    6th) Eliza — Needs redemption after the “fucking stick”, and she’s totally hilarious!

    7th) Andrea — I have always, and will always believe she is an underrated player. I would love to see her win it.

    8th) Malcolm — The best of the 3 “challenge dominators” (Ozzy, Malcolm, Joe) IMHO. He’s the most strategic of all 3 of them and it would be great to see him come back.

    9th) Richard — I would love to see how Winner #1 could also be winner #31.

    10th) Yau Man — The guy is just awesome.

  39. You don’t need to worry about Skupin anymore.

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