Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 6 Recap Featuring Bob Crowley & Gillian Larson


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Bob Crowley & Gillian Larson from Gabon!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


The members of the two tribes were shuffled, leaving the tribe dynamics completely rearranged. The new Coyopa tribe contained three pairs of loved ones (Dale & Kelley, Jon & Jaclyn, and Missy & Baylor) and Keith, while the new Hunahpu tribe contained only one pair of loved ones (Josh & Reed) with Jeremy, Julie, Natalie, Alec, and Wes. On the new Coyopa tribe, Dale has a fake idol, Keith has a real idol, and Jon & Jaclyn have taken the power couple position. On the new Hunahpu, Jeremy, Natalie, and Julie were worried that Reed would side with his boyfriend, Josh, and the former Coyopa members. To make matters worse, everyone was starving, and the tribe had only a handful of rice. After they won the Immunity Challenge, they asked Jeff if they could make a trade for more rice. Jeff said the invoice would be steep and that he would visit them in the morning. On Coyopa, Jon & Jaclyn were forced to choose sides and team up one of the other couples. Despite Jaclyn’s previous run-in’s with Baylor, the represented couples decided to stick together. Kelley was voted out, leaving Dale all alone. Thirteen are left.



Dale confesses that the Tribal Council went about as badly as it could have been. It was hard to see the tribe turn against his daughter and there be nothing that he could do. There is no father that could be more proud of a daughter than he is of Kelley. He’s not giving up.


Dale sits by the fire alone after Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 14


The next morning, Dale approaches Jon and shows him the fake idol that he collected at the beginning of the game. Dale tells him that it is a real idol and that he will play it at the next Tribal Council. Jon seems to believe that it is real and is shocked to see it. Jon confesses that he is worried that he idol could potentially ruin their plan.


Dale shows Jon his fake Immunity Idol. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Hunahpu camp, Jeremy sits with Alec, who is speculating on what Jeff is going to want from them. He is worried at how the tribe will fare in the rain without a tarp. Jeremy confesses that he is not on board with the trade. He knows that Jeff is going to clean them out if they are going to get any rice, and he doesn’t want that to happen. The tribe could easily win a feast the next day, and he doesn’t think that they should give up everything for some rice.


Alec speculates what Jeff will take from them. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff hits the beach carrying a large bag of rice. He tells the tribe to gather around so they can have a chat. Julie mentions that she is scared about what is going to happen. Jeff asks to see how much rice they have left. Natalie hands him the bag. Jeff says “it’s nothing”. Jeff recalls that in the almost thirty times that they’ve conducted “this adventure” there was only one other time that a tribe needed to barter for more rice. That season was The Australian Outback, and the tribes were dealing with a lot more hardships than the Hunahpu tribe. Reed says that there were a lot of dominant personalities that insisted that they kept eating. Josh says that it’s really hard to be on this tribe that has no food when they were carefully rationing at the Coyopa camp. Jeff says that no tribe has ever needed as much help as Hunahpu has, and they’re only fourteen days in. He also points out that the disproportionate amount of food that they had undoubtedly played a role in the Hunahpu tribe’s success. “In fairness of the game, and in fairness to the Coyopa tribe – who’s playing the way you should – the penalty for that has to be just. So, I have enough rice to last you the rest of the game… but it’s going to be a stiff penalty. Here’s what I want: your tarp, your hammock, your bed roll, the pillows, the blankets, the candles, everything you won in the comfort reward, the hatchet, the hammer, one of the pots, and the extra flint. That’s gonna leave you with a machete, a pot, and a flint. You are starting over.” The tribe looks devastated but silently and immediately comply. They gather all of their items and give them to Jeff, who carries them off wrapped in the hammock. Jeremy confesses that he is pissed. “Why are you all happy?!” Julie says that the tarp being gone is a really big deal to her. She is really worried about the rain. Being cold is going to test her.


Jeff reveals the Hunahpu tribe’s steep invoice. (Image credit: CBS)


The two tribes convene at Hero Arena. Natalie and Julie express shock as they see that Kelley was voted out. For the challenge, one person from each tribe will be blindfolded. They will navigate a series of obstacles to a station with a mask. They will study the mask by touching it with their hands. They then must untie and collect three bags of puzzle pieces at that station. Next, then race through the obstacles to another station, where the must recreate the mask using the puzzle pieces. First person to get the mask right wins a Survivor barbecue for their tribe, including skewered meats and a grill. Jeff reveals that since there are no fresh Blood vs Water match ups, the tribes can pick their strongest member to compete. Hunahpu chooses Reed. Coyopa chooses Baylor. Reed charges quickly through the obstacles and makes it to the first station before Baylor, who takes her time moving carefully through the obstacles. Baylor collects her first bag and begins heading back while Reed studies the mask. Reed uses his speed to catch up to Baylor and they both deliver their second bag to the final station at the same time. Baylor heads back for her final bag and to study the mask, while Reed hangs behind and studies the pieces he’s collected so far. Reed collects his final bag and the two of them begin assembling their masks at the final station. Reed places his pieces, placing all the correct pieces except for one. Baylor, on the other hand, is taking much longer and is utilizing a number of wrong pieces. Reed switches out his wrong piece and wins the challenge for Hunahpu. He whips off his blindfold to reveal that he’s in tears. Reed attributes the tears to the stress of the challenge. Baylor, also crying, says that she had the confidence punched back into her. She feels like she let her tribe down. Jeff tells Reed that he must pick someone to go with Baylor to Exile Island and miss out on the reward. He begins to choose Julie, saying that she could show John just how strong she is. Natalie pipes up, saying that she was going to volunteer. Reed says that he isn’t going to stop Natalie if she wants to go so badly. Everyone departs.


Reed wins the Hero Arena challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Keith attempts to do some fishing but suspects that the fish there are too small to catch. They do, however, keep stealing his bait. Jon double checks with Missy to make sure that Natalie is still with her. Missy assures him that Natalie definitely is. Jon then reveals to Missy and Jaclyn that Dale showed him an immunity idol that morning. Jon suggests that they might have to use the Dale to vote out Keith. Missy confesses that it might put a wrinkle in their plan.


Jon tells Missy and Jaclyn about Dale’s apparent idol and discusses Keith’s position. (Image credit: CBS)


On Exile Island, Baylor and Natalie find the urns. Baylor find the clue and shares it with Natalie immediately. Natalie confesses that she wants to get in with Baylor to further cement her connection with Missy. Information is more important to Natalie than some food reward. Baylor and Natalie agree that they both need to find the idols that are out there.


Natalie and Baylor read the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Hunahpu camp, Josh confesses how proud he is of Reed for winning the challenge. Josh hugs Reed, thanking him providing for the tribe. Jeremy confesses that he doesn’t like how Josh and Reed act like they are in charge. He is also made uncomfortable by their affectionate displays. He says that if Val was with him, people wouldn’t even know they were together. The public affection makes them a threat. The tribe enjoys their kabobs. Jeremy confesses that his tribe is “so dumb”. They had this feast but they still don’t have a roof. Seemingly suddenly, the temperature drops and the rain begins. The tribe huddles in the shelter, already soaked. The rain continues through the night as the tribe huddles around a fire in their new grill. Julie is particularly disturbed by the rain, suggesting that she might not be able to do it all night. Jeremy is upset that Julie might be about to throw in the towel. He needs Julie, but more importantly, if Julie is going to go, she needs to go before he does.


The Hunahpu tribe huddles around the fire in the rain. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 15


The next morning, Jeremy tries to lift Julie’s spirits. She says that she can’t handle another night like that. He tells her that he need her, they’re almost at the merge. Julie confesses that she’s thought about the fact that she can leave at anytime, but she’s still there. She says that that says a lot about her. Alec is not so impressed and tells the rest of the tribe that he would prefer for her to just go.


Jeremy tries to raise Julie’s spirits. (Image credit: CBS)


Before the challenge, Baylor and Natalie return to their tribes. For the challenge, contestants must race over a tall wall, work together to push a wooden cube to a series of post, and collect bags of puzzle pieces from each post. Then two tribe members will use the eight cloth puzzle piece tiles to complete a tiled vertical puzzle. First tribe to do so wins immunity. Julie sits out for Hunahpu. The two tribes race over the wall with the first members helping the others. Both tribes quickly move on to the cube, Hunahpu with a slight lead. Jeremy begins swinging his puzzle pieces for Hunahpu, but Jon speeds past him for Coyopa. They move onto the second post where Jeremy’s bag gets stuck. Jon has no trouble for Coyopa and is able to use Hunahpu’s snag to take a huge lead. They begin working on their puzzle before Jeremy is able to get the second bag for Hunahpu. Jon and Missy make quick work on the puzzle, getting their first three of eight pieces quickly. At this point however, Coyopa begins to struggle and slow down. Reed and Josh, on the other hand, make up a huge amount of time, landing piece after piece. Coyopa’s lead is totally gone. Before they can make up any time, Josh and Reed finish the puzzle. Hunahpu wins immunity yet again. The Coyopa tribe is devastated. Jeff asks them what they are feeling. Dale says that somebody’s loved one is going home. It’s hard. They depart.


Reed places the seventh of eight pieces for the Hunahpu tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe returns to camp in low spirits. Keith confesses that they’re tribe can’t catch a break. It’s frustrating. Now he has to get Dale voted out so that he can reunite with his son at the merge. He still has the idol as a back up plan, too. Dale tells Jon that he doesn’t want to play his idol tonight. He is willing to make a sacrifice to ensure that he makes the merge. Dale tells Jon that if Dale is not voted out tonight, he will give Jon his idol. Jon tells him that it would have to be Missy going in that scenario. Jon confesses that the offer is tempting, but that he has to consider all the pieces of this puzzle. He tells Missy, Baylor, and Jaclyn what just happened. They decide that they will send three votes to Dale and two votes to Keith. That way if Dale plays an idol Keith will go home. Missy confesses that this would upset her, but “better Keith than me”. On the beach, Jon and Jaclyn discuss their possible options. Jon tells her that he believes Dale’s idol is real. It’s either going to be Dale, Keith, or Missy. It might be a good idea to use Dale’s idol for the alliance’s advantage, but for this vote he needs to make sure he and Jaclyn are a power couple when the merge comes.

12 The Coyopa tribe departs for Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins by asking Dale about his comments after the challenge. Dale says that he knows first hand what it is like to have your loved one voted out. The physical part of the game is fine. It’s the middle of that that’s the draining part. Jeff asks Jon if he agrees. He begins to say that he does when a howler monkey in the jungle starts calling. They laugh and say that the monkey agrees. Jeff asks Baylor what it was like on Exile Island. She says that it was like being a little kid lost in the grocery store. Missy says that it was hard knowing that she wasn’t there to protect her. Baylor begins crying, saying that she cries when her mom cries, and that her mom was about to. Dale says that his game went from a long game strategy to a 12-hour strategy. Jon says that he is aware of Dale position and that they have talked. Jaclyn says that it was nice to hear Dale’s perspective. Missy says that that’s not good for her or Baylor. It’s disconcerting. Dale says he has to put all of his faith in the people who just voted out his daughter. Baylor says that Jon and Jaclyn are very loyal people, and Baylor is more loyal than Dale. Dale’s eyes go wide and he says that Baylor has to own up to her game. Jaclyn says that Dale has done nothing wrong to her, but Baylor has. Jon says it influences the decision that they have to make tonight. They are coming to the merge and he needs to know who he can trust. That’s what tonight’s vote is all about. They vote. Keith votes for Dale but says nothing. Missy votes for Keith and says nothing. Dale votes for Missy and says nothing. Jeff retrieves the votes and says that now is the time for anyone to play a Hidden Immunity Idol. Dale does nothing. Keith does nothing. The votes are revealed. Dale. Keith. Missy. Keith. Dale. Dale. Three is enough. Dale collects his torch and walks over to Jeff, who promptly snuffs his torch. He departs. Jon tells Jaclyn that she is “so beautiful”. She and Baylor smile. Jeff says that time will answer the question as to whether they made the right choice.


Dale’s torch is snuffed. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribes merge into one and the game is on. Who will be the new alliances? Who will be the new targets? Find out next week.


The tribes merge. (Image credit: CBS)









Another week on and another interesting episode!

The food situation and the trade I feel was so overblown with what they had to give up. Really? Just some comfort and extra flint? Pathetic. They should be forced to give up more than that given it’s day 14 and they are out of food. They aren’t even half way! Seriously! Jeremy put it perfectly when he said that they need to ‘suck it up’ and wait, because as he rightfully predicted there is a merge about to happen and they of course got the amazing reward of meat and BBQ. So what a waste in the end!

Coyopa continue to lose, which is always fascinating to see. It’s also fascinating to see Natalie strategically put herself to Exile in an effort to make in-roads with Baylor and Coyopa. Smart thinking Miss Natalie, and that could be foreshadowing something in the future.

Dale going wasn’t a real surprise. He tried the idol, he failed. Had Jon believed him, it would’ve made me certainly think a bit harder about Jon’s place in this game. Interesting though that we had that little snippet of Jon & Jaclyn after the vote out being a tad cocky with their reaction. Public displays of cockiness are never smart in a game such as Survivor.

What’s really been fascinating has been the fan reaction on social media about this season. Got a few tweets during the episode saying how bad this season was, one of which begged the question that this season had set Survivor back 5-10 seasons. While this season arguably won’t go down as the best of all time, I still feel as though this is a pretty good season with so much more to come. We are six episodes in, not even half way. It’s impossible to claim that a season is ‘one of the worst of all time’ when we are yet to even reach the merge. Things are setup for a great second half with so many power shifts and alliance shifts no doubt to come with Josh/Reed, Jeremy, Jon/Jaclyn with people like Keith, Baylor and Natalie also lurking in the wings. The location? Well for sure it’s another ‘beach’ setting, but aren’t we used to that by now? Since Pearl Islands, we’ve had only 3-4 unique settings that weren’t simply a pretty beach somewhere. It’s a sad fact that Survivor is long past being a show where the locations are a character of a season. It’s all about the strategy and players now, and while personally I miss having these great locations, it’s something that I feel people need to accept will never change. Contestant wise? This season is great. It has an amazing cast with great personalities and again, so much potential still to come. I think for the people who are claiming it to be a rubbish season, sit back and just watch it play out. We’ve been spoiled by having the last two seasons being above excellent, now it’s time to take a step back and enjoy something different.

Counting down the days till the next episode! BRING IT ON!



After an exciting start to Survivor San Juan Del Sur, the last couple of episodes has been a little bit of a letdown. Tonight’s episode was like watching grass grow and was highly predictable.

The ‘new’ Coyopa tribe suffered after another loss at the Immunity Challenge and are slowly getting decimated. Their only saving grace is the merge, which will happen next week. I guess, the only interesting thing to come of of this episode is that Dale did just about everything he could to save himself, by showing Jon a fake Immunity Idol. He had hoped that Jon would fall for it. In the end, it just did not happen. Anyone could tell that it was a fake idol!

Over at Hunahpu, the big ‘rice trade’ was a bit a letdown. I would have liked to have seen the Hunahpu tribe go to Tribal Council and vote out a member of their tribe, right there and then. That would have been a fair exchange, but instead they had to give up most of the items they had won in previous challenges. Calling all future Survivor contestants! This could be a great strategy to get more food off of Jeff Probst. All you need to do is beg and plead and give up most of your shelter and items won at the challenges. Even though you will suffer a little through the weather conditions, at least you have enough food to keep you going.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 6th recap features Gabon winner Bob Crowley & fellow contestant Gillian Larson! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Wes (Gillian) n/a (Bob)
DARK HORSE: Keith (Gillian) Missy (Bob)
NEXT TO GO: Baylor (Gillian) Baylor (Bob)
COUPLE MOST LIKELY TO TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER: Missy/Baylor (Gillian) Missy/Baylor (Bob)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Keith (Gillian) Rocker/Keith/Dale (Bob)

Join us next week as we are joined by RC Saint-Amour from the Philippines and her father Craig to help us recap the seventh episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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