Blood vs Water Pairs–What Future Pairings Could Work?


Another Monday is here and it means it’s time for another Monday feature! This week Jarrod Loobeek sits down and thinks up some future pairings for future Blood vs Water seasons that we haven’t seen yet! From siblings to exes, it’s all covered in an interesting thought bubble for what direction the show could take in the future! Click for more!

Based on the success of Blood vs. Water and the pending reception of San Juan Del Sur it seems likely that we could see the blood vs. water format return somewhere down the line. So far we’ve witnessed a broad range of loved one pairings over the two seasons but other potential duos have been noticeably absent. Whether the next iteration of blood vs. water features an all new cast or a season of half new half returning players, here’s a look at just some of the new combinations they could try out.

Brother and Sister


Lisa Whelchel’s family visit from her brother Justice during Survivor Philippines showcased the potential of a brother and sister blood vs. water pair.

Sibling combinations have proven to offer some great moments in the loved ones format of blood vs. water seasons. In Blood vs. Water, the sibling rivalry between Vytas and Aras was a compelling storyline, while San Juan Del Sur brought us another male sibling duo in Alec and Drew and also introduced a double first in the twin sister combination of Natalie and Nadiya. With both same sex sibling duos explored, the next logical choice would be a brother and sister pair. So far the highlight of brotherly pairs has been their rivalry, while the focus of sisterly pairs has been their strong co-dependent relationship. I believe a brother sister combination has the potential to provide the best of both these sides, with an equal share of fiery and emotional moments.


With married/dating couples making up the majority of the pairs in both blood vs. water formats, it’d be great to see some variation amongst this group should the twist return. One pairing that has worked to great effect in multiple seasons of The Amazing Race is a team of Exes. Half the fun of the blood vs. water twist is trying to predict which pairs (if any) will turn on one another and with a divorced couple or ex-dating duo, the chances of betrayal could skyrocket. Imagine this pairing on day zero arguing over shelter and fire, providing plenty of explosive moments from the get go. Plus with a pair of exes you’ve always got the interesting possibility of them repairing their broken relationship and the tantalising question of whether they can set aside their differences to get to the end together.



Kat and her cousin Robbie provided plenty of highlights during the Survivor One World family visit.

When Kat Edorsson was first rumoured to be a contestant on Blood vs. Water, many people thought she’d be returning with her memorable cousin Robbie from the One World family visit. As it turned out, we saw her return with her boyfriend at the time Hayden Moss but I for one would still love to see a pair of cousins take on the blood vs. water format. Obviously the relationship cousins’ share differs from one family to the next but in my experience they’re the relatives that are removed enough to feel more like friends than actual family. We saw with Kat and Robbie that cousins can be the people you look up to, hang out with and want to be like. While offering many similarities to a sibling pair, a cousin combination could definitely be more likely to turn on one another and provide lots of goofy moments throughout the show.

Lesbian Couple

Both Blood vs. Water and San Juan Del Sur have each featured one gay couple but we’ve yet to see a lesbian couple tackle the format. For a show that tries to be conscious of promoting diversity and casting minorities, it’s perhaps a little surprising that we’ve yet to see this combination. As a show that reaches millions of viewers one of the great gifts of Survivor is its ability to allow the audience to watch a range of different people from different walks of life. Since its inception in 2000 the show has promoted tolerance and acceptance and we’ve witnessed people with completely different life views form unlikely friendships. The gay couples on blood vs. water have put forward some strong competitors and it’d be great for the audience to see a lesbian couple compete if the format returns.

Grandparent and Grandchild


Can you imagine if this duo had played on a blood vs. water season?

When I think of this combination, the first thing that comes to mind is the missed opportunity of having Jonny Fairplay and his infamous “dead” Grandma compete together (if only blood vs. water had been thought of a decade earlier). Age/ability could definitely be an issue when casting this pair but with a fit grandparent and a grandchild older than the minimum 18-year age requirement, this combination could provide plenty of entertaining moments and tricky dilemmas throughout the game. What if the grandparent becomes a challenge liability and the grandchild has to vote them out? Will the grandparent cramp the grandchild’s style and cause them to act differently? Provided this pair wind up on the same tribe due to a swap or the merge the grandparent/grandchild duo could definitely be the most interesting pair we’ve yet to see.

Mother and Son

Of all the parent child combinations, the only one we’re yet to see is a mother and son duo. The biggest appeal of a mother and son pair is that more so than other duos, there’s a perceived responsibility of the child to protect the parent. So far in both Blood vs. Water and San Juan Del Sur we’ve seen both mothers and fathers worrying about how their child is fairing in the game. Given a mother and son pair with a strong relationship it’s likely that this position may be reversed and the child will now be worrying about how their parent is fairing in the game. This pairing could provide plenty of tears and heart-warming moments on a future blood vs. water season.

What do you think of these pairs? Are there other pairs you think would be good for a season? Comment below to let us know!



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5 Comments on Blood vs Water Pairs–What Future Pairings Could Work?

  1. This is a really cool editorial, I think in-laws could also be a possible combination and it could bring some dynamic. Imagine a newly married person playing against or with their in-law to see if they could better the relationship.

  2. I’m a bit disapointed… When I read the title of the article and i saw the image that went with it, I thought you would propose tons of well-thought potential pairs, whereas there you only mentionned a few obvious pairings…

    Here are my pairing suggestions to diversify the Blood vs Water concept:
    – Fellow workers
    – Best friends
    – Arch enemies
    – Half brothers/sisters
    – Step parent and Step child
    – Parent in law and Child in law
    – Brothers/sisters in law
    – Childhood friends
    – Couple with a great difference of age

  3. Gramma Fairplay and Fairplay?

  4. I think that a Parent and Adopted Child would be an interesting combo.

  5. I’d like to see a three tribe season with it. With 6 trios of loved ones, would be really interesting especially in a scenario where you have to choose between two of your loved ones

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