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There is very little to be said about Kass McQuillen from the 28th season of Cagayan that hasn’t already been said. One of the most memorable, polarising and unique contestants in the history of Survivor, she made an impact on the season that nobody can quite explain and found herself seconds away from arguing for a million dollars. And in officially our longest and possibly most unique and funny interview of all time, Kass dishes the dirt on pretty much everything including CBS telling her she never had a shot at getting on the show right through to Jeff Probst, rooting and her fanny.


Kass started off on the Brains tribe and found herself battling early on, but made one of the biggest moves of the season post merge when she switched alliances to help vote out Sarah. From this point on she became a unique figure at camp and on our screens, and very nearly made it all the way to the end before being voted out in 3rd place.

In our chat with Kass, she talks about this possibly being her last ever Survivor interview, being pestered by older ladies while eating omelettes, applying for Survivor and being told she would never be on the show, why David & Garrett ruined the Brains tribe, putting J’Tia on ‘probation’ at camp, dealing with super strict producers at camp, Jeff’s line of questioning not being allowed in a court room, Sarah going a bit crazy before her vote out, the whole Llama situation and the Trish situation as well as dealing with numerous celebrities over the years, turning down Jeff Probst for sex and her Brian Heidik love!

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4 Comments on Kass McQuillen Interview

  1. Wow, I hope what she said about Trish isn’t true, because yikes.

    • SurvivorFan1295 // November 6, 2014 at 8:07 am // Reply

      I really like Kass, but there were a lot of things here that don’t match up with what most of the cast says. I mean almost everyone says she was bad to live with and somehow they’re all lying? Also, Spencer mentioned in his interview how Kass got a pretty good edit in the f5 episode and didn’t show Kass mentioning Trish’s family and just attacking her that entire day. Ironically enough this isn’t mentioned at all in this two hour podcast.

  2. Such a good interview. Loved this one.

    You planning to re-upload the missing podcasts. I looked elsewhere but had to come here to see if I was right and yes your missing a load of older interviews. I’m wanting to do a full re-listen. I never got around to hearing a few.

    Are you guys returning to podcast on your new platform for Survivor? You must recap the all winners season.

    • Hey June. We just replied on another one of your comments. Please send us an email at theoznetwork@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook under ‘The Oz Network’ to message us and we can send you some links to interviews. We will be covering more Survivor soon and yes we will be doing Season 40!

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